Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/8/14

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/8/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Hope goes to the Pub and talks with Caroline. Hope asks if anything is wrong but she says it's nothing. Hope praises Will and Sonny's wedding. Caroline complains that the whole family should've been there referring to Bo. Hope says she and Ciara are getting through it. Hope asks if there is anything she can do at the Pub to help. Caroline says that there is.

Abigail bumps into Paige while jogging through the park. Abigail apologizes but Paige insists she's fine. They introduce themselves to each other.

JJ talks to himself at home about wanting to run into Paige then spills his snack and his soda. Aiden then arrives and tells JJ that today is his lucky day.

Sami and EJ sit together in the town square. Sami calls it out of character for EJ to be running errands with her. EJ says he loves spending time with her. Sami thinks it's because EJ wanted to get away from Stefano. Sami talks about how weird Stefano was acting. EJ then spots Kate nearby and says she's the latest object of Stefano's affection. Kate is leaving a message on her phone for Ortiz wanting an update on Jordan.

Sheryl and Lucas work together and get close.

Jordan calls Rafe and tells him that she's done with work and can't wait to meet up. Rafe agrees and says he just needs to finish a few things. They agree to meet at the Pub. They hang up and Jordan then runs into Ben. Rafe thinks back to first meeting Ben. Rafe searches online for "Ben Ridgeway".

Lucas and Sheryl flirt and end up kissing.

Sami tells EJ that she has to go to Lucas' office to get him to sign a permission slip for Allie's field trip. EJ thinks back to Stefano's demands and tells Sami that he will meet her at home and leave Lucas to her. They kiss and Sami then walks away. EJ gets up and approaches Kate. Kate says she knows he has the look of someone she's about to say no to.

Caroline sits with Hope and tells her that she got a call from Father Louis and he asked her to talk to Hope about working with Aiden. Hope complains about Father Louis and says this is about Aiden. Hope tells Caroline that she can tell Father Louis to forget it because there's no way she's doing it.

JJ explains that he spilled his soda and asks why it's his lucky day. Aiden mentions hearing that JJ wanted to do community service at the hospital instead of the town square but his application was blocked. Aiden informs JJ that he will be transferred effective immediately but JJ now says no.

Abigail and Paige talk about training for a marathon and suggest running together. They joke about running into each other. They talk about listening to music and Paige realizes she lost her phone but Abigail finds it nearby. Abigail finds that the screen is cracked and takes the blame for it. Paige worries about the cost. Abigail decides she will pay for it to make it right.

Lucas asks Sheryl if she's sure it has nothing to do with him being her boss. Sheryl assures him that she likes him a lot. They kiss until Sami knocks on the door asking why the door is locked. Sheryl thinks she will go away but Lucas assures her that she won't. Sami enters and asks if she's interrupting as Sheryl steps away.

EJ tells Kate that he's not going to ask her for anything and just came to see how she's doing. Kate notes that he wasn't interested in talking to her at the wedding. EJ says he didn't want to intrude and didn't think it was the time to bring up her dinner with Stefano. EJ tells Kate that Stefano is full of hope. Kate questions Stefano sending him and asks if EJ's a pimp now.

Jordan accuses Ben of following her. Ben says he was just checking on her. Ben talks about knowing that she doesn't want Rafe to see them together but they are in the same town. Jordan says Rafe is the only one who knows he's her brother and won't tell anyone.

Rafe finds that Ben doesn't have a criminal record but thinks he should have a driver's license somewhere. Rafe then begins to search Jordan Ridgeway.

Abigail decides to bring Paige home and get the money to get her phone fixed.

JJ appreciates Aiden talking to the judge but he feels like he's up to speed on the assignment and isn't sure he'd be as productive changing now. JJ adds that the public aspect of the town square is a good way to pay his debt to society. Aiden realizes that JJ met a girl and jokes with him asking who it is. Aiden wishes JJ luck and says he'll tell the judge to leave him in the town square. Aiden jokes that JJ must have it bad. JJ thanks Aiden as he leaves.

Hope complains about Aiden and says there's no need for her to work with him. Caroline talks about Father Louis feeling Hope is important to the fundraiser. Hope is not thrilled to work with Father Louis either. Hope calls him pushy and manipulative. Hope questions Father Louis going to Caroline behind her back. Caroline brings up how important the school is to Eric. Hope suggests she can do something else. Hope tells Caroline to trust her that making her and Aiden co-chairs is a bad idea. Caroline questions Hope having such a strong reaction towards Aiden while everyone else thinks he's charming.

Lucas questions what Sami is doing there. Sami gives Lucas the permission slip to sign. Sami tells Lucas that she's glad for him and hopes he's happy.

EJ questions Kate calling him a pimp. Kate tells EJ to get to the point as they sit down. EJ apologizes if he was insensitive or rude. Kate calls him smug. EJ says he just feels for Stefano being sorry that he hurt her. Kate asks where it comes from when EJ doesn't care about them. EJ brings up their dinner. Kate insists that there's nothing between them and it's never going to happen. EJ asks about them being very happy together. Kate brings up what Stefano tried to do to Rafe. EJ says it shows how much he cares. Kate calls Stefano a psycho and wonders how he could delude himself into thinking she would ever forgive that.

Rafe types in Jordan's name and prepares to search.

Jordan tells Ben that they have had this conversation and agreed it's the only way. Jordan says she has to go and says bye. Ben apologizes for making things worse for her again.

Rafe continues contemplating searching Jordan's name but decides not to. Rafe asks what he's doing when he trusts her and now he's acting like a DiMera. Rafe shuts the laptop and gets up.

EJ tells Kate that they've all done terrible things and may not be able to forget but can forgive. Kate asks if he's comparing to he and Sami. EJ says he's not and is only saying Kate and Stefano were happier together than apart. EJ says Stefano just wants a chance. Kate says no. EJ hopes Kate isn't choosing anger over love as he walks away.

Lucas tells Sami that it's no big deal but she thinks it is and says he deserves someone special. Lucas says she does too but has EJ. Sami argues that they are going to be happy together. Sami praises Lucas for his part in the wedding. They talk about Will being married and Allie growing up. They joke about doing something right. Lucas calls her a good friend. Sami says she will leave him to it and exits. Sheryl returns and jokes about Lucas and Sami still getting along so well. Lucas says it took a long time to get to that point. Sheryl invites Lucas to a late lunch so they leave together.

Abigail goes home with Paige and Paige recognizes it as JJ's house. Abigail asks about her knowing JJ. Paige says she shouldn't be bothering her family. Abigail says Jennifer isn't home and JJ is at the library so she insists. They head inside and Abigail heads upstairs. Paige tells herself it's okay because JJ is at the library but JJ then comes in without his shirt on and they smile.

Allie goes to EJ asking for Sami. EJ says she went out and asks what she needs. Allie complains about her math homework. EJ helps her with her homework as Sami comes in and watches with a smile.

Aiden sits with Chase outside and talks with him about school. He asks if he's getting along with Ciara. Chase says they don't talk since they can't tease each other. Aiden encourages him but Chase asks when they can go back to Portland.

Hope tells Caroline that she doesn't get why everyone thinks Aiden is the best. Hope then exits the Pub, greeting Rafe on her way out. Jordan enters and compliments Caroline on her speech at the wedding. Jordan greets Rafe with a kiss and asks about work. Rafe says he doesn't want to talk about work and only wants to spend time with her as they kiss.

JJ asks what Paige is doing there. She quickly says she isn't stalking him. JJ puts his shirt back on and Abigail comes back thinking he was at the library. Abigail notes them already knowing each other. Abigail gives Paige the money for her phone and the number to the shop then hurries out. Paige tries to go with her but JJ stops her and offers to go with her to the phone repair shop. Paige agrees and they joke about JJ changing his shirt.

Allie tells Sami that EJ showed her how to do math. Allie thanks EJ as she leaves the room. Sami joins EJ and they kiss.

Paige and JJ go to the town square. Paige tells JJ that the phone shop said it might take 20 minutes so he doesn't have to wait. JJ then asks her out.

Abigail goes to the club. Ben is glad she came in so he could apologize for how he was before. Ben tells Abigail that he thought she looked beautiful.

Lucas and Sheryl end up in the bedroom and kiss onto the bed.

Kate stands in her office and questions Lucas not having his cell phone. She gets a call from Ortiz and says it sounds like he finally might have something on Jordan.

Rafe and Jordan sit together and she asks what he's not telling her. Rafe questions having to have an ulterior motive to kiss her. Rafe asks Jordan what she's going to order.

Aiden tells Chase that they aren't going back to Portland. Hope appears in the park behind them and listens in. Chase complains about having to leave his friends and now not having any. Aiden says it's their new home now. Chase wants to go back. Aiden says they can't and then notices Hope. Aiden sends Chase to wait for him. Aiden asks how long Hope was standing there. Hope says she didn't want to interrupt as it seemed intense. Hope says she didn't mean to eavesdrop and doesn't want to fight. Aiden questions her spying on him and tells her to get a life and stay out of his as he storms off.

Abigail thanks Ben and says she wanted to look nice for the wedding. Ben tells her that she did and gives her coffee on the house. Abigail officially introduces herself to Ben and then exits.

Paige tells JJ that she would love to go out with him as they get close and smile.

EJ and Sami continue kissing. Sami tells him how much it means to her that he's so good with Allie. Sami says she's so lucky. EJ says he and the kids are the lucky ones.

Lucas and Sheryl lay in bed after having sex and talk about how amazing it was. They talk about their meeting about to start. They continue kissing before Lucas gets up to shower. Lucas' phone rings and it goes to voicemail with Kate saying she'll see him at the meeting and knows he won't want to miss a chance to see Sheryl.

Rafe and Jordan exit the Pub and he offers to go on a walk. Jordan says that will give him a chance to tell her what's going on.

Sheryl listens as Kate leaves a message for Lucas saying that the information Sheryl gave them may pay off as her detective has a lead which shocks Sheryl.

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