Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/7/14

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/7/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady and Theresa talk about the coke and Theresa offers to make a call if he's interested.

Hope talks with Father Louis at the club. He wants her to be in charge of school functions and likens it to Hope running what Eric started. Hope then agrees to it and starts to say there's someone she just can't work with when Aiden arrives and Father Louis points him out as her partner.

Marlena leaves a message for Eric on his phone from the hospital as Nicole approaches behind her. Marlena mentions that whatever Eric decides will be the right decision and she will be behind him. Marlena turns around to see Nicole. Nicole says she knew Marlena would come between them. Nicole says if she thinks it's going to work, she's got another thing coming. Nicole accuses Marlena of trying to break them up and says she and Eric are getting married whether she likes it or not.

EJ makes a call saying he's marrying the love of his life so everything has to be perfect and nothing can go wrong. Stefano enters and comments on his high hopes for his wedding with Sami. Stefano hopes that EJ will not end up disappointed.

Nick and Gabi continue kissing and removing their clothes until a knock on the door interrupts them. Gabi assumes they'll just go away until Sami calls out asking if Gabi is home. Gabi worries as Sami begins looking for her key. Nick wants to continue but Gabi informs him that Sami has a key. Sami then finds her key and prepares to head inside.

Brady and Theresa continue talking about her having her dealer's number in her phone. They talk about possibly doing coke together.

Nicole continues accusing Marlena of getting between her and Eric. Eric then interrupts and questions what Nicole is doing.

EJ jokes that he missed Stefano lurking around and listening in on conversations. Stefano says it's nice for them to be under one roof. EJ says Stefano can't damper his wedding. Stefano says he has nothing against love and laughter but hopes it doesn't all blow up in EJ's face.

Nick sneaks to the door and puts the chain on the top lock to prevent Sami from entering. Sami calls out for Gabi but doesn't get an answer so she wonders what she could be doing.

Father Louis thanks Aiden for joining them. Aiden asks what's going on. He explains that he was asking Hope to team up with Aiden. Hope quickly tells him that he never mentioned Aiden or teaming up. Louis thought it was understood. Hope says they don't have the best history. Louis encourages them to make an impact on the school for the children. Aiden suggests just one of them being in charge but Father Louis says it is a two person job. Louis' phone rings and he exits. Hope complains and they agree it's not good. Aiden assures her that he will talk to Father Louis and get them out of this. Hope blames Aiden for getting them into this which he questions.

Brady ends up telling Theresa that he doesn't need cocaine. Brady says he has to go and starts to get up. Theresa stops him and asks if he's mad at her.

Eric, Nicole, and Marlena go into a room at the hospital. Eric questions Nicole making a scene. Nicole blames Marlena for trying to keep them from getting married. Eric tells her that she didn't even know about that. Marlena explains that the message she was leaving was about Eric's job offer. Marlena then asks about their marriage issues.

Gabi finally answers Sami and says she will be right there. She sends Nick to her bedroom and then answers the door. Gabi tells Sami that she was just getting dressed. Sami comes in with wedding gifts for Will and Sonny. Sami then finds Nick's shoe on the floor and says she doesn't believe it.

Aiden questions Hope as to how he got them into this. Hope says Father Louis wouldn't think they were fundraising geniuses if he didn't write a big check. She accuses him of showboating. Aiden responds that Hope is absolutely right and laughs.

Brady tells Theresa that he's not mad. Theresa questions Brady leaving when they were having a great time. Brady says he just has some things to do. Theresa insists that drugs aren't a big deal for her and apologizes for bringing it up. Theresa thanks him for not being mad and he agrees to call her later as he exits.

Marlena says she will give them their privacy. Eric apologizes for the misunderstanding. Marlena says she understands now and tells Eric that he can find her if he wants to talk. Marlena then exits. Nicole complains about Marlena. Eric says they have a lot of problems to work through. Eric complains about her yelling at Marlena. Nicole is upset that Eric just comes down on Marlena's side. Nicole apologizes for screwing up and admits she's scared of losing him. Nicole says all that matters is what she does wrong. Eric knows it's hard but doesn't want her to doubt that he loves her. Nicole says she doesn't doubt that he loves her, just not enough to marry her.

Sami tells Gabi that she just can't believe it. Gabi starts to explain but Sami thinks that it's Will's shoe and they joke around. Sami mentions knowing Gabi is happy for Will and Sonny but asks about her being lonely. Gabi insists that she's fine. Sami asks Gabi to come to her or Kate if she needs anyone to lean on. Sami says she doesn't want her turning to an outsider for support. Gabi assumes she means Nick. Nick remains hiding and putting his clothes back on.

EJ brings up Stefano's dinner with Kate and asks if he's feeling on the sidelines. EJ tells Stefano to share the joy of he and Sami. EJ wants him to be happy for him and they toast their drinks. EJ adds that he wants Stefano at the wedding and says it will be truly the happiest day of his life. Stefano agrees and declares that everything will be fine... as long as Sami doesn't find out that EJ has been banging Abigail. EJ is shocked to find out that Stefano knows.

Hope questions Aiden saying she was right. Aiden takes the blame and says he will talk to Father Louis which pleases Hope. Aiden adds that he thinks it's better if he takes the role and doesn't need Hope. Hope laughs it off as Aiden says he has the time and the drive to raise money for the school. Aiden tells Hope that she has no idea and says he will see her around as he then exits.

Eric apologizes for Nicole being hurt. Eric hopes they can face the problem together. Eric adds that his faith is who he is. Nicole says it's not his faith but the church that she has a problem with. Nicole says the church turned its back on him and brings up Kristen trying to ruin his life there. Eric says the church helped him find his way back when he was lost. Nicole gets that it's not easy for him but tells him to understand that there is a limit. Nicole says she accepted his decision that they couldn't sleep together but now they can't get married. Nicole declares that if they can't be a couple in every way then they are done.

Gabi tells Sami that she doesn't want another lecture about Nick. Sami says she already knows how she feels about the horrible things Nick did. Gabi brings up that Nick didn't send them to prison. Sami points out the blackmail. Gabi talks about Nick making money for Kate. Sami explains how they were trying to protect her and reminds her about hitting Nick with the rock. Gabi complains about Sami lecturing her. Sami tells Gabi that she is wrong about Nick. Nick continues listening in and smiles at Gabi defending him. Gabi warns Sami that she's the last person to talk about Nick while she's with EJ.

EJ questions what Stefano is talking about. Stefano says it's his piece on the side. EJ shouts that he would never be unfaithful to Sami and that Abigail is a lovely woman. Stefano laughs about EJ thinking he knocked Abigail up and says they can hope that Sami never finds out as he laughs about it.

Aiden goes to the hospital and talks with Marlena about a case. Marlena leaves her information with him. Aiden asks if she's taking on any new patients. Marlena says she has a pretty heavy load but will make room if he recommends someone. Marlena then walks off.

Brady goes to the club and finds Hope working on her laptop. Brady says he can leave but Hope says she's finished and has Brady sit with her. Brady says he wanted to talk to her about Theresa. Brady informs Hope that he's been seeing a lot of Theresa and heard about problems she had in LA so he was wondering if those problems had to do with drugs. Hope is uncomfortable talking about Theresa's legal problems. Brady takes that as a yes. Hope suggests Brady talk to Theresa herself. Hope gets a call and offers to make it quick but Brady decides to leave.

Eric talks to Nicole about their problems and her feelings surprising him. She tells him that he shouldn't have given her hope when there wasn't any. Nicole says he knew the church's rules and that she had been married so he had to have seen this coming. Nicole says this is worse than hiding her feelings when they worked together. Nicole says it's too much to have him ripped away from her. Nicole tells him to respect that she can't live like this. She agrees to give him time to think about it but not long. Nicole then exits the room.

Sami tells Gabi that EJ is nothing like Nick. Gabi disagrees and brings up Rafe being held in the DiMera basement years ago. Gabi tells Sami that she won't listen to her about Nick. Sami says she's just worried about her and that Nick will hurt her again. Gabi says it's her decision so she wants Sami to go. Sami exits. Nick comes out of the bedroom and thanks Gabi.

EJ calls Stefano a son of a bitch for having him followed. Stefano says he's only there to help him with Sami so EJ will help him with Kate. EJ asks if he helps with Kate then no one ever finds out about Abigail. Stefano assures him that only they know and brings up Dr. Garcia and how she'll do anything he asks. EJ questions if the doctor lied to him and if Abigail is pregnant.

Aiden returns to the club and goes over papers from his briefcase. He looks at Marlena's business card.

Marlena walks through the town square where Hope approaches and notes that she seemed distracted. Marlena says it's Eric and Nicole. Hope wonders what the worry is. Marlena informs her that Nicole blew up at her earlier over a misunderstanding. Marlena thinks that Nicole is hiding something.

Nicole sits in the park where Father Louis approaches and says it's nice to see her. He mentions missing her at the rectory. Nicole brings up knowing he told Eric not to marry her. Louis says it's not his judgment but Nicole says it sure feels like it.

Theresa laughs to herself about telling Brady that she doesn't like coke or drugs. Theresa says she saw it in Brady's eyes and it won't be long before he cracks then she will have him right where she wants.

Eric finds Brady at a spot in the park. Eric mentions being surprised to see him and says he came to pray. Brady starts to leave but Eric tells him he doesn't have to. Brady stops and brings up seeing Theresa. Brady asks Eric what he thinks of that honestly. Eric says as much as he loves Theresa, she has some serious problems. Brady asks if he thinks he has problems in common with her. Eric doesn't think seeing her is a good idea for him. Brady agrees.

Stefano laughs and tells EJ that he has nothing to worry about as Abigail is not pregnant and Dr. Garcia won't tell anyone. EJ wants to change the subject and put it behind them. Stefano warns him that nothing is certain when it comes to women. Sami enters and asks what's going on. EJ says they were just talking. Sami thinks it's more than that and notes that they both look tense and didn't hear her come in. Sami says it's more than that and asks what's going on. Stefano informs her that they were just discussing EJ's big secret.

Gabi says she thought Nick left. Nick brings up forgetting his shoe so she gets it back to him. Nick mentions that he heard everything that was said. Nick says what Gabi said meant the world to him. They kiss until Arianna wakes up. Nick tells her that he will see her soon and exits.

Sami tells EJ to tell Stefano that they don't have secrets. Stefano laughs and says every marriage has secrets that keep things from getting dull. Sami jokes that they won't have to worry about getting dull. EJ and Sami talk. Sami mentions dropping off Will and Sonny's wedding present and she has to get going again. Sami kisses EJ and exits. EJ quietly tells Stefano that Sami can never find out about what happened with Abigail because it would absolutely destroy her. Stefano agrees that it would. EJ then leaves the room.

Brady thanks Eric for the advice and goes to leave. Eric stops him and asks him to let Theresa down gently as she's vulnerable and having a hard time. Brady questions who said he was going to stop seeing her as he walks off.

Hope asks Marlena what she thinks Nicole is hiding. Marlena says she isn't sure. Marlena mentions thinking she let Chyka escape but it wasn't that. Marlena says there's something hiding as Nicole is so guilty.

Nicole stands in the park and thinks back to finding the evidence in Chyka's safe then shredding them and burning the shreds in the trash. Nicole says maybe this is God's way to punish her for everything she did to keep Eric but there's nothing she can do now as the evidence is gone and no one knows she had it.

Someone wearing gloves is seen piecing together the shredded evidence papers.

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