Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/4/14

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/4/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

EJ and Sami talk at home about how happy Will is. EJ calls it an amazing ceremony. Sami agrees but EJ questions her tone. Sami brings up their wedding. EJ asks why she's concerned. Sami responds that it's going to be a disaster.

Gabi holds Arianna at home and talks about the wedding. Gabi says Will and Sonny are so happy and have everything they wanted so maybe they will too some day. Nick then arrives.

Theresa and Brady sit drinking at the Pub. Theresa mentions wanting to go before anyone sees them but Roman arrives and suggests they have a talk.

John approaches Marlena in the town square and asks how the wedding was.

Jennifer sees the box of toys and notices her checkbook inside. She asks what Daniel is doing with her checkbook which surprises him. Liam sits in his room with a device, listening in on their conversation. Jennifer questions why Daniel took her checkbook.

Nicole tells Eric that he's making her nervous and tells him to say what he has to say. Eric says he knows they talked about marriage but now that he's had time to think about it, he's not so sure that can happen.

EJ asks Sami why she thinks their wedding will be a disaster. Sami says it's obvious because they have the same guest list and can't measure up to what Will and Sonny pulled off. EJ questions if she's jealous of her son's wedding. Sami admits that she is and says they had the perfect ceremony. EJ jokes about having a similar affect. Sami doesn't think they can top it. EJ suggests Stefano can marry them. Sami responds that there is no way in Hell that she is inviting Stefano to their wedding.

Daniel swears to Jennifer that he didn't take her checkbook. Jennifer questions how it got there. Daniel says he has no idea and thinks back to Nicole seeing the checkbook.

Nicole tells Eric that she thought he loved her. Eric says he does. Nicole questions how he can suddenly change his mind about marrying her. Eric says it's just that she's been married before a few times which ended in divorce so they can't get married through the church. Eric says it has nothing to do with his love for her. Nicole says she gets it and apologizes for jumping to conclusions. Nicole understands it's upsetting him since the church is important to him. Nicole promises that a small ceremony can be just as nice and they can make it work. Nicole says it's not a big deal but Eric states that it is.

Nick brings a present for Arianna and it's a stuffed panda. Gabi mentions Arianna needing a nap. Nick offers to leave but Gabi asks him to stay and says she won't be long. Gabi takes Arianna to her room.

Roman questions Brady and Theresa about what they were doing earlier. Brady says they are adults and they have nothing to be ashamed of being together. Roman questions if they are actually dating. Brady warns him to watch what he says next. Roman asks what makes Brady think this is a good idea. Theresa asks for a moment alone so Brady exits. Theresa asks Roman why he's trying to ruin her life.

John tells Marlena that she looks beautiful. Marlena says the wedding was lovely. John asks how her officiating went. Marlena says she appreciates that he didn't come to help her out and suggests he ask Will, Sonny, or anyone else who was there how it was but not her because she can't go there with him.

Daniel suggests he must have accidentally put her checkbook in the box. Jennifer repeats that she doesn't need help balancing her checkbook. She accuses him of thinking she's overreacting. Jennifer brings up Daniel getting involved with Theresa after she asked him not to. Jennifer gets a call from work and leaves.

Liam listens in and says Jennifer might need a shoulder to cry on as he gets up with a smile.

Eric tells Nicole that he gave up the priesthood but still has his faith so he would only be comfortable marrying her in the church. Nicole asks what difference it makes if they are in love. Eric says he can't get married outside the church. Nicole asks if he's saying that they can never get married. Nicole then brings up that they can't have sex until they are married and questions what they are going to do. Eric says they will need to figure it out. Nicole gets a text from Daniel and tells Eric to figure it out for them as she has things to do and she then walks out of the club.

Gabi returns to Nick and they talk about the wedding. Gabi is sorry he couldn't be there but Nick says he gets why they couldn't invite him. Gabi wishes they could understand how happy he is for them. Nick says it will take a while but he's willing to be patient. Nick remarks that some things are definitely worth waiting for.

EJ can't believe Sami is serious and says that it's very important to have Stefano there. Sami talks about Stefano being willing to leave her in prison and all the things he's done to EJ and her family. EJ says he is aware that she has every right to despise him but talks about how happy Stefano is about the wedding. Sami argues against it until EJ kisses her.

Roman tells Theresa that he promised her parents that he would look after her. Theresa cuts him off and says she and Brady are going to see each other and there's nothing he can do about it as she then storms out of the Pub.

John questions not being able to have a conversation. Marlena says they can't because it reminds her of what they had and lost. Marlena says they will run into each other and can be civil but there's no reason to torture themselves. Marlena adds that the divorce will be final and they can move on. John asks if she really thinks that will be possible. Marlena doesn't know but is going to try. Marlena then walks away.

Maxine goes to Jennifer's office at the hospital and asks about her not taking the day off with Daniel. Jennifer says she was but now she isn't. Maxine praises the wedding then notices Jennifer is upset and asks what's wrong.

Nicole goes to Daniel's and asks what's going on. Daniel accuses Nicole of playing a prank by putting Jennifer's checkbook in the toybox. Nicole is confused and doesn't know how it got there. Daniel says he didn't put it there and she was the only other one there so he questions who else could've done it.

Liam arrives at the hospital and heads towards Jennifer's office.

EJ and Sami continue kissing. Sami says she won't change her mind about Stefano and has to go run errands. EJ continues trying to convince her. Sami mentions having a key that Gabi gave her to their apartment. EJ agrees to let her go and wants to know what he can do to avoid their wedding day disaster. Sami suggests sending Stefano to Europe forever. EJ asks what he can do to make her wedding day fantasy come true.

Brady and Theresa go back to her place and drink. They joke about her chat with Roman. Theresa rips open Brady's shirt and kisses him on the bed.

Liam gets pulled away by a doctor and has to go talk about a database. Marlena arrives at the hospital. Eric enters and Marlena greets him, asking what he's doing. Eric mentions getting a freelance job offer but notes not wanting to leave his job with Jennifer. Eric asks what she thinks. Marlena mentions getting to see him more at the hospital and she misses him. Marlena says now that they are on better terms, she hopes they can see each other more often and adds that he can even bring Nicole. They hug and Eric then walks off.

Jennifer complains to Maxine about people thinking they need to be taken care of. Eric enters and asks Jennifer if she's okay. Jennifer says she was just blowing off steam. Maxine suggests to Eric not to mention Daniel. Jennifer asks if she said she was blowing off steam about Daniel as Maxine exits.

Nicole tells Daniel that she doesn't know how the checkbook got there and suggests Daniel could have accidentally put it in there. Daniel admits it's possible and apologizes for accusing her. Daniel says he was just frustrated and took it out on her. Nicole says maybe she did throw it in by mistake and apologizes for being so defensive. Daniel asks if she had her talk with Eric. Nicole says it didn't go well. Daniel asks about it. Nicole says Eric can't marry her if it's not in the church and points out that Daniel already knew. Daniel apologizes and says Eric told him in confidence. Daniel tells Nicole to be patient and stay calm. Nicole worries about possibly losing Eric and says she won't let that happen after everything she had to do to get this far. Daniel stops her and questions what that means and what she did.

Nick and Gabi have wedding cake. They joke that theirs was better. Gabi can't believe it's been a year. Gabi talks about their vows and wonders if she'll ever have that kind of happiness again. Nick says he wonders that a lot too. Nick talks about connecting like they did. Nick wipes frosting off of her face and they end up kissing.

Sami lays with EJ on the couch and he asks what her heart desires. EJ jokes with her about possible ideas. Sami suggests keeping it understated. Sami then suggests they could have the wedding at the DiMera Mansion. EJ is surprised since she hates the house. Sami notes that the garden is one part she doesn't hate. EJ tells her that he noticed she always goes out there and notices everything about her. Sami thinks it sounds crazy. EJ kisses her and says it's not crazy at all as they continue kissing.

Brady and Theresa come up from under the covers. Brady drinks while Theresa looks through his phone and jokes about the women in his phone. Theresa comes across Chloe and questions who that is. Brady tells her that she's an ex-wife. Theresa deletes Chloe's name and then comes off Nicole to do the same.

Jennifer asks Eric what happened with Nicole after they left. Eric explains that she's upset and isn't sure what their future holds if they can't get married in the church. Jennifer thinks there has to be a compromise but Eric isn't sure. Jennifer says Nicole needs to know that no matter what, he loves her. Eric agrees and says letting Nicole know what she means to him is most important. Eric thanks her and exits. Jennifer then looks at a photo of Daniel on her desk.

Nicole tells Daniel that she didn't do anything but meant that she had to put up with Eric's annoying mother and sister. Nicole brings up the amount of marriages Marlena and Sami have had. Nicole says the church thing will give them the chance to sling mud at her. Daniel encourages Nicole to have faith. Nicole thanks him for listening. Nicole adds that she's sorry if she did put the checkbook in the box. Daniel tells her not to worry about it and they hug as Nicole then exits.

Jennifer tells herself that she should take her own advice. Liam enters and says he decided to stop in and say hi. Jennifer says she has to go and suggests another time as she hurries out.

Gabi and Nick continue kissing. They stop and Nick asks if he should leave. Gabi tells him that Will and Sonny aren't coming home tonight so he doesn't have to go. Nick says he doesn't want to and they continue kissing.

John goes to the Pub and runs into Roman. Roman wants to talk about Brady and mentions him not doing too well and is dating Theresa. Roman suggests John start to be a dad and try to help his son.

Brady takes Theresa's phone to do the same thing with her contacts. Brady comes across one that he asks if he's her coke dealer.

Daniel is surprised as Jennifer returns and immediately kisses him.

Nicole walks through the town square and imagines Sami and Marlena convincing him not to marry her. Nicole declares she has to find him and rushes off.

Eric walks past the pub trying to get a connection on his phone.

John tells Roman that all he's been trying to do is get through to Brady. Roman tells him to try harder. Eric enters and tells Roman to lay off of John as he's tried too and doesn't think there is anything anyone can do.

Theresa tells Brady that she should've gotten rid of that number as she doesn't do coke anymore. Brady tells her it's no big deal. Brady says he overreacted the last time she offered him coke and apologizes. They talk about the coke and Theresa offers to make a call if he's interested.

Daniel asks if this means Jennifer forgives him. Jennifer apologizes for the way she left. Daniel apologizes as well. Jennifer says maybe some day she will take his offer to help her organize her bank information. Daniel suggests a better offer as they kiss onto the couch.

Liam sits in his room listening in. He gets furious and throws the device then knocks a lamp over as he screams out in frustration.

Marlena leaves a message for Eric on his phone from the hospital as Nicole approaches behind her. Marlena mentions that whatever Eric decides will be the right decision and she will be behind him. Marlena turns around to see Nicole. Nicole says she knew Marlena would come between them. Nicole says if she thinks it's going to work, think again bitch.


EJ makes a call saying he's marrying the love of his life so everything has to be perfect and nothing can go wrong.

Nick and Gabi continue kissing and removing their clothes until a knock on the door interrupts them. Gabi assumes they'll just go away until Sami calls out asking if Gabi is home. Gabi worries as Sami begins looking for her key.

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