Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/3/14

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/3/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Marlena thanks everyone for coming to witness the marriage of Will and Sonny.

Liam looks at a photo of Jennifer with Abigail and JJ on her computer. Daniel arrives with Nicole to pick up the toys so Liam hides.

Marlena talks about the honor of officiating the wedding. She says they have written their own vows and have asked several people to speak beginning with Caroline. Marlena calls on Caroline and everyone looks towards her. Caroline looks around. Eric tells her that she's up and she can do it. Will goes to tell her that it was a lot to ask and it's okay if she doesn't. Caroline then gets up to speak. Caroline begins speaking about people named Robert and James who were around when the Pub first opened, causing the family to worry.

Nicole gets a call from her boss Miles and steps out of the house to take it. Liam looks for somewhere else to hide and goes into the kitchen as Nicole comes back in to the living room. Daniel comes downstairs with the box of toys. Liam hides around the corner. They start to look through the box of toys.

Caroline continues speaking about Robert and James and finding out that they were gay but not being accepted by their families. Sami cries. Caroline brings her speech around to how happy she was when Will and Sonny came to her and that they can love each other and be who they are. Caroline congratulates them and wishes them a lifetime of laughter as the crowd laughs and everyone applauds while Caroline sits back down. Justin begins his speech and talks about when Sonny was young. Justin recalls when Sonny first came out and being in awe of his strength and certainty. Justin declares that Sonny can handle anything on his own but now has found a partner in Will.

Nicole sees Jennifer's checkbook. They joke about how Jennifer keeps track of anything and Daniel mentions trying to get her on to online banking. They take the box of toys and joke around as they exit together. Liam watches them go and heads back into the living room.

Lucas begins his speech and jokes that Will coming out was the same as Sonny with no drama or anything causing everyone to laugh. Lucas talks about Will having it tough growing up. Lucas calls Will the best thing he and Sami could've ever asked for. Lucas talks about Will coming out and apologizes for how he initially reacted. Sami and Kate wipe tears. Lucas talks about Will finding the love and happiness that he deserves so he's proud to call him his son. Lucas hugs Will as the crowd applauds. Sonny talks about why they wanted to get married and learning a lot. Sonny reveals that JJ and Abigail helped them find photos of people who helped them get here today. Sonny wants everyone to look at those after the ceremony because they owe them all. Will thanks everyone. Marlena suggests they make this official.

Daniel goes home with Nicole. Nicole gets a picture on her phone of Sonny and Will walking down the aisle. Nicole says she can't wait to start planning her wedding. Daniel thinks back to Eric's situation. Nicole notes that Daniel got quiet and asks what's going on.

Sonny begins his vows. Sonny says he loves a good adventure his entire life. Sonny calls their life together his greatest adventure. Sonny tells Will that he loves him so much and can't wait to spend the rest of his life with him and Arianna. Will begins his vows and talks about not thinking about his future very much. Will talks about never thinking he would find this love. Will tells Sonny that he loves him. Marlena calls for the rings. T gives Will his and Abigail gives Sonny his. Sonny and Will begin to say their final vows of taking the other. They place the rings on their fingers. Marlena pronounces them husbands for life and they kiss as the crowd applauds.

Everyone enjoys the reception. Sami tells Will how proud she is of him. Will says he just got lucky. Sami tells him it's his day for them to tell him how lucky they are. Will says the one thing they taught him is that family matters. Sami is glad Will has someone to take care of him as they hug. Victor and Maggie approach Caroline and Eric. They praise Caroline's speech. Caroline talks about being nervous. Caroline thanks them for letting them use the house. Victor talks about accepting family. Maggie glares over at Theresa talking to Roman. Theresa glances at Brady. Ciara approaches Theresa and compliments her purse that she got from Brady. Ciara jokes with Theresa. Eric tells Marlena that she did beautifully. Marlena calls it high praise coming from him. Marlena asks where Nicole is. Eric says she had to work but she would be happy to know that she's welcome.

Daniel tells Nicole that nothing is wrong and he's ready to go eat. Nicole says she knows him and feels something is wrong so she asks what he's not telling her. Daniel says he's just hungry as they exit. Liam appears and breaks into Daniel's apartment again. Liam reveals he stole Jennifer's checkbook and puts it in the box of toys. Liam states there is one more thing.

Gabi, Abigail, and Jordan talk about the wedding outside. EJ and Sami come by kissing and then greet them. Abigail goes to hurry off to find JJ. Sami stops Abigail and thanks her for making the wedding special. Gabi asks about EJ and Sami's wedding being soon. Sami says she is the luckiest woman on the planet. Gabi gets a text that the dance is starting so everyone heads back inside.

Lucas announces that it's time for the grooms' first dance as everyone claps. JJ plays guitar while Will and Sonny dance together. Allie dances with them afterwards. EJ takes Allie to find Sami. EJ tells Will and Sonny that the room at the Salem Inn is in their name and everything is taken care of as a surprise from Sami. They thank him. Sonny swears to Will that they will have a real honeymoon soon. Will doesn't care about that. Marlena and Roman join them. Sonny thanks Marlena for an amazing job. Roman says they called Carrie and shows a picture of their new baby. Sonny suggests going to see them sometime. Roman calls it the best wedding he's ever been to. Roman says it's clear he's happy and hugs Will as he congratulates him. Theresa approaches Jennifer and questions her talking smack about her again. Jennifer says she's not doing this again. Theresa warns her to back off. Jennifer insists that Theresa is the one harassing her. Abigail tries to get Jennifer away. Theresa tells Jennifer to check around because a lot of people hate her guts. Abigail takes Jennifer away. JJ warns Theresa to back off and asks if she really wants to pick this fight. Theresa responds that JJ will never see what's coming for him. Theresa turns around and bumps into the waiter causing food to fall on her and people around laugh.

Nicole sits with Daniel at the club and talks about the wedding. Daniel asks if she's not getting ahead of herself. She asks why he would say that. Nicole asks what Eric has said. Daniel suggests talking to him. Nicole asks if he knows something and wants him to tell her.

Eric tells Jennifer that he just got a text to have lunch with Daniel and Nicole so they decide to join them. First they go to say goodbye.

Brady finds Theresa cleaning off and they kiss until Roman walks in and questions what the hell is this.

Adrienne starts to make the first toast but Sami begins at the same time. Sami says she's going to make the first toast while Adrienne announces that she had the same thought.

Roman tells Brady that he's supposed to be looking out for Theresa and keeping her out of trouble. Brady swears that he has nothing to worry about. Roman tells her that he will see her downstairs as he exits. Theresa apologizes. Brady understands he's protective. Theresa complains about her family. Brady suggests they take the back way out to avoid any more heartfelt toasts.

Will and Sonny intervene to suggest Sami and Adrienne toast together. Sami talks about knowing they were perfect for each other and Adrienne being hesitant until she saw they were truly happy. Sami toasts to their honeymoon tonight from she and EJ. Adrienne adds that she and Justin will send them anywhere for their real honeymoon. Sami says she and EJ can buy their first home. EJ and Justin interrupt to finish the toast and Will toasts to all of their families, thanking everyone.

Nicole tells Daniel that he can't just dangle something and not tell her. Eric and Jennifer arrive and ask what's up. Nicole turns to Eric and questions what exactly he told Daniel about them.

Will takes Kate outside to the garden. Will notes that Kate hasn't said a word all day and asks if she's upset about Marlena marrying them. Kate says of course not. Will says it was a coin toss. Kate says it wasn't and understands. Kate says she's happy that Marlena was there for him when he was coming out. Will talks about Kate teaching him how to stand up for himself and how to survive. Will says he could never thank her enough as they hug.

Will and Sonny cut the cake and kiss as everyone claps.

Eric sits alone with Nicole and she asks what's going on. Eric asks what Daniel said. Nicole says he said nothing but it was clear that there was something he wasn't telling. Nicole asks Eric if there is something about their wedding that she should know. Eric admits there is and thinks it's time he came clean.

Jennifer goes home with Daniel and talk about Eric and Nicole working things out. Jennifer sees the box of toys and notices her checkbook inside. She asks what Daniel is doing with her checkbook which surprises him.

Liam sits in his room with a device, listening in on their conversation.

Gabi hugs Will and Sonny as they walk out with everyone cheering. Will and Sonny exit the mansion. Sonny declares they did it and they are married. They call it the best feeling as they kiss.

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