Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/2/14

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/2/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady and Theresa kiss in bed while talking about the wedding. Theresa can't wait to see the look on everyone's faces when they walk in together.

Jordan tells Rafe that she's so glad he called. Rafe says they should get going. Abe gets a call from the station and says he'll catch up with Rafe as Rafe exits with Jordan.

EJ explains that Marlena is scheduled to perform a wedding so he came to pick up her certification. Carmel responds that he's afraid EJ came all this way for nothing. EJ doesn't understand what the problem is. Carmel talks about uncertainty. EJ asks for the certificate but Carmel says it doesn't exist.

Kate tells Marlena to go easy on the champagne and not to screw up her part in the wedding. Marlena sarcastically thanks her for her support. They tell each other the day isn't about them. Marlena declares today will be exactly what Will and Sonny want it to be.

Will runs in to T outside the town square. T says he was just coming to pick him up. T jokes with Will about not seeing Sonny and being nervous. Will assumes Gabi and Sonny are relaxing and laughing it up.

Gabi goes to Sonny's room and overhears him on the phone, saying he can't deal with Nick today but after the wedding he will. Gabi bursts in and questions what he is planning. Gabi says if Sonny is planning on dealing with Nick then he will have to deal with her first.

Roman arrives at the Kiriakis Mansion with Caroline and Eric where they excitedly greet Sami and the kids. Sami asks if Caroline has seen Will. Eric mentions that he did earlier. Caroline takes the kids to the kitchen. Roman and Eric talk about Caroline's speech and that she is thrilled.

Gabi questions Sonny not leaving Nick alone for one day. Sonny explains that he's on the phone with Ben from the club about their liquor being stocked by a worker named Nick. Sonny insists he's not thinking about Nick but only about the people he cares about including her. Gabi is embarrassed and says she believes Sonny. Gabi apologizes.

T tells Will they should get going. Will recalls them being in the exact spot where he saw T for the first time after coming out. T regrets being a jerk back then. Will says a lot has happened for all of them since then. Will says he never would've guessed that he and Sonny would be getting married with T as their best man. T calls it an honor. Will jokes about the stripper at te bachelor party as they walk off together.

Nicole goes to the hospital and sees Daniel. She talks about having an interview. Daniel notes that she is missing the wedding. They talk about missing Jennifer and Eric but at least they have a lot of family. Daniel takes a selfie photo with Nicole to send to them while Liam watches from nearby. Liam says to himself that nobody's home as he rushes off.

Brady tells Theresa that he doesn't think it's a great idea to walk in to the wedding together. Theresa tells Brady that she wasn't serious and laughs it off.

Hope arrives with Ciara to the Kiriakis Mansion where they are greeted by Victor. They talk about wishing Bo was there. They praise the living room setup as they enter. Kate asks Marlena about being ordained and she wants to see the certificate.

EJ suggests they just create a certificate for Marlena. Carmel questions EJ's hostility. He says they reserve the right to refuse service. EJ doesn't understand what the problem is and questions who he is to judge when he doesn't know Marlena. Carmel reveals that he knows Sami and will not do business with any of them. EJ questions him knowing Sami. Carmel says he cannot be anywhere near Sami. EJ says it's just a piece of paper and asks him about knowing Sami.

Marlena doesn't want to show Kate her certificate and Sami interrupts so Kate goes to the kitchen. Marlena worries and wonders where EJ is. Sami encourages her. Marlena wants to warn Sonny and Will but Sami convinces her not to. Sami agrees to have the justice of the peace on standby but doesn't want to worry Will and Sonny yet. Sami doesn't want to ruin anything with drama. Marlena tells Sami that she's completely right. Hope praises Maggie for the decorations. Maggie is glad it's appreciated. Victor asks if Maggie has heard from Brady but she hasn't yet.

Theresa jokes that Brady doesn't get her sense of humor and says they will show up separately. Theresa kisses him and then tells Brady to go so he reluctantly starts to get up. Theresa comments that it's fun having their own secret.

Jennifer arrives with JJ and they greet Maggie. JJ goes inside where Abigail already is. Jennifer asks Maggie about the mystery box. Maggie says she will know soon enough.

T talks to Will outside about setting things up. Justin talks with Will. Will asks about Sonny. Justin admits Sonny is a little nervous. Will feels the same. Justin asks if he's ready. Will says there's nobody he loves more than Sonny and promises to make him happy. Will thanks Justin for raising such an incredible man.

Gabi says Sonny is being a good sport about what she did. Sonny jokes that it was impressive. Gabi says Sonny is more than a friend and she loves the family they make. They agree that it works. They talk about the time getting close. Gabi tells Sonny that Will is just as nervous. Gabi mentions that Arianna is with Justin and Adrienne.

Carmel talks to EJ about spending a night with Sami long ago. EJ asks what happened. He explains that it was a blind date and he expected a good evening. EJ asks him to tell what happened.

Nicole runs into Daniel again at the hospital. Daniel tells her that the surgery was a success and quicker than expected. Nicole gets a picture text from Eric of he and Jennifer and that the wedding is about to start. Daniel asks how things are going. Nicole says they are great and almost perfect. Daniel thinks back to Eric telling him that he isn't sure about marrying Nicole.

Liam goes to Jennifer's house. He recalls bringing Jennifer home and where she keeps the spare key. Liam gets the key and sneaks in.

Carmel tells EJ that all he wanted was a good night and she was so beautiful but then she never stopped talking. EJ holds back laughter as Carmel complains about the self involvement. Carmel says that night changed him forever. He asks EJ if he knows Sami. EJ states that they have met. Carmel asks what he thinks. EJ sarcastically replies that he dodged a bullet. Carmel talks about finding this temple that night and being on the road to enlightenment. EJ points out that his experience with Sami led him to his destiny at this temple so in a way, he owes Sami a debt of gratitude.

Roman talks to Marlena and then gets a call from the station. Sami continues to reassure Marlena.

Rafe arrives outside with Jordan. He stops her and says there's something she should know before they go in.

Kate asks Sami if she's seen Rafe. Sami says she hasn't. Kate says it's not like him to take long and wonders if he's bringing Jordan. Sami says they will wait and see.

Rafe informs Jordan that he went to see Ben. Rafe says he was light and quick with him and let him know how important she is to him. Rafe says he let him know that he won't let her be hurt by anyone. Jordan insists that Ben would never hurt her. Jordan kisses Rafe and they joke around. Jordan says she's glad they are here and Rafe agrees as they kiss and then head inside. Sami tells Kate that they have their answer. Kate greets them. Jordan calls it an honor to be there as Kate tells them to enjoy then adds "while you can" after they walk in.

T prepares to head in with Will. They run in to Brady, who says he's going to get dressed and not to start without him.

Gabi tells Sonny that Arianna is fine. Sonny says Gabi has been great. Gabi talks about all the people that love Arianna. Sonny says Gabi has grown so much since Arianna was born. Sonny thinks Gabi is a wonderful mother. Gabi jokes that she will remember that the next time they fight. Gabi adds that she's glad that doesn't happen as often anymore. Sonny states that he feels like Gabi is the sister he always wanted. Gabi hugs him. Victor enters and they joke with him. Sonny asks how things are going. Victor says everyone is here and filling in. Victor says he wanted to talk to Sonny in case he can't get a word in later. Victor calls him a true Kiriakis and says he makes him proud.

Daniel finishes his shift and tells Nicole that he's free. Nicole asks if they can make the wedding. Daniel thinks it already started so they would just be making a scene. Nicole asks what he's doing later. Daniel says he's going to start errands and is going to pick up old toys of JJ's at Jennifer's to give to Parker. They agree to have lunch later.

Liam walks around Jennifer's living room and goes to her computer. He plugs in a flash drive.

Theresa prepares to leave her room and remembers she needs a present so she takes a photo out of a picture frame and exits with the frame.

Sonny thanks Victor for opening his house for the wedding. They joke about all the weddings that have happened there. Victor talks about how lucky he is to have Maggie and encourages Sonny. Victor calls Will a fine young man and thinks they will live happily ever after.

Maggie gets everyone's attention to announce they will be starting soon. Marlena asks Sami if there has been word from EJ. Sami says there is still time. Marlena doesn't want to blindside Will and Sonny. Marlena appreciates what they are doing but says Will and Sonny have to know what is happening. Sami argues that they don't as Will enters and asks what he doesn't need to know. Sami tells Will that everyone is just so excited to be a part of his big day. Sami asks Will what he's doing there when it's not time yet. Will says it's soon and they assure him that they are ready. Will adds that they are so glad it will be Marlena at the end of the aisle. Marlena says there is something he should know. Sami says she will tell him and takes Will outside.

Adrienne returns to Sonny as he continues to get dressed. She notes his cuff links being the ones Justin wore. Adrienne gets emotional as she looks at him.

JJ, Abigail, and Jennifer talk in their seats. Theresa arrives and Maggie sends her to the living room. Brady greets her and heads in.

Sami helps make sure Will is dressed and tells him she's really proud of him. Will asks if Marlena is okay as she seemed off. Sami says she's just nervous. Will goes over the plan. Marlena joins them outside. Will asks if it's time. Marlena says there's something she wanted to talk to him about but Sami disagrees. EJ arrives interrupting and says Will can find out later like everyone else. Will mentions wondering where he was. EJ says it was nothing too exciting and they should get the show on the road. Marlena says she will see Will on the aisle and heads inside. EJ congratulates Will and Sami excitedly hugs EJ, promising to thank him later. EJ heads inside. Will tells Sami that this is it.

Liam looks at a photo of Jennifer with Abigail and JJ on her computer. Daniel arrives with Nicole to pick up the toys so Liam hides.

Adrienne gets a text from Justin that it's time. Adrienne tells Sonny that she loves him so much as they hug.

T says everyone is seated. Sami checks Will and tells him he's perfect. Sami calls Will the best thing she ever did. They joke about getting emotional. Sami calls him the perfect son. Sami says Will being happy is the best gift she could ever ask for as they hug with tears in their eyes. Will tells her that he's ready and they prepare to walk in.

T and JJ walk down the aisle to join Abigail and Gabi with Marlena. Will walks in with Sami and everyone stands. They walk down the aisle as everyone smiles watching on. Sonny then walks in with Adrienne. They walk down the aisle. Adrienne hugs Sonny and Sami hugs Will. Everyone sits down. Marlena thanks everyone for coming to witness the marriage of Will and Sonny.

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