Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/1/14

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/1/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady wakes up in bed with Theresa and gets a reminder on his phone about Will and Sonny's wedding.

Victor has the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion set up for the wedding. Maggie enters and introduces Herbert Brandt to see Victor. They talk business until Victor mentions the wedding. Herbert is unhappy to hear it is a gay wedding.

Abigail and JJ get ready for the wedding at home. Jennifer comes in and asks what they are up to so they cover up their gift.

Kayla goes to the Pub to get Caroline for the wedding but Caroline tells her that Will and Sonny asked her to speak at the wedding but she can't.

Adrienne helps Sonny get dressed for the wedding. Sonny talks about being nervous.

Gabi brings Arianna in to see Will as he gets dressed for the wedding. Gabi assumes Will is going to be freaking out but Will says he's just excited. Will jokes about getting through the wedding being unusual for his family.

Sami calls out for everyone to get ready for the wedding. EJ joins her as Sami talks about preparing with the kids. They talk about this being normal and nice. EJ comments that it will be nice for the kids to see a wedding that doesn't end in a disaster. Marlena arrives and informs Sami that there may not be a wedding today.

Kate walks through the town square and runs into Lucas. Kate offers to go to the wedding together but Lucas says he has something to take care of first. Kate decides she's going ahead to be there early. Lucas jokes with her to play nice with Maggie as Kate walks away. Justin then appears in the town square.

Maxine talks with Jordan at the hospital about going to the wedding with Abe. Maxine asks about Jordan. Jordan says she has a dress but she's not sure that Rafe still wants to take her with him.

T talks with Ben about working at the club for the night while he's at the wedding. Rafe enters so T checks in with him but Rafe says he's here to see Ben.

Adrienne continues helping Sonny get dressed. Sonny says she's helped enough. Adrienne tells him how proud she is of him. Sonny thanks her and they hug.

Will and Gabi talk about Arianna's dresses for the wedding. Will thanks Gabi for dealing with his family. Gabi talks about Will and Sonny helping her. Will is glad that Gabi thinks of Sonny as family. Will encourages Gabi that she will one day fall in love.

Marlena explains to Sami and EJ that she filled out everything on the website but did not get ordained so it might not be legal. Sami says she will call a justice of the peace just in case. Marlena worries about not being able to be there for Will. EJ tells Marlena that he will take care of it and make sure she performs the wedding and she thanks him.

Theresa wakes up happy to be next to Brady. She's glad he stayed and asks if he thinks it was a mistake.

Lucas thanks Justin for meeting him as they sit together in the town square to talk about their wedding speeches. Justin decides to go get them some coffee. Lucas tries to sneak a peek at Justin's speech but instead finds a paper that Justin wrote telling him he will have to wait.

Abigail and JJ tell Jennifer that the wedding present is a secret. Jennifer helps Abigail prepare and tells her that it's nice to see her happy again. Abigail thinks back to telling off EJ.

Maggie listens in behind the door on Victor and Herbert arguing about the wedding. Herbert says he's worried about the business but Victor accuses him of being against gay marriage. Maggie is happy to hear Victor stand up for them.

Caroline expresses worry to Kayla about not being able to remember things during her speech and not wanting to ruin the day. Kayla tells her that no one expects a wedding speech to be perfect, just sincere. Kayla offers to type up her speech for her so she will have nothing to worry about. Kayla encourages that she can do it.

Victor calls Herbert a bigot and a hypocrite. Victor then declares that he's resigning from the board. Victor remarks about his family values as Herbert exits. Maggie excitedly hugs Victor and tells him that she loves him as they kiss.

Gabi tells Will that she will see him at the wedding. Gabi exits with Arianna as Eric arrives. Gabi tells Eric to keep Will calm as she goes. Will calls it perfect timing.

Sonny tells Adrienne that Gabi is on her way with his cuff links. They talk about preparing for the wedding. Sonny talks about not being able to have everyone speak at the wedding. Adrienne says she's fine and is happy that he's having Justin speak. Adrienne says she knows having her speak means Sami would have to also.

Sami tells Marlena they should get going while EJ is on the phone trying to make arrangements. Sami assures Marlena that EJ has it under control and they should get going. Sami calls for the kids. Sami insists that EJ will fix this and it will work out. Marlena agrees that she was meant to marry them and they exit. EJ remains on the phone and asks for an address in Chicago.

Maxine asks Jordan what she thinks has gone wrong with Rafe. Jordan claims it's nothing and she shouldn't have said anything. Jordan tells her that she's made a lot of mistakes and is afraid she might have made one too many. Maxine says wedding days are all about love so they can't give up.

Rafe tells Ben that he doesn't know what happened between he and Jordan but he cares about her a lot. Ben says it's good to hear. Rafe says he can't change the past but can make sure that no one hurts her. Ben assures him that he would never hurt her. Rafe says he will hold him to that and then exits the club.

Brady tells Theresa that they both have somewhere to be and reminds her about the wedding. Theresa asks if he's going. Brady says he has to. Theresa asks about the family judging him. Brady says it will save them from calling later and they can all judge at once. Theresa suggests he don't go and kisses him.

Jordan prepares to leave the hospital but Maxine stops her with a phone call for her. Jordan answers and it's Rafe. Rafe says that he owes her an apology for not calling earlier to confirm their wedding plans. Rafe agrees to pick her up at the hospital. Jordan smiles and hangs up.

Jennifer tells Abigail that she doesn't have to tell her details but it's nice to see her being herself again. Jennifer adds that she's there for her to talk. Abigail agrees to take her up on that if she ever feels the need. They hug and Abigail says it's not worth thinking about.

EJ continues arguing on the phone with the web site to get Marlena ordained. EJ declares that they are about to find out who he is.

Maggie tells Victor that he dealt with Herbert perfectly. Maggie praises Victor. Victor tells her that no one needs to know so they can focus on Sonny and Will. Victor kisses her and goes to get ready as the doorbell rings. Maggie answers and Kate arrives. Kate mentions seeing Herb leaving. Maggie tells Kate that Herb met with Victor about the wedding. Kate assumes what was said and how Victor reacted. Maggie says she can't go into detail. Kate asks how Victor is doing. Maggie responds that he's ready to dance as they laugh.

Abe runs into Rafe outside the Pub. They talk about the wedding and both are on their way to the hospital so they walk off together.

Kayla finishes typing Caroline's speech and tells her that it's perfect. Kayla gets a phone call and has to get to an emergency at the hospital. Kayla prints Caroline's speech and gives it to her. Kayla says she will call Roman to pick her up and she will be there as soon as she can. Kayla then exits the Pub.

Will and Eric talk about the wedding. Eric mentions thinking Marlena is the perfect choice to perform the wedding. Eric jokes with Will giving him foam cheese to support the Packers as a wedding present.

Sonny finds a letter in his tuxedo jacket from Will. Sonny reads Will talking about coming out and falling in love with him.

Rafe and Abe go to the hospital. Rafe jokes with Maxine about not recognizing her outside of her uniform. Abe tells her that she looks beautiful. Jordan then comes out in her dress which Rafe is happy to see.

Jennifer and JJ prepare to go. She mentions Abigail having to make a stop for their mystery box. JJ won't show Jennifer what's inside as they exit together.

Abigail goes to the club and approaches Ben. She apologizes for startling him. Ben comments on her being so dressed up. Abigail says it's for Sonny's wedding. She mentions having to pick up a package. Ben gets it from the counter and hands it to her. Abigail thanks him and exits as Ben feels embarrassed.

EJ decides he's going to Chicago.

Sami and Marlena wait outside the Kiriakis Mansion. Marlena worries about not hearing from EJ. Sami gets a call from EJ that he's going to Chicago.

Maggie tells Kate that she's the first person there. Kate talks about wanting to make sure if any last minute adjustments were needed. Adrienne answers the door as Sami and Marlena enter. Sami asks if EJ is sure he will be back in time. Justin and Lucas ask if anything is wrong. Marlena says no. Adrienne talks about Will and Sonny being thrilled that she's performing the wedding and ask if there's anything they can do but Marlena says no.

Rafe jokes with Jordan that it's good there's no bride because she will be the prettiest girl at the wedding. Jordan worries that it's too much but Rafe assures her and they kiss.

Brady tells Theresa that they can't blow off the wedding. Theresa agrees and suggests they go together and show up like a couple.

Maggie asks Victor if he's seen Brady. Victor says he hasn't. Maggie mentions that the guests are starting to arrive.

Sami tells Marlena that EJ is handling it. Marlena worries but Sami tells her to just let EJ do his thing.

EJ goes to meet the man in charge of the web site in Chicago. He introduces himself as Carmel and asks if EJ is Marlena's lawyer. EJ explains that Marlena is scheduled to perform a wedding so he came to pick up her certification. Carmel responds that he's afraid EJ came all this way for nothing.

Gabi arrives at the Kiriakis Mansion with Arianna. Sami praises Arianna and Kate takes her while happy to see her in the dress that she got. Gabi tells Sami that she will wear her dress as well. Gabi goes upstairs to bring Sonny his cuff links. Sami tells Kate to share Arianna so Kate gives her to Adrienne and heads into the living room. Sami talks with Lucas about Will. Sami asks about Lucas's speech. Lucas says it's good. Sami admits she was a little jealous about not having a speech but she realized that if she spoke then so would Adrienne so it was the best call. Adrienne talks with Justin about Sonny. Kate tells Marlena to go easy on the champagne and not to screw up her part in the wedding.

Will takes a final walk around the apartment and then exits.

Gabi goes to Sonny's room and overhears him on the phone, saying he can't deal with it today but after the wedding he will. Gabi bursts in and questions what he is planning.

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