Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/31/14

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/31/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Gabi walks out of the town square and bumps into Nick. Gabi mentions being late for Will and Sonny's bachelor party and is sorry that Nick is left out. Nick tells her that he's okay. Gabi says she knows when he's lying.

Will and Sonny prepare for the bachelor party and talk about the wedding being tomorrow as they kiss.

JJ sits at home playing guitar and thinks back to Paige praising his talents. Abigail interrupts and tells JJ that they need to get going to the party. Abigail asks JJ about zoning out and not hearing her. JJ tells her to lighten up as they exit.

Hope asks Aiden how much he heard. Aiden reveals that he heard every word. Hope mentions telling Kayla to steer clear of him.

Daniel asks Jennifer where Nicole had to go. Jennifer isn't sure that Nicole went where she said she was going. Daniel asks about it and Jennifer says that Nicole lied.

Nicole finishes dumping the bag of shredded paper. She looks through her purse for a match but can't find one and wonders what to do now. Liam appears and asks if she's alright. Liam offers to help.

T sets up for a male stripper to be at the bachelor party and thinks Will and Sonny will love it.

Will and Sonny talk about the wedding and being nervous. They talk about how exciting it is and they kiss. The babysitter arrives so they prepare to head to the party.

Hope tells Aiden that this is awkward and accuses him of eavesdropping. They start to argue but Eric arrives and says he got Hope's message then asks if he's interrupting.

Daniel asks what makes Jennifer think that Nicole lied. Jennifer doesn't want to make a big deal out of it and knows Daniel will want to defend her. Jennifer agrees that Nicole isn't who she used to be but she thinks lying is easy for her. Daniel admits it's hard to argue. Jennifer thinks it's not serious and that Nicole had something else to do so she made something up. Jennifer says it's just who Nicole is. Daniel wonders where she would've gone in such a rush.

Nicole asks Liam why he thinks she needs help and says she's good. Nicole tries to leave but Liam stops and asks if he knows her. Liam mentions working at the hospital and realizes he's seen her on TV. Liam questions what someone like her is doing out in the middle of nowhere. Nicole talks about having work to do and stopping to throw some trash away. Liam says he's seen her on TV but can't name the show. Liam asks for her name as a fan so she gives him her name. Nicole says she can get going now. Liam comments on the rest stop coming at the right time. Nicole exits.

Daniel remarks that Jennifer is being easy about this. Jennifer suggests not talking about it anymore and they start kissing. They then exit together.

T tells everybody to get ready at the club thinking Will and Sonny are coming in but instead Abigail and JJ arrive. They talk about the wedding. Will and Sonny then arrive and everyone cheers. T and JJ greet them as Sonny thanks everyone. T prepares to make the toast but Abigail wonders where Gabi is.

Gabi sits with Nick and tells him to be honest about how this makes him feel. Nick feels he brought it all on himself. Gabi encourages him. Nick says as hard as he tries, it's not enough. Gabi brings up Nick not pressing charges. Nick can't believe she's defending him and says she is the one who gets him which he never expected. Nick says he just has to figure out how to let all the rest of it go. Nick insists that he just wants people to like him.

Aiden tells Eric that he's not interrupting at all and walks away as Hope calls out to him about being judgmental. Eric sits with Hope. She says she wanted to tell him in person that she needs him to come to the station and read over his final statement on Chyka. Eric says he'll be fine putting it behind him officially. Eric says he has good friends in Daniel and Jennifer as well as Nicole.

Nicole returns to the trash and lights a match. She finishes setting the trash on fire and putting it out then gets a call from Eric. Eric says she's been hard to find. Nicole mentions seeing that he called earlier but her phone was on silent. Eric asks where she is as he wants to see her. Nicole claims she's at work and suggests they meet at the Pub. Nicole says she can't wait to see him as she hangs up and walks away.

Daniel and Jennifer return home. Daniel sends Parker to get cleaned up and says they are going to get ice cream. They joke about Daniel's online banking program.

Nick and Gabi get close and he reminds her that she should get going. Gabi tells Nick to hang in there and be himself. Nick says that Arianna is what's most important. They talk about their own wedding. Nick tells Gabi to go to the party and have fun. Gabi tells him that she will be thinking of him as she walks away.

T gets everyone's attention to make the toast. T jokes about being the best man and recalls when Will first came out. T talks about being grateful that they got past it and remained friends. T says tomorrow they start a great life together and hopes they are all that lucky. T finishes the toast. Will thanks him and hugs him. Gabi arrives and Abigail tells her that she missed the toast then asks where she was. Gabi goes to get some water but Abigail stops her and asks if she was with Nick. Gabi says she just ran into him on the way. Abigail questions it but tells her not to say anything about it to Will and Sonny since it's their night. Sonny and Will joke with T as they talk about his toast. Sonny goes to get more champagne and thanks T for the party. T tells him that it's not over yet. A woman arrives dressed as a cop and approaches Sonny, revealing to be the stripper as everyone watches and laughs.

Hope walks past the Pub and stops as Aiden comes out. Hope says they had a conversation to finish and it won't take long. Hope says she just wanted to apologize then asks Aiden what he wants to say since she deserves a lecture this time. Aiden says he only wanted to tell her that he's grateful and thanks her.

Daniel and Jennifer continue joking around about their banking habits. Parker rejoins them. Outside, Liam comes out of the elevator and stops outside of Daniel's apartment.

The stripper continues to perform as T tells JJ that it was supposed to be a guy. Will interrupts jokingly and before he can explain , she starts dancing with him as well.

Hope questions Aiden thanking her and asks if it's a joke. Aiden says that it's not. Aiden says if Kayla is less interested then he is all for it. Hope praises Kayla. Aiden agrees. Hope questions if Aiden holds against Kayla that she's Hope's sister in law. Aiden explains that he's just not looking for a relationship. Hope understands he's focused on his son. Aiden adds that he will never be ready ever.

Nicole joins Eric at the Pub. He asks her where she was and she repeats that it was a work thing. Eric reveals that he called her office hours ago and they said she was done for the day.

Daniel and Jennifer leave with Parker. Liam then uses Theresa's key and breaks into Daniel's apartment.

Nick remains seated outside the town square. He pulls out his phone and texts Gabi to ask if she's having fun.

JJ, T, and Sonny laugh as the stripper dances with Will, thinking he's the best man. Sonny then reveals that he and Will are getting married which shocks the stripper. She laughs it off and says this one is on the house. Sonny tells her that she's excellent. She jokes that all the good ones are gay and now married too. Gabi checks her phone and smiles, she texts Nick back that it would be better if he were there. Paige arrives at the club and sees JJ as they smile at one another.

Hope apologizes to Aiden for thinking he was joking. Hope asks what his wife's name was then feels she's intruding. Aiden says he's just not comfortable discussing it. Aiden goes back to Hope and Kayla talking. Hope apologizes for it. Aiden jokes that any time someone shows interest in him, he can send them to Hope. Aiden says he's off to get his son so he will see her around.

Liam approaches Daniel's computer and sees his bank statement still up. Liam then looks at photos of Daniel and Jennifer on the table. Liam turns and exits.

Daniel and Jennifer have ice cream with Parker in the town square. Jennifer spots Hope and goes to talk to her. Hope tells her about another odd encounter with Aiden and ending up back where they started. They talk about the wedding tomorrow. Hope hugs her and says she always makes her happy.

Nicole admits to Eric that what she was doing had nothing to do with work then claims what she was doing is a surprise. Eric says he wasn't trying to catch her in a lie. Eric mentions talking to Hope and says it looks like this whole thing is about to be behind them. Nicole agrees and says it's exactly what she was thinking.

Daniel and Parker join Jennifer and Hope. Daniel mentions that he can't attend the wedding due to work. Jennifer and Hope say they will go together as Liam watches from nearby.

Eric brings up the wedding. Nicole says she can't go because of work. Eric mentions getting a wedding gift and asks her to sign the card so it's from both of them. Nicole is excited about it being their first gift together and calls it perfect that it's a wedding gift. Eric thinks back to talking to Daniel about marrying Nicole. Nicole gets a text to get back to work. Nicole kisses him goodbye and exits.

Nick smiles receiving Gabi's text. He responds that she knows how much she means to him and thanks her for their talk.

JJ tells Paige that he didn't expect to see her. Paige talks about the library closing early so she came for the coffee. JJ jokes with her. Paige asks what's going on. JJ tells her that his cousin is getting married tomorrow and invites her to stay. Paige's friend Mary Beth enters and says it looks like there is a private party going on so she suggests going somewhere else and they exit. T tells Sonny that it was a mistake and it was meant to be a male stripper. Sonny and Will joke around with him. Sonny hugs T. Abigail gets everyone's attention so she and Gabi can do a toast since Gabi missed T's. Gabi talks about Will and Sonny being perfect for each other and they toast to Sonny and Will. Will and Sonny kiss and drink champagne.

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