Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/28/14

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/28/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel and Jennifer kiss in her office. Daniel comments on not talking marriage yet. Jennifer jokes that they can still start the honeymoon as they continue kissing.

Theresa says they might not like each other but they have a common enemy so she has something that might help him a lot. Liam asks what she could possibly help him with. Theresa says it's destroying Daniel and Jennifer.

Justin arrives at the club and greets Sonny with a hug. Justin says he wouldn't miss his wedding and congratulates him. Sonny asks if he's talked to Adrienne and if she's okay about the wedding. Justin insists that she's more than okay. Justin talks about never imagining a wedding day in his future. Sonny feels like the luckiest guy in the world.

Lucas goes to see Will. Lucas asks if he's ready for his big day. Will looks away so Lucas asks what's wrong. Will replies that he doesn't think he's ready.

Kayla rushes through the town square with a gift and bumps into Aiden. They each take blame for it and then recognize one another. Aiden apologizes and hopes her box is okay. Kayla says he may have saved her from making a horrible mistake.

Brady stands at home and thinks back to preparing for his wedding to Kristen. Eric arrives and Brady assumes he's there to bring a wedding gift. Eric informs Brady that he's there to see him.

Nicole runs into Hope outside the Pub. Hope says she was just about to call her. Nicole says she has to go but Hope says it's about Dr. Chyka. Nicole asks if she found him.

Eric enters the Kiriakis Mansion and says he knows they will both be at the wedding. Brady tells him not to worry about it. Eric offers to not go but Brady tells him not to worry about it. Eric then tells Brady that he came to take his picture since he has been hired to take pictures of all the hospital board members. Eric says he can set up a different photographer. Brady tells him it's fine as long as he doesn't talk to him or look at him. Eric wants to stop this and not let this come between them or else Kristen wins.

Nicole asks Hope if she found Chyka. Hope says it's not that but she reveals that everyone has stopped looking and the search is over. Nicole is surprised. Hope says Chyka has dropped out of sight. Nicole asks if he got away. Hope says she is just as disappointed as Chyka was the only one who could prove that what happened between Eric and Kristen wasn't consensual. Nicole thinks back to shredding the evidence and then says that it's a shame.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he's hungry. Jennifer mentions meeting Nicole for coffee as they are working on their friendship. Jennifer gets a text and Daniel wants to know what it is. Jennifer says the Photoshop and the web site comments didn't come from the hospital so she can't nail Theresa. Daniel asks if she still thinks Theresa did it. Jennifer talks about Anne basically implicating her. Jennifer hopes the games are over.

Liam tells Theresa that he's not interested as he only wishes the best for Jennifer. Theresa tells him to stop wasting her time. Theresa then reveals the key to Daniel's apartment and asks if he's still not interested.

Sonny talks to Justin about how lucky he feels to have his family accept him. Sonny says it wasn't so easy for Will. Justin says he's come around in a big way. Sonny informs Justin that they want him to speak at their wedding.

Lucas asks Will if he's having second thoughts about marrying Sonny. Will says no but he's just not ready as he needs Lucas's help to make it perfect. Lucas asks what he needs. Will talks about covering things like Marlena being ordained to perform the ceremony. They bring up Kate and Will wants Lucas to tell Kate. Will then mentions asking people to speak at the wedding. Will says they have Caroline and Justin to both be eloquent and formal while he wants Lucas to lighten things up with a speech. Lucas says he'd be honored and they hug.

Aiden asks Kayla what's in the box. Kayla informs him it's a wedding gift. Aiden is surprised that she has a grand nephew. Kayla says she waited too long to shop so she bought everything she could. Kayla then informs Aiden that it's a gay wedding and Aiden praises it. They joke around and Kayla mentions hoping he sticks around Salem.

Daniel asks Jennifer if she told Kayla that she thinks it was Theresa. Jennifer says she has no proof so she doesn't want to corner Theresa or she might hurt JJ. Daniel mentions that he thinks he set her straight and talks about Theresa coming in earlier. Jennifer questions him going after her again.

Liam questions how Theresa got a key to Daniel's apartment. Theresa says it's a long story but she knew it would come in handy one day. Theresa tells him to imagine the trouble he could cause. Theresa tells Liam to do whatever he wants with it and she won't say anything to anyone. Theresa goes to leave but Liam tells her to wait.

Eric tells Brady that Kristen got back at John and Marlena. Eric says the worst thing is that Brady thinks he betrayed him and he can't prove him otherwise. Brady says it makes him sick. They say they might never get past this but Eric wants to be there for him as he's hurting. Brady doesn't want his pity. Eric argues that Kristen is the one who hurt them so he should be mad at her. Brady says Eric seems to be doing fine with a new profession and a new girlfriend. Brady remarks that Eric may have fallen out of the church but women are still falling into his bed. Eric yells at him to stop it.

Hope mentions wanting to ask Nicole more questions. Nicole says she has nothing to add as Chyka got away and she couldn't stop him. Hope asks Nicole to come to the station and sign her statement so she will be done with the paperwork. Hope says that's it unless Nicole remembered anything else to add.

Justin thanks Sonny and says he's honored. Sonny mentions Caroline and Lucas speaking as well which Justin thinks is a great idea. Justin asks what he should say. Sonny says they just want everyone to remember it as the happiest day of their lives. Justin calls it the first of many as they hug.

Lucas asks Will about a honeymoon. Will says the timing isn't great so they are thinking in the summer. Will mentions T planning a bachelor party for them. Lucas jokes with him and prepares to leave. Lucas says he knows he and Sami didn't give him the best example so he hopes Will and Sonny can show how it's done. They hug and Lucas exits. Will says to himself that everything is coming together and the wedding is going to be perfect.

Nicole tells Hope that she and Eric just want to put the past behind them and focus on the future. Nicole says she blames herself for Chyka getting away as she knows he could've cleared Eric's name. Nicole says it's unfair that Eric had no choice but to leave the priesthood. Nicole believes Eric has made peace with what happened and just wants to move forward with his new life. Nicole calls Eric an inspiration.

Eric tells Brady that he thought he could get through to him but he was wrong. Eric adds that he thought maybe being a family again would be pretty great. Eric says he has no pity on Brady and still loves him like a brother no matter how angry he is or how much he hates him. Eric then exits.

Aiden jokes with Kayla about running into her and then walks away.

Jennifer thought they agreed that she would fight her own battles. Daniel says he wasn't yelling at Theresa over Jennifer but about Brady. Daniel says he just let her have it and tells Jennifer what he said to Theresa. They joke about how much energy she spends. Daniel says it's finally sinking in for Theresa that they are together and there's nothing she can do.

Liam asks Theresa if it occurred to her that he could take the key straight to Daniel. Theresa says he can't prove it came from her. Liam asks about her hatred for Jennifer and Daniel. Theresa says she hates them very much and walks away.

Nicole tells Hope that she will come to the station after taking care of something she has to do. Hope is sorry things didn't work out and walks away. Nicole starts to walk off but Jennifer catches up to her and apologizes for being late for coffee so she rushes inside with her. Jennifer notes that Nicole seems very preoccupied as they sit at a table. Jennifer asks about things with Nicole and Eric and talk of marriage. Nicole talks about being together with Eric. Jennifer says a wonderful thing happened for her. Jennifer assures Nicole that Eric loves her very much. Nicole knows he says it but doesn't feel worthy because she's getting everything she wanted after his life blew up. Jennifer says it's not like she made it happen since she went after Chyka. Jennifer asks how Nicole feels she isn't worthy.

Eric goes to Daniel's office looking for Jennifer. Daniel tells him that she just left. Eric apologizes about the party. Daniel tells him that Nicole already apologized and it sounds like they worked things out. Daniel asks about things getting serious. Eric says it is. Daniel asks if something is wrong. Eric doesn't think he would understand and mentions it not being a great day. Eric then decides he should talk about it so he sits with Daniel. Eric informs Daniel that he told Nicole he wanted to marry her but now doesn't know if he can go through with it.

Hope sits with Kayla in the town square and talks about looking forward to the wedding. Kayla mentions running into Aiden and asks what Hope thinks of him.

Theresa goes to see Brady and reminds him that he was supposed to pick her up an hour ago. Brady says he wouldn't be good company and says he will call her later. She stops him and thinks Daniel, Jennifer, and Maggie got to him. Brady says it's not that. Theresa accuses him of not standing up to them. Brady tells her to take it easy as it's not personal. She takes his drink and questions if he likes letting everyone tell him how to live his life. Theresa then tells Brady not to call her ever again. She turns to leave but Brady grabs her to stop her. Brady tells her that nobody tells him what to do. Theresa says that's more like it as they begin aggressively kissing.

Lucas meets with Justin at the club. Justin suggests raising a glass to their sons' future together. Lucas toasts to Sonny and Justin toasts to Will. Lucas jokes about Will and Sonny doing the opposite of he and Sami. They tell each other that they still raised a good son. Justin toasts to them as parents of proud gay sons.

Sonny returns home and tells him that everything is under control so they just have to go to the bachelor party and have fun. Will gets a call from Sami and talks about Marlena performing the ceremony. Will apologizes for not telling her in advance. Sonny then gets a call from Adrienne and talks about Lucas, Justin, and Caroline being the only ones to speak at the wedding. Will tells Sami that they wanted them to just enjoy the wedding without having a job.

Hope tells Kayla that she knows Aiden from Ciara's school. Kayla brings up Aiden being a widower and asks if he's seeing anyone. Hope asks if Kayla is interested in him. Kayla asks if she shouldn't be based on Hope's reaction.

Daniel asks Eric about having to choose between Nicole and the church. Eric says that's what it comes down to. Daniel understands it's a hard choice but knows Eric will do the right thing even if it's not easy. Daniel mentions Nicole seeming so happy earlier with the marriage idea. Eric knows he needs to talk to Nicole about it. Daniel suggests the sooner the better.

Jennifer tells Nicole about JJ doing his community service and keeping his grades up so she thanks her for not turning him. Jennifer asks if she's boring Nicole since she looked at her watch. Nicole says she just remembered she planned to meet someone for a story that might be her only chance. Jennifer gets up to get the check as Liam appears, watching from nearby. Jennifer returns and tells Nicole they are set and they exit together. Liam follows them out of the Pub.

Sonny and Will finish their calls with their moms. They talk about Sami and Adrienne not speaking at the wedding but them being fine as long as the other isn't speaking. They joke about their moms love for them and agree that they are glad that it's their dads doing the speeches.

Lucas and Justin joke about coordinating for the wedding and it not being a competition.

Hope tells Kayla that Aiden is kind of complicated. Kayla doesn't think Hope sounds like she likes him very much. Hope says she just can't figure him out. Hope suggests Kayla make up her own mind and opinions. Kayla talks about not being with anyone and praises Aiden seeming like a super nice guy. Hope says Aiden can be judgmental and stubborn. Kayla tells Hope that she will see her at the wedding tomorrow and jokes about dancing there. Kayla takes her gift and exits. Aiden then approaches Hope.

Eric calls Nicole from the hospital and leaves a message for her to call as soon as she gets it as it's important.

Nicole goes to the park with her bag of shredded paper. She says Chyka is gone and this is it. Nicole says she could do the right thing and show Eric but then he would jump back into the priesthood. Nicole looks to the trash can and says the decision has been made. She begins dumping the shredded paper into the trash.

Hope asks Aiden how much he heard. Aiden reveals that he heard every word.

Brady and Theresa have sex.

Jennifer returns to Daniel's office and suggests they go out to eat but Daniel already ordered so they eat there. Daniel asks how things went with Nicole. Jennifer says she got the impression that Nicole wanted to be somewhere else.

Nicole finishes dumping the bag of shredded paper. She looks through her purse for a match but can't find one and wonders what to do now. Liam appears and asks if she's alright.

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