Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/27/14

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/27/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Will and Sonny talk at home about preparing for their wedding. Caroline then arrives to help.

JJ runs into Paige at school. She quickly walks away. Rory rushes up to JJ causing him to lose Paige. JJ tells Rory that his timing sucks. Rory says that Bev was right that JJ has it bad for Paige.

Jennifer tells Brady that he already knows what Theresa did. Brady thinks it's that she slept with Daniel but points out that Jennifer has forgiven him. Jennifer responds that Daniel would never touch Theresa.

Daniel talks with Maxine at the hospital. Maxine thanks Daniel for the party. Daniel thanks her for saving things. Daniel works on the computer trying to track down Theresa. Maxine asks what she did now.

Theresa accuses Liam of being obsessed and of being the one who has been harassing Jennifer. Liam argues that he would never do that but she calls him a liar.

Eric starts to talk about marriage with Nicole. Nicole says they don't have to talk about it right now. She says she knows how he feels but asks if he doesn't want to wait and if he wants to do it sooner than later. Eric responds that he wasn't thinking about rushing into anything. Nicole asks what Eric wanted to tell her. Marlena then interrupts.

JJ claims to Rory that Paige is not his type. JJ explains that he wants to clear things up after Rory and Bev sent a friend request to Paige from him. Rory tells JJ about delivering pizza to Daniel and adds that Jennifer was there and really freaked out.

Jennifer tells Brady that she shouldn't have said anything. Brady persists. Jennifer asks what Theresa told him about her. Brady tells her how Theresa talked about being fired by her. Brady wants to know the real reason why Jennifer hates Theresa.

Maxine asks Daniel if it's about the comments on the hospital site about Jennifer. Daniel asks Maxine to send Theresa his way if she sees her so he can set her straight once and for all.

Theresa accuses Liam of hating Daniel and Jennifer and wanting payback. Theresa complains about being the one to take the blame for it. Theresa says she's going to tell Daniel who is really behind it. Liam says she can't do that but Theresa says he can't stop her and walks out of the club.

Jennifer tells Brady that she's sorry she can't give all the details. Brady doesn't understand why. Brady brings up that Jennifer could've told him about Kristen and now accuses her of not being straight with him again. Jennifer argues that this has nothing to do with him at all and if she told him what happened then it could hurt a lot of people she loves. Brady questions taking her word. Jennifer says Brady can ask anyone that Theresa is determined to self destruct and is trying to take him down with her. Jennifer reminds Brady how he didn't want to hear it when everyone tried to warn him about Kristen. She tells Brady that Theresa is his worst enemy as she exits.

Caroline points out that Arianna is sleeping so she will get out of their way of planning the wedding. Will and Sonny sit with her. They talk about Marlena performing the wedding. They talk about Caroline always being loving and supportive. Will tells Caroline that she's the first person they wanted to ask to speak at their wedding.

Marlena says she's glad she ran into Eric because she owes him an apology. Marlena says she was trying to protect Eric by going to Stefano to talk to Chyka but she learned her lesson. Marlena apologizes for crossing the line again. Eric says she had to know that going to Stefano wouldn't turn out well. Eric tells Marlena that she should know that Nicole doesn't want to hear it. Marlena stops Eric and says there is one more thing.

JJ goes home where Jennifer is and asks her about what Rory told him. Jennifer says Rory was the least of their problems as everyone wasn't getting along. She asks him if he's still just hanging out with Rory and Bev. Jennifer worries that he's losing touch by dating Bev. JJ says they just went out a few times. She tells him to be patient for the right girl. JJ doesn't want to talk about it and says he's going to do community service. Jennifer tells him she's proud of him as they both exit.

Daniel calls Theresa but Theresa enters his office, saying she knows he doesn't want to see her but Daniel says she's actually just who he wanted to see.

Marlena tells Eric that she wanted to talk about Will's wedding and that he's welcome to bring a guest. Marlena tells Nicole that she, Will, and Sonny would like Eric's guest to be her.

JJ starts his community service in the town square and sees Paige. She approaches him to ask about getting the trash. JJ says he'll do it later when she's not around. Paige wants to stop acting like this. JJ says she should have given him a chance to explain the friend request as his friends were just messing around. She asks which friends. JJ says the only two he has and she can ask them if she doesn't believe him. Paige asks if that's all JJ had to say. JJ says that it is so Paige tells him not to forget about the trash and walks off.

Liam goes to the hospital and asks Maxine where he can find Jennifer. Maxine says she'll be back later and asks if she can help. Liam says it's personal and walks away.

Brady sits at home and then gets up to get a drink. He pours the drink but the doorbell rings and John arrives. Brady tells John that he has nothing to say to him. John replies that not everything is about him.

Theresa tells Daniel that she has something to tell him that will surprise him. Daniel hopes she dumped Brady. Theresa questions that being his business. Daniel says Brady is his friend. Theresa tells him that Brady is happy. They argue over Brady's drinking. Daniel warns her to stay away from Brady. Theresa questions them minding their own business and where he gets off telling her what to do.

Jennifer runs into Abe at the hospital. Abe mentions that he and Maxine are both invited to Will and Sonny's wedding and how they've talked about having dinner. Abe is unsure of having a first date. Jennifer doesn't think he has anything to worry about. Abe approaches Maxine and she says yes.

JJ gets sent to help Paige sweep. Paige questions why he acts like a jerk when she knows he's not. JJ argues that she doesn't know anything about him. Paige mentions that she's heard him play guitar and knows he's really good.

Will and Sonny explain that they just want Caroline to speak from the heart at the wedding. Will says she's the one person he could always count on to never feel alone. Caroline mentions praying that she'd live long enough to see him get married and have kids. Caroline is glad for them and would be honored to speak at the wedding. Caroline hugs Will. Will tells her that she just made their day that much more special.

Nicole questions if Marlena is actually saying she wants her to come to the wedding. Marlena says yes. Nicole thanks her. Marlena then reveals she's officiating. Eric encourages her. Marlena talks about supporting her children and grandchildren. Eric mentions having to go meet Jennifer. Eric says goodbye and kisses Nicole and walks off. Nicole then stops Marlena from leaving.

Daniel continues to tell Theresa off about Brady and warns her to leave Brady alone. Theresa asks Daniel if he's making her a better offer.

JJ asks when Paige heard him play. Paige explains that she's good friends with JJ's neighbor and heard him. Paige says JJ has real talent and reveals that she plays piano. Paige talks more about JJ's talent.

John tells Brady that he just dropped by to bring Will and Sonny a wedding present and figured Brady would be at work. John tells Brady that he does want to help. Brady tells John to get out and stay out of his life if he wants to help.

Maxine and Abe talk about going to the wedding together. Abe says he will see her later. Jennifer tells Abe that she told him so as Abe exits. Jennifer goes to Maxine, who talks nervously about the wedding now. Jennifer encourages that she will have a wonderful time. Eric arrives to work with Jennifer. They sit together and Eric apologizes for the party. Jennifer asks if he's okay.

Nicole tells Marlena that she knows it must have been difficult to reach out but she accepts her apology. Marlena thanks her. Nicole asks if everything is cool between them now. Marlena says sure but Nicole doesn't think she's convinced. Marlena tries to leave again but Nicole stops her and says she thinks there's something still on her mind. Marlena claims it's a patient but Nicole says she can tell things aren't really cool between them. Nicole wants everything on the table once and for all. Marlena tells Nicole to look her in the eye one last time and tell her that she's not hiding something about Chyka or Eric.

Daniel tells Theresa that she a sick obsession with hurting Jennifer. Daniel says Theresa has no heart and it's hopeless to think she will ever change. Daniel hopes Brady comes to his senses to see what everyone else knows. Theresa warns that Daniel will be very sorry that he spoke to her this way.

Eric tells Jennifer that everything is fine. Eric gets a call from Father Louis and steps away to answer. Maxine returns to Jennifer and mentions that Liam was looking for her. Liam appears and asks Jennifer to speak in private but she says it's not a good time. Maxine calls Jennifer and tells her that she has a call so Jennifer rushes off.

Daniel warns Theresa about staying away from Jennifer. Theresa says she hears him. Daniel tells her to leave Brady alone and get out so she exits. Theresa runs into Liam. Liam hopes she didn't say anything. She tells him to follow her.

Brady tells John that he can't tell him what to do anymore. John says he gave up on doing that but won't give up on loving him. John brings up Brady's mother. Brady says she would hate John's guts for what he did. John says it's a good thing she isn't there then and walks out.

Will and Sonny talk to Caroline about Arianna and the wedding. Caroline says they are going to have a wonderful life.

Paige asks JJ about an original piece she heard him play. JJ claims that he was just messing around but Paige praises it. Paige says JJ has this gift but throws it away by blowing off school and getting high with Rory and Bev. JJ says she knows nothing about him and he doesn't even use anymore. JJ adds that Rory and Bev are the only friends he has. Paige asks about JJ being more than friends with Bev but JJ says definitely not.

Eric finishes his call with Father Louis about marrying Nicole in the church. Jennifer returns to him and says she didn't mean to overhear. Jennifer asks if marriage is a problem and offers to help if she can. Eric thanks her.

Nicole tells Marlena that there is nothing. Marlena thanks her and walks away. Nicole says to herself that Marlena still doesn't believe her.

JJ assures Paige that he and Bev don't have much in common. JJ tells her he has the sweeping. She thanks him and walks away.

Jennifer goes to Daniel's office and talks about a wedding present for Will and Sonny. She notes Daniel is distracted and asks if he's okay. Daniel says he's just bummed to not be at the wedding with her. Jennifer says he'll be there in spirit as they kiss.

Liam and Theresa walk out of the town square. Theresa says she didn't want anyone overhearing. She says she didn't tell Daniel what Liam did because they deserve it but she doesn't appreciate him letting everyone believe it was her. Theresa says they might not like each other but they have a common enemy so she has something that might help him a lot.

Marlena goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and talks to Brady about officiating the wedding. Brady comments that he hopes they have a wedding with actual I Do's and he thinks they will make it. Brady asks about John and mentions him being there earlier. Brady says John has nothing better to do than stalk him and he just wants him to leave him alone.

Eric goes to the Pub where he is greeted by John. John says he'll make it short. John says he knows a lot of people are having issues with Nicole but he hopes it works out for them because he deserves it.

Nicole remains seated in the park and tells herself that Marlena can't prove anything as she thinks back to shredding the evidence. Nicole says she knows how to handle this and there's only one thing left to do so Eric will be hers forever.

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