Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/26/14

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/26/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Liam dreams of Jennifer walking in on Daniel kissing Theresa. Liam says it could happen.

Anne calls Theresa from the hospital and demands she get back there now for operation Jennifer. Jennifer approaches Anne and asks to know more about the operation.

Brady goes home with Theresa. Brady talks about making her a drink but Theresa gets Anne's message. Brady wants her to blow it off but Theresa says she has to go or she might lose her job. Brady kisses her.

Gabi says Sonny is going to hate this but she thinks it would be weird to not invite Nick to the wedding. Abigail agrees that Nick should be invited. Sonny agrees that he hates the idea and doesn't ever want to bring up Nick's name.

Will calls Nick's marriage to Gabi a lie. Nick remarks that he knew Gabi a lot better than Will knew Sonny. Will questions wanting to go down that road.

Nicole goes to Daniel's and tells him that she and Eric are both upset about what happened. Daniel notes that she looks happier. Nicole admits that the most wonderful thing happened last night.

Eric meets with Father Louis in the park. Louis asks if everything is okay. Eric informs him that something happened last night and he doesn't know how to handle it.

Daniel guesses that Nicole and Eric kissed and made up. Nicole says they did and talked things out including the future. Nicole knows it's a long way off and then announces that she and Eric are getting married.

Father Louis tells Eric that it sounds serious as they sit. Eric says that it is and talks about his life moving along. Louis realizes they are talking about Nicole. Eric says they are seeing each other and taking things slow. Eric reveals they are talking about marriage and then he realized they have a huge obstacle they could never get past.

Abigail questions Sonny about Nick. Sonny tells her to forget it. Gabi explains that Nick is Will's family so it would be weird if he's left out. Sonny doesn't care. Gabi warns that he should or else some people might ask questions that he might not want to answer. Abigail asks about it but Sonny says it's nothing. Gabi mentions that they even invited Theresa. Abigail questions inviting Theresa and not Nick.

Nick tells Will that he gets bent out of shape when people talk about he and Gabi. Nick says that Will pushes his buttons. Will talks about Nick manipulating Gabi. Will doesn't want to hear that he's changed. Nick remarks that if he was the old Nick then Will and everyone he cares about would be in prison.

Anne calls Jennifer pathetic as they argue. Anne brings up the comments on the hospital web site and the Photoshop of Jennifer. Jennifer questions Anne if she and Theresa did it. Anne claims operation Jennifer is trying to get to the bottom of who did. Jennifer threatens to go to the board. Anne continues to argue with her. Jennifer warns Anne that she and Theresa will be out of job if she finds out they are behind it.

Brady tries to convince Theresa to stay. Theresa says she has to go to work and asks if they can hookup later. Brady agrees. Theresa says she will text him when she's free and kisses him goodbye as she exits. Brady goes on in to the living room to the drinks and has one. Brady pours another as Maggie enters and asks what he's doing.

Daniel is surprised by Nicole's announcement and calls it a little soon. Nicole says it's not happening today but it's happening as she hugs him. Daniel suggests they talk and asks if Eric proposed. Nicole says not in so many words. Daniel sits with her and asks about the words. Nicole explains how they were getting close and almost there when Eric wanted to slow down and wait on sex until marriage. Daniel questions Nicole seducing Eric. Nicole admits it but says it didn't work. Daniel realizes why they were arguing before. Nicole says they later came to an understanding. Daniel argues that's not a proposal. Nicole states that Eric wants to marry her so sooner or later it's going to happen.

Eric tells Father Louis that he knows why he wanted to become a priest after his time in Africa. Eric says God, the church, and his teachings are still a major part of his life and that's why a marriage to Nicole would be impossible.

Sonny doesn't want to talk about Theresa and says Gabi knows why Nick will never be invited. Gabi turns away. Abigail says she knows about Sonny's problems with Nick. Sonny talks about Nick manipulating Gabi. Gabi insists that Nick changed but Sonny calls him a calculating son of a bitch that only cares about what he wants. Sonny declares that Nick only wants Gabi and Arianna while he and Will won't ever let that happen.

Will questions Nick starting with threats again. Nick says he's trying to show that he's changed but Will doesn't believe him. Nick says he's happy for Will and Sonny as he calls them an old fashioned romance. Will asks if that means he's jealous. Nick says it's a sweet story and talks about Sonny being with a lot of guys but settling with Will.

Liam lays in bed, saying that Daniel cheated on Jennifer once. Liam dreams of comforting Jennifer. Liam stares at a picture of he and Jennifer. Liam says if it happens he will be there to pick up the pieces as he gets out of bed.

Anne tells Jennifer that she should write a big apology when she finds out it wasn't them. Anne walks away and Theresa rushes up to Anne. Anne questions if she was out drinking with Brady all morning. Theresa says she had one. Anne complains about Jennifer. Theresa says she has more on her plate right now than Jennifer. Anne questions if she's moved on and forgot. Anne tells Theresa that she may be playing Brady but warns her not to think about playing her or else she can head back to LA and prison.

Brady tells Maggie that he was hanging out with Theresa and the drinks just sort of happened. Maggie brings up their talk and questions him hanging out with Theresa. Brady says sometimes things change like John.

Daniel tells Nicole that it's good to see her happy but asks her to think about Eric. Nicole says that's all she does. Daniel reminds her how much Eric has been through this year. Nicole argues that it's not like they just met. She points out that they were each other's first love and they just put things off for a decade. Nicole assures this is going to happen. Daniel worries about people getting hurt by rushing into things. Nicole then asks if he's talking about her and Eric or her and Daniel.

Gabi says Abigail left because she can't stand to see them fighting. Sonny says he cares about her which is why he doesn't want her with Nick. Gabi decides she's going out for fresh air and tells Sonny to watch Arianna. Gabi walks out leaving Sonny frustrated.

Will calls Nick a son of a bitch. Nick claims he was trying to compliment him. Will questions Nick belittling his relationship. Nick tells Will to calm down. Nick says it's incredible what they have and compares it to all the marriages that Sami, Lucas, and Kate have had. Nick says he hopes Will doesn't have to go through the pain that others have. Nick tells Will to take care as he exits the club.

Brady tells Maggie that he caught John trying to bribe Theresa away from him but he didn't succeed. Maggie says that's too bad. Maggie asks if Brady even remembers their talk and how Theresa is not the best person for him. Brady says he remembers but John went behind his back. Brady says John should stay out of his life like he has asked. Maggie insists that John is just worried about him. Maggie calls Theresa a miserable little twit and she doesn't think Brady should like her.

Liam goes to the hospital and asks Theresa for Kayla. Liam then invites Theresa out to eat. Theresa says she shouldn't but she doesn't want to be there when Anne comes back so she goes with him.

Nicole realizes that Daniel was talking about them. Daniel talks about Nicole forcing things. Nicole admits it but says it was different then because Daniel didn't love her while Eric does. Daniel encourages her to just take things slow. Nicole agrees to and says he doesn't have to worry. Nicole says they will just let it happen and it will be perfect.

Eric talks to Father Louis about how Nicole is very loving and giving but also needy. Louis notes the church being against the marriage. Eric talks about how Nicole has had a number of marriages. Louis says with that kind of history, it could never be a marriage that the church supports. Louis declares that a marriage to Nicole would be wrong.

Will goes home and Sonny tells him about Arianna. Will immediately begins kissing Sonny.

Gabi finds Abigail in the town square and thanks her for sticking up for her. Abigail feels like Gabi has been getting ganged up on. Gabi says Sonny and Will have been great but sometimes. Abigail understands but says it is Will and Sonny's wedding. Nick approaches and says he totally agrees.

Brady asks why Maggie despises Theresa so much. Maggie says she's done nothing but lie and fake her way since day one. Maggie worries about Brady needing to get back in the program. Brady shouts that he doesn't want to hear it anymore so Maggie exits. Maggie makes a call that she needs to see someone now.

Nicole goes to Jennifer's office and apologizes for how she acted last night. Jennifer says it's fine and notes that she wasn't the only one. Nicole brings up Hope and Aiden. Nicole mentions that she's happy Jennifer invited them since it means they are okay. Jennifer insists that she wanted Nicole there and talks about how she's been great with JJ and Eric. Jennifer feels like they will have a party again soon and often. Jennifer calls Nicole a lot of fun and suggests they go out for coffee so Nicole agrees.

Liam and Theresa eat at the club. Theresa says Liam seems like a good guy and asks if he's seeing anyone special. Liam says he's just playing the field and asks about her. Liam then asks if Theresa hooked up with Daniel before.

Abigail apologizes for Nick hearing that. Nick says it will take time for Will and Sonny to realize that he's a different guy so he doesn't want to cause a problem at their wedding. Gabi praises Nick. Abigail is glad Nick is being so understanding. Nick says he's trying.

Will and Sonny lay in bed together. They say they love each other. Will talks about missing him and not losing track. Sonny knows they are both busy but still thinks there is something else. Will then asks Sonny why he asked to marry him.

Nicole joins Eric in the park and says he always excites her. Eric says there's something he wanted to say. Nicole goes first and says she loves him then kisses him.

Maggie goes to Daniel's and complains about Brady doing everything wrong. Daniel suggests maybe he has to hit rock bottom. Maggie thinks it could take a long time because Brady is just destroying himself daily. Daniel says he hates it too but he won't listen so he doesn't know what else to do.

Jennifer goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and sees Brady. She asks if Maggie is there but Brady says she left. Jennifer mentions having a pocket watch from her grandfather that Maggie wanted to give to Will for the wedding. Brady decides he will get it to Maggie. Jennifer thanks him and asks if he's okay. Brady says he's working on it and he's alright. Brady then says Jennifer can help him with Theresa. Brady brings up Theresa being at the wedding and how they have been seeing each other a lot. Jennifer says good for him.

Liam apologizes for asking about Daniel but says that's the hospital gossip. Theresa says that is a non issue. Theresa says she knows guys and knows Liam is not interested so she questions the lunch. Liam says he will get the bill. Theresa questions Liam making it into an interrogation about Daniel and Jennifer. Theresa asks if he's still carrying a torch for Jennifer. Liam insists that ship has sailed but then the picture of he and Jennifer falls out of his wallet and Theresa picks it up.

Nicole tells Eric that he's changed her life and made her a better person. Eric says he doesn't understand. Nicole tells him that she found Daniel and Jennifer to apologize. Eric says that was nice of her. Nicole says she did it because she knew he would want her to which is how he is making her better. Nicole adds that she told Daniel that seducing him was the wrong thing to do but she's still glad she did or else they wouldn't have had the serious conversation about their future and getting married. Eric begins to talk about that.

Sonny asks Will if he's asking because he's getting cold feet. Will says no because when he asked, everything became perfect and it proved he loved him. Sonny says he loves him and always will as he's never loved anyone this way. Will feels the same. Sonny talks about almost losing Will when he got shot and realizing he had to marry him so he'd always be in his life. Sonny says it will be a rest of their lives commitment. Will talks about not being as traveled as him and wanting to make sure he's happy. Sonny insists they will always be happy as they kiss.

Gabi gets that it's their wedding but is sorry that Nick can't come. Nick says it's fine and can already see how beautiful Gabi will look. Gabi mentions Nick not coming by the apartment. Nick says maybe it's a good thing as he doesn't want Gabi to feel pressured. Nick says Gabi needs to make up her own mind about him but any time she wants to see him, he's there. Nick then walks away.

Brady questions Jennifer thinking it's good for him. Jennifer says she cares about him and wants him to be happy but she has no respect for Theresa so all she can do is wish him well and move on. Brady asks what went down between Jennifer and Theresa. Jennifer doesn't want to think about that. Brady thinks she knows things about Theresa that he should know. Brady asks why she hates her so much and if it's because she slept with Daniel.

Daniel and Maggie continue talking about Brady. Maggie says Brady could get back on track if not for Theresa and wonders what to do. Maggie asks if there is any way to get her out of his life. Daniel states that there just might be.

Liam claims he forgot he had that old picture. Theresa then realizes it was Liam. She accuses him of being obsessed and of being the one who has been harassing Jennifer.

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