Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/25/14

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/25/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Will and Sonny meet with Marlena at the Pub. Sonny thanks her as Marlena talks about Will filling her in on the wedding. Marlena is pleased that Victor offered his home to host the wedding. Marlena tells them to let her know whatever she can do. Will and Sonny look at each other so Marlena asks what she can do. Will asks her to marry them.

Abigail goes to the club and greets T. She asks him for help planning Will and Sonny's bachelor party. T asks if they should wait for JJ but Abigail says she can fill him in later. Abigail says T can come with her and see Gabi but T then quickly says he can't do that.

Nick listens in from the doorway as EJ tells Gabi that she knows Nick and to be careful before jumping into anything. Gabi asks EJ if he thinks Nick has changed.

Sami walks through the town square on a call from work about a meeting. She hangs up and goes back and forth on which way to go. She starts to walk away when Kate approaches and comments on Sami being unable to decide where she's going. Sami asks if Kate saw Rafe or Jordan. Kate says she didn't and jokes about their happiness. Sami doubts it. Kate asks what happened.

Jordan tells Ben not to worry and tries to walk away but Ben grabs her and tells her not to walk away. Jordan tells him to stop as Rafe arrives and tells Ben to get his hands off of her. Rafe turns Ben around and knocks him down with a punch, leaving Jordan shocked. Rafe grabs Ben and they struggle as Jordan tries to stop it.

EJ tells Gabi that it's irrelevant but Gabi argues that it's relevant to her. EJ says he thinks Nick is highly intelligent and had a difficult life. EJ talks about the trauma of a near death experience as Nick continues to listen in. Gabi asks what it has to do with Nick changing. EJ thinks Nick's encounter with death gave him a new perspective. Gabi says she still doesn't understand. EJ then shuts the door so Nick moves to the window to listen. EJ tells Gabi that it's clear Nick has an agenda. Gabi complains about no one ever believing Nick or giving him a chance. EJ brings up how Nick could use what he has against Gabi, Sami, and Kate at any point. Gabi disagrees and really believes Nick has changed. Gabi thinks if they get back together then Nick would never want to hurt anyone ever again. EJ asks Gabi if she's saying that she is sacrificing herself to neutralize Nick.

Marlena asks if they are serious. Will says he's very. Marlena says she is touched. Will talks about thinking about life as a story. Will talks about how important Marlena was to him coming out. Sonny agrees that Marlena has been there since day one. Will says that's why they want her to marry them. Marlena says she's so honored but she has to say no.

Abigail asks why T doesn't want to see Gabi. T thinks back to Nick. T claims he just realized he can't leave work and mentions Ben not coming back yet.

Jordan breaks up Rafe and Ben's fight. Rafe questions Ben putting his hands on Jordan. Jordan tells him to drop it as it's not what he thinks. Jordan says it's okay. Rafe questions how Jordan knows Ben. Ben tells her to go ahead and tell him exactly how she knows him.

Gabi tells EJ that she doesn't feel like it's a sacrifice. Gabi says Nick is not the same and has been so genuine. Gabi talks about how different it has been. Nick continues listening in. EJ says Gabi maybe right but reminds her to be careful and not rush in. Gabi thanks EJ for being so worried about her. EJ hugs her and tells her to take care. EJ exits and Nick watches him go.

Kate asks Sami what happened between Jordan and Rafe. Sami sits with her and explains that she saw Jordan in a heated conversation with a guy at the club that looked intense so she followed them and ran into Rafe. Kate asks about Rafe's reaction. Sami says he went after them. Kate asks if it looked like there was something going on. Sami says they clearly knew each other. Kate wonders if he's an ex-patient. Sami says she doubts that. Kate suggests he's the reason she was leaving Salem and they were fighting over her staying. Sami didn't know about Jordan leaving. Kate explains how Jordan broke things off with Rafe and was leaving town then suddenly stayed. Kate says maybe she won't have to go to as much trouble now. Sami asks what she is planning.

Rafe tells Ben to stop talking. Ben responds that he's known Jordan a lot longer than him. Jordan says he's just making it worse. Rafe questions why Ben had his hands on Jordan. Jordan says Rafe doesn't understand. Rafe wants to know what's going on. Jordan wants to go somewhere and talk. Rafe demands to know who Ben is so Jordan finally reveals that Ben is her brother.

EJ walks out of the town square and runs into Abigail. Abigail tries to walk away but EJ stops her.

Will questions Marlena not wanting to marry them. Marlena says it's not that but they need someone who can do it legally. Will wants it to be someone who had been a part of their relationship and loved them. Marlena notes that she's not authorized to marry them. Sonny says she will be and hands over a paper, adding there will be plenty of time until the wedding. They explain how Marlena can just sign some paperwork to become legally certified. Will says Marlena will make it so much more meaningful for them. They ask if she will do it.

Abigail asks what EJ wants. Abigail says they dodged a bullet and they are all lucky that she's not pregnant. Abigail says she's had time to think about everything and realized that she needs to move on and stay as far away from EJ as possible. Abigail adds that she doesn't want him anymore as she realizes who he really is and it's not the decent man he led her to believe in. Abigail says if EJ was decent then he would've had some restraint and left her alone. Abigail states that EJ is exactly what everyone says he is as she walks away.

Sami asks Kate if she still has feelings for Rafe. Kate insists they are just friends but she doesn't want to see him hurt. Sami talks about Jordan being the reason that Rafe is recovered and walking again and now they seem crazy about each other. Kate asks what they really know about Jordan. Sami says Jordan will eventually open up to Rafe. Kate doubts it. Sami thinks if Rafe broke up with Jordan, he wouldn't get back with Kate. Kate repeats not having feelings. Kate then suggests Sami still has feelings for Rafe. Sami talks about being with EJ. Sami and Kate argue about it. Sami insists that she and EJ are getting married. Kate says she's screwed it up before. Sami accuses her of being mean and jealous. Kate says her happiness is of no concern to her. EJ interrupts and questions what's going on with them. Kate says that it's Rafe.

Rafe questions Ben being Jordan's brother and why she didn't just say something. Jordan says it's complicated and they hadn't seen each other in a long time. Rafe questions Ben just showing up in Salem. Rafe says he has no idea what's going on but warns Ben not to mistreat Jordan. Jordan tries to explain that they had a misunderstanding but Rafe does not excuse Ben hurting her. Ben remarks that he would never hurt her.

Marlena says she would be honored to marry them but feels she would just be an offset. Will encourages her and asks again if she will marry them. Marlena says of course she would be honored as they all smile.

Abigail goes to see Gabi. Abigail asks if it's a bad time and apologizes for not calling. Gabi says it's okay and remembers she was coming by. Abigail asks if she was expecting Nick and what's going on with them.

Nick goes to the club and asks T how he is. T responds sarcastically. Nick thinks back to listening in on Gabi and EJ. Nick says to himself that EJ had good advice that maybe he should take to put space between he and Gabi and make her want him even more.

Sami and Kate continue to argue about Rafe in front of EJ until Kate storms off. Sami tries to explain to EJ that it's just Kate. EJ doesn't know why she engages her. Sami says she has no choice but to deal with Kate. EJ questions Sami letting Kate get to her about Rafe. Sami wants to explain but EJ says he doesn't care. Sami follows him out.

Rafe wants to know what's going on. Ben calls it a private matter. Jordan tells Rafe that it will be okay so Rafe reluctantly walks away. Jordan then tells Ben that no one can ever know the truth.

Marlena says she will go online to get certified. Will says she's made them happy. Marlena mentions getting her invitation. Will talks about the RSVPs. They mention Eric. Marlena wants to tell Roman about her official position and they want everyone to know she's marrying them.

Abigail asks Gabi what's really going on. Gabi says she and Nick are just friends and they have been getting close lately. Abigail then sees Gabi's modeling photos and compliments them. Gabi explains that Nick suggested Sami and EJ rehire her. Gabi talks about how great she felt. Abigail questions all of this happening because of Nick and asks if she's thinking of getting back with Nick. Gabi says she hasn't ruled it out and mentions EJ telling her to take it slow. Abigail respond that Gabi should do the opposite of whatever EJ says.

Sami and EJ go home as Sami continues explaining what she saw between Rafe and Jordan and how she was concerned about a friend. EJ questions Sami being concerned about Rafe being so important in her life. Sami continues trying to explain and insists it has nothing to do with her feelings for EJ. Sami says Rafe is her past while EJ is her everything and they kiss.

Kate goes to the Pub and thanks Marlena for meeting her. Kate brings up the wedding and suggests pooling their resources to get something meaningful. Kate mentions that she's promised to pay for the honeymoon. Kate talks about how she was going to call the governor about marrying them but Marlena tells her that would be completely unnecessary.

Jordan tells Ben that she hates that Rafe walked in. Ben apologizes. Jordan says this is why Ben should have stayed leading his own life. Ben says he can't stop worrying about her because he owes her. Jordan asks him not to tell anyone else about them. Ben asks if she's that ashamed that he's her brother. Jordan tells Ben that he knows why as he walks away.

Kate tells Marlena that she's confused as she thought it would be perfect. Marlena explains that Will and Sonny already invited her to do it. Kate then breaks out laughing at the idea.

Will goes to the club and sees T. Will thought he took the afternoon off. T says he decided to finish things up. Will wants to talk about the wedding party. T goes to help a customer. Nick approaches Will and says there's something he needs to say.

Gabi says she didn't know Abigail felt that way about EJ. Abigail regrets saying anything. Gabi asks if something happened between her and EJ. Abigail sits with Gabi and talks about being concerned when Nick disappeared and she wanted to talk to Hope and Julie but EJ convinced her not to. Gabi says it's all worked out since Nick is back, they are friends and it's been great. Abigail says she's happy about all that but from her perspective, EJ has a way of making people do things for his best interest. Gabi doesn't think that's what he's trying to do since he told her to make up her own mind about Nick. Abigail asks if that means Gabi is thinking about getting back together with Nick and asks how all this happened.

Jordan joins Rafe in the town square and apologizes. Rafe wants an explanation as to why she lied about having a brother. Jordan explains that they had a serious falling out so she felt like she didn't have a brother for a long time. Rafe says he can understand that but she knew he was in town and working at the club. Rafe asks if Ben is the reason that Jordan was going to leave town. Jordan admits that he was. Jordan says Rafe was the reason she decided she couldn't leave but what happened with Ben is personal. Rafe tells her that she can tell him anything. Jordan says she knows but not right now. Jordan adds that Ben is not leaving. Rafe asks how she feels about that. Jordan says she will have to find a way to coexist with him. Jordan holds Rafe's hand and apologizes for not telling him. Jordan appreciates Rafe understanding and that this can stay between them for now. Rafe calls it a lot to take in. Jordan hopes Rafe can trust how she feels. Jordan thanks Rafe and walks away.

Kate realizes Marlena is serious and questions how it will work. Marlena explains that she can be ordained online. Kate calls it interesting. Marlena thinks she's upset. Kate feels that Will adores Marlena more. Marlena jokes that Will has always loved her more then tells Kate that he adores her too. Marlena thinks they are lucky to be involved in the wedding. Marlena talks about how proud she is. Marlena tells Kate that she will see her at the wedding if not before as she then exits the Pub.

Nick sits with Will and says he knows they are not friends but he thinks it's amazing that he and Sonny can get married. Will says that's what people do when in love and questions him about Gabi. Nick remarks that he knew Gabi a lot better than Will knew Sonny.

EJ and Sami kiss in bed. EJ says they should be in the office taking care of business but they continue kissing. Sami asks EJ about talking to Gabi. EJ says he tried and it's her decision. Sami says God help us all if Gabi gets back with Nick.

Gabi tells Abigail that she doesn't want to talk about it. Abigail thinks her feelings changed. Sonny comes in and greets them. Gabi tells him that Arianna is still asleep. Abigail talks about the wedding excitement. Gabi says Sonny is going to hate this but she thinks it would be weird to not invite Nick to the wedding.

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