Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/24/14

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/24/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady wakes up in bed and checks his phone to see missed calls and a voicemail from Theresa.

Theresa tries calling Brady again and wonders why he's not picking up. She says she's not a girl that he wants to ignore.

Gabi has breakfast with Rafe. Rafe comments on Will and Sonny not being there and asks why he's really there. Gabi says she wanted to tell him about Nick before people start talking.

Sheryl goes over things for work with Nick in the town square. Jordan walks by and Sheryl sees her. Sheryl thought Jordan left town.

Kate and Lucas sit at the club. Kate brings up Jordan and talks about her making up her job offer to panic Rafe. Lucas doesn't want to hear it. Kate insists this is about protecting Rafe. Lucas tells her to stop going after Jordan if she doesn't want Rafe to get hurt. Ben looks over from the counter.

Sami joins EJ in the living room after waking up and they kiss. EJ kisses her onto the desk. Sami tells EJ that he has the whole day for work as they continue kissing. EJ then points out that he does have a lot of work to do and goes back to it. Sami comments on their date last night. Sami brings up Kate and Gabi. Sami says Kate should have more sense than to get anywhere near Stefano. Sami then freaks out asking EJ if Stefano wanted information on erectile dysfunction to go after Kate. EJ tries to quiet her down and shuts the door. Sami continues repeating the phrase. EJ tells her to leave it alone. Sami says she's just worried that Stefano is going after Kate. EJ says he's not even admitting they had dinner. Sami suggests EJ ask him. EJ thinks it's none of his business so Sami decides she will ask Kate.

Lucas asks Kate if she plans to continue digging into Jordan's past. Kate says she will do whatever it takes. Kate thinks Lucas would do the same thing to protect a friend. Lucas argues that isn't what she is doing. Kate insists on Jordan not being who she says she is and brings up the fake IDs. Kate declares she will find out who Jordan is and what she is after.

Sheryl introduces Jordan to Nick. Jordan points out that they have met. Nick steps away to make a call. Sheryl says Rafe must be happy that Jordan stuck around. Jordan says things are good. Sheryl asks about her look. Jordan questions what Sheryl is doing with Nick as Nick listens in from nearby.

Rafe asks Gabi what Nick did now. Gabi says he did nothing. Rafe orders her not to cover for him and asks what he did. Gabi wonders why people assume. Gabi says she is sick of this. Rafe questions Gabi believing Nick has changed. Gabi tells Rafe to forget it. Gabi says Rafe is no one to talk. Gabi says she can say Nick has changed because she knows him better than anyone. Gabi insists that Nick wants to come back from his mistakes. Rafe argues that she's not like Nick. Gabi says she's not perfect and wishes people would give Nick a break. Rafe asks if they are back together. Gabi says no but she has been spending time with him. Gabi adds that she really believes Nick has changed.

Brady sits looking at his phone and thinks back to his last argument with Maggie. Brady puts his phone down and gets out of bed.

Theresa says she's left with no choice but to work and Brady will pay for that. Theresa starts going through things when John arrives and says he came to see her.

EJ suggests to Sami that they leave Stefano alone. Sami continues questioning Kate getting involved. Sami says she will also have to figure out how to deal with Gabi. Sami tries to convince EJ to talk to Gabi. EJ refuses but Sami insists. Sami says that EJ got through to Abigail so he could do that again. EJ thinks back to being with Abigail. Sami begs EJ to talk to Gabi about staying away from Nick. EJ thinks they risk pushing Gabi right to Nick. Sami persists until EJ gives in. Sami thanks him and says she's off to find Kate. EJ reminds her to keep the erectile dysfunction talk on the DL. Sami agrees as she exits.

Rafe talks about understanding how Gabi got sucked in by Nick while she was pregnant. Gabi says a lot has changed. Rafe brings up Nick's treatment of Will and Sonny. Rafe talks about knowing ex-cons and insists that Nick has not changed. Gabi argues that he doesn't know Nick and points out that he's a Horton. Rafe warns Gabi that she has no idea what she will put herself through. Gabi remarks that she knows Nick a lot better than Rafe knows Jordan.

Sheryl tells Jordan that she works with Nick at Mad World. Jordan realizes then that it's not a date and asks about Lucas. Sheryl says it may be going well. Jordan mentions being happy for her as she walks away. Nick returns to Sheryl. Sheryl tells him about knowing Jordan from the past and they resume going over work.

Kate tells Lucas that she just wants to find out for sure on Jordan. Lucas doesn't believe her. Sami interrupts and tells Kate that they need to talk about where she spent last night.

Brady heads into the living room where Maggie is preparing to leave. Brady asks if she has a minute but she says she's on her way out. Brady stops her and says he needs to tell her that he's sorry.

Theresa and John go to the Pub. Theresa asks John if her parents sent him to spy on her. John says he loves his son. Theresa calls Brady a good guy and says John has nothing to worry about as they are just having fun hanging out. John suggests maybe she just needs the right break. Theresa asks if he's there to make it all better if it means staying away from Brady.

Gabi questions Rafe about asking about Jordan's life before Salem. Rafe says Jordan is a private person not a criminal. Rafe realizes Gabi is trying to change the subject. Gabi points out that she's an adult so she's not asking for his permission to live her life. Rafe asks what she wanted then. Gabi says she wanted some understanding. Gabi adds that she won't allow him to talk trash about Nick because he has changed. Gabi says if Rafe doesn't respect that then he has to go. Rafe says okay and Gabi can't believe he's going to leave. Rafe says he can't respect her wishes and has nothing nice to say about Nick. Rafe then exits leaving Gabi upset.

Lucas asks Kate if she cares to share. Kate reminds Lucas about an upcoming meeting so Lucas agrees to exit. Kate questions Sami's problem. Sami says Kate and Gabi are her problem. Kate asks what's wrong with Gabi. Sami tells her about seeing Gabi on a date with Nick. Kate wonders when Gabi will learn from experience. Sami says that's great advice and questions Kate about Stefano.

Lucas walks through the town square and sees Sheryl with Nick. Lucas approaches and asks what's going on. Sheryl tells him that she was just consulting with Nick on ideas. Lucas asks for a word with Sheryl. Nick decides to go and praises Sheryl on his way out. Lucas gives a look so Sheryl asks if she did something wrong. Lucas tells Sheryl to never meet with Nick again.

Kate asks Sami if Stefano told her they had dinner. Sami says she just did now but she figured it out. Sami says she gets that Rafe dumped her so she's going to jump back in to bed with Stefano. Kate points out that Rafe did not dump her. Kate insists that she's not getting back with Stefano. Sami questions the dinner. Kate explains that she promised Chad that she would have dinner with Stefano once. Kate doesn't know why she has to explain herself to Sami. Kate tells Sami that she has learned from her experience while Sami is the one living in his house and about to marry someone that she tried to murder.

Gabi gets a text from Nick that he had a great time last night. Gabi responds that she did too. Nick says he will see her soon. EJ then arrives to see Gabi.

Maggie tells Brady that she's sure he's sorry but she doesn't have a time. Brady adds that he was an ass and she had every right to be appalled at his behavior. Maggie calls it quite an epiphany. Brady says he needs to stop running from how he feels and fix it. Maggie agrees and asks how he's going to do that. Brady admits he doesn't know and needs to think about it. Maggie says that's the most sense he's made in weeks. Maggie says she's sorry but has to go. Maggie hopes Brady means it and she'll be there later if he does. Maggie tells him to take care as she exits.

Sami asks Kate why she's being such a bitch. Kate says Sami is the one who came after her. Sami questions Kate ragging on EJ. Kate admits EJ was great helping them with Nick and Gabi. Kate talks about EJ losing to Stefano. Sami says that's only because he wasn't willing to sacrifice her. They talk about knowing how Stefano is. Sami warns Kate to watch her back. Kate asks why she even cares what she does. Sami blurts out that she likes her and doesn't want to see her get hurt. Sami then says she can't believe she said that and they laugh it off. They decide they aren't friends but frenemies because of Gabi and Arianna. Sami brings up Gabi and having to watch out for Nick plus keeping Stefano not involved. Kate assures her that she doesn't want Stefano in her life and says she has to go. Kate thanks Sami and tells her not to worry about her but about Gabi because she's the one who could bring trouble.

EJ asks Gabi if she was expecting someone else. Gabi tells him that Will isn't there. EJ says he came to see her and gives her the photos from the shoot. Gabi assumes Sami sent him. EJ asks to come in, say his piece and leave so Gabi invites him in.

Sami answers a call as Jordan enters the Pub and goes to the counter. Ben tries to tell Jordan about seeing Kate and Lucas talking about her. Jordan tells him not here so they exit together. Sami sees them leave and rushes after them.

John tells Theresa that he can't help fix the potholes in her life but can help her avoid them. John brings up Basic Black as a potential job for her. John asks if she has a tie to Salem since he has more openings in Europe. Theresa calls it unbelievable that he's trying to bribe her to get her away from Brady. Brady then appears and questions what he's doing.

Sheryl apologizes to Lucas, not thinking it was a problem. Lucas understands she was just trying to do her job well but insists that Nick is not the guy to talk to about marketing. Sheryl jokes about trying to win extra points with the bosses. Lucas says she doesn't need to because everyone is already impressed with her, especially him.

Kate walks by the Pub where Nick approaches her. Nick tells Kate about meeting with Sheryl and finding out about her friendship with Jordan. Nick asks Kate if she got the dirt on Jordan that she's looking for. Kate denies it but Nick says he put it together in seconds and talks about finding out what she's up to. Kate asks what he wants now. Nick says he doesn't care what she has planned for Rafe and Jordan as long as she leaves he and Gabi alone. Nick then walks off.

Ben and Jordan walk through the town square. Sami follows until she runs into Rafe. Sami asks Rafe what's wrong. Rafe mentions having breakfast with Gabi and she's lost her mind. Rafe tells Sami that Gabi is going to give Nick another chance. Sami says she knew and wants Rafe to talk to her. Rafe says he tried. Rafe says he has to get going to meet Jordan. Sami informs Rafe that Jordan just went the other way with the guy from the club which confuses Rafe.

Ben and Jordan walk out of the town square where Jordan asks who was talking about her. Ben describes Kate and Lucas and mentions it didn't sound good. Jordan assures him that it's nothing. Ben asks if Kate was with Rafe.

EJ explains to Gabi about her traveling model schedule. EJ mentions Sami and Will being around to watch Arianna. Gabi calls it exciting and then wants to talk about why he's really there which is Nick. EJ sits with Gabi and tells her to follow her heart which confuses Gabi. EJ tells her that she knows what she should do when it comes to Nick and no one should be able to tell her otherwise. Gabi asks what the catch is. EJ talks about Gabi's life being a wreck before because of Nick. Gabi insists that Nick is different now. EJ says they can't know yet how he is different. EJ says Gabi has a big heart but as her friend, he is telling her to be safe.

Brady tells John to spend time fixing his own life. John exits the Pub. Brady joins Theresa at the counter and apologizes for that. Theresa tells him it's okay as they sit together. Theresa compares her dad to John. Theresa asks Brady if he talked to Maggie. Brady says that he did. Theresa wants to know what happened. Brady says they had a fight last night then he saw her again this morning. Theresa continues asking about it. She suggests getting a drink and he can tell her everything. Brady asks if she has work. Theresa says Brady is more important.

Rafe questions Sami about Jordan being with a guy from the club. Sami comments that it looked kind of intense. Rafe thanks her and she wishes him luck as he walks away.

Jordan tells Ben not to worry and tries to walk away but Ben grabs her and tells her not to walk away. Jordan tells him to stop as Rafe arrives and tells Ben to get his hands off of her. Rafe turns Ben around and knocks him down with a punch, leaving Jordan shocked.

Gabi thanks EJ. EJ goes to leave but Gabi stops him as he opens the door. Nick arrives and stops outside to listen in through the doorway. Gabi asks EJ if he believes Nick has changed. EJ talks about times in the past when he thought he had changed with Sami but hadn't yet. EJ tells Gabi not to jump into this and to be careful.

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