Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/21/14

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/21/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Gabi goes to meet Nick at the Pub. They talk about Will and Sonny finding out. Gabi suggests meeting somewhere else but Nick recalls the Pub being where he first saw Gabi. Nick calls her the most beautiful girl he's ever seen in his life.

EJ and Sami walk through the town square together. EJ thinks back to finding out Abigail is not pregnant. They talk about being in a good mood and wanting to celebrate.

Stefano sets up a candle light dinner in the living room as Kate arrives and Stefano tells her that she's right on time.

Nicole and Eric argue in front of everyone at Daniel and Jennifer's party. Hope pulls Abe away and tells him she wants to leave to get away from Aiden. Abe wants out as well. Maxine proposes a toast to love that triumphs in the end. Eric apologizes and decides to leave but Maxine stops him and declares no one is going anywhere.

Liam lays in bed with the dress that he stole from Jennifer's drawer then imagines Jennifer in bed.

Sami asks EJ what they are celebrating. They sit down and EJ brings up proposing a year ago. EJ talks about the times they were unsure they would make it. Sami points out that they did. EJ agrees that they found their way back to each other as they kiss.

Nick takes a picture of Gabi and jokes with her about how beautiful she is. Nick calls her the kindest person he's ever met. Nick says maybe that's the reason she's made such a difference in his life. Nick says Gabi's loyalty is what made him fall in love with her.

Maxine continues her toast and says they all want to wish Daniel and Jennifer all the happiness but she can't because others are acting like spoiled brats. Maxine suggests everyone get over themselves, start over, and celebrate Daniel and Jennifer finally getting together. Maxine goes to get the pizza and warns everyone that she wants smiles when she comes back.

Liam says to himself that it's going to happen with Jennifer but not with Daniel in the way.

Sami brings up the look on Stefano's face to EJ and she thinks he's up to something. EJ tries to reassure her and doesn't want to talk or think about Stefano. EJ says all he wants to concentrate on is her and kisses her.

Stefano offers Kate a glass of champagne as they sit down at the table. Stefano suggests Kate make the toast. Kate toasts to sitting down with Stefano for the very last time.

Nick apologizes to Gabi if he went too far. Gabi admits he makes her feel good about herself when not many people do. Gabi says Sami and Kate make her feel dumb while Sonny does sometimes too. Nick thinks it's because of him. Nick brings up that Rafe wouldn't be too happy about them being together either. Gabi talks about Rafe always looking out for her. Nick is sorry for all she has gone through because of him but says he thinks certain couples are meant to be together. Nick thinks that they belong together and says Gabi is the only one who could convince him he's wrong.

Hope seconds what Maxine said and apologizes to Daniel and Jennifer for ruining the night. Daniel says it's not ruined and Jennifer says it wouldn't be her fault. Jennifer adds that she really misread the situation between her and Aiden. Hope says she did too. Hope thinks the party would be better if she weren't there so she's going to go. Hope tells them that she couldn't be happier for them and says goodbye. Hope then exits. Daniel comments that the party idea was a bit premature. Aiden thanks them for including him but says he's going to head out as well. They thank him for coming as he exits. Outside, Hope tells Aiden that she left so he would feel more comfortable staying. Aiden offers to buy her coffee. Hope laughs at the idea as she's confused. Aiden asks if they can go right now. Back inside, Jennifer talks to Eric about Nicole being hurt but assures him that they will work it out. Nicole talks with Daniel and apologizes for causing a scene. Daniel asks if it's about Stefano or Marlena. Nicole says this is a mess of her own making and she has to find a way out of it. Eric comes over and apologizes to Daniel. Eric says he will call him later. Eric and Nicole then exit together.

Stefano reminds Kate that there are two sides to every story. Kate brings up what Stefano tried to have done to Rafe. Kate questions feeling compassion for someone so threatened. Stefano says he has no fear of Rafe but thought she had better taste. Kate says she tried to love Stefano as best she could but he still turned on her. Stefano says tonight is all about her and not him so she has the right to say whatever she wants.

Gabi tells Nick that what he said was sweet and romantic but she's just not there yet. Nick says he just wants to be completely upfront with her. Nick goes to get more coffee. Sami and EJ then enter the Pub and see Gabi alone. Sami questions Gabi having coffee by herself then realizes she's there with Nick.

Daniel and Jennifer have pizza with Maxine and Abe. They talk about parties being fun. Maxine decides they should give Daniel and Jennifer some alone time. Abe says it ended up fun and goes to get the car. Jennifer asks Maxine about her and Abe coming together. Maxine says Abe just had pity for her. Daniel thanks Maxine for coming and for being in their corner. Maxine calls them two of her favorite people as they hug. Maxine says she won't keep Abe waiting. Daniel tells Maxine that he will see her tomorrow. Maxine adds that she expects to be seated in the front at their wedding as she exits. Daniel and Jennifer ignore the comment and begin cleaning up.

Eric brings Nicole back to her room. She asks if they are going to talk about it. Eric decides they should. Nicole apologizes for embarrassing him. Eric apologizes for being a self righteous jerk. Nicole says she didn't think he was serious about waiting until marriage to have sex. Nicole feels marriage is a long way off. Eric doesn't know as they have a lot to work through. Eric says he knows for sure that he loves her. Eric says he knows what he's asking of her. Nicole insists that she can wait even if she doesn't like it. Nicole says it's just sinking in that he wants to marry her and talks about how much it means to her. Nicole says they can make anything work out.

Daniel and Jennifer continue cleaning up. They then both tell each other that they want to get married just not right now. They decide then that it's settled as they continue cleaning.

Kate talks to Stefano about thinking they cared for each other at one point when Stefano just wants to own his family. Kate says she's moved on and doesn't have an appetite. Stefano stops her and says now she will listen to him.

Sami asks Gabi about being there with Nick. Gabi admits he went to get coffee. Gabi tells Sami that she's feeling better about herself because of Nick. Gabi adds that Nick has admitted he wants her back. EJ goes over to Nick and asks him to talk outside so they exit the Pub. Nick asks if Sami is in there badmouthing him. EJ says Nick can't control what people say or think about him. EJ says Nick may have Gabi convinced but they know he hasn't changed. Nick tries to walk away but EJ stops him and questions what he thinks he's doing.

Aiden and Hope sit together at the town square. Aiden apologizes to her for making things difficult. Aiden says he likes Jennifer and Daniel. Hope says he doesn't want anything to do with her then. Aiden thinks she feels the same about him and asks why she agreed to come.

Eric tells Nicole that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Eric says he wouldn't promise unless he was sure. Nicole asks him if the priesthood is still on the table. Eric says it can't be. Nicole admits waiting is going to be so hard for her. She asks him how long it will be until they can express their feelings to each other in every way and make love.

Jennifer tells Daniel that she just wants to make sure they are on the same page. Daniel says they love each other and want to be together. Daniel adds that they just want to be careful. Jennifer doesn't want to think about marriage until life calms down a bit. Jennifer adds that she can't imagine her future without him and they start kissing and undressing.

Liam dreams of Jennifer losing Daniel in a tragedy like Jack and ending up with him. Liam holds the dress and states that there's got to be another way.

Gabi tells Sami that Nick has made it clear that she decides if they get back together. Sami brings up Nick's blackmail. Gabi accuses Sami of making her do everything at the river. Sami insists that Nick is manipulating her.

Nick tells EJ that he can't follow through on his threats. Nick warns him about what could happen to Sami and tells EJ that he's smarter than him as he goes back into the Pub.

Kate asks what Stefano wants to tell her. Stefano brings up their marriage and asks if Kate ever thought or felt that he did not love her or that she did not love him. Kate calls it ancient history and declares they are done here. Kate says goodbye and exits.

Hope tells Aiden that she agreed to come because she's confused about him. Hope says she thought they were ok earlier but then they end up arguing again. Aiden says he doesn't think she's a bad person but they see things differently so they won't be friends. They talk about how they are going to run into each other so they don't want others caught in between. Aiden says he invited her for coffee because he doesn't want it to get worse. Hope agrees with him.

Jennifer and Daniel start picking up their clothes and cleaning. Jennifer says the night turned out great as they kiss.

Eric tells Nicole that he's in a great place and he's happy so he just wants to take things one day at a time and enjoy what they have together. Nicole agrees that they love each other and want to get married. Nicole suggests setting a wedding date.

Sami joins EJ outside the Pub and complains about Gabi letting Nick back in. Sami worries about Arianna and Nick ruining Will and Sonny's lives. Sami doesn't understand why EJ isn't as mad as her. EJ tells her that Nick just told him something that will come back to haunt him. EJ tells Sami that it's important that Nick stays overconfident. EJ kisses Sami and hugs her. Sami asks if he's sure as she looks into the window at Gabi and Nick. EJ assures her and suggests they finish their date.

Nicole apologizes to Eric for putting pressure on him. Eric says it's not that, it's just talking about it makes it all real. Eric says it's not a bad thing. Nicole says she just suddenly wanted to know when. Eric says he has to go. Nicole asks why. Eric says it's because he wants her as much as she wants him. They kiss goodbye and Eric exits.

Hope and Aiden finish their coffee. They talk about not setting a good example to their kids on getting along. Aiden says it's just sometimes not possible but they agree to be tolerant and civil. Hope then walks away.

Nick brings Gabi home. Nick thanks her. Gabi says he doesn't have to thank her. Nick kisses her goodnight and Gabi heads inside.

EJ and Sami return home. Stefano asks about their trip to the movies. EJ says it was enjoyable. Sami questions Stefano eating alone at a table for two. Stefano says his friend didn't have an appetite. Stefano says goodnight and exits. Sami wonders out loud and then recognizes the champagne as Kate's favorite. Sami asks EJ if Stefano isn't up to something, then why is he having expensive champagne with a woman he claims to hate.

Nicole lays in bed thinking about being with Eric. She tells herself that she knows it will all work out because they love each other and that's all that matters.

Eric walks through the town square, leaving a message for Father Louis, saying he wants to talk about Nicole after causing her so much pain and needing to know if there's no future.

Daniel brings Jennifer home and they kiss inside. They mention Daniel having to go home to Parker. They talk about looking forward to the day that neither of them have to leave. Liam appears outside, watching them through the window.

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