Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/20/14

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/20/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Theresa convinces Brady and they continue kissing onto the couch. Brady picks her up and tries to take her to his room but Theresa says no and calls him a coward for not doing it in the living room.

Nicole prepares her room as Eric arrives and asks if she's ready to go. Nicole invites Eric in and talks about not wanting to be too early to Daniel's. Eric suggests a walk through the park. Nicole wants to stay and relax a bit. They say they missed each other.

Daniel goes to the Horton house where Parker runs in and hugs Abigail. Abigail thinks about not being pregnant. Hope calls Daniel and tells him about not being able to make it. Daniel asks if she's sure and mentions Aiden not making it too.

Jennifer talks to Maxine at the hospital about there not being any more nasty comments on the hospital web site. Aiden arrives and talks with Jennifer. Jennifer asks if he's sure he can't make it since it would be a great time to meet new friends. Aiden says he has a lot of work. Jennifer says their party is getting smaller since he and Kayla canceled and also Hope. AIden states that he hadn't realized that.

Theresa asks Brady if he's scared and points out that no one is home. Brady isn't sure it will stay that way. Theresa convinces Brady so he kisses her back onto the couch and starts to undress until Maggie walks in and asks really.

After hearing that Aiden won't be there, Hope decides to tell Daniel that she will make it after all.

Aiden tells Jennifer that it would be ridiculous for him not to come so he will be there.

Nicole pours some wine and says they can be relaxed at Daniel's. Eric asks about her day. Nicole says it was fine and wants to focus on now. They toast to them and drink wine.

Brady gets up and says he didn't know Maggie would be home so early. Maggie tells him about a work problem and Victor couldn't get a hold of him. Brady checks his phone and says he has to call this in as it could be important. Brady checks on Theresa and she says she will be fine. Brady steps out to make the call. Maggie then questions what Theresa is doing.

Daniel talks to Abigail about the photoshop of Jennifer. Abigail says she was upset but handled it. Abigail mentions the comments on the hospital web site which Daniel did not know about.

Maxine tells Jennifer that she's ready to party and is happy that she and Daniel worked things out. Jennifer thanks her for always supporting them and isn't sure they would have made it without her. Abe arrives and mentions being there as well. Jennifer says she will see them later and exits. Maxine talks to Abe about going to the party. Abe offers to give her a ride and Maxine says she may take him up on that.

Jennifer prepares things at Daniel's as Daniel comes home and kisses her. Daniel then asks Jennifer why she didn't tell him about the hospital site. Jennifer says it was nothing and she had it deleted. Daniel thinks she should still tell him so he can do things about it. Jennifer says she knows he loves her and can be overprotective.

Maggie tells Theresa to wipe the smirk off her face and talks about how she lives everyone in the mansion. Maggie says Theresa has done nothing but be destructive so she's not going to let her start on this family. Theresa tells her that Jennifer is not her problem anymore. Maggie says she hasn't heard about her from Daniel or Jennifer. Maggie talks about Theresa trying to stop them from having a good life. Maggie tells Theresa that her campaign against Jennifer didn't work and getting her claws into Brady won't work either.

Nicole talks to Eric about just wanting to spend time with him and relax. Eric talks about her being busy. Nicole says she almost wishes they weren't going to Daniel's but knows they should. Eric agrees that it's an important celebration. Eric helps Nicole button her blouse. Nicole starts to kiss him but spills her wine on him. Nicole takes his shirt off and then they kiss onto the bed.

Abigail sits with JJ. He talks to her about wanting to get to know a girl better but things happened and now he can't get through to her. Abigail suggests talking. JJ says they are kind of from different worlds so Abigail tells him to forget about the whole thing.

Jennifer thanks Daniel for how he protected JJ from Theresa and what he sacrificed. Jennifer says she loves him and is glad they are back together but he needs to let her fight her own battles. Jennifer adds that she never wants to keep things from him but doesn't want Daniel to protect her from life. Jennifer calls him the best doctor and a great father but sometimes he needs to let people handle their problems on their own. She asks if he can do that.

JJ questions where that came from with Abigail when he knows nothing about her. Abigail says he should give up if they are from different worlds as it seems impossible. JJ compares it to Daniel and Jennifer. Abigail thinks he should play it safe and end it before it gets worse and he makes a mistake he regrets. JJ says he gets that she's talking about herself and not him.

Daniel admits he can be overprotective but says he can't stand by and watch Jennifer suffer. Jennifer says that would be great unless she asks for help. Daniel swears to stay back because she asked and he can't say no to her. They toast their drinks and kiss.

Liam goes to the Horton house and stops to think back to hearing from Eric about Daniel's party. Liam rings the doorbell and JJ answers the door. Liam asks to talk to Jennifer. Abigail tells him that she's not home.

Theresa tells Maggie that not everyone is a gold digger. Maggie says she and Victor are in love. Theresa says she and Brady have fun. Maggie accuses her of destroying Brady. Maggie says Theresa brings out the worse in Brady and is wrecking his life. Brady comes back in as Maggie declares that she won't stand by and watch her do it.

Nicole and Eric continue kissing on the bed. Eric tells her that they can't do this while Nicole talks about their love. Eric reminds her that they talked about this and stops. Nicole continues trying but Eric gets up. Nicole repeats that she loves him but Eric tells her to stop as they can't do this.

Daniel kisses Jennifer until there's a knock at the door. Jennifer says the party is about to start. Daniel answers the door as Hope arrives with Maxine and Abe. Hope hugs Jennifer, who is surprised and glad to see her. Hope then answers the door as Aiden arrives with flowers. Aiden questions what she's doing there and Hope asks him the same.

Brady apologizes to Theresa and tells her the work problem could take a couple hours. Brady kisses her and asks for a rain check. Theresa tells Maggie that she and Brady have been hanging out a lot so she's going to be there often. Theresa says she's easy to get along with so she hopes Maggie will try. Theresa then exits. Brady tells Maggie they need to get something straight. Maggie argues that they need so sit and this time he is going to listen to her.

Liam asks if he left his phone charger. Abigail and JJ say they haven't seen it. Parker comes up so JJ takes him. Abigail invites Liam in and decides to go check the kitchen for his phone charger. Liam asks to use the bathroom so Abigail sends him upstairs.

Aiden and Hope thought each other weren't coming. Daniel greets Aiden and thanks him for coming. Daniel takes their drink orders. Jennifer tells Aiden that she's so glad he made it. Aiden is unsure if he can stay but Jennifer insists. Jennifer asks about Hope and Aiden's kids go to school together. Daniel brings their drinks and talks about the bake sale being a success. Jennifer says they must be a good team. Aiden and Hope disagree as Jennifer jokes with them. Aiden declares that they will never work together again which Hope supports.

Liam goes through drawers upstairs at Jennifer's.

Nicole tells Eric that she doesn't understand and asks why they can't do what feels so right. Eric reminds her what they talked about and what they agreed to. Eric asks her about not listening. Nicole thinks it's crazy when two people love each other. Nicole argues that it's not wrong but Eric brings up his beliefs and says he still follows the church's teachings. Eric accuses Nicole of this all being a set up. Nicole calls him paranoid and tells him to get over himself. Eric tells Nicole that their relationship cannot be sexual. Daniel calls Eric and asks if they can get their soon because they really need them. Eric tells him they are on their way. Nicole says they sure are as they head out.

Liam comes back downstairs. JJ asks what's going on. Liam says he had to go to the bathroom. Abigail comes back and says she didn't find his phone charger. Liam says to give Jennifer his best as he exits. JJ says that was kind of weird. Abigail thinks it must have been humiliating for Liam. JJ thinks Liam was really glad that Jennifer wasn't there. Abigail says it must have sucked for him to get dumped. JJ asks Abigail if that's what happened to her.

Daniel and Jennifer talk about what's up with Aiden and Hope. Eric and Nicole then arrive. Nicole brings wine and says she will be drinking it. Jennifer greets Nicole. Jennifer notices the wine stain on Eric's shirt. Nicole comments on not trying to take it off. Nicole meets Aiden and talks about looking like he could use a drink as much as her. Hope intervenes and says Aiden doesn't approve.

Maggie tells Brady to listen to her. She says she can't get in his head but he can't handle what's going on in there which is why he's going to the bottle. Brady insists he can handle but Maggie argues that the drinking is making him irresponsible at his job. Maggie declares that Theresa will destroy Brady's life.

Theresa goes to the club. Liam follows her inside, sits at her table and says they meet again.

Abigail tells JJ to give it a rest as she didn't get her heart broken and doesn't want to talk about it. Abigail says she just did something stupid with a guy and is lucky because it could've ended up worse. Abigail says she's glad it's over so she wants to forget about it and move on.

Maxine brings up baseball to try and break the tension. Nicole complains to Eric that she's always wrong. Daniel wonders about the pizza. Jennifer suggests playing a game but Nicole doesn't like the idea. Eric comments that he thought playing games was her specialty. Nicole asks Abe for more wine. Eric argues that she's had enough. Nicole accuses him of being judgmental. Nicole says this is a party so they should have fun. Jennifer answers the door to see Rory is the pizza delivery guy. Rory jokes that there's no pot in the pizza.

Liam tells Theresa that she might want to hear some gossip about Jennifer. Liam brings up the hospital site comments and the photoshop picture. Theresa says she knew. Liam asks if it wasn't her. Theresa complains about being sick of being accused of things she didn't do. Liam says Jennifer isn't high on their lists. Theresa says she had nothing to do with trashing her. Liam apologizes. Theresa says she gets that Jennifer can piss people off and adds good for whoever did it. Theresa gets up, leaving her purse behind.

Brady tells Maggie to dial it down. Brady says he's had the worst of the worst when it comes to women. Maggie shouts that she can't trust him in the state he's in. Brady insists that he's fine and calls Theresa a breath of fresh air for not judging him. Maggie laughs and says Theresa is only judging the size of his wallet. Brady talks about how it must mean no one could be interested in him. Maggie questions if he's really interested in her or if she's just a distraction while he runs away from his problems. Brady declares they are done. Maggie says that's good because she can't stand talking to a liar and won't stand around to watch him destroy himself. Maggie then declares she's done and walks out. Brady gets a call from Theresa but doesn't answer it.

Theresa sits at the bar saying Brady must just be busy but he still wants her.

Daniel questions what Rory said to Jennifer and pays for the pizza so he leaves. Jennifer thanks Daniel and kisses him. Daniel suggests having more fun now that the pizza is here. Hope and Aiden both try to make excuses to leave but Maxine tells everyone to stick around. Nicole spills her wine on Daniel. Eric asks if she's trying to take his shirt off too. Nicole asks if Eric wants everyone to know about their big fight and tells him to go ahead. Daniel wonders if the night can get any worse.

Liam lies in bed with a dress that he stole from Jennifer's drawer then imagines it on Jennifer. Liam holds it close and says soon, very soon.

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