Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/19/14

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/19/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

A woman goes to leave the Pub and bumps into Rafe. Rafe avoids a fall as Kate watches from nearby. Kate comments to Rafe that Jordan would be proud. Rafe then informs Kate that Jordan decided to stay.

Jordan goes to the club where Ben is working. Ben asks if she's getting something for the road but she says not quite.

JJ questions Rory and Bev as to why they are playing him. Rory and Bev laugh it off as Rory insists they are his friends.

Paige looks at her phone at school at her friend request from JJ. Mary Beth joins her and Paige tells her about it. Paige declines the request and calls JJ a jerk.

Theresa questions Liam wanting to get to know her and suggests he work on his pickup lines. Liam says he's not trying to pick her up but the opposite.

Brady goes through the drawer and finds a photo of he and John which he crumples up and tosses in the trash. Brady then looks over at the drinks and approaches them. Brady starts shaking while trying to pour the drink and ends up smashing it then shouting that he doesn't need it.

The doctor returns to EJ and Abigail with the pregnancy test results. She reveals that Abigail is not pregnant, calling it a false alarm leaving Abigail shocked and holding back tears.

Liam talks to Theresa about not getting involved with someone at the workplace. Theresa doesn't think he's making sense. Liam then informs her that he got involved with Jennifer. Theresa realizes he was the rebound until she got back with Daniel. Theresa says she worked for Jennifer. Liam asks if they are friends but Theresa says they aren't. Theresa says she doesn't want to talk about Jennifer and her life is changing for the better.

Brady stands looking in the mirror, telling himself that he doesn't need the drink. Brady pulls out his phone, sends a text and exits.

Sami talks with Stefano in the living room of the mansion about her and EJ's wedding. Sami says they don't need his approval and she doesn't give a damn about his blessing. Stefano says he admires her spirit. Sami says they just want to get married and nothing is going to stop this wedding.

EJ asks the doctor to give them a moment as Abigail cries. EJ checks on Abigail. She says she's just so relieved and is sure EJ is too because being pregnant would've been terrible for them and Sami. Abigail says she can breathe again and adds that she was so sure about the way she felt until now as she says it's finally over. Abigail tells EJ there is no them anymore.

Liam tells Theresa that it's great that she's happy and he apologizes for bringing up Jennifer. Liam says Jennifer never mentioned Theresa. Theresa says they had issues but it's old news and talks about how she was stressed out because of her son. Liam recalls meeting JJ and knowing he was a problem. Theresa jokes with Liam about JJ. Brady then arrives and questions if Theresa has found a new friend.

JJ wants to know what Bev and Rory did. Bev says he always gets wound up whenever they try to have fun. JJ wants to know what they did. Bev decides she's leaving and walks out. JJ asks Rory if he has anything to worry about. Rory tells him no and tells him to lighten up a bit as he follows Bev out. JJ sits back down and remembers he has a test tomorrow. JJ looks through his bag and realizes that his book is in his locker.

Paige talks to Mary Beth about JJ being rude. Mary Beth suggests reporting JJ to the police for stalking her and maybe they can get him expelled.

Kate asks Rafe about Jordan's job offer. Rafe explains that Jordan decided she likes the job she has. Kate asks if there's something else. Rafe suggests asking her. Kate believes Jordan stayed because of Rafe.

Jordan tells Ben that she decided to hang around. Ben says she listened to him then. Jordan says that's not why and it would've been easier if he didn't come. Jordan tells Ben that this time, she does what she wants when and how she wants. Jordan says her life is different from last time. Ben questions Jordan not walking away from Rafe.

The doctor talks to Abigail about her symptoms being because of stress and a mild stomach virus. She assures Abigail that she is not pregnant. Abigail and EJ thank the doctor as they then exit.

Stefano tells Sami that he is thrilled about the wedding as he just wants his children to be happy. Sami says if that's true then he should give EJ his freedom and let them move out. Stefano argues that EJ really wants to live in the DiMera Mansion. Stefano talks about being happy to have his family around. Stefano gets a call so Sami exits. Stefano's call is from Dr. Garcia, who just met with EJ and Abigail. Stefano asks how she is.

EJ and Abigail walk through the town square. Abigail declares this the end for everything. Abigail says she knows it was big mistake and EJ loves Sami. Abigail adds that being pregnant would've been a disaster for them and Sami. Abigail says there's no looking back and they can be glad that they made it through. EJ assures her that she will find someone and fall in love. EJ then walks away as Abigail holds back tears.

Theresa introduces Brady and Liam. Liam heads to the hospital. Brady tells Theresa that she can go off with Liam. Theresa questions him being jealous and jokes about it.

Rafe tells Kate that he can't take all the credit as he's sure Jordan had plenty of reasons for staying. Kate says it's interesting watching them take twists and turns. Kate talks about how Jordan was when she first came to town and now has softened up. Kate brings up Jordan getting over her hiring Sheryl. Kate says she respects her privacy and she only needs to be honest with Rafe. Kate notes that Rafe seems ecstatic and she's happy about it. Kate tells him to take care and exits the Pub. Kate wonders aloud what Jordan is up to now as she walks away.

Jordan tells Ben that she just wanted him to know where things stand. Ben questions Jordan thinking she can trust Rafe. Ben tells Jordan that she knows he's the only one she can trust. Jordan says that used to be true. Ben questions her thinking this time is different and if she's just lying to herself.

Mary Beth tells Paige not to let JJ get away with harassment. Paige tells her to chill. Mary Beth rushes off to band practice. Paige calls after her that she will stay away from JJ. Paige then turns around as JJ arrives. Paige calls him a jerk and says she got his message. JJ asks what she means. Paige calls him a creep and a jerk that won't admit what he did.

Theresa laughs at Brady. Brady questions it being funny to her and says he will leave her to hit on every guy in town. Theresa stops him and says they were just talking and nothing happened. Theresa says they're all about having fun. Brady mentions wanting to have fun tonight but she didn't check her texts. Theresa mentions not hearing it. Brady says she must've been too busy talking with Liam. Theresa says she would've dropped everything if she got his text and hopes he believes her.

Jordan runs into Abigail in the town square and asks how she is. Abigail says she's okay and mentions hearing about Jordan moving. Jordan tells her that she's staying now. Abigail says that's great and suggests they hang out again sometime. Jordan hopes she'll be doing better by then. Jordan notes that Abigail doesn't look good and asks what's wrong.

Stefano tells Dr. Garcia that she has been most helpful. She tells him to let him know if there's any thing else she can do as they hang up. EJ then comes in looking for Sami.

JJ tells Paige that he's lost and asks what he did. Paige states that Mary Beth was right and goes to leave. JJ stops her and asks what he did. Paige says he's like a little kid and accuses him of playing a game. Paige tells JJ that his message that she was awesome was totally lame. Paige says it's fine if he doesn't like her but he didn't have to be mean about it. JJ swears he didn't send a message. Paige tells him that he can't be her friend and walks away leaving JJ confused. JJ checks his phone and realizes what happened.

Brady apologizes to Theresa for overreacting. Brady says he's in a weird mood today. Theresa suggests changing it and going to the liquor store then back to her place. Brady says they don't have to drink and suggests doing something else. Theresa says she has an idea and asks if he's interested.

Abigail tells Jordan that she's fine. Abigail admits her last couple of weeks have been a roller coaster but the thing that was bothering her is over and done with now so she doesn't want to talk about it. Jordan understands being private as long as everything is okay now. Abigail says she had a real problem but she got lucky. They talk about new beginnings as Jordan spots Rafe in the distance and states that new beginnings are special.

Kate goes to the club and gets a call from Chad. Kate mentions not having done what she promised him yet. Kate then says that she will do it tonight.

Stefano questions why EJ is so anxious to be with Sami. EJ asks if he wants to discuss something with him. Sami then runs in and EJ greets her with a kiss. EJ tells Sami that he has something important to discuss and asks Stefano to excuse them for a moment. EJ steps out of the room kissing Sami as Stefano watches on.

Rory and Bev leave the Pub. JJ confronts them questioning if they think it's funny. They don't know why he's so upset when it was a joke. Bev says JJ never laughs about anything anymore. Bev talks about how they used to all have fun and now JJ only thinks about Paige. Bev comments on JJ caring what Paige thinks. Bev walks off with Rory as JJ calls out that he doesn't care about Paige.

Abigail jokes with Jordan about why she's staying in Salem as Rafe joins them. Abigail says goodbye and leaves them. Rafe asks about Abigail. Jordan says she had a rough couple of weeks but is fine now. Rafe is glad and says he has a problem of his own. Rafe says he needs to show Jordan how much her staying means to him. Jordan suggests keeping it simple and they kiss. Abigail watches from nearby as she then walks away.

EJ takes Sami to the bedroom. Sami asks about his rush or needing to talk to Stefano. EJ jokes with her and they continue kissing. EJ starts taking off his shirt. Sami asks what he was up to. EJ says he just wants to show her how much he loves her as they continue kissing. They talk about getting married. EJ kisses her onto the bed.

Brady brings Theresa home to the Kiriakis Mansion. Theresa talks about having the place to themselves. They joke about Henderson. Brady asks what Theresa had in mind to do. Theresa gets close to him and says he has one guess.

Jordan tells Rafe that they are on for tonight but she has to check on some patients first. Jordan tells Rafe that what they are doing is a secret. Rafe says everyone has a few. They agree to text later and kiss goodbye as Jordan walks away. Ben then walks into the town square.

Abigail walks by the Pub where she sees a couple with a baby. Abigail thinks back to talking to Sami about the pregnancy test. Abigail then pulls out her phone.

EJ and Sami finish having sex and lay in bed together. Sami jokes with EJ about the erectile dysfunction. Sami wonders what put EJ in this mood and says she hopes it happens again as they continue kissing. EJ assures her that it will. EJ wants to plan a date and they joke about doing something normal. EJ kisses her some more and says he is going to take a quick shower. EJ heads to the shower while Sami's phone rings with a call from Abigail. Abigail says she thinks there's something that Sami should know.

Stefano sits at his chess table and gets a call from Kate. Kate asks when would be a good time. Stefano says he will be free tonight. Kate says she will come by but she doesn't think he will enjoy it the way he thinks. Stefano laughs as he hangs up and says you never know.

Abigail informs Sami about not being pregnant. Sami says she must be so relieved. Sami apologizes for scaring her in the first place. Abigail tells her not to worry. Sami asks if she's sure. Abigail explains that she went to a doctor and got a blood test. Sami asks if she went alone. Abigail claims she's walking into work so they will catch up later. Sami mentions getting more art lessons from her soon. Sami tells Abigail that she's really happy for her. Abigail thanks her for everything and hangs up. EJ returns to Sami and asks who was on the phone. Sami tells him it was Abigail, telling her that she wasn't pregnant and is super relieved. Sami wonders what kind of loser Abigail hooked up with.

Theresa asks Brady what he wants to do for fun and then they kiss. Brady starts to take her to his room but Theresa stops him. Theresa says they can go there eventually but she likes it here right now. Brady questions doing it in the living room. Theresa convinces him and they continue kissing onto the couch.

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