Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/18/14

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/18/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Jennifer questions Theresa about the edited photo. Theresa denies it but laughs about it. Jennifer warns her that she won't be laughing when she's done.

Daniel goes to the hospital and gets the edited photo of Jennifer sent to his phone. Daniel then gets a call from Hope asking about dinner tonight. Daniel tells her it's all taken care of. Hope asks if something is wrong. Daniel says not for long.

John approaches Brady at the Pub. Brady tells him to go ahead and point out that he's drinking alone in the middle of the day. John is concerned. Brady invites him to join him if he wants to bond.

Lucas goes to the DiMera Mansion and brings Sami photos for Allie's school project. Sami informs Lucas that she and EJ have set a wedding date for May. Lucas says a lot could happen between now and then. Sami insists that she won't change her mind. Lucas comments that they could end up in jail and mocks the idea of EJ changing. Sami says they are happy and going to have a wonderful life together so nothing will come between them.

Abigail brings up possibly going to Europe and leaving town before anyone knows while EJ marries Sami and she can give up the baby for adoption then no one would ever need to know. EJ tells her that is not an option. Abigail feels she doesn't have a lot of options. EJ refuses to turn his back on his child and doesn't think she could do that either.

Daniel finishes talking to Hope. Anne approaches and assures him that she did not do it. Daniel asks about Theresa. Anne says she's with Jennifer. A nurse then pulls Daniel away due to a patient crashing.

Theresa continues to deny the photo and the comments about her on the hospital site. Theresa reminds her of their agreement and warns that if she breaks it, she will destroy JJ.

JJ does community service in the town square. Paige arrives and apologizes JJ for her friend Mary Beth being over the top. Paige doesn't want things to be weird when they run into each other and asks if they are cool. JJ says they are so Paige decides to get back to community service.

EJ doesn't think Abigail has thought this through. Abigail suggests that adoption could give their child a great life. EJ refuses to leave her on her own and abandoning his child. Abigail asks about Sami since she would find out. Abigail asks if he honestly thinks Sami would ever forgive him for this.

Rory joins JJ and asks if he wants to hang out when he's done. JJ says sure and asks if he wants to help him. Rory says it would be against the rules but at least he has Paige. JJ asks if that's why he came to see him. Rory talks about Paige posting an article from the school newspaper about being against drugs so he doesn't think she's their type. JJ says he doesn't use anymore. Rory comments that she knows he did now and thinks she posted it as a message to JJ. Rory doesn't think Paige would be interested in someone like them.

Lucas talks to Sami about Will and Sonny's wedding. Lucas brings up Jennifer's house. Sami informs him about Victor's mansion being used and thinks Jennifer has enough going on.

Jennifer brings up what they have on Theresa. Theresa argues that she didn't do anything and calls Jennifer a bitch. Jennifer tells her that the harassment is going to stop now. Theresa tells her to practice what she preaches as she leaves the office.

Brady sits with John and brings him a drink. John declines so Brady says he'll take both. Brady tells John that he can't just show up and act concerned. Brady tells John that he's doing just fine as he continues drinking.

EJ tells Abigail that he understands the consequences with Sami but he's not going to not be a part of his child's life. Abigail asks about Johnny and Sydney. They talk about finding out for sure if she's even pregnant. EJ suggests they stop speculating and go see a doctor together. Abigail agrees and they walk off.

JJ sits and reads the article that Paige posted, saying say no to drugs and anyone who uses. JJ worries about Paige being like that as his trash bag then falls over. Paige comes over and jokes with him but JJ doesn't find it funny. Paige gets upset and walks away.

Daniel goes to Jennifer's office and complains about Theresa getting away with the edited photo. Jennifer is not concerned and says there's an investigation. Daniel wants to go talk with Theresa but Jennifer says she already did and has it under control. Jennifer appreciates Daniel wanting to help but says she has to do this herself as they hug.

Brady says John has been coming and going his entire life and how he was a good dad when convenient. Brady says it's better to have a missing dad then one who hangs around screwing up his life. Brady plans to leave but John stops him and says he isn't leaving until he sobers up. Brady argues that he can't tell him what to do. Hope arrives and asks what's going on.

Lucas tells Sami that JJ is out on probation and Jennifer is back with Daniel. Sami asks if that's why he is in a bad mood. Lucas admits he's not thrilled but just wants Jennifer happy. Sami says love is in the air. Sami asks about Abigail. Lucas says she was pretty down last he saw her. Lucas warns that if anyone hurt Abigail again, they'd have to answer to him.

EJ and Abigail go see a doctor. She goes over things with Abigail and tells her to sign her consent. EJ tells Abigail to take her time and make sure she's comfortable. The doctor says they could have the test results by the time they leave.

Brady threatens a restraining order against John. Hope stops Brady to make sure he's not driving. Brady says he's a responsible drunk so he's going to walk for some fresh air. Brady exits the Pub and sits down on the bench. Hope encourages John to keep trying and then says she will check on Brady. John asks Hope if she's hanging in. Hope says Shawn and Chelsea took the news about Bo pretty well while Ciara is heartbroken. John promises to let Hope know if he hears anything more. Aiden walks by the Pub on the phone with Daniel, thanking him for inviting him to dinner. Aiden turns around and bumps in to Brady, dropping his phone. Aiden comments that Brady reeks of alcohol and asks how wasted he is.

Anne and Theresa walk through the town square talking about Jennifer. Theresa wonders why everyone thinks she did it. Anne continues to praise her for it and tells her to take her time coming back to work. Anne walks away. Theresa turns around and runs into Daniel.

Sami asks Lucas if he's going to take a date to the wedding. Lucas says he doesn't know. Sami brings up that Will mentioned him getting friendly with an attractive co worker. Lucas says he and Sheryl are not dating because he's her boss and it's complicated. Sami asks about their business trip. They joke around about it. Sami tells Lucas that she really does want him to be happy. Lucas says the same for her.

EJ looks at a photo of his kids on his phone as Abigail finishes reading over the agreement and signs her consent. The doctor goes to prepare to get started. EJ asks if Abigail is alright. Abigail talks about having butterflies in her stomach as EJ holds her hand.

Hope tells John that Caroline must be thrilled he's back. John says he was just on his way to see her. Hope hugs John and says she will call if she finds out how Brady is. Hope exits the Pub and sees Brady arguing with Aiden. Hope offers to take Brady home but Brady declines and decides he will take a cab. Brady walks away as Aiden questions what is wrong with him. Hope says Brady is a good friend of hers. Aiden suggests she get a new friend.

JJ goes to Jennifer's office and comments on her looking unhappy. Jennifer calls it a bad day and notes that JJ looks the same. JJ says community service blows and wishes he could've done it at the hospital instead of the town square. JJ complains that certain people he has to work with are impossible. Jennifer tells him to do the best job he can and not let anyone try to bring him down.

Daniel follows Theresa out of the town square. She claims to be in a rush. Daniel thinks she's trying to ruin Jennifer's life. Theresa insists that she had nothing to do with it. Daniel says he's done with her lies and reminds her of his warning if she messed with Jennifer. Daniel threatens to talk with her probation officer but she stops him and says he can't do that.

The doctor takes blood from Abigail and says she will be back shortly as she takes it to the lab. EJ asks if Abigail is okay and if he can get her anything. Abigail hopes for a negative test result. EJ says they will deal with the result soon. Abigail says she would be losing her mind if she was doing this alone. EJ says they are in this together. Abigail says she can tell already how much EJ would love their baby. EJ talks about Sami and Nicole in the past trying to deprive him the opportunity of being a father. EJ states that he grew up without a father and doesn't want that for his child. Abigail understands but is just scared as she talks about EJ already being a good dad while she has no idea how to be a mom. EJ tells her that when the time is right, she is going to be a wonderful mother.

Rory and Bev go home with JJ. JJ is surprised to see Bev. Rory says he made her come to apologize. Bev apologizes. Rory notes that JJ was checking out Paige's feed. Bev is surprised as she did not think Paige was JJ's type. JJ says she's not as she's a snob. JJ asks if they are hungry and decides to go make them something to eat. Bev tells Rory that she just got an idea to punk JJ and it's going to be awesome as they use the tablet computer.

Hope comments on being wrong that Aiden was a decent guy. Aiden complains about what happened. Hope tells him to have some compassion and questions if he wanted her to arrest Brady. Aiden brings up him being drunk. Hope tells him not to tell her how to be a friend or how to do her job. Aiden brings up JJ. Aiden says he has no tolerance with reckless behavior. Hope says she doesn't either. Aiden says she could've fooled him as he walks off.

Theresa assures Daniel that she didn't do the edited photo. Daniel questions why he should believe her. Theresa insists but Daniel tells her not to say anything else and he doesn't want to see her again. Theresa says she will stay out of his way but asks him not to call her parents. Daniel threatens her. Theresa tells him not to worry because she's done with him and Jennifer. Daniel is glad they finally understand each other then as he walks off. Liam then appears in the gateway behind Theresa.

Sami and Lucas look through the family photos that Lucas brought for Allie's project. They come across their old wedding photo. Sami is surprised he kept it. They talk about their memories. Sami states that Lucas was her first real friend ever and talks about how they are still friends. Lucas calls it amazing. Sami agrees and says she can't imagine her life without him in it. Lucas wants her to be careful in marrying EJ. Lucas talks about EJ screwing things up and tells her to be careful because he doesn't want to see her get hurt again.

EJ asks Abigail if she's okay as she looks pale. She says she's just nervous. She then asks EJ to get her a glass of water so he exits. Abigail imagines a happy life with her baby and then imagines an enraged Sami confronting her. EJ comes back with her water. Abigail says she was just trying to imagine what the future would be like that. EJ tells her to remember how strong she is and promises everything will work out.

Rory and Bev hide the tablet when JJ comes back with snacks. JJ asks what they are laughing at but Rory says it's nothing.

Paige walks through the town square on the phone with Mary Beth, telling her that she posted her article. Paige hangs up and finds out that JJ sent her a friend request, with a message saying you're awesome, let's be friends which Rory and Bev actually sent. Paige says as if and calls JJ a jerk as she walks on.

Jennifer goes to Daniel's and talk about their dinner plans. Daniel mentions running into Theresa and ripping into her. Daniel adds that he thinks he got through to her. Jennifer asks what he did. She appreciates his help. Daniel knows she wants to fight her own battles but hopes there won't be a next time with Theresa.

Theresa goes to walk away and runs into Liam. Liam recognizes her from the hospital and suggests they get to know each other.

Aiden walks through the town square, leaving a message for Daniel that he won't be able to make it tonight after all.

Hope calls Jennifer from outside the Pub and leaves a message that she has a conflict so she won't make it to the party tonight.

Brady wakes up from a nap on the couch at the Kiriakis Mansion. Brady goes through the drawer and finds a photo of he and John which he crumples up and tosses in the trash. Brady then looks over at the drinks and approaches them.

Sami sits at home looking at a family photo and calls EJ, leaving a message to say she loves him and how she's so proud to be the mother of his children and she can't wait to be his wife.

The doctor returns to EJ and Abigail with the pregnancy test results.

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