Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/17/14

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/17/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Abigail walks through the town square. Adrienne approaches and asks if she's okay as she looks pale. Abigail claims she's fine just working a lot lately. Adrienne then states that Sami told her about the secret.

EJ picks up one of the brochures on erectile dysfunction that was left behind as Sami enters and asks what he's doing there. Sami asks if he was having a meeting. EJ thinks back to climbing back in through the window. Sami asks if he's alright and mentions not recognizing the men that left. Sami asks what the meeting was about.

Brady goes to the hospital and finds Theresa at the front desk. Brady mentions being swamped at work so they didn't get to hang out. Theresa mentions being busy as well.

Jennifer gets a call from Kayla about the Photoshopped picture of her with two guys. Jennifer tells Eric that it's on the hospital web site and on everyone's desk.

Daniel holds the piece of paper that he found in Nicole's drawer and tells her that it looks like a letter from Dr. Chyka to Kristen that was torn up and put back together. Daniel questions where she got it.

Eric and Jennifer talk about the photo and who would do it. Jennifer brings up the comments about her on the hospital site and says she has a few ideas who would do it.

Brady invites Theresa to lunch so they leave the hospital together.

Nicole asks Daniel why he was going through her desk. Daniel says he was looking for a piece of paper to leave her a note inviting her and Eric to dinner. Daniel demands an answer as to what the paper is.

Adrienne sits with Abigail and tells her that her secret is safe and she wouldn't dream of telling EJ. Abigail questions what she's talking about and why Sami told her. Adrienne says it just came out while talking about Will and Sonny's wedding as Abigail seems nervous.

Sami and EJ joke around. EJ asks what she's doing there. Sami says she was talking to Abigail until they were interrupted for the meeting. Sami then sees the brochure and takes it from EJ. She sees it's about erectile dysfunction and asks if that's what he didn't want to tell her and if she did it to him.

Brady and Theresa go to the Pub. Brady surprises her with a gift. She opens it and it's the expensive purse she wanted. Theresa tells him that she loves it as they smile at one another.

Eric can't believe someone would do this to Jennifer. Jennifer isn't worried. Eric brings up Daniel. Jennifer hopes he hasn't seen it as it's the last thing he needs to worry about.

Daniel continues questioning Nicole. She breaks down crying and says she can't take this anymore. Nicole says after what Marlena tried to do, she's done. Nicole tells Daniel that she will tell him the truth but he has to swear not to tell Eric. Daniel says he can't do that and won't lie. Nicole says she had been going over it but realized it's something Eric can't know about because it would break his heart. Daniel doesn't understand. Nicole asks him to promise to keep the secret but Daniel refuses. Daniel demands she tell him. Nicole says she trusts his judgment so she will tell him everything. Nicole claims she was going through her fan mail and found this letter with no idea who sent it or why it looks like that. Daniel says it almost shows a connection with Chyka and Kristen. Nicole thinks it's not enough to prove that they drugged Eric. Daniel asks if she has any idea who sent it. Nicole claims that she thinks it's Stefano since no one else could get their hands on it. Daniel asks why Stefano would send it to her. Nicole mentions Stefano visiting her earlier and accusing her of running Kristen off. Daniel asks if Stefano threatened her. Nicole says he just gloated because he thought he and Marlena would destroy her life but he was wrong. Daniel asks what it has to do with the letter. Nicole says Stefano was taunting her with proof that he had but they will never get. Nicole calls it useless. Daniel questions why she's so desperate to keep this all from Eric.

Eric calls Nicole and leaves a message assuming she's busy and says he just wanted her to know that he's thinking about her.

Jennifer tears up copies of the edited photo at the front desk with Maxine. Anne confronts Jennifer and accuses her of setting her up. Anne insults Jennifer and insists she had nothing to do with the photo as she storms off. Jennifer tells Maxine that she believes Anne and asks where Theresa is. Maxine mentions her being at the Pub so Jennifer heads that way. Anne runs into Liam. Liam asks what's going on with Jennifer.

Theresa and Brady joke around. Theresa says Brady made her feel appreciated for the first time. She wants to make him feel appreciated too and she hopes they can finish what John interrupted.

Abigail questions Sami blurting out her secret to Adrienne. Adrienne tells her it's nothing to be upset about. Adrienne then reveals that she has been talking about Abigail helping Sami learn about art. Abigail realizes it and goes along with it but Adrienne is skeptical.

Sami questions if she hurt EJ's pride or manhood. Sami continues to ramble as EJ tries to talk. Sami asks why else he would be there. EJ thinks back to hiding on the window ledge. Sami then comes to a realization and says she thinks she understands why he was there. Sami thinks she understands what's going on. EJ says he can explain. Sami thinks EJ was there for Stefano. Sami jokes about Stefano having erectile dysfunction and EJ goes along with it. They decide to leave it and Sami is glad EJ is okay. They kiss and then prepare to exit. EJ asks how Abigail is doing.

Adrienne asks if Abigail thought she meant something else. Abigail says no but Adrienne thinks she's on edge. Abigail blames work making her tired. Adrienne jokes about planning a wedding with Sami. Abigail encourages her about it. Adrienne brings up bridesmaid dresses. They say goodbye and Adrienne walks away.

Sami tells EJ that Abigail is a wreck so she's just trying to be there to help her. EJ calls them virtual strangers but Sami says she's been where Abigail is and she doesn't want her to be alone. Sami wonders about the father of Abigail's baby. Sami adds that she and Abigail have bonded a lot lately. Sami mentions Abigail helping her but says it's a secret. EJ questions her and they joke about secrets as they kiss. They then exit together.

Nicole tells Daniel that he knows how upset Eric was when he found out Marlena came after her. Nicole says she's just worried about Eric. Nicole says Kristen violated Eric and now Sami is marrying EJ and Marlena was in cahoots with Stefano. Nicole talks about Marlena admitting that she was coming after her. Nicole talks about Stefano wanting Eric to second guess himself and relive all of his pain. Nicole insists that she would never let anything happen to Eric as she loves him with all of her heart. Nicole says the DiMeras have hurt him enough and she's not going to let Stefano do this to him again.

Jennifer goes to the Pub and interrupts Brady and Theresa. Theresa decides to head to the restroom and says she'll be there until Jennifer is gone. Jennifer warns Brady that Theresa is worse than Kristen. Brady stops her and says she knows nothing about them. Jennifer says she knows Brady is a great guy and that Theresa only wants sex, money, and drugs. Jennifer then invites Brady to her and Daniel's gathering. Brady asks who will be there. Jennifer says Hope will be there. Brady guesses Eric will be there. Jennifer says she doesn't know but Brady declines anyway. Brady says if it's that important to her, he will bring Theresa.

Liam goes into Jennifer's office and looks at the edited photo. Eric comes back in and asks what Liam is doing there.

Abigail and EJ meet outside the town square. She asks EJ where he went. EJ explains that he hid out on the window ledge until the meeting was over. She asks about Sami. EJ calls it a long story. Abigail asks if Sami is not suspicious. EJ says she's not yet but it's not a secret that they will be able to keep from her very long.

Adrienne and Sami meet at the club to talk about Will and Sonny's wedding. Adrienne talks about Victor's support. Adrienne mentions running into Abigail and tells Sami that she let her know that she knows about their secret.

Liam and Eric meet each other. Liam talks about the photo being sick. Liam claims he just wanted to stop by and make sure Jennifer was okay.

Jennifer tells Brady that he can bring any date but Theresa. Brady declines then. Jennifer questions what Brady is doing. Theresa returns and mocks Jennifer.

Nicole tells Daniel that showing Eric the letter would send him after Stefano and he could convince Eric against her. Daniel stops her and says he gets it. Nicole asks if he's not going to tell Eric. Daniel says he won't because he doesn't know what it would accomplish. Nicole thanks him and hugs him as she cries that she knew he would understand. Daniel adds that he doesn't like keeping secrets like this but she's right that telling Eric would do more harm than good. Nicole agrees to go straight to Eric and the police if any more information comes up but she doesn't see that happening. Nicole then asks Daniel about dinner and says they'll be there. Daniel says Nicole is probably right that Stefano sent the letter but what if he didn't and it was somebody else. Nicole asks who. Daniel doesn't know but suggests maybe somebody has got the information to help. Nicole doesn't know how or what else to do. Daniel says he'll see her tonight as he exits. Nicole says she can't even tell Daniel the truth so she wonders how she would face Eric or Marlena if the truth ever came out. Nicole then checks her voicemail and hears Eric's message. Nicole concludes she did the wrong thing for the right reasons but feels that she and Eric deserve to be in love so she won't let anything get in their way again.

Eric tells Liam that Jennifer is out but he will get her the message at Daniel's party. Liam says it was nice to meet him as he exits.

Theresa sits with Brady. Jennifer asks to speak with Theresa about work. Theresa says she's off the clock. Jennifer orders her to be in her office in 15 minutes as she storms out of the Pub. Brady wonders what that was about. Theresa says she will find out soon enough. Theresa asks what Brady wants to do tonight. Brady says a lot. Theresa mentions loving surprises and kisses Brady goodbye as she exits.

Sami asks Adrienne what Abigail said. Adrienne says she didn't say much but had a blank stare similar to Sami's now. Sami doesn't think it's a big deal that she's learning about art. Adrienne says it seemed like a big deal unless there is another secret they are keeping.

Abigail apologizes to EJ for this being such a mess. EJ says it's not her fault but Abigail insists that it is. Abigail says she knew better and should've said no instead of following him into his locker room. EJ blames himself and wants to do his part in helping her.

Sami asks why Adrienne would ask that. Adrienne says she needs to know if something is hurting Abigail. Sami says she is helping Abigail. Adrienne questions what she's helping with and why Abigail would come to Sami. Adrienne thinks it's serious but Sami claims it's no big deal. Adrienne asks if Jennifer knows. Sami doesn't answer so Adrienne says she will ask Jennifer herself. Sami stops her and says she will tell her what it is. Sami says she can't go into detail but Abigail is having a difficult time dealing with breaking up with Chad but doesn't want to broadcast it. Adrienne questions her coming to Sami instead of Jennifer. Sami says some things you don't want to go to your mother about. Sami says she's just listening. Adrienne asks why Abigail wouldn't go to someone her own age. Sami explains that they've bonded a lot lately over the art lessons and that Abigail is close with her kids as well as Will and Sonny. Sami says she and EJ want to do everything they can to help Abigail.

Abigail appreciates EJ wanting to help but says she's thought about it a lot and realized she first needs to figure out what she's going to do if she's pregnant. Abigail brings up possibly going to Europe and leaving town before anyone knows while EJ marries Sami and she can give up the baby for adoption then no one would ever need to know.

Brady remains at the Pub and decides to head to the counter for another drink.

Daniel goes to the hospital and gets the edited photo of Jennifer sent to his phone.

Theresa meets Jennifer in her office. Jennifer shows her the photo. Theresa jokes about it. Jennifer says she knows Theresa did this and she won't get whatever she wants from it.

Nicole says she's going to burn the shredded paper and all the rest of them. She then gets a call from Eric. Eric asks if she's doing okay. Nicole says she's great and hearing his voice makes it all better. Nicole says she got his message and just wanted to say she loves him too more than anything. Nicole then lights the shredded paper on fire.

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