Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/14/14

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/14/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Gabi goes home where Sonny tells her that Arianna is sleeping. Sonny asks about her modeling shoot. Gabi talks about not feeling this good in a long time and how she loved it. Gabi then adds that she doesn't think it would've happened if it wasn't for Nick.

Nick approaches Will outside of the Pub. Nick admits he followed him and says he thinks it's time they had a talk.

Sami suggests his relationship could survive this and then says it wouldn't be Abigail's problem but his. Something then drops from where EJ is hiding and Sami questions if someone else is there. Sami wonders who's back there but Maxine interrupts and says they need to leave.

Daniel and Jennifer talk at Daniel's. Jennifer tells him that it looks like Hope and Aiden are going to come to their dinner. Daniel suggests inviting Eric and Nicole. Jennifer likes the idea. Daniel thought they would have to talk about it first. Jennifer then tells Daniel that she knows something about his relationship with Nicole that surprised her.

Eric questions if Marlena talked to Chyka just to try and get some dirt on Nicole.

Jennifer talks to Daniel about talking to Eric about the lie that Daniel and Nicole were together. Daniel explains the reasoning. Jennifer points out it being Nicole's idea. Daniel asks if that matters.

Marlena tells Eric that she was trying to trick Stefano and locate Chyka. Eric says that doesn't answer his question and asks what it has to do with Nicole. Eric questions Marlena if she was trying to catch Chyka or Nicole.

Sami tells Maxine that they were having a private conversation. Maxine says they have to set the room up for a meeting. Abigail says it's fine and goes to leave but Sami argues that someone is back there that heard everything they said so they need to know who it is. Sami checks but doesn't see anyone as Maxine suggests the breeze from the window must have knocked a pot over. Abigail tells Sami that she has to go. Sami wants her to talk to someone so they exit together. EJ hides on the ledge outside the window.

Sonny tells Gabi that she was hired on her own merits not because of Nick. Gabi disagrees and talks about Nick getting her the job in New York because he knew what she needed.

Will can't think of anything they have to talk about. Nick tells him that he wants him to accept that things are moving forward. Will says Sonny told him about what Nick said. Nick says Sonny threatened him.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he knows it was a lie but it was innocent and nobody got hurt. Daniel says they both got close to clearing Eric's name. Jennifer understands that Nicole was doing what was best for Eric. Daniel asks if it bothers her. Jennifer says it doesn't but feels it was out of character for him. Daniel brings up letting EJ believe Rafe was the father of Nicole's baby before. Daniel thinks this goes back to the thing with Theresa. Jennifer understands he did that all for her. Jennifer says this situation with Nicole seems different. Daniel insists that it was just an act. Jennifer says it feels like an ongoing deception that doesn't seem like him. Jennifer questions him doing it because Nicole asked.

Eric argues with Marlena about Nicole. Marlena questions why Nicole would let Chyka go. Eric says maybe Nicole didn't have a choice. John tries to intervene but Eric cuts him off. Eric tells Marlena to blame Kristen not Nicole. Marlena says she made a deal with Stefano not to ask about Kristen as she just wanted the truth. Eric questions what she found out then. Marlena says it turned out that Chyka confirmed Nicole's story. Eric complains about nobody ever listening to Nicole. Eric declares that they are done. Nicole asks Eric not to leave it this way with Marlena but Eric repeats that they are done and walks off with Nicole. John tells Marlena to give him a little time. Marlena says don't and walks away from John.

Daniel suggests they stop talking about Nicole and then they kiss. Jennifer says she needs to get to work on the new employee handbook. Daniel asks if she's really okay with Eric and Nicole and all. Jennifer assures him that she is and wants things to work out for them. Daniel kisses her goodbye.

Eric and Nicole return to her place. Nicole says she has to get to work and asks for some alone time. Eric promises her that he will never let Marlena or anyone else hurt her again. Nicole thanks him and assures him that she's okay because she has him. Eric kisses her goodbye and exits. Nicole thinks back to finding the evidence in Chyka's safe and then destroying the documents. Nicole pulls a paper out of her drawer.

Sonny reminds Gabi of what Nick was doing when she hit him with a rock. Gabi states that he's changed and she doesn't want anyone to tell her how to feel about Nick. Gabi suggests they agree to disagree as she doesn't want to be brought down from her great day. Gabi thanks him for watching Arianna and goes to her room. Sonny says to himself that Nick has changed but for the worse.

Nick tells Will that he wants Gabi as part of his life again and he wants to start over. Will says he can't be serious. Nick says he could've put Sami and Kate in prison but he didn't. Will says he just wanted to blackmail them. Will questions what Nick wants. Nick responds that he wants what Will has. Nick says he wants people to like him.

EJ hides outside the window as Maxine cleans up inside. Liam enters and thanks Maxine for setting up, saying he doesn't think the meeting should last more than an hour.

Abigail and Sami go to the club. Sami brings her tea. Abigail talks about if she is pregnant. Sami says she needs to know one way or another. Sami says Abigail shouldn't have to go through it alone. Sami says if the guy isn't willing to be there with her then she is. Sami suggests they go buy a pregnancy test so she can be there when she finds out.

EJ remains hiding on the ledge as Liam begins speaking in the meeting where he is talking to men about erectile dysfunction.

Abigail says Sami is being really nice but she has to get back to work. Abigail thinks it's best to go home and take the test herself. Sami asks if she's afraid of the result. Sami doesn't want her to be alone if it's positive since it's really big news. Sami thinks it's important for her to have someone with her when she finds out her life is changing forever. Sami asks if she's thought about talking to Jennifer about it. Abigail says absolutely not.

Will asks Nick if he feels sorry for himself. Nick says he doesn't and he just wants to change how people feel about him. Will says it will take a lot because they have memories. Nick thanks Will for talking to him and warns him to make sure that Sonny doesn't follow through on his threats because it won't end well. Nick adds that he would appreciate if he doesn't try to turn people against him. Nick adds that Gabi has a mind of her own so he knows she won't listen to him.

Daniel approaches Eric in the town square. Eric turns around angry. Daniel asks if something happened. Eric says something has.

John follows Marlena out of the town square to try and talk. Marlena doesn't want to hear him interpret the situation. Marlena blames everything on Kristen and then on John for bringing her back into their lives. Roman arrives and asks if Marlena is okay. Marlena responds that he won't believe what she's done to their son.

Nicole looks at the paper she put back together of Chyka's letter about meeting Kristen. Nicole says she wouldn't use it anyways. Nicole talks about everyone thinking there are no records and Marlena verified it so she's totally in the clear now more than ever. She is then startled by loud knocking at her door.

Roman asks John to give them a minute so John walks away. Marlena tells Roman that he's going to be upset when she tells him what she did to Eric. Roman tells her not to worry about it and just tell him everything.

Daniel calls out asking if Nicole is in there. Nicole opens the door and Daniel says he just heard from Eric about what happened and he wanted to make sure she was okay. Nicole claims she's okay but then admits she's not as it was pretty brutal. Daniel says he could see Eric was still pretty upset. Daniel adds that Marlena is figuring out what they already knew which is that Nicole did nothing wrong and everything right. Nicole worries about what it's done to Eric and Marlena's relationship. Daniel says maybe Marlena will learn that Nicole is the most important thing in Eric's life. Nicole thinks the whole town will think Marlena is right. Daniel says it doesn't matter what everyone thinks if Eric knows who she is and loves her for it.

Liam gives the group of men some brochures and steps out. The men complain about their issue. EJ hides on the ledge and mutters to himself that he wishes he had their problem.

Abigail tells Sami that she's been unbelievably nice and thanks her but says she doesn't have to worry about her. Sami says she just really wants to help her. Sami says that Johnny and EJ are crazy about her and she's been great to her too. Sami mentions her and Jennifer being friends for a long time. Sami says despite how Jennifer can be, she will accept this. Abigail questions what she means by how Jennifer can be.

Jennifer sees Liam chatting with a nurse nearby. Liam goes and asks to make sure they are good. Jennifer tells him that it's forgotten and in the past as she walks away. Liam then says no it's not.

Sonny joins Will at the Pub. Will tells him about running into Nick. Sonny worries that Nick has Gabi right where he wants her.

Nick goes to see Gabi just as Gabi gets good news in a text about her photo shoot. Nick says he brought some sparkling cider to celebrate because he knew it would go well. Gabi excitedly hugs him and thanks him.

Sonny suggests they stop talking about Nick because he drives them crazy and suggests talking about the wedding. Will says that drives them crazy in a good way. Sonny says they have talked about every detail but one, who do they want to actually marry them.

Nick claims he didn't do anything. Gabi says he's been right this whole time and she feels better about herself now. Gabi says she owes it all to him. Gabi adds that Nick knows her better than anyone as they toast their cider.

Liam resumes the meeting while EJ remains hiding.

Abigail questions Sami throwing stones at Jennifer while marrying a DiMera. Sami tries to explain. Abigail says Jennifer is only nice, kind, and considerate. Sami says Jennifer has led a moral life. Abigail argues that she set standards and doesn't judge others. Sami realizes she's not helping and apologizes. Sami knows they have to get back to work. Sami has Abigail promise to call if she needs anything. Abigail thanks her and exits the club. Sami starts to say she wanted to return her art book then realizes she doesn't have one and hurries out.

Eric meets with Jennifer in her office and shows her his photos. Jennifer can tell he's unhappy and asks if he wants to talk about his bad day. Eric says he already spoke to Daniel so he'll spare the details. Eric talks about transitioning from being a priest. Eric likes that Daniel sees the good in Nicole that he sees.

Nicole tells Daniel that he's right that they shouldn't care what anyone thinks since her and Eric are together. Nicole hugs him and thanks him for coming by. Nicole says she's late for work and heads for the shower. Daniel gets a text and calls out to Nicole to ask if she and Eric want to come for dinner but hears the water start so he stops. Daniel decides to leave a note and opens the drawer looking for a paper but finds the shredded letter that Nicole put back together.

Abigail goes to the hospital and apologizes to Maxine about before. Maxine says it's okay and they just needed the room. Abigail asks about the meeting. Maxine says it should be over in a minute. Sami arrives so Abigail hides around the corner. Sami mentions leaving one of her books in the community room. Maxine tells her the meeting is over so she can go get it. Sami heads that way. Abigail pulls out her phone and texts EJ asking where he is.

The men from the meeting leave the community room so EJ climbs back in through the window and sits down in relief. EJ gets Abigail's text and responds not to worry as everything is fine. EJ picks up one of the brochures on erectile dysfunction that was left behind as Sami enters and asks what he's doing there.

Roman tells Marlena that he's not thrilled that she made a deal with Stefano but understands that she was trying to help Eric. Marlena isn't sure Eric will ever understand that. Roman agrees to talk to him. John listens from the gate and walks away.

Jennifer and Eric continue talking in her office while an envelope is slid in under the door. Jennifer opens it and sees a Photoshop of her being held by two shirtless guys with the caption "Director of Public Relations"

Nicole comes out of the shower and sees Daniel is still there. Daniel turns and asks her what in the hell the paper is.

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