Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/13/14

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/13/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Hope tells Ciara that Bo misses her too and hugs her. Ciara wants to go help Caroline. Chase then enters and asks what Ciara is crying about now as he calls her a baby. Ciara gets mad and shoves him as Aiden enters the Pub.

Sonny tells Will that Arianna is with Gabi and they are going to meet their moms to plan their wedding.

EJ says Abigail could be pregnant with his child and reminds her of the appointment with his doctor. Abigail tells him to forget it because she's not going to his doctor and he can't make her. EJ thought they agreed it was best but Abigail says she decides what to do about this.

Adrienne joins Sami at the club and sees her reading her art books. Sami explains how she's trying to impress EJ. They talk about planning Will and Sonny's wedding. Sami says she has ideas. Adrienne says she just has one idea and that is that she needs Sami to change her mind and stop Will and Sonny from rushing into this.

Nicole and Eric kiss and talk about how happy they make each other in Jennifer's office. Jennifer then enters, interrupting them. She apologizes but they tell her it's okay. Eric asks about Marlena but Jennifer tells him that she never showed up to the staff meeting.

Marlena asks Chyka if Nicole learned nothing to help Eric. Chyka says he did not tell her anything but notes that he did have to leave without taking his things with him. Marlena questions what things he's talking about. The computer alarm goes off as Stefano then declares it seems like someone is up to their old tricks.

Hope explains to Aiden that Chase was making fun of Ciara. Aiden takes Chase aside to talk. Hope apologizes to Ciara for Chase and for Bo not coming home as she hugs her. Hope says she's sorry about everything. Aiden asks Chase about what happened. Chase says he was just teasing her. Aiden tells him not to tease someone for crying and leave Ciara alone. Chase says Ciara pushed him so she should be getting yelled at and asks why the rules are different for her.

Eric says it's unlike Marlena to miss a staff meeting. Jennifer says it wasn't an important meeting. Eric wants to find out and mentions not being so nice to her lately.

Stefano shuts the laptop and says this is what he gets for trying to do her a favor. Stefano states that this will not go without punishment.

Sonny tells Will that Victor wants them to get married at the Kiriakis Mansion. Will worries that Sami will hate that idea. Sonny says at least Sami is behind them and he's not sure Adrienne is there yet.

Sami questions Adrienne wanting her to gang up on Will and Sonny. Sami says they are adults and can decide when to get married. Adrienne asks if she's just supposed to let this happen. Sami says it's better than having her son resent her. Sami adds that she won't risk being shut out by Will and Sonny. Sami tells her that it could work. Sami brings up her and EJ being a disaster before but now being on their way to being totally happy together.

EJ says if Abigail is pregnant, he's the father. Abigail says she's letting him off the hook to go be with Sami. EJ says he's not walking away from his responsibilities. EJ begins to question if Abigail had a motive and if she was trying to get pregnant. Abigail questions EJ thinking she would try to get pregnant to trap him. She says that must be what EJ really thinks of her. Abigail says she doesn't want to handle this EJ's way. EJ assures her that he still cares about her. Abigail says nothing is clear about what happened between them other than she might be pregnant by a guy who is engaged and doesn't want her in his life. Abigail questions why she trusted someone who no one trusts. Abigail states that she won't make this mistake again. EJ says he's trying to help. Abigail questions taking her to a DiMera doctor and asks what he'd be paying the doctor to do this time.

Will and Sonny go to the club. Sami tells Adrienne to keep her doubts to herself and follow her lead. Sonny thanks them for doing this. Sami says they were just talking about how happy they are for them. Sonny then reveals they moved up the date which shocks Adrienne. Sonny adds that Victor suggested his place. Will thinks it's a great idea but Sami questions it and begins suggesting the DiMera Mansion. Adrienne stops Sami and yells that she has to be kidding.

One of Stefano's men reveals that the computer detected Marlena's tracking device. Stefano has him destroy it.

Nicole tells Eric that it would be great if he worked things out with Marlena. Nicole says she knows they have work to do so she will leave. Nicole thanks Jennifer for giving Eric the photography job. Nicole jokes that she won't be around often distracting Eric from work. Jennifer says not to worry because Daniel will be distracting her constantly and encourages Nicole to bring Eric lunch at work.

Stefano questions Marlena. Marlena says she was doing what he's doing in trying to protect her child. Marlena wants Chyka to finish what he had to say. Stefano and his man claim to no longer know Chyka. Stefano warns Marlena that she is going to pay for this. Marlena then storms out.

Aiden asks what Chase said to Ciara. Chase admits he called her a baby. Aiden questions him and says he owes her an apology. Aiden has Chase go say that he's sorry but Ciara says she's not. Hope thanks Chase for his apology and takes Ciara to go see Caroline in the back. Chase questions Aiden as to why Ciara didn't have to apologize. Aiden sends Chase to go to his class. Hope returns to Aiden. He asks if Ciara is okay. Hope says Caroline always makes her feel better. Aiden says he made it clear for Chase to never tease Ciara again. Aiden goes to leave but Hope asks for a minute.

EJ gives Abigail his word that he would never do anything to harm her or the child. EJ says it's her decision and he's there to support her and can't let her face it alone. Abigail argues that she is facing it alone and how her life will change while EJ can go back to his. EJ says he won't just abandon her. EJ says he will never deny a child of his and asks Abigail if she believes that.

Adrienne questions Sami praising the DiMera Mansion. Adrienne brings up John and Kristen getting married in the DiMera Mansion. Sami argues about the mansions and brings up Vivian. Adrienne brings up Stefano. Sami then reluctantly agrees to the Kiriakis Mansion. Will insists that's what they want. Sonny decides to go get them some lattes and Adrienne goes with him. Sami asks Will about the wedding party. Will says there will be Gabi and Abigail. Sami wonders why Abigail was hesitant. Will says she must have had reasons.

Nicole exits Jennifer's office. Jennifer says things look to be going good for them. Eric praises her for being generous to Nicole. Jennifer talks about Nicole earning her forgiveness for the past and how she's been a loyal friend to Daniel. Jennifer admits it was hard for her when Nicole lived with Daniel after they broke up. Eric says that was for his benefit and didn't realize she knew they were lying. Jennifer didn't know and asks what they were lying about.

Nicole gets a call from Stefano, who says he has news for her. Stefano informs her about Marlena talking to Dr. Chyka and being interested in anything she found after he escaped. Stefano adds that the exchange was cut short with Marlena finding out nothing but she should have an idea of what she will do next.

Marlena walks through the town square and tells herself to stay calm that Stefano won't do anything. John then arrives and Marlena rushes to hug him so John asks what's wrong.

Sami wonders what had Abigail so upset. Will assumes it has to do with a guy she was seeing but she wouldn't talk about it. Will admits he thinks the guy was with someone and seeing Abigail on the side but she ended it. Will decides they shouldn't talk about it as it's none of their business. Sonny and Adrienne return. Sami says she has to get to a meeting and hurries out.

EJ tells Abigail to decide what she wants to do next and he will back her on it. Abigail says she doesn't want to go to his doctor. EJ agrees to let her go to her own doctor. Abigail says she can just take the home pregnancy test but EJ argues that it's not always accurate so she has to go to a doctor. EJ encourages her to see his doctor because he will protect her privacy. EJ says once she finds out for sure then she can assess her options. Abigail worries about her family knowing something is going on with her. Abigail says this would kill Jennifer. EJ wonders how long it would but until she tells her everything.

Hope tells Aiden that she appreciates how he handled the situation. Hope tells Aiden about Ciara crying because her dad is not coming home. Aiden understands it's not easy raising a kid on their own. Hope says she's still not used to it. Hope gets a call but asks Aiden not to go. She answers the call and says she will share with Aiden the great news. Hope hangs up and informs Aiden that congratulations are in order.

Eric explains to Jennifer how Nicole and Daniel said they were a couple to hide Nicole's feelings for Eric. They talk about them meaning well. Jennifer questions Nicole being good at having to lie to get what she wants.

Marlena apologizes to John and says she wasn't thinking. John asks what's happening and suggests they get a place to talk but Marlena refuses and starts to walk off but runs into Nicole. Nicole says she was just coming to see her and questions what she's trying to do to her.

Sami goes to the hospital looking for Abigail. The nurse sends her to the community room where she was sent to pick up a package.

Abigail cries that she's so confused. EJ hugs her and tells her it's okay. EJ gives Abigail the number to his doctor. They then overhear Sami coming so EJ hides. Sami enters and says she's glad she found Abigail because they need to talk. Sami says she has been so worried about her and asks if she's taken the pregnancy test. Abigail says she hasn't because she got busy. Sami encourages that it will be better when she knows the truth. Sami tells Abigail that her family and friends will love and support her including her and EJ. Sami decides to go to the cafeteria to get her something to eat but Abigail doesn't want to think about food. Sami talks about her cravings when she was pregnant. Sami tells Abigail that Will is worried too and mentions him saying her having someone in her life that she doesn't want to talk about. Sami insists that Abigail has to be able to talk to someone. Sami asks if this guy could be the father and if she doesn't want to talk about it because he's married.

Adrienne tells Will and Sonny that marriage is a big commitment and how they are both very young. Adrienne adds that it's evident that they are completely in love which is something to be cherished. Sonny is surprised she's giving her blessing. Adrienne talks about having a son in law and declares that she couldn't be happier.

Hope and Aiden sit together and Hope informs him that they met their sales goal at the bake sale. Aiden says he has to get going since Chase's judo class is about over. Aiden promises Hope that Chase will not be bothering Ciara again.

Eric hopes he didn't upset Jennifer. Jennifer says all that matters is things are going well again with her and Daniel. Jennifer says she would love it if they could all just be friends. Eric thinks they are already there.

Nicole questions Marlena talking to Chyka. Marlena refuses to talk and says she wouldn't tell Nicole where Chyka is. Marlena says she would only tell Eric. Nicole questions if she's trying to help Eric or get something on her. Nicole asks if she thinks she deliberately let Chyka go. Marlena says she knows she didn't let Chyka go. Nicole questions how she found him. Marlena asks why it matters. Nicole realizes that she made a deal with Stefano. Nicole says Marlena tried to get something on her instead of Kristen. Eric then arrives and asks Marlena if that's true.

Jennifer goes to the Pub and runs into Aiden. Aiden asks about JJ. Jennifer says he's good and thanks him for taking his case at the last minute. Aiden is glad things worked out then exits the Pub. Jennifer sits with Hope and asks about her and Aiden getting along. Hope talks about their kids' issues but thinks they are working things out. Jennifer thinks Hope needs to get out more while Bo is gone. Hope agrees. Jennifer asks if Bo has mentioned at all when he's coming back.

Sonny asks Will if he thinks this meeting was a good idea. Will admits it was and asks if he has any ideas on how to deal with Nick. They agree that they don't want to think about Nick right now. They are glad that both of their moms support them. They wonder why Sami left so quickly. Will hopes nothing screws things up for Sami and EJ.

Abigail explains to Sami that the guy wasn't with anyone else when they got together. Sami says she's not judging and just wants to help. Sami encourages her to find out if she's pregnant then decide what to do. Abigail says she's so confused. Sami tells her that she has to be honest with the baby's father or it could come back to haunt her. Abigail says she has to get back to work. Sami stops and questions if Abigail is still in love with the guy.

Hope tells Jennifer that she's had no news from Bo and asks about her and Daniel. Jennifer talks about really thinking it was over but now being closer than ever. Aiden returns as Chase forgot his bag. Jennifer invites him to join her and Daniel and Hope for a casual dinner.

John steps in but Eric says John has been gone for a long time. Eric questions if Marlena went behind their back to try and prove Nicole was a liar.

Abigail tells Sami that she doesn't want to talk about her private feelings. Sami continues to ask but Abigail tells her to back off and says she isn't even sure if she's pregnant. Abigail adds that if she is pregnant then it would ruin the guy's life. Sami suggests his relationship could survive this and then says it wouldn't be Abigail's problem but his. Something then drops from where EJ is hiding and Sami questions if someone else is there.

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