Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/12/14

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/12/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

EJ takes Abigail to see his doctor. Abigail hopes she's not pregnant. EJ assures her that they are in this together.

JJ pretends to run into Paige at the school library and claims he thought he was the only one who studied before school there.

Rafe sits in the town square frustrated, saying that he blew it as he thinks about his last day with Jordan.

Jordan sits at home and looks at her fake ID.

Nicole wears a fancy dress and texts Eric that she missed him last night. She then opens the door as Stefano arrives.

Roman joins Eric at the Pub and says he wants to talk about Marlena. Roman tells him that Marlena would do anything for him so he wants Eric to cut her a break.

Hope and Marlena meet outside of the town square. Marlena tells Hope that she knows Nicole has been lying and that she had information to clear Eric's name but that she's so selfish, she's been keeping it to herself. Hope gives Marlena a flash drive to put into Stefano's computer in order to track Chyka's location. Marlena hopes it works to clear Eric.

Nicole tries to shut the door and tells Stefano that he won't get anything out of her. Stefano comments on her dress and asks if it's for Eric. Stefano then walks on in to her room.

The doctor comes in and asks Abigail why she thinks she might be pregnant. Abigail talks about being late, tired, and sick. The doctor goes to prepare for the examination. Abigail jokes that EJ still has time to get away but he assures her that he's not going anywhere.

JJ talks about never seeing Paige at the library before. JJ says he felt they got cut off before he could explain his community service. JJ says he doesn't want her to get the wrong idea about him.

Rafe gets a call from Gabi. He says she's not interrupting anything and disappointingly says that he's on his own today.

Jordan thinks back to telling Ben off. She then gets a call about her ride to the airport and says she will be right there. Jordan grabs her bag and declares she and her cat are moving again.

Marlena asks Hope what's going on with her. Hope claims not to know what she's talking about but Marlena assumes that she's not the only one with something major going on.

Eric asks Roman about how Marlena treated Nicole. Roman talks about what Nicole has done to Sami in the past. Eric thinks she deserves forgiveness and trust. Roman doesn't think he can blame Marlena for being suspicious.

Nicole complains about Stefano and what Kristen did to Eric. Stefano implies that Eric wasn't drugged when he was with Kristen. Nicole tells him to get out. Stefano responds that everything is in his favor.

The doctor injects Abigail with something to make her relax and she begins to fall asleep.

Paige asks JJ if he wanted to talk. JJ says if she doesn't have to get to class and it turns out they both have a free period. Paige suggests they sit outside. They start to walk off until Paige gets stopped by her friend Mary Beth. Paige introduces JJ but Mary Beth says everyone knows who he is.

Rafe tells Gabi that he's glad to spend time with Arianna and informs her that he and Jordan are no longer together. Rafe says there isn't much he can do since she got a job offer. Rafe then hangs up as Jordan appears. Jordan informs Rafe that her flight was delayed indefinitely.

Eric questions letting Marlena tell him how to feel. Roman thinks he should give her a chance. Eric says he won't stand for the nasty things she's said about Nicole. Roman says Marlena is trying to make things up for him. Eric says Nicole has been the one by his side since day one. Eric agrees to talk to Marlena. Roman offers to buy him breakfast but Eric says he has to get to the hospital to take photographs. Eric tells Roman not to worry about him. Roman tells Eric that he's a good man and he loves him. Eric says he loves him too as he exits the Pub.

Nicole talks about Kristen drugging and raping Eric while Stefano tried to have one of his goons kill her yet he's saying she ruined Eric's life. Stefano talks about Nicole being driven to get whatever she wants. Nicole says she just wants Eric to be happy. Nicole says Stefano had his part in what she's done in the past. Stefano declares that this talk proved how little use he has for her. Stefano then exits.

Marlena wants to know what's wrong but Hope says she has her own problems. Marlena insists so Hope tells her about talking to John. Marlena asks if John saw Bo in Europe. Hope responds that they have no idea where Bo is now and he has to stay undercover for another year or longer. Marlena asks about Ciara. Hope says she is on her way to tell her now. Marlena thanks Hope for helping her. Hope says what she's doing is really important. Hope goes on her way to see Ciara. Marlena gets a text from Stefano that says "Now".

Abigail wakes up wondering what's going on. The doctor tells her that he's coming out of it now and will feel more alert. The doctor ends up saying that Abigail is not pregnant anymore leading to Abigail freaking out and eventually waking up revealing it was all a nightmare. She wakes up in her own bed to a phone call from EJ. Abigail then gets up from bed feeling sick.

Mary Beth can't believe Paige is talking to JJ when everyone knows he got arrested for doing drugs and smashed the window at the town square. JJ argues that it's not true and questions what is with her. Rory appears as she asks if Paige is going to start hanging out with the druggies. JJ questions Mary Beth being judgmental and calls her a know it all selfish bitch. JJ walks off with Rory while Paige questions what is wrong with Mary Beth.

Jordan asks Rafe if he wanted more coffee. Rafe prefers the coffee at her place. Jordan invites him over as they kiss.

Nicole joins Eric in Jennifer's office at the hospital. Nicole asks if they could hang out with this morning. Eric says something came up. Nicole says she just wanted to come by and say hi. Eric notes that she seems off and asks if something is bothering her. Nicole informs him that her morning started with Stefano.

Marlena goes to see Stefano at the DiMera Mansion. Marlena comments on being searched at the door for a wire. She tells Stefano that she won't leave with evidence against Kristen as she only wants to find out what Nicole knew. Stefano wants to also help put Nicole in her place. Marlena wants to get started. Stefano first takes her phone while Marlena holds on to her flash drive.

Eric asks what Stefano said and if he threatened her. Nicole says she's not afraid of him. Eric says she should be because trying to prove what Kristen did makes her a target. Nicole says Stefano just wanted her to feel bad by bringing up her past. Nicole adds that she will never change the way Stefano feels about her. Eric encourages her not to let it affect her. Eric is relieved that it was Stefano that upset her and not something with them.

Stefano and Marlena prepare to get started. Marlena sits in front of the laptop. She talks about doing something that might help Eric so he can forgive her. Marlena coughs so Stefano goes to get her a glass of water. Stefano then begins the video chat with Chyka and tells him that Marlena has a few questions to ask him.

Rafe and Jordan go back to her place kissing in bed and begin to undress and make love.

Abigail goes downstairs and says she needs tea and toast. EJ then arrives at the door, asking if she's inside. Abigail gets scared. EJ calls her and tries looking through the windows but Abigail runs into the other room.

Paige argues that she would've asked if she wanted to be rescued from JJ. Mary Beth continues putting down JJ. She questions if Paige actually likes JJ. Paige says she doesn't even know him yet. MB says Bev is more JJ's style and if he's talking to Paige then he only wants one thing as she walks away.

JJ goes home with Rory. JJ says he doesn't want to talk about it anymore. Rory tells him that he should get back to school before his probation officer sees him. Rory suggests JJ can run into Paige and do damage control.

Rafe and Jordan lay in bed. Rafe asks about her flight. Jordan says she never made it to the airport. Jordan says she was in the cab on the way and kept telling herself what a great job she was going to but she couldn't help but think about what she was leaving behind. Rafe and Jordan continue kissing.

Hope and Ciara eat at the Pub. Ciara asks why she didn't get to have lunch at school today. Hope says she needs to talk to her about something. Ciara assumes it's about Bo. Hope asks how she knew. Ciara blames the look on her face. Ciara asks if Hope knows when he's coming home. Hope says she only knows it will take a lot longer than she thought. Ciara argues that he's supposed to be home now. Hope says his case is a lot bigger than expected and he's undercover. Ciara questions not even being able to talk to him on the phone anymore. Hope assures her that Bo misses them. Ciara wonders why Bo isn't calling and saying so then.

Abigail goes to the hospital where a nurse tells her that some boxes were delivered for her so she goes to get them. EJ enters and follows her in to the room. Abigail asks what he's doing there. EJ questions why she's avoiding him.

Nicole asks Eric why she would be upset about them. Eric brings up not having sex until marriage. Nicole says it surprised her but Eric thinks it bothered her. Nicole says at first it did but she's used to being rushed into bed. Nicole assures him that she's where she wants to be. Nicole says her mood was about Stefano and she has to remember that Stefano is her past and Eric is her future. Eric asks Nicole to stay for awhile.

Marlena tells Dr. Chyka that she knows what he's done and who he is but she won't ask him about that. Marlena asks him about Nicole and Daniel breaking into his place and holding him hostage. Chyka says there is very little to tell and goes over what happened. Chyka talks about Daniel leaving with the man with a gun. Marlena wants to know everything that happened next. Chyka says he would like to help her but the truth is, he can't. Marlena turns to Stefano.

Hope tells Ciara that Bo feels horrible about this. Ciara asks why he doesn't just come home then. Hope tells her that Bo keeps her Valentine's Day card with him at all times. Ciara cries that she wants him to come home as Hope hugs her.

Rafe asks Jordan what really made her come back. Jordan says she just couldn't make herself get on the plane which has never happened to her before. Rafe tells her it was her decision and he respects that. Jordan says she didn't come back because she felt guilty. They both say they are glad she came back as they kiss again.

Abigail claims she doesn't know why EJ thinks she's avoiding him. EJ brings up being at her door when Abigail snuck out the back. She asks what if Jennifer saw him. EJ says he waited until Jennifer and JJ had left. Abigail says she's trying to work and he can't follow her around. EJ says she could be pregnant with his child and reminds her of the appointment with his doctor. Abigail tells him to forget it because she's not going to his doctor and he can't make her.

Marlena asks Chyka why he can't tell her what he knows. Chyka says he was drugged by Daniel so everything is in a haze. Marlena persists for answers. She asks what Chyka told Nicole. Chyka says he said nothing and then stalled her so he could make his escape when her back was turned. Stefano asks if Marlena is satisfied.

Eric shows Nicole photos on his camera including one of her in the town square and he wanted to know what she was thinking in it. Nicole says she was probably thinking about him as they kiss. They talk about how happy they make each other and continue kissing.

Marlena asks Chyka if Nicole learned nothing to help Eric. Chyka says he did not tell her anything but notes that he did have to leave without taking his things with him. Marlena questions what things he's talking about.

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