Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/11/14

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/11/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe finishes a phone call at the club as Victor approaches and comments to him about working at the station.

Jordan looks at her fake ID while making a call for a ride to the airport and says she won't be coming back to Salem. She reads Rafe's note to meet to say goodbye.

JJ continues cleaning up as his community service until the girl he was looking for arrives, dressed to do community service with him. JJ is glad to see her and thanks her for finding his wallet. She introduces herself as Paige and JJ repeats that she's glad she's there.

Nick holds Gabi's hand and says he knows how special she is so he would be happy to make sure she knew that every day for the rest of his life. She tells him not to talk like that. Nick says it's true and they get close until Sonny interrupts them in disgust.

Will tells Abigail that they want her to be a part of the wedding but she quickly says that she can't. Will questions how she can say that and says they can work out any conflicts. Will asks if she's saying she doesn't want to.

Sami agrees to tell EJ and says it's serious so he has to promise not to say anything to anyone. Sami then informs EJ that Abigail is pregnant. EJ says it's surprising. Sami jokes about the time they spent baking. EJ talks about how she seemed fine. Sami says Abigail is a total wreck now.

JJ introduces himself to Paige as he's nervous and he thanks her again for finding his wallet. Paige says she's done for the day so she's going to go. JJ stops and asks her about being stuck with community service. Paige then reveals that she volunteered to do it. JJ can't believe it and questions why anyone would volunteer. Paige says she decided she wanted to help.

Gabi assures Nick that she's fine as Sonny comes back from checking on Arianna and says he can't find her cream. Gabi goes to get it while Sonny confronts Nick. Nick tells Sonny to speak his mind. Sonny asks if he's not going to threaten him again. Sonny tells Nick that this is going to blow up in his face.

Will continues to question Abigail about not wanting to be at the wedding. Abigail thinks back to being with EJ. Abigail claims that she feels she would be stepping over Gabi who is a bigger part of their lives. Will reminds her that she's Arianna's godmother. Abigail agrees to be there and says it just took her by surprise.

EJ and Sami talk about Abigail being pregnant. Sami asks EJ why he seems so affected by it and full of questions. Sami asks why EJ is so interested.

Victor asks Rafe about the station. Rafe jokes with him. Victor notes that Rafe is standing up and walking. Victor asks if there's anything he can do. Rafe says it's a solo operation and he has to get going. Victor wishes him luck on whatever he's working on. Rafe then exits.

Jordan reads over Rafe's note to meet in the town square to say goodbye. She says it's just making it harder on both of them as she exits.

Paige assumes JJ also volunteered so he goes along with it. JJ tries praising her for volunteering. Abe interrupts and asks him about his required community service.

EJ tells Sami that he was just taken aback. Sami gives him a drink and assumes that EJ is thinking Chad is involved. EJ claims it was one of the first things that went through his mind. Sami says it can't be his since he's been gone too long. They talk about it being Abigail's business. Sami kisses him goodbye and says she has to go see Will. They make sure that this stays between them as Sami exits and EJ grabs his phone.

Will is sorry Abigail isn't feeling well. Abigail says she has to get going to dinner with Jennifer and Daniel. Abigail assures him that she's fine and tells him to let her know when they set a date. Abigail exits the Pub and gets a text from EJ to meet him.

Abe asks if he said something wrong. Abe then greets Paige. Abe gets a call and steps away. JJ tells Paige that he was just about to tell her that it was mandatory and he's on probation. JJ's boss Russ interrupts and yells at JJ to do his job. He compliments Paige on her work and then walks away. Paige exits while JJ complains that now he'll never have a chance.

Nick disagrees that anything will blow up in his face. Sonny brings up Nick killing a guy and what he did to Melanie in the past. Nick calls him a smug son of a bitch. Nick insists he doesn't have a secret agenda and is fine if Gabi wants to become friends again. Sonny says only Nick believes what he says. Nick says he made mistakes in the past and tells Sonny to stop trying to control things. Sonny tells Nick that eventually, everyone will see through his lies. Sonny then exits.

Sami meets with Will at the club. Sami says she and EJ set a date so Will and Sonny can now too. Will comments on EJ not wanting to take any chances.

EJ meets Abigail at his lawyer's office. EJ tells her that Sami told him and questions why she would confide in Sami and not him.

Jordan walks towards the town square. She looks at Rafe's number on her phone then says she knows what she has to do so she will just get it over with. She walks on in to the town square and is shocked to find Rafe has a whole candle light dinner set up. Rafe says it's a proper goodbye while Jordan can't believe he did all of this. Rafe toasts champagne to Jordan.

Rory goes to see JJ and they go into the living room. Rory asks if he wants to hang out but JJ says he has a family dinner. JJ says Daniel is bringing Parker over. Rory says he can stay but JJ says he can't. Rory calls it a bummer that Jennifer and Daniel are back together but JJ says it's actually great. Rory notes that JJ doesn't seem too thrilled. JJ says it's not that but Paige. Rory asks if he got shot down. JJ explains what happened earlier. Rory talks about JJ not having anything in common with Paige. Abe then arrives looking for Jennifer but JJ says she's at the grocery store. Abe says to thank her for the invite as he would love to come for dinner. Abe then adds that he came to apologize to JJ for shooting off his mouth.

Abigail tells EJ that she didn't confide in Sami and isn't even sure she's pregnant. EJ talks about the symptoms. EJ questions why she would talk to Sami. Abigail mocks how EJ wants to handle this being all about him. Abigail insists that she didn't tell Sami. Abigail says arguing with him won't do anything so she needs to go to the drug store for a pregnancy test but EJ tells her to get the drug store idea out of her head.

Abe tells JJ that he wouldn't have said anything if he knew Paige was there. JJ tells him it's all good. JJ asks Abe about Paige.

Rafe and Jordan have dinner. Jordan feels like she's in a movie. Rafe calls her beautiful. Jordan says she's speechless. Rafe feels she deserved something special. Rafe talks about remembering her favorite food. Music begins to play and Rafe invites her to dance. They dance together in the town square.

Sonny goes to see Victor and asks if he has a problem with he and Will getting married. Victor assures him that he doesn't and jokes with him. Victor hugs him and congratulates him, saying he hopes they are very happy. Victor notes that Sonny doesn't seem happy. Sonny admits he's not because he found Nick in his living room. Victor asks what Nick wants now.

Gabi returns to Nick and asks if Sonny left. Nick says Sonny had things to do. Gabi tells him that he doesn't have to pretend to be positive about Will and Sonny. Nick asks who says he's pretending.

Sami asks Will about their wedding party. Will says he was talking to Abigail about it earlier but he caught her at a bad time.

Abigail questions EJ telling her what to do. EJ tells her that she's not alone and that he will be a part of the solution. Abigail continues to be upset about things. EJ tells her to think straight. Abigail complains that he doesn't give a damn about her. EJ argues that it's not true. Abigail says she didn't mean it. Abigail talks about trying to convince herself that things were over between them but now if she's carrying his baby then it's just getting started.

JJ looks up Paige on his computer. Rory plays with JJ's guitar. JJ finds Paige's profile and Rory suggests he friend request her but JJ wants to wait. JJ tells Rory that he has to go. Rory thinks he can help JJ.

Rafe and Jordan finish dancing. Rafe asks if she's enjoying herself. Jordan says it's all too much. Rafe argues that it's too little after everything she did for him. Rafe says this is it and he won't ever see her again. Rafe adds that he has one last thing to ask her and that's one more dance.

Sonny didn't know Victor had such a strong opinion on Nick and asks what he did to him. Victor says Nick plays Maggie which he hates. Victor adds that he hasn't forgotten what Nick did to Sonny and Will either. Sonny says Nick is telling everyone that he's changed. Victor tells Sonny to stay skeptical and come to him if there's any problems.

Nick tells Gabi that he can't blame Will and Sonny for not trusting him and he'll just hope for the best. Nick tells Gabi that she comes first with him.

EJ tells Abigail that he knows it's emotional but they have to get the truth. Abigail says that's why she's going to get a test. EJ argues that those tests aren't always accurate. EJ says he knows a doctor and they can go tomorrow morning. EJ says he's in this with her one way or another.

Rory tells JJ that he recognizes Paige from the school library and she's always there studying. JJ decides he can just run into her there tomorrow morning.

Nick tells Gabi that it was cool to see her and nice seeing her stand up for him with Sonny. Nick adds that whatever happens, he's glad they are friends again. Gabi agrees and says it sometimes feels like he's the only one who really gets her. Nick says he does as he exits.

Sonny is glad he and Victor talked about Nick but he came to ask if he and Maggie will attend their wedding. Victor says they will. Sonny says it will be next month but after Sami and EJ's. Victor suggests they have the wedding here at the Kiriakis Mansion. Sonny brings up EJ being there. Victor says they can put differences aside. Sonny brings up Victor marrying Vivian at the mansion. Victor notes that he and Maggie got married there so everything changed and it's now a happy, lucky house. Sonny says Victor makes one hell of an argument.

Rafe and Jordan finish their last dance and kiss. Rafe thanks her for him being on his feet at all and they kiss again. Rafe and Jordan then say goodbye. Rafe adds that he will miss her as he turns and walks away while Jordan holds back tears.

Will tells Sami that Abigail wasn't feeling well and he was surprised by her reaction to the wedding because she wasn't that thrilled at first. Will talks about his own excitement. Sami says with both of their weddings, she can't imagine things being more perfect.

EJ asks Abigail if she will go with him to the doctor. EJ doesn't want her to feel alone. Abigail agrees to go. EJ tells her that she won't regret it. Abigail says she will see him tomorrow and then exits.

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