Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/10/14

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/10/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Abigail returns to Sami with tea and crackers. Abigail starts to talk about art but Sami stops her and asks if she could be pregnant. Abigail drops her glass in shock.

EJ goes to see Gabi and brings her modeling contract. Gabi is surprised he brought it himself. EJ tells her that there are provisions to allow her time for her baby and her school. Will comes home so EJ informs him about Gabi joining Countess Wilhelmina as a model.

JJ sees the girl who returned his wallet at school.

Anne approaches Theresa at the hospital and questions her not showing up lately. Theresa says it's been a rough week and there's been a change in plans in going after Daniel.

Daniel goes to put Parker to sleep while Jennifer gets a text message that shocks her.

Nicole tells Eric that she can't wait to make love to him. Nicole says they know how they feel so it's where they were headed. Eric tells Nicole that he does love her. Nicole says they don't have to wait because there's nothing in the way as they kiss.

Abigail says she can't be pregnant and questions why Sami would say that. Sami goes over the symptoms. Abigail argues that she can't be. Sami apologizes for freaking her out and starts cleaning up the broken glass. Sami asks if there has been someone since Chad.

JJ starts to go see the girl but Rory stops him. JJ tries to get Rory to see if the girl is looking but she is gone. Rory thought JJ was with Bev and asks why he's asking about another girl. Bev approaches and greets them. Rory walks off and Bev starts to follow but JJ stops her.

Theresa tells Anne that Jennifer and Daniel are back together. Anne can't believe she let it happen. Theresa tells her that he had something on her so she's moving on.

Daniel returns to Jennifer and suggests going to the bedroom but Jennifer says she can't.

Eric stops Nicole and says he can't do this. She asks what he wants. Eric says their first time can't be like this. Nicole asks if he doesn't think it's special enough. She thinks they can make it special. Eric says it just can't be like this.

Abigail tells Sami that there wasn't anyone so she can't be pregnant. Sami tries to comfort her. Abigail says he could never know and wouldn't be there. Sami suggests it could just be stress. Sami then says it sure looks like she could be pregnant.

JJ tells Bev that he owes her an apology after reacting to her joint. She apologizes as well for having it around him. JJ asks if they are good then. Bev feels JJ has become a new person. JJ says he has to stay clean. Bev says the old JJ was ironic and funny while she feels he is now boring. Bev says that's not what she needs in her life as she walks off.

Nick and Percy walk through the town square. Nick talks about feeling happy with everything he has but all he wanted was another chance with Gabi. Nick suggests it could be good for her this time.

Will thought Gabi didn't want to model anymore. Gabi says she didn't but this is perfect for her. Arianna starts crying so Gabi goes to check on her. Will questions EJ. EJ tells him how well it will work. Will questions this just coming up out of the blue and then realizes it was Nick who suggested it.

Jennifer tells Daniel that something at work just came up. Jennifer tells him to just call later. Daniel mentions inviting Hope and Aiden for dinner but Jennifer is distracted. Daniel asks what's going on. She says it's just something with the hospital website and she will let him know later. Parker calls for Daniel as Jennifer then exits.

Nicole tells Eric that she doesn't understand. Eric suggests going somewhere more neutral to talk.

Sami asks Abigail about telling Jennifer about the guy. Abigail gets a text from work and says she has to go. Sami tells her to stay calm and take a pregnancy test first. Abigail tells her to promise that nobody can know about this. Sami agrees not to say anything. Sami tells Abigail to call if she needs anything and assures her that she will be okay.

Anne questions Theresa what Daniel had on her. Theresa argues that it doesn't matter but insists she's still on the case but won't share details. Anne encourages her.

Abigail uses the hospital computer. Jennifer joins her in the office and asks how many messages there are on the web site. Jennifer questions all these people hating her. Abigail says they are all anonymous and she thinks it's Anne. Jennifer points out that there's 25 people wanting her fired.

Will questions Gabi finding out that Nick's behind this. Gabi comes back in and tells him that she already knows and Nick has been completely honest with her. Will calls it unbelievable that Gabi is defending Nick. Gabi argues that she is defending herself. Will thinks Nick is up to something. Gabi feels Nick is trying to make her feel good about herself. Gabi goes back to Arianna. Will questions EJ caving in. EJ says he didn't. EJ says Nick is in the middle where they can watch him. Will asks what to do. EJ tells him to just be happy for Gabi and not give her a reason to defend Nick. Will decides to go take a walk and exits as Gabi returns. EJ tells Gabi that Will and Sonny are just being protective of her. She complains that they never see a good side of Nick. EJ suggests she have Justin look over her contract but she says there's no need and she signs it now. EJ says they will set up a photoshoot in the morning. Gabi calls it exciting and thanks EJ as he exits.

Liam shows up at Daniel's and says he came to talk about Jennifer.

Jennifer decides to respond to the messages. Abigail isn't sure she should. JJ arrives with flowers from the front desk from Daniel. Jennifer reminds them about dinner tonight at Daniel's. JJ says he'll be there and Abigail says she should be there. Abigail exits. JJ asks Jennifer what's going on with the computer.

Eric and Nicole sit at the Pub. Nicole doesn't understand. Eric says it's a big deal. Nicole feels she's been ready for a year. She jokes with him. Eric assures her that he wants her. Eric says he just wants to do it right and reveals he wants to be married before they make love.

Nick goes to see Gabi and she thanks him for coming so fast. Gabi informs him that she just signed her modeling contract and hugs him. Nick is excited for her. Gabi adds that Will wasn't very happy. Nick says Will is going to hate what he does no matter what. Nick tells her that what's important is that Gabi is happy because that's all he cares about.

Abigail walks out of the town square and sits down with her phone. She begins saying she can't be that late. Will walks by and stops to talk with her. Will says he could use someone to talk to.

Liam tells Daniel that he needed to do this face to face as he comes in. Daniel assumes he heard that he and Jennifer are back together. Liam says Jennifer told him and he owes an apology for how he reacted. Daniel tells him that Jennifer didn't mention it. Liam says they can forget anything happened then and not have any bad blood. Parker calls for Daniel so he goes to check on him.

Jennifer asks JJ about tracing IP addresses. JJ has to go and hurries out. Jennifer sits back down and says she's got this now.

Nicole questions Eric wanting to get married before they have sex. Eric says he's still Catholic so it's part of the rules. Nicole is surprised that he's serious. Eric says it's in the church's teachings to wait until marriage. Nicole tells him that she's sorry but he can't.

Will talks to Abigail about Nick and how it sucks watching Gabi make the same mistakes. Will then asks Abigail if she's okay. She says it's just a stomach bug but it's nothing. Will offers to get her tea but she says he doesn't have to. Will insists and says there's something else he wants to talk to her about.

Nick says he understands Gabi is going to live her own life and doesn't need him to do it. Nick says he knows he messed up but thought things through a lot and kept thinking about how she was when they first met. Nick talks about wanting to help her through her pregnancy when he should've just trusted that she would handle things. Nick promises he won't try to control things anymore. Gabi asks him what he's doing to Kate and Sami then since it feels like she's tryin to control them.

JJ does community service in the town square. Two girls walk by and make fun of him. Rory joins JJ. JJ warns him not to get caught there again so Rory walks away.

Liam tells Daniel that he won't keep him. Liam says he's glad Jennifer is happy and wishes them both well. Liam then exits.

Jennifer finishes a call as Anne enters her office and asks why she called. Jennifer says they have a serious HR concern. Jennifer tells Anne that the hospital website is being abused and mentions the comment section filled with vile things about her. Jennifer says it's one person pretending to be several since all the posts are coming from one place. Anne questions what it has to do with her. Jennifer says she just thought she should know. Jennifer threatens that she could get fired if it turns out to be her.

Eric tells Nicole that he knows it seems hopeless and old fashioned. Nicole feels it's late since they've slept together so many times in the past. Eric says it's never too late. Nicole feels it's right but Eric thinks this will give them time to make it better. Nicole asks what they do until then. Eric says they will be in love and get to know each other again. Eric says he will call her later and kisses her goodbye as he exits. Nicole wonders if this is her punishment for destroying the documents and she then exits the Pub.

Sami returns home and EJ arrives behind her so Sami hides her art books. EJ tells her about delivering Gabi's contract. Sami asks if everyone is happy. EJ says Gabi is but Will just about exploded. EJ talks about Will understanding that it's best to have Nick in close quarters. EJ notes Sami is distracted and asks what's wrong. Sami says it's nothing but EJ persists. Sami says she can't tell him. EJ says this is how they get in to trouble and they can't have secrets so she has to tell him.

JJ continues cleaning up as his community service until the girl he was looking for arrives, dressed to do community service with him.

Jennifer calls Daniel and thanks him for the flowers. She says she thinks she got her computer problem solved.

Anne rejoins Theresa at the front desk. Anne tells Theresa about the humiliating posts about Jennifer on the hospital site. Anne assumes Theresa was clever enough not to use a hospital computer to do it.

Eric walks out of the town square and sits on the bench. Eric says that Nicole took it pretty well.

Nicole returns to her hotel room, looking through her lingerie.

Nick admits to Gabi that he's being hard on Kate and Sami after what they did to him. Nick thinks it's fair but that's not how it is with Gabi. Nick says whatever happens between them will be entirely Gabi's choice. Gabi thanks him. Nick holds her hand and says he knows how special she is so he would be happy to make sure she knew that every day for the rest of his life.

Will and Abigail go to the Pub and have tea. Abigail asks what the news is. Will informs her that he and Sonny are getting married. She congratulates him. Will tells her how it happened and that they don't have a date yet. Abigail says she will be sure to be there and asks about the planning. Will says it's good so far since Sami and EJ are on board and really helpful. Will tells Abigail that they want her to be a part of the wedding but she quickly says that she can't.

Sami promises EJ that it has nothing to do with them but she heard something about someone. EJ kisses her to try and convince her to tell. EJ tells her that she can trust him. Sami agrees to tell him and says it's serious so he has to promise not to say anything to anyone. Sami then informs EJ that Abigail is pregnant.

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