Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/7/14

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/7/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

EJ and Sami sit at home kissing and talk about getting married. They go over Gabi's modeling contract. Sami comments on EJ always taking care of her. She kisses him and thanks him. Sami talks about how they are past everything now and get to plan something fun for the two of them with no clouds hanging over their heads.

Abigail talks on the phone at home and mentions having a stomach bug. She hangs up and starts eating a sandwich but rushes out feeling bad.

Brady goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and accuses Victor and Maggie of getting John to come back.

Marlena walks through the town square where John approaches from behind and greets her. Marlena says she didn't know he was back. John says he got in yesterday to see Brady. John then adds he came to see her too.

Jennifer and Eric talk at the hospital about his photography. Jennifer tells him to go to HR to fill out his paperwork. Theresa interrupts and asks about paperwork. Eric informs her that he starts working for Jennifer tomorrow. Theresa sarcastically calls him a lucky guy.

Daniel tells Nicole that whatever she tells him will be their secret. Nicole thanks him and is relieved. Nicole says it has to do with important information that she destroyed and brought there.

Sami tells EJ that he and Johnny will be alone at home as she is going to work. EJ jokes with her as she exits. Sami takes her art books with her and says to herself that he will be so surprised. EJ remains seated in the living room and thinks about Abigail. EJ tells himself that it's going to be fine and it's over.

Maggie says no but Victor says, of course, he did. Brady argues that he had no right to do that. Maggie says she had no idea but wouldn't have tried to stop him. They talk about helping loved ones and Maggie tells Brady that John loves him.

Jennifer says Theresa can take Eric's paperwork. Theresa says she was on her way out. Eric says he's fine taking them and walks off. Theresa notes that Jennifer is glowing and says she heard she's back with Daniel. Theresa jokes that maybe the tenth time is the charm.

Daniel asks Nicole what important information she destroyed. Nicole thinks back to finding the evidence and then destroying it. Daniel asks Nicole what is going on. Nicole says it was important information that could help someone and maybe it still can.

Sami goes to see Abigail. Sami mentions hearing she didn't have a lot of work so she brought lunch and art history books. Abigail invites her in. Sami asks if she's okay. Abigail says she's just a little tired. Sami says she's so excited that they are doing this and that EJ will be shocked that she can actually talk about art.

Johnny joins EJ in the living room. EJ asks about school and Johnny says it was boring. EJ tells Johnny about he and Sami planning their honeymoon. Johnny is shocked to hear that EJ and Sami are getting married and he runs out of the room.

Brady complains about John coming back and everyone hovering around him. Victor questions if he's going to quit his job and leave again. Brady assures him that he will do his job and has calls to make. Victor tells Brady to handle it and walks out with Maggie.

Marlena questions John needing to see her after leaving town without saying goodbye. John brings up the divorce coming. Marlena says nothing that happened between them was what she wanted.

Jennifer tells Theresa that she can take as many shots as she wants and she doesn't care. Jennifer brings up Daniel saving Theresa's life and questions her not being grateful. Theresa claims she does wish him the best. Jennifer says Theresa can't hurt her or any of them so they should just try and live with it. Eric returns and asks if everything is okay.

Daniel asks Nicole about her mistake. Nicole doesn't know if she can fix it but she wants to do the right thing. Daniel says she will. Daniel gets a call from Chloe and steps away to answer it. Daniel tells her that he will be there to pick up Parker. She puts Parker on the phone. Daniel tells him that he will see him soon and hangs up. Daniel talks to Nicole about his excitement and then goes back to her story. Nicole tells Daniel to just ignore her being dramatic and claims it was just work stuff. Nicole decides she's going to go meet Eric at the Pub and then she will come back for the rest of her stuff. Daniel tells her it's no rush. Nicole says he needs his space and she's all packed. Daniel tells her not to be a stranger. She tells him to be happy. Daniel exits. Nicole sits down and tells herself to let it go and it will be okay as it's the way it's supposed to be.

Liam approaches Jennifer at the hospital and asks for a moment because it's important.

Marlena asks John if he has any idea what's been happening. She tells him about Sami's trial, Brady's wedding, and what happened to Eric. She then realizes that he never lost contact with Sami and knew what was going on all the time but never made any attempt to speak to her. John asks what she expected him to think about what she did at Brady's wedding.

Nicole meets Eric at the Pub. He tells her she looks beautiful and they kiss. Nicole says she's not hungry but is ready to move and get settled for whatever happens next. Eric suggests they go then but Caroline stops them.

Abigail and Sami go over Italian art. Sami talks about wanting to get a feel for it. She asks how they got to talking about art. Abigail explains the angel wing good luck charm that Jack gave her which she gave to Chad and EJ returned it to her. She goes over EJ explaining where the angel wing came from. She shows the wing to Sami. Sami looks at the painting in the book and says what she sees in it. Abigail praises her and tells her that EJ is madly in love with Sami.

EJ brings Johnny back in to the living room as he complains about weddings ruining everything. Johnny brings up Kristen and Brady's wedding. EJ tells him that he can ask if he has any questions so Johnny asks what happened to Kristen and Brady.

Daniel goes to the Kiriakis Mansion looking for Maggie and Victor. Brady informs him that they left. Daniel says he will text them the good news then. Daniel mentions being back with Jennifer and Parker coming home. Brady says someone should be happy. Daniel asks if he wants to talk but Brady gets a call from work. Daniel then goes to leave but opens the door just as Theresa arrives. Daniel questions what she's doing there. Theresa tells him that she's there to see Brady. Daniel asks if they are friends now. Theresa claims they hit it off but didn't really bond until that night at Daniel's place. Brady then interrupts. Daniel questions what Brady is thinking.

Liam and Jennifer go to her office. He thanks her for seeing him and apologizes again for the way he acted. Liam blames it on a bad run in with his ex. Liam says he was blindsided and hurt. Jennifer thought she made it clear that she wasn't ready for a relationship. Liam says he knows they will run into each other but doesn't want anything personal to make it a tense work place.

Caroline says she's not really happy about Eric leaving the priesthood. Caroline then tells Nicole that what she did to help Eric counts with her so she will always be welcome there. Nicole thanks her and says it means so much to her. Eric adds that it means so much to him too.

Marlena follows John out of the town square and tells him not to hold back. Marlena asks if he blames her for what happened at Brady's wedding. Marlena says she won't explain or justify herself. John responds that she couldn't. John says it must be rough living with the fact that she destroyed her son and humiliated Brady. Marlena says she's punished herself. She then questions how John knew about her part in the wedding.

Daniel questions Brady hanging out at his place with Theresa. Brady explains that he needed to get away so he stayed at his place for awhile. Daniel argues that Theresa is toxic. Brady calls Theresa the least judgmental person he's met in a long time. Daniel agrees to back off but warns Brady to watch his back.

EJ tells Johnny that Kristen and Brady found out some things about each other that made things different. Johnny asks what kind of things. EJ calls it a secret and says it doesn't matter. EJ adds that they are very different from he and Sami. Johnny states that they don't have secrets.

Sami asks why Abigail said that and if EJ said something about being madly in love with her. Abigail assures Sami that EJ loves her very much. Sami notes her tone and asks what's wrong since something is obviously bothering her. Sami asks Abigail to talk to her so she can help her.

Daniel exits the Kiriakis Mansion just as Victor and Maggie return. Maggie is glad they caught Daniel. Daniel mentions talking to Brady inside. Daniel then tells them that Parker is coming home so they are invited to come see him. Daniel then informs them that he and Jennifer are back together. Maggie excitedly hugs him.

Jennifer tells Liam that she understands and doesn't want it to be awkward either. Liam apologizes and talks about not wanting to mess up work. Jennifer says they will forget the whole thing and move on. Liam thanks her and exits.

John tells Marlena that he and Victor kept in touch since Victor stayed close to Brady. Marlena says it's good that John is here and she hopes he can help Brady. John says he will let her know. Marlena states that they care about their children but have nothing to say to each other.

Eric helps Nicole bring her bags in to her hotel room. They joke about her bags being heavy. Eric asks if she wants to unpack or get food. Nicole suggests both can wait.

EJ talks to Johnny about he and Sami being completely different from Kristen and Brady. EJ sends Johnny to the kitchen.

Sami asks Abigail if EJ said something to her. Abigail says it's just that EJ loves Sami so much and she can't imagine what that's like. Sami says it's still hard to believe sometimes after all they have been through. Sami says it's a miracle they didn't kill each other before they realized they completely belong to each other. Abigail turns away and holds back tears. Sami asks what it is. Abigail doesn't think she will ever that. Sami encourages her. Abigail tells her that she doesn't have to as she is just feeling strangely emotional and she's not sure why. Abigail feels tired and hungry. Sami remembers she brought lunch. She offers Abigail a lobster salad but she gets sick again and rushes out.

Theresa and Brady talk about Daniel. Brady tells her that he makes up his own mind. She asks about John but Brady tells her to forget about that. Theresa suggests a major night out. Brady says it sounds good but he has work to finish up and he will text her. Theresa then exits. Theresa says to herself that Daniel and Jennifer will not blow up her life and they will be sorry they tried.

John tells Marlena that they haven't even scratched the surface yet. Marlena asks if John would be back in Salem if Brady was fine. John doesn't answer so Marlena says there it is. Marlena says it's better this way as they now know there is nothing for them to discuss ever.

Eric asks Nicole if she has something else in mind and then they begin kissing.

Abigail returns to Sami and apologizes. Sami didn't realize she was that sick. Abigail says it's just a stomach bug and suggests making tea. Sami talks about the idea as Abigail heads to the kitchen. Sami then begins to wonder to herself if Abigail could be pregnant.

Daniel brings Parker home with Maggie and Victor. Parker gets a new toy for a present. Jennifer then enters and Maggie excitedly hugs her.

Someone uses the hospital computer and begins typing in the comment/suggestions box about Jennifer.

John informs Marlena that he's not leaving Salem so it's up to her if she wants to forget about him and push him away. John adds that he'll be there as he walks away.

EJ finishes a call about Gabi's modeling contract. EJ thinks back to Johnny saying that he and Sami don't have secrets as he sits down.

Abigail returns to Sami with tea and crackers. Abigail starts to talk about art but Sami stops her and asks if she could be pregnant. Abigail drops her glass in shock.

Eric and Nicole continue kissing. They are both glad that they made it here. Nicole says she loves him so much as they kiss. Nicole tells Eric that she can't wait to make love to him.

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