Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/6/14

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/6/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel and Jennifer lay in bed. Daniel wishes she could take off work but she says she can't plus he has to get ready to get Parker back. Daniel asks if he can ask her something about Parker.

Hope sits down with Bo's letter and cries as she then begins ripping it up. Aiden returns and sees her crying.

Maxine approaches Jordan at the hospital and mentions hearing rumors of Jordan quitting. Jordan informs her that it's not a rumor. Maxine asks why she's leaving. Jordan thinks back to Ben.

Rafe sits down at the club where Kate approaches. Kate says she's glad she ran into him so they could talk about Jordan as Ben stands nearby. Rafe questions how Kate knew. Kate asks how she knew what. Rafe then informs Kate that Jordan is leaving town.

Eric sits at the Pub with his camera where Marlena arrives. Eric tells her about Jennifer hiring him for photo work. Marlena asks about his life but Eric says it's been pretty boring. Marlena brings up hearing he had a date with Nicole. Eric assumes she doesn't approve.

Nicole has a nightmare of Dr. Chyka confronting her and telling her that Eric will hate her for all eternity when he finds out she's been lying to him. Nicole then wakes up.

Stefano talks to Chyka on the phone. Stefano thanks him for the information and tells him that it's very helpful.

Rafe assumes Sheryl told Kate about Jordan. Kate asks if Rafe is okay and knows he doesn't like talking about his feelings. Kate wonders why Jordan would leave so suddenly. Ben listens in from nearby.

Marlena tells Eric that he's grown up so she doesn't have a say in who he dates. Marlena adds that her approval is not an issue. Eric still thinks she doesn't. Marlena feels Eric lost a lot so he wants to make contact with something familiar. Eric wishes Marlena would see that Nicole has changed. Marlena remarks that he's beginning to sound like Brady. Eric insists and wonders why Marlena can't see it.

Nicole gets up in her room and tells herself that it was just a dream and Chyka doesn't know anything so she's home free.

Stefano tells Chyka to keep his phone close because he may be calling him very shortly.

Maxine tells Jordan they will be sorry to see her go. Maxine encourages her and praises her work with Rafe. Jordan calls Rafe a very determined patient. Maxine asks how he took the news of her leaving. Jordan feels he was caught off guard but will realize that it's for the best.

Rafe tells Kate that Jordan got a job offer that she couldn't turn down. Kate questions him believing that and feels it sounds skeptical. Kate comments on not seeing Rafe that happy in a long time. Rafe brings up that she warned her not to hurt him.

Daniel talks about how excited Parker will be when he finds out that Jennifer is going to be a part of their lives again. Daniel says it made him realize that he needs to know if this is going to go on forever. Daniel adds that he doesn't want Parker hurt and he doesn't want Parker to lose Jennifer again since he needs stability. Daniel wants Jennifer to tell him now if she has any doubts at all about them.

Aiden apologizes for interrupting. Hope gets a call and Aiden steps back out. Hope answers the call from John, who wanted to make sure she's okay. Hope asks how she can be okay when Bo's been gone so long and is going to be undercover for another year. Hope doesn't know how to explain it to their kids. Hope wonders how she will tell Ciara that her dad is not coming home.

Eric brings up Marlena not leaving Brady alone about Kristen. Marlena says she was right. Eric wants her to trust his judgment. Marlena admits that she doesn't trust Nicole. Marlena questions Chyka escaping on Nicole's watch. Eric asks what she's trying to say. Nicole then enters the Pub and hopes she's not interrupting.

Kate tells Rafe that she was just looking out for him. Rafe assure her that he's not blaming her for Jordan leaving. Rafe says he's just trying to figure out what happened as he feels like he's missing something. Ben interrupts and asks if he can get them anything then goes back to the bar. Rafe tells Kate that Jordan made up her mind and he couldn't change it. Kate says she's sorry as she didn't want to see him hurt. Kate tells Rafe to call her if he ever needs to talk about it. Kate tells him to take care as she exits the club. Ben stares at Rafe from the counter.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he's not trying to pressure her. Jennifer tells Daniel that she loves him with all of her heart and she's committed to a future with him. Daniel is glad and they kiss.

Hope tells John that she hopes to see him soon as she hangs up. Aiden returns. Hope apologizes. Aiden says it's none of his business as they aren't friends or anything.

Eric tells Nicole that she's not interrupting. She asks if he's sure. Marlena gets a text from Stefano that he's decided to grant her request. Marlena tells Nicole that her timing is perfect as she has business to tend to. Marlena exits the Pub. Eric invites Nicole to join him so she does. Nicole says they can't pretend that wasn't awkward and she assumes Marlena was trying to convince him that she's the worst. Nicole declares that Marlena won't give up until Eric believes her.

Rafe pays his bill and mentions Ben being new at the club. Rafe tells him that he picked a great place to work as Sonny is a great guy. Ben agrees and Rafe exits. Ben then remarks that he's not so sure about Rafe.

Daniel goes to the bake sale and greets Hope. Daniel makes a purchase and Hope thanks him for supporting the school. Daniel thanks Hope for never giving up on he and Jennifer and for being so supportive. Hope comments that they didn't always make it easy. Hope says she couldn't be happier for them and hugs him. Aiden returns with more boxes. Hope introduces Daniel to Aiden. Daniel recognizes him as the lawyer that represented JJ. Daniel says it's great to meet him as JJ and Jennifer are great friends. Daniel thanks Aiden for stepping in. Daniel and Aiden joke together about their kids as Hope watches with a smile.

Liam goes to Jennifer's office at the hospital. Liam gives her a present and talks about being happy to see her. She thanks him. Liam asks if she's free tonight. Jennifer responds that they need to talk. Jennifer says he's a great guy and she enjoyed getting to know him but she can't see him anymore. Liam asks what happened. Jennifer informs him that she and Daniel worked everything out and are back together. Liam replies that it doesn't make any sense.

Nicole continues talking about Marlena. Eric says it wasn't that bad and she's just concerned. Eric tells Nicole that Marlena still doesn't trust her but he knows she's wrong. They say they just want each other to be happy. Eric says last night was amazing and jokes about his first date in a long time. Nicole says he was perfect. Eric says being with her felt so right and good.

Marlena meets Stefano at the DiMera Mansion. She thanks him for letting her speak with Chyka. Stefano says there will be ground rules. Marlena understands and won't ask about his connection to Kristen or Stefano. Marlena says she just wanted Eric's name cleared but will be content with just knowing what happened when he escaped from Nicole. Stefano tells her that he will be staying there with her. Marlena then realizes it will be a video chat on Stefano's laptop. Stefano assures her that she will hear the truth.

Rafe walks through the town square and runs into Maxine, who is surprised to see him without his cane. Rafe says he's getting stronger every day. Maxine asks if he can keep Jordan from leaving town.

Kate goes to the hospital and gives Jordan a paper for Maxine. Kate then says she wants to talk to her as well. Kate thanks Jordan for everything she did for Rafe and to say goodbye. Jordan thinks she wants to gloat. Kate asks why she would do that. Kate talks about Jordan moving around a lot. Kate says starting over is a good thing but she thinks the timing is all wrong with her and Rafe getting along so well. Kate asks what happened.

Daniel asks if Ciara and Chase are friends. Hope says they are in the same class. Daniel comments on Aiden getting to know Hope. Daniel mentions having some people over for a casual dinner next week with Jennifer and they would love to have Aiden over. Aiden hesitates but Daniel says it would mean a lot to them. Daniel asks Hope and she says she'll go if it's okay with Aiden. Aiden says it makes no difference to him so they both agree to come. Daniel says he'll call with the date and time. Daniel then exits. Aiden and Hope both tell each other at the same time that they will cancel.

Liam questions Jennifer saying she was completely through with Daniel. Jennifer calls it a complicated situation. Liam brings up the Daniel and Theresa rumors and calls him a sleazeball. Jennifer says Daniel is a great guy and she loves him. Jennifer adds that Liam is a great guy and she hopes they can still be friends. Liam then questions why he would want to be friends with a bitch like her.

Nicole talks to Eric about staying at the hotel instead of Daniel's place. She says the privacy is worth it but adds that it could get lonely. Eric talks about feeling blessed and says he will see her later as they kiss goodbye. Eric then exits the Pub. Nicole says she loves him so much and hopes she did the right thing.

Stefano tells Marlena that she misunderstood as they aren't going to talk to Chyka today but soon if he doesn't change his mind. Stefano threatens that he will change his mind if she tells anyone about this including Sami. Marlena insists that she wouldn't tell a soul. Marlena decides she will leave then. Stefano hopes she gets what she's asking for. Marlena responds that she won't stop until she does. Marlena says she hurt her son but won't let Nicole destroy him. Marlena says goodbye and walks out.

Maxine tells Rafe that he and Jordan seemed perfect for each other. Rafe says he thought so too but she made up her mind that she's leaving. Maxine mentions Jordan looking sad. Maxine thought she knew how their story would end. Maxine wishes Rafe luck with everything and walks away.

Jordan tells Kate that she won't discuss Rafe with her. Kate comments on Jordan being so dedicated to her patients and work. Kate thinks Jordan is doing Rafe a favor by leaving before he gets too attached. Kate adds that Jordan might not be as heartless as people think as she exits.

Aiden tells Hope that he will cancel since Hope is closer to Daniel and Jennifer. Hope says it won't be awkward as they can tolerate each other for a few hours so it might be fun. Another woman arrives to relieve Hope and says she came early because Hope was desperate to get out but she didn't know why. Aiden thinks he knows why.

Liam apologizes and says it was completely uncalled for and he doesn't know why he said that. Jennifer laughs it off and tells him to leave. Liam begs her to believe he didn't mean it. Jennifer tells him to go. Liam tries to explain and says there was no excuse. Liam blames it on being exhausted and stressed. Liam thought they were having a good time together. Jennifer says she had a great time with him but never led him on. Liam admits that she didn't. Liam says it was all on him. Liam says he overreacted and lashed out. Liam wishes he could take back what he said. He insists he thinks the world of Jennifer and respects her. Liam hopes she can forgive what he said. Jennifer understands he's upset. He thanks her and says that's generous of her. Liam calls her kind and forgiving. Liam adds that he would still like to be friends. Jennifer says sure and Liam says he will see her around. Liam takes his present back and exits as Eric arrives. Eric asks if it was a bad time. Jennifer calls it perfect timing. Eric says he just wanted to thank her for the chance. Jennifer encourages him and understands it's a big transition for him. She asks if he has any regrets about leaving the priesthood.

Nicole sits at Daniel's and wonders why she feels like a horrible person when Eric is happy. Daniel comes in and asks what's going on. Nicole says she just hates packing. Daniel says she doesn't have to move out and asks about her date with Eric. Nicole says it was wonderful so Daniel asks what's wrong. Nicole responds that she doesn't know what to do. Daniel suggests maybe he can help her and Nicole agrees.

Rafe goes to the hospital to see Jordan. Rafe says he knows she's busy so he will keep it short but he wants to see her one last time before she leaves. Jordan doesn't think it's a good idea. Rafe says he won't try to talk her into staying but thinks they owe it to have one real goodbye. Jordan agrees and Rafe says he'll be in touch as he walks away.

Hope tells Aiden that it's not what he thinks. Aiden thinks she was desperate to get out because she couldn't stand to be there with him. Hope says she got called in to work and didn't get a chance to tell him. Aiden tells her that he hopes whatever she is going through works out. Hope thanks him and then leaves.

Marlena walks through the town square where John approaches from behind and greets her.

Liam walks past the Pub and tosses his present into the trash then storms off.

Eric tells Jennifer that for so long the church was his life so he never thought he would leave. Jennifer comments that he sounds very sure. Eric says if God meant for him to stay then he would've found a way for his name to be cleared but that didn't happen so he's accepted it.

Stefano sits at his chess table and then calls Chyka. Stefano tells him that he's going to have a chat with Marlena in the near future. Stefano tells him to listen to him first very carefully.

Nicole tells Daniel that she has something weighing on her that maybe she needs to get off of her chest. She thinks Daniel might judge her when he hears it. Daniel argues that he wouldn't do that. Nicole doesn't know where to start. Daniel brings up her trying to tell him something last night and asks if it was about Eric. Nicole calls it complicated. Daniel encourages her to share. Nicole says first Daniel has to promise that he can't tell a soul.

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