Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/5/14

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/5/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami brings cupcakes to Hope for the bake sale. Sami knows Hope is mad at her for the earrings. Hope questions Sami buying $4000 worth of jewelry. Sami says she didn't know it would be such a problem. Hope blames it on Sami living with the DiMeras.

EJ questions Nick going after Gabi. Nick says he owes it to Gabi after all of his mistakes. Nick says they are coming together and being close. EJ accuses Nick of manipulating Gabi. Nick says he knows EJ doesn't like him but they are similar. EJ argues that they are nothing alike.

Kate walks out of the town square and calls her investigator Ortiz, saying she has a lead on Jordan. Kate asks for a connection to her and the Ozarks that Sheryl mentioned, to find something on her. Lucas then approaches and says Kate just can't bear the fact that Rafe and Jordan are happy.

Jordan apologizes and informs Rafe that she's leaving Salem for good. Rafe doesn't understand and asks where she's going and why. Jordan claims she got an amazing job offer that needs her right away so she hopes he understands. Rafe says he doesn't at all.

Theresa goes to the back to make the call as there's a knock at the door. Brady opens the door to see John has returned! John asks if it's a bad time. Brady questions how he knew he was there. Brady then realizes John's the one who has been following him. Brady questions what John is doing back in town and what he wants.

Lucas asks Kate if she thinks running Jordan out of town will get her Rafe back. Kate insists that she's just trying to protect Rafe. Kate says Jordan is hiding something and Rafe deserves to know before having his heart broken again.

Jordan tells Rafe that he knows how important her job is to her. Rafe brings up Jordan being happy here with her job. Jordan claims the new job needs her. Rafe says he needs her. Jordan calls it one of the hardest decisions of her life. She says she cares about Rafe but realizes that staying wouldn't be right for either of them.

John tells Brady that he just wanted to talk and see how he's doing. Brady tells him that it's not a good time. Theresa comes back and is startled to see John. She introduces herself and John recognizes that she is Shane and Kimberly's daughter. John talks about not seeing her since she was little. Brady wants John to go. John asks to talk in private so they step outside. Brady asks John what he's doing here. John responds that he wants to help.

Nick tells EJ that they will have to agree to disagree because he thinks they are a lot alike. Nick compares he and Gabi to EJ and Sami. Nick says he wants a good life and will do everything he can to get it. EJ asks if Gabi is a big part of the life that Nick wants.

Sami apologizes to Hope for going overboard. Hope thought Sami would have had more sense to get her something more age appropriate. Sami talks about how Ciara insisted on the expensive ones. Sami argues that she was trying to be nice. Sami says buying earrings is the only way she could make Ciara smile. Hope argues that she's not raising her daughter that way. Hope asks Sami to respect the values that she is trying to instill in Ciara. Sami tells Hope to take responsibility for Ciara's behavior. Sami rants about Ciara being greedy and she turns around and bumps into Aiden, causing him to spill his cookies. Sami complains about Hope yelling and storms off. Aiden comments on Hope having a way with people.

Rafe thinks Jordan should've talked to him about this. Jordan says he couldn't change her mind. Rafe tries to convince her to stay.

Brady realizes John has spoken with Victor. John says a lot of people are concerned. Brady insists that he's fine. Brady admits he had a slip but hasn't touched cocaine since. John brings up Brady's drinking. Brady questions John following him. John says he was waiting for the right time. John asks Brady why he's been avoiding him. Brady tells him that he knows why. John says they both had issues because of Kristen. Brady states that he doesn't want to hear her name. Brady thinks John just wants to say he told him so.

Nick tells EJ that he wouldn't object to giving a relationship with Gabi another shot. Nick says they had a very happy life together before things went south. EJ blames things going south on Nick's lies. Nick says he's trying to be completely upfront now but EJ doesn't believe him. Nick says he just wants Gabi to be happy. Nick adds that he can get whatever he wants since he's in a position of power. Nick then exits.

Hope helps Aiden clean up the cookies. Hope asks about his law practice. Aiden talks about spending a lot of time with his son. Aiden brings up Ciara bullying Chase. Hope gets upset and asks if he's going to mock her not having control. Father Louis interrupts and asks how things are going.

Kate tells Lucas that she is going to extreme measures because she cares about Rafe. Kate says she knows it's over and she ended it but he's a good guy. Kate talks about how Rafe treated her with respect. Lucas suggests she treat his relationship with respect. Kate says she will blame herself if Rafe gets hurt since she brought Jordan to Salem. Kate says if Jordan has a reason for the fake IDs then she will let it go. Lucas says Kate could just talk to Rafe or Jordan to voice her concerns. Kate says she will need proof. Kate says she'll make sure any lead doesn't trace back to Sheryl. Lucas hopes she knows what she's doing as he walks away.

Jordan asks Rafe not to do this. Rafe asks what he's supposed to do. Jordan knows it's sudden and he's hurt. She says she's hurt too because she cares about him. Rafe argues that it doesn't make any sense and asks why she's doing this. Jordan claims she has to take this opportunity or else she will regret it. Jordan cries that Rafe can't imagine how sorry she is. Rafe gets upset and walks out, leaving Jordan crying.

Theresa listens from behind the door as Brady talks to John. Brady encourages John to say how he feels. John talks about wanting to reach out and help but he didn't want to make things worse. John suggests he should've come sooner but Brady says he shouldn't have come at all. Brady argues that he doesn't need his help. John doesn't want him to push him away but Brady says he doesn't need him and storms back in to Theresa's apartment. Brady apologizes to her for that. She asks how it went. Brady says John always feels like he has to save the day but it's not important. Theresa says she can relate to not wanting to deal with parents. Brady mentions still having time before work so they decide to head out together.

Hope tells Father Louis that everything is going great and she goes back to working on the bake sale. He wishes them luck and exits. Aiden talks with Hope about pricing things for the bake sale. Hope gets a text from John that it's urgent that they meet. Hope asks Aiden if he can handle things on his own for a bit. Aiden says he can and Hope promises she won't be long as she hurries out.

Jordan remains upset in her office. Ben enters and tells her that he knew she would come around. Jordan informs him that she's leaving Salem tomorrow.

Brady and Theresa walk through the town square where they run into Sami. Sami didn't know they knew each other. Theresa says they met in AA. Sami asks to speak to Brady alone. Theresa questions why. Sami says she has to say something in private. Theresa says it hurts her feelings. Brady sends her to check on movie times. Sami questions what he's doing. Sami says Theresa is trouble and brings up Kristen. Brady tells her not to go there and says he had enough from John.

Hope meets with John outside of the town square. She hugs him and is excited to see him. Hope asks if he's seen Marlena. John says he hasn't and doesn't want her to say anything. John says he's only seen Brady and it didn't go good. Hope encourages him. John says he wanted to meet with her because there's another reason he's back in Salem. John reveals to Hope that he's got a message.

Kate goes to the club and talks with EJ. EJ complains about Nick. Kate says she has worked with worse. EJ warns her not to underestimate Nick as he could make Stefano look like a walk in the park.

Lucas meets with Nick at the Pub. Lucas talks about being excited for the proposals but wants to talk about changes. Nick argues that it's his product. Lucas says he has final say but Nick argues that Kate does and she will be on his side.

Ben questions Jordan being that determined to get away from him. Jordan says it's the way things have to be as they can't get back to how they were. Ben argues that it wasn't supposed to be this way.

Aiden tries to organize the kids at the bake sale. Aiden gets them all in a line. Ciara complains about it taking long. Father Louis offers to help but Aiden assures him that he's got it.

Sami asks Brady about what John said. Brady says John just wants to run his life. Sami says they just care about him. Sami brings up wanting to stop Nicole from being with Eric. Brady tells her that he's not helping. Brady says he doesn't give a damn if Nicole breaks Eric's heart.

John tells Hope that he saw Bo in Europe and he seemed lonely for his family. John reminds Hope that he's undercover and it's big. John says it's spun out into a larger crime syndicate. John assures her that Bo will be fine and is more worried for her. John informs Hope that it's going to be another year or longer. Hope can't believe it and says they almost never hear from him as it is. John tells Hope that until the case is resolved, she probably won't hear from Bo at all. Hope wonders how she will even know if he's alive or dead. John responds that she won't.

Ben tells Jordan that he didn't come to ruin her life. She says she knows why he came and tells him not to worry about it. Jordan says it's probably better this way as she was fooling herself into thinking she could have a life here. Jordan says this is how it has to be and it's her fault for thinking it could be otherwise. Jordan then exits.

Rafe walks by the Pub and stops to think back to being with Jordan at the Pub. Rafe concludes that this doesn't make any sense.

Sami questions Brady not caring about Eric. Sami says what happened was all Kristen and she can't believe Brady is going to let her come between he and Eric. Brady doesn't want to talk about it anymore. Sami tells him not to forget what she said. Sami then walks off.

Aiden gives a cupcake to Ciara but she makes him get a different one and then complains about him as a salesman as she walks away. Father Louis checks in with Aiden. Aiden says it would've been a little easier if Hope didn't ditch him. Louis is sure she had a good reason and mentions they have four more hours.

Hope wonders how she will tell Ciara since she misses Bo and worries about something happening to him. John encourages her that Bo is confident about this case. John gives Hope an envelope from Bo and says he will give her some time in private to read it and then she must destroy it. Hope says she understands. John tells her to call if she needs anything as he then exits. Hope opens the envelope and begins reading the letter. Bo writes that he has no choice and he has to see it to the end. Hope feels there's always a choice. Hope continues reading as Bo writes that he's sorry to put them through this and misses them. Hope cries as she finishes reading it.

Jordan goes home and sits in front of the mirror. She thinks back to being in bed with Rafe. She says to her cat that they both thought of this as home.

Rafe goes to the club where Ben is working. Ben glares at him and thinks back to watching Rafe kissing Jordan. Rafe sits down where Kate approaches. Kate says she's glad she ran into him so they could talk about Jordan as Ben stands nearby.

Nick tells Lucas to ask Kate if he has any problems or questions. Lucas questions who he thinks he is. Nick says he's Kate's most valuable employee as he exits the Pub.

EJ goes home and finds Sami looking upset in the living room. Sami complains about people being stubborn, judgmental, and irritating. EJ sits with her and assumes it's Hope. Sami adds that it's Brady too. EJ mentions running into Nick and says he may be more trouble than they thought.

Theresa returns to Brady with drinks. Brady thanks her. Theresa asks what Sami had to say. Brady says it was nothing important and hopes she's the last family member they see all week. They toast to not needing family.

Hope returns to the bake sale where Aiden is cleaning things up. Aiden tells her that she just missed the rush. Hope says he handled it well. Aiden steps out to make a call. Hope sits down with Bo's letter and cries as she then begins ripping it up. Aiden returns and sees her crying.

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