Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/4/14

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/4/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Theresa reaches into Brady's jacket and pulls out his wallet. She looks at his credit card but puts it back when she hears Brady coming back from the bathroom. Brady says he feels better after a shower and apologizes for passing out. Theresa tells him that she had a great time last night and it was a lot of fun getting to know him.

Abigail talks with T at the counter of the club. She decides she's not hungry and instead orders a coffee. Abigail then thinks back to her last talk with EJ. T brings her the coffee and she spills it.

EJ sits at home reading a report about Rafe's case. Sami comes in and tells him that the kids are off to school and then she has to take cupcakes to Hope's bake sale. Sami mentions that she got a voice mail from Hope, who is not very happy about the earrings for Ciara. EJ laughs it off. Sami brings up Nick. EJ asks if they have heard from him lately. Sami informs him that she heard from Nick last night. EJ asks why she didn't tell him. Sami wanted him to be able to sleep. EJ asks what he said. Sami reveals that Nick threatened them.

Nick walks out of the town square and gets a text from Gabi, inviting him to the Pub for breakfast. Kate approaches and comments that he looks happy so he must be up to no good.

Rafe goes to the Pub and joins Gabi. Rafe calls it a nice surprise. Gabi asks if he is meeting Jordan. Rafe says no. Gabi asks if something is up. Rafe says yes but he doesn't know what it is. Rafe states that everything between he and Jordan has done a complete 180.

Jordan sits at home with her box of fake IDs. She thinks back to telling Ben that she told him not to come. She opens the box and looks at the IDs.

Kate asks Nick what evil plot he is cooking up now. Nick says he's only making her company money. Kate mentions that Percy gave her the project proposals. Kate tells him he did a good job. Nick says that's why she will never regret hiring him. Kate says she was forced to hire him. Nick praises Percy as a great help. Nick tells her that he has to go and hurries off.

Gabi questions Jordan canceling their plans without explanation. Rafe says that she said she had to work. Gabi suggests Rafe tell her how he feels. Rafe wonders if he should give her space. Gabi continues pushing Rafe to go talk to Jordan. Nick then enters and greets them.

EJ questions how Nick threatened Sami. Sami says that Nick made it clear that they need to offer Gabi a modeling job or he could reveal their entire summer line to Kate. EJ questions how Nick got access. Sami thinks he must have hacked into their database. Sami suggests trying to get Nick to work with them but EJ refuses. Sami asks what he thinks about hiring Gabi. EJ says it's not a bad idea. EJ agrees to it if it gets Nick to go away. Sami decides she will call Gabi with the offer today. Sami adds that Nick is worming his way back into Gabi's life.

Abigail assures T that she's fine. T goes to get her another coffee while Abigail goes to the back to clean up. Ben enters and checks with T. T informs Ben that he's got the job. Ben starts to help cleaning up the coffee.

Kate meets with Lucas in the town square and asks if he's looked over Nick's proposal. Lucas says they are all great and will make tons of money but he still can't stand Nick. Lucas adds that Sheryl will be joining them because she has a great ideas on how to sell Nick's proposals. Lucas talks about being impressed by Sheryl. Kate insists that she hasn't failed on her plot against Jordan.

Jordan puts the IDs away and looks at her coach shirt that Rafe got her. Jordan then opens up her laptop where she is looking at booking a flight.

Nick tells Rafe that it's great to see him walking without his cane. Rafe says he's 100% and warns Nick about arguing with him again. Rafe reminds Nick to stay away from Gabi. Gabi says she can speak for herself. Nick claims he just came to say hello and walks away. Gabi asks why Rafe was being rude. Rafe argues with her. Gabi thinks Nick has changed. Rafe can't believe she believes it. Gabi gets upset and storms out. Rafe approaches Nick at the counter and warns him again to stay away from Gabi. Rafe then exits.

Sami tells EJ that they have to figure out how to stop Nick from brainwashing Gabi but also have to deal with being blackmailed by him. Sami complains about Nick. EJ wants her to control her anxiety and not act out. Sami worries that Nick will continue blackmailing them for more. EJ says they can't be certain as to what Nick is going to do. EJ says they have to let him feel like he's in control. Sami hates the idea but EJ says they will have to live with it. EJ tells Sami that if Nick gets out of hand, he will take care of it. EJ then kisses Sami.

Brady finishes a call and says it was just work. Brady mentions a canceled meeting and invites Theresa out for breakfast. She agrees. Brady says it's a date as they prepare to leave. Brady stops for a drink first. Theresa then reveals cocaine and offers it to Brady, saying she's happy to share. Brady says it's not a good idea. Theresa apologizes if she upset him. Brady says she didn't. Brady says he likes to drink but doesn't want to fall back in to cocaine so he can't be near it while they hang out. Theresa says she gets it and doesn't even like it. Theresa gets rid of it and exits with Brady.

Jordan confirms her flight and then looks in the mirror and says "Goodbye Jordan Ridgeway, it was nice while it lasted."

T finishes Ben's paperwork and says he will get with Sonny. Ben exits. Abigail returns to the counter. T asks if she's really okay. Abigail insists that she is. Abigail says her dress is ruined so she's going to go home and change. She gets her coffee and exits.

Sami texts Gabi about coming to see her. Sami thanks EJ for talking her down about Nick as they kiss. Johnny comes in as EJ exits for a meeting. Johnny asks Sami when Abigail can come over again. Sami says they will invite her. Johnny then asks about Rafe, adding that Abigail likes him a lot which he knows because he heard Abigail and EJ talking about him.

Nick goes to see Gabi. She apologizes for how Rafe acted at the Pub. Nick understands he was worried and protective. Nick says he doesn't want them fighting because of him. Gabi thanks him for understanding. Gabi asks what he wanted to talk about. Nick says he has news involving Sami. Gabi mentions the text she got. Nick says he knows why and wants everything out on the table this time.

Brady and Theresa go to the club. Theresa praises his lifestyle and how much he's worth. Brady asks if she's hanging out with him for the money.

Kate tells Lucas that if Jordan isn't hiding anything then there's nothing wrong. Kate insists that she's protecting Rafe. Lucas questions protecting him from the woman he loves. Kate doesn't believe it's that serious. Lucas assures Kate that Rafe loves Jordan as he knows the signs. Lucas spots Sheryl and waves her over but she's on the phone. Kate tells Lucas that she also knows the signs and believes Lucas is falling for Sheryl.

Ben meets with Jordan at the hospital. Jordan says he can't just show up at her work and questions what he wants. Ben informs her that he just got a job. Jordan says she's about to quit hers. Jordan says if Ben wants to stay in Salem then she has to leave.

Rafe walks out of the town square, finishing a phone call about a case. EJ approaches and tells him to focus on his own life instead of worrying about his.

Sami goes to the Hortons to bring Abigail back the tray they used to make cupcakes. Abigail mentions being on her way to work. Sami comes in and says she wants to talk first. Sami tells Abigail about Johnny overhearing her talking with EJ so she thought she could explain what Johnny told her.

Theresa tells Brady that she does love money so his lifestyle intrigues her but it's not the reason she likes hanging out with him. Brady asks why she does. Theresa says when she first met him, she thought he was boring but he turned out to be fun, kind, and charming. They joke around as Brady asks when she has to be at work.

Nick tells Gabi about suggesting her to Sami for her modeling campaign. Gabi worries about not having modeled in a long time. Nick encourages her. Gabi agrees to think about it. Nick mentions not telling Kate since it's the competition. Nick says he will let Gabi get to it and she can let him know how it goes. Gabi stops Nick and asks why he's helping her after everything she did. Nick says after everything he did, it's the least he can do. Nick says he just wants her to be happy as he then exits.

Ben tells Jordan that she can't leave Salem as he moved there to be with her. Jordan says she told him to stay away and he knows why she has to leave. Jordan tells Ben that he knows they can't be there together as she's explained. Ben says he's sick of hearing it and wishes her luck on running away as he then storms out of her office.

Rafe asks EJ if it's about his conversation with Sami. Rafe says he still cares about Sami so he figured she should know that it's only a matter of time before he arrests EJ and Stefano. EJ mocks the police department not being successful. Rafe says that was then but this is now.

Abigail asks if Sami talked to EJ about this. Sami wanted to hear the story from her about her crush. Sami then says Johnny said she had a crush on Rafe. Abigail is confused and Sami wonders why Johnny would make it up. Abigail then explains that she was talking about the Italian painter Rafael, not Rafe. Sami laughs it off and says it must have been nice for EJ to be able to talk about art. Sami then asks Abigail to teach her about art so she can understand it better and impress EJ. Abigail thinks Sami would get more out of it in a class or searching the internet. Sami disagrees since Abigail has talked about art with EJ so she would know what catches his eye. Abigail thinks back to being with EJ. Abigail agrees to do her the favor. Sami thanks her and says she'll be in touch. Sami asks that they keep it between them. Sami jokes about how EJ will be surprised. Sami then exits.

Rafe goes to the hospital and approaches Jordan at the front desk. Rafe says he missed seeing her last night and hopes she didn't have to work too late. Jordan asks what he's doing there. Rafe says he came to see a suspect. Jordan says she will let him get to work and walks away. Rafe follows her and wants to talk in private. They head to Jordan's office.

Kate tells Sheryl that she loves her ideas but isn't sure. Lucas supports Sheryl and offers to go with her to get the project started.

Rafe sits with Jordan in her office. Rafe admits he felt like she was blowing him off and making excuses. Jordan says he's right and she's so sorry.

Sami goes to see Gabi. Sami sits with her and offers to be the face of their new cosmetic line. Sami starts trying to pitch it to her but Gabi quickly accepts. Gabi says she needed a job so it's perfect. Sami says she'll draw up the contract then stops and realizes that Nick already told her about this.

Kate decides to leave Lucas and Sheryl to their planning. Sheryl comments on Kate's mood.

Kate walks out of the town square and calls her investigator Ortiz, saying she has a lead on Jordan. Kate asks for a connection to her and the Ozarks that Sheryl mentioned, to find something on her. Lucas then appears in the gateway.

Rafe doesn't understand as things were going great and asks if he did something to upset Jordan. Jordan tells him that he's been wonderful and she really enjoyed their time together. Rafe comments that it sounds like the beginning of a goodbye. Jordan apologizes and informs Rafe that she's leaving Salem for good.

Abigail sits down and thinks back to helping Johnny make cupcakes with EJ. Abigail tells herself to stop torturing herself and leaves the room.

EJ sits at the club finishing a call. Nick approaches and asks if Sami told him about his great idea for their company. Nick thinks Gabi will be fantastic. EJ says he's fine with it but he's a little surprised that he's being so blatant about going after Gabi.

Gabi admits to Sami that Nick told her and she's glad that Sami likes the idea. Gabi wants to agree to disagree about Nick. Gabi adds that this is a win for everyone. Sami then exits. Sami says to herself that she just wants to throttle Gabi sometimes as she walks away.

Brady and Theresa go back to her place, kissing onto the couch. Theresa's phone rings and she says it's Caroline so she has to call her back. Theresa tells Brady not to pass out or go anywhere. She goes to the back to make the call as there's a knock at the door. Brady opens the door to see John has returned!

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