Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/3/14

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/3/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel prepares candles in his apartment as Jennifer arrives and he says she's just in time.

Eric joins Nicole at the club and brings her a rose. Eric says she looks beautiful and she replies that he looks handsome. They agree that they never thought it would be this awkward but they are glad nothing is stopping them now.

Brady goes to Theresa's with a bag that has a bottle inside.

Bev joins JJ in the town square while he's doing community service. JJ wants to go have fun. JJ mentions Jennifer being out all night so they agree to go to his place.

Gabi has a dream about Arianna wanting to be with Will and Sonny instead of her.

Will brings Caroline to the Pub where Sami is inside. Will didn't know Sami would be there as she greets them. Caroline wonders what's going on and asks about Will's announcement. Will then informs Caroline that he's getting married to Sonny. Caroline says it's about time and hugs him.

Sonny sits outside the town square. He gets up as Nick arrives and questions Sonny wanting to see him. Sonny asks if Nick didn't think he would find out that he was hanging out with Gabi in his club. Sonny tells Nick to stop the innocent act as he knows what he's up to and he's not going to let him screw around with their lives again.

Will asks if this means Caroline's approval. Caroline says she doesn't need anybody's approval and jokes with Will. Caroline then asks about Sami's wedding. Will asserts there will be no double wedding. Caroline brings up Sami's history of weddings as they laugh.

Nick says he gets that Sonny and Will are serious and having fun playing house. Sonny talks about not being related to Will or Gabi but he's a Kiriakis so he gets what he wants no matter what it takes.

Will tells Sami that he's so relieved. Sami asks if he's told Gabi yet. Will tells her that Gabi said she was happy for them. Will thinks Sonny made her understand that nothing needs to change. Sami says everything was going so well until Nick came back.

Sonny and Nick continue to argue. Sonny questions Nick helping Gabi with her homework and says he knows his tricks. Sonny says he won't give Nick another chance to hurt his family. Nick says life must have been so much easier when he thought he was dead. Sonny questions him. Nick reveals that he knows Sonny and Will both helped cover up what happened.

Bev goes home with JJ. Bev says it's just them. JJ doesn't want to talk about community service. Bev spots his guitar and suggests he play something for her. JJ instead kisses Bev onto the couch. She drops her purse and drugs spill out among her things.

Daniel and Jennifer get close but Daniel remembers the wine. Daniel realizes he forgot to grab the glasses but Jennifer tells him it's okay. They talk about both being nervous. Daniel says it's just been so long. Jennifer agrees that it's been too long. They decide not to have the wine and instead they kiss. Daniel picks her up and carries her to the bedroom.

Nicole asks Eric if he has any regrets about what he left behind. Eric talks about his retreat and how now all he has is peace. Eric goes to get them drinks. A man looks at Nicole so she confronts him and asks what his problem is.

Theresa and Brady pour drinks. Brady jokes that Maggie hasn't called him in hours. Theresa mentions her sponsor calling her six times trying to get her not to quit the program. Brady talks about almost marrying the same bitch twice while his father tried to sleep with her and his brother did. Brady suggests they get out. Theresa agrees and suggests the club. Brady says it sounds perfect as they exit together.

Daniel and Jennifer kiss in bed and begin to undress and have sex.

JJ gathers Bev's things and questions why she would bring that. Bev apologizes for trying to cheer him up. JJ says that's not doing it. Bev says maybe he shouldn't have invited her over. JJ says he didn't mean it like that. Bev says she doesn't care if he doesn't want to get high anymore but tells him not to judge her for being her. JJ argues that he's not judging her but she feels that he is. Bev says she will call him next time that she wants to have a boring time as she storms out.

The man tells Nicole that he can think whatever he wants. She argues with him and says he can judge her not Eric. Eric returns and says they are just trying to have a good time as the man exits. Nicole apologizes for not letting it go. Eric appreciates her defense but says he only cares about them and tonight. Brady and Theresa then come in laughing loudly and they spot Nicole and Eric.

Sami tells Will that she doesn't get what Gabi is doing letting Nick into Arianna's life. Will says she feels guilty and suggests Sami would know the feeling. Will talks about Sami being back with EJ. Sami argues that it can't compare. Will assures her that he's behind her. They joke about the double wedding idea. Gabi then enters and interrupts.

Sonny questions what Nick has heard. Nick tells Sonny that there's no sense in lying. Nick says Sonny just panicked when he heard what happened but then covered up the murder since it meant having him out of their lives for good. Nick suggests it's time they all start trying to get along. Sonny asks how he knew about the wedding. Nick says Gabi told him. Nick adds that Sonny may be the luckiest man in Salem besides him. Nick feels his work in Salem isn't done. Nick says he's trying really hard to be decent about all this. Nick warns Sonny not to push his luck. Sonny pulls him back and Nick tells Sonny not to threaten him. Nick adds that he doesn't care what Sonny's last name is. Nick says he has bullets for them if he needs while Sonny is shooting blanks. Nick threatens Sonny with prison time if he doesn't back off. Sonny argues that he can't prove anything. Nick responds that he doesn't know what he can prove. Nick says if Sonny wants his wedding and wants to see Arianna grow up then he better think very carefully about what he does from now on. Nick then walks away.

Will tells Gabi that they were just joking about wedding dates. Caroline returns and Gabi says she just brought Arianna to see her. Gabi asks if Nick came by to talk. Caroline says he hasn't and asks what it's about. Gabi says she'll let Nick tell her because he will be by soon. Will goes with Caroline to take Arianna to the back. Gabi tells Sami that she doesn't want to talk to him about Nick. Sami says she wants to know what she really thinks about Will and Sonny's engagement.

JJ sits alone playing guitar. He thinks back to his community service and says to hell with this. JJ grabs his things and exits.

Daniel and Jennifer lay in bed kissing. Jennifer wishes they could stay there forever. Daniel says they have a lot of catching up to and they talk about everything they are going to do together. Jennifer wants to stay in bed for now and they talk about how nice it was for Nicole to give them time. Jennifer says Nicole cares about Daniel a lot and he cares about her a lot too.

Theresa asks Brady if she wants to go somewhere else but Brady says no and they get drinks. Nicole questions Eric about Brady seeing Theresa. Eric tells her to forget about that. Nicole agrees to focus on him. Eric asks if she wants to go somewhere else. Nicole doesn't want to let them ruin the best night of her life. Brady and Theresa get their drinks. Brady turns to Nicole and Eric and toasts to hypocrites. Nicole gets upset that they are staring at them so she approaches. Nicole says not even Brady can be this desperate. Brady says people used to say that about her. Eric tells him not to talk to her like that. Theresa jokes about quitting the program. Brady tells Eric to lose the condescending look as he gets in his face. Theresa keeps Brady back. Brady tells Eric and Nicole to enjoy their date and mocks them as he exits with Theresa. Nicole doesn't know how Eric stays so calm. Eric tells her to forget about them. Nicole loves that he gives the benefit of the doubt to everyone but complains about Theresa. Eric suggests Theresa may just need some love in her life. Nicole agrees that love makes things better as they hug.

Daniel jokes about Jennifer being jealous. Jennifer says she just sees how he and Nicole have each other's back. Daniel tells her that Nicole has her back too. Daniel tells Jennifer that he and Nicole have been keeping a secret from her for quite a while now. Daniel says Nicole found out about JJ being at Theresa's and kept the secret all this time to protect JJ. Jennifer says she's not mad and they kiss. Jennifer hopes things work out for Nicole and Eric. Daniel does too. Jennifer wonders what's wrong with her since she's talking about other people while in bed with the man she loves. Daniel tells her nothing is wrong as they continue kissing.

JJ walks back through the town square and runs into Rory. Rory jokes with him and thinks it was funny earlier. JJ remarks that he'll end up in prison if he doesn't finish community service. Rory asks if JJ is going to be like this for the rest of his life. Rory gets a call and walks off. JJ continues walking and then realizes he forgot something. A girl approaches with his wallet and asks if it's his.

Will returns to Sami and Gabi and talks about Arianna being with Sydney. Gabi says they should get going but Sami feels they weren't done. Sami suggests Will take Arianna home so he agrees to. Gabi admits they were in the middle of something. Will exits with Arianna. Gabi asks Sami if she wants to know if she's thinking about moving out when they get married. Sami asks if she is.

The girl tells JJ that she saw him drop his wallet. JJ thanks her. Rory comes back to JJ. When JJ turns back around, the girl is gone.

Brady and Theresa go back to her place. Brady toasts a drink but Theresa says she has a better idea and kisses Brady.

Gabi says she won't talk to Sami before talking to Will and Sonny. Sami talks about being there for her. Gabi says she can't push her around or tell her what to do. Gabi says she has to get back to Arianna and walks out of the Pub. Nick approaches and asks what Gabi is doing there.

Will brings Arianna home where Sonny is. Sonny asks about Gabi. Will tells him about her talking to Sami. Sonny informs Will that he met with Nick earlier but he made things worse. Sonny says Nick is definitely set on getting Gabi back now.

Gabi says she was just about to text Nick and thanks him for helping her with her homework. Nick says to let him know any time she needs help. Nick invites her for breakfast tomorrow morning because there's something he wanted to talk about. Gabi says he can walk her home and they can talk but Nick mentions wanting to see Caroline. Nick says he will text her about tomorrow as they say goodnight. Gabi walks away while Nick looks into the Pub.

JJ wonders where the girl went.

Daniel massages Jennifer in bed and then they kiss.

Theresa and Brady kiss on the couch. Theresa stops him and says she will be right back as she goes to the back.

Eric walks Nicole to her hotel room. Nicole says he didn't have to walk her to the door but he wanted to. Nicole admits that she wanted him to as well. Eric doesn't want her to think about the scene at the club. Eric and Nicole then finally kiss.

Brady passes out on the couch. Theresa returns and sees him so she takes his wallet. She looks at the money inside and tells herself not to show her hand yet because she's in it for the big payoff.

Nick enters the Pub and interrupts Sami and Caroline. Caroline mentions that Gabi told her he'd be stopping by. Nick knows she probably doesn't want to see him but she's always been straight with him so now it's his turn. Sami says good luck with that.

Sonny tells Will about Nick knowing about the cover up and the threats he made. Sonny adds that they can't tell Gabi. Will agrees that she would never believe them. Sonny hopes that Gabi wakes up to who Nick really is as he doesn't know what else to do.

Nick tells Caroline that she had been so good to him so he didn't want to upset her by staying in Salem. Caroline says it's late for that. Nick assures her that he's working hard on his therapy and trying to become a better person. Caroline says she will have to be the judge of that as she walks away. Sami asks if Nick ever gets tired of putting on his show. Nick tells Sami about running into Gabi on his way in and calls her glowing. Sami tries to walk away while Nick stops and asks her about not following through on a job offer for Gabi. Nick thinks Sami should make Gabi the face of her new line coming out in the summer. Sami questions how he knew about that. Sami says she didn't offer Gabi the job because she said she was done modeling. Nick thinks she could lure her back with the right offer. Nick warns that she could lose her if she doesn't or she could lose the whole summer line. Nick then exits the Pub.

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