Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/28/14

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/28/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami runs into Rafe at the Pub and almost knocks him over. She worries about him not having his cane until he informs her that he no longer needs it. Sami is happy for him and hugs him.

Abigail prepares to leave the town square when she sees EJ walking through on the phone. She thinks back to their last time together.

Jordan walks out of the town square with her phone where she is stopped by Ben which shocks her. Jordan questions what he's doing there.

Jennifer talks to JJ in her office. She mentions him doing community service at the hospital and she's thrilled to have him. JJ assumes Daniel helped him out. Jennifer thanks him for being happy for them. JJ says he really is.

Nicole prepares to leave Daniel's. Daniel asks where she's going. Nicole informs him that she's got a room for tonight and he can't argue. Nicole tells him to have fun tonight. Daniel asks if she's okay since they didn't finish their conversation before Eric walked in. Daniel brings up her having a trash bag from work. Nicole thinks back to the shredded paper. Daniel thinks Nicole doesn't seem like herself. Daniel asks if it has something to do with what was in the bag.

Marlena enters the DiMera Mansion. Stefano toasts to her and says she's the last person he expected to see so he assumes it's important.

Nicole tells Daniel that it was just work stuff. Daniel still believes something is wrong. Nicole tells him to focus on his date tonight. Daniel asks if she's nervous. Nicole says being with Eric is easy but she's worried about people seeing them in public. Daniel asks if she's worried about Marlena in particular.

Stefano questions Marlena coming to see him to talk. Marlena says it's Eric. Marlena says they both know what people think Eric did to Kristen and what a difference it would make if the truth came out. Marlena says being a priest is Eric's life and he could get that back but his future is in Stefano's hands.

Eric enters Jennifer's office. JJ exits. Jennifer thanks Eric for meeting her. Eric says he wanted to talk to her first about Daniel.

Jordan tells Ben that she told him not to come. Ben says he couldn't disappear without a word and questions if she honestly thought he would stay away.

Sami apologizes for almost knocking Rafe over. Rafe says it's okay and thanks her for the well wishes. Sami had no idea he was doing so well and says she should've been checking. Rafe says a lot has happened in a short time and life is good. Rafe thanks Sami and says he wouldn't be standing here if not for her. Rafe adds that he hopes things are great for her too. Sami says they are. Rafe asks about her marriage. Sami says they have set a date and the invitations will go out soon. Sami adds that she wouldn't expect him to want to be there but it will be in May.

EJ finishes his phone call and turns around to see Abigail. EJ greets her. Abigail says they can't leave the things the way that they did. Abigail talks about people thinking they are friends so no one will care if they sit and chat. Abigail sits on the bench and asks EJ to join her.

Rafe tells Sami that it's great news as long as she's happy. She assures him that she is. Sami mentions hearing from Caroline about Rafe and Jordan. Rafe says they don't have to talk about it. Sami thinks it's nice that they're both happy and things are good. Sami says the same for Will and Gabi and Arianna. Rafe tells Sami that he really wants her to be happy but he will also never stop trying to bring down Stefano or EJ.

Eric tells Jennifer that he hasn't known Daniel long but he put his life on the line to help him so he knows he's a good guy. Eric tells Jennifer about how much Daniel loves her. Jennifer tries to let him know as Eric asks her to give Daniel another chance. Jennifer says she will and then tells Eric that she hopes they are already working things out.

Nicole tells Daniel that she doesn't care what Marlena thinks of her. Daniel knows it bothers her. Daniel offers to set Marlena straight because he thinks she should be grateful that Nicole put her life on the line for Eric. Nicole says Daniel did too and could've been killed for nothing.

Marlena tells Stefano that they would both do anything to protect their families even begging. Marlena adds that there is a higher power than Stefano. Marlena mentions Eric being called by God and says Stefano can help. Marlena says it's never too late to save a soul. Marlena tells Stefano that she would be forever grateful if he can find a way to help Eric.

JJ sits in the hospital and then starts pacing. He approaches a nurse at the front desk about his community service. She checks the list and says she doesn't know about it. Anne then approaches JJ and reveals she canceled his assignment. Anne accuses JJ of thinking he would be entitled at the hospital. Anne calls JJ a known drug dealer and says she won't let him have access to the pharmacy so he has been reassigned. She tells him where to go and adds that he's late so JJ runs off.

EJ sits with Abigail. Abigail tells him that it's time to be brutally honest with her, Sami, and his kids. Abigail says this whole thing started because of a lie with Nick and Gabi. Abigail says he was desperate to keep her from talking and he's never been honest with her about it. EJ admits that she's right because he can't tell her about that night. EJ says in every other way, he's been truthful about everything.

Sami questions Rafe going there. Rafe says he doesn't like having to say it but he can't pretend about EJ. Rafe thinks Sami and the kids deserve better. Sami argues that EJ is really good to the kids and won't hurt her. Sami insists that EJ has changed and has given up a lot for her. Rafe questions her marrying him. Sami assures Rafe that she loves EJ with all of her heart and just didn't know it until now. Rafe laughs at the idea of EJ changing and compares him to Nick. Sami says how dare he compare EJ to Nick. Rafe thinks it's more of an insult to Nick. Sami wishes Rafe could be happy for her. Rafe tells Sami that he wants her to find happiness but she won't find it with EJ.

Ben asks Jordan if she's worried he's going to show up. Ben mentions seeing Jordan with Rafe and kissing. Ben adds that he knows she wouldn't want Rafe to see them talking.

Daniel tells Nicole that it wasn't for nothing as they fought and tried their best. Nicole feels that she dragged Daniel into the situation. Daniel says what she was willing to do was totally selfless. Daniel talks about what Nicole has been through and how working at St. Luke's changed her. Daniel says this Nicole would never do the things she did in the past. Daniel calls her an amazing woman and a good friend. Nicole says she'll be a good friend and get out so he can have a good night. Nicole tells him to have fun as she exits. Nicole says to herself that she's not really a good friend but maybe there is something she can do.

Stefano says Marlena's passion is moving but what she asks, he cannot give. Marlena calls him a coward and says she should've known that. Stefano stops her and asks why she came if she knew. Marlena suggests maybe there is something Stefano can do for her.

Eric tells Jennifer that's great news. Jennifer hopes she can return the favor. Jennifer asks Eric to help with a photography job. Eric agrees to it and thanks her. Eric tells Jennifer to get ready for her date tonight. They thank each other and Eric exits.

Stefano tells Marlena to go on. Marlena brings up Dr. Chyka. Stefano claims not to know him. Marlena just wants to have a conversation with him. Marlena says she has questions and won't rest until she gets answers. Stefano continues claiming to not know him. Marlena says she just wants information to help Eric, not to hurt Kristen. Stefano thinks she wants to talk to Chyka about Nicole.

Nicole goes to see Jennifer and says she just wanted to say thank God she finally came to her senses as they laugh.

Jordan tells Ben that she has to get work. Ben says they aren't done as he just got there and is not leaving. Jordan repeats that she has to go as she rushes off.

Sami questions Rafe being so sure that he's going to find happiness with Jordan and asks how well he really knows her. She asks about her story. Rafe doesn't expect her to be rational and talks about all the times that EJ hurt her in the past. Rafe says history tends to repeat itself and he says they both know it will end up a disaster. Sami argues that he's wrong and just doesn't get it. Rafe says he never will but he has to go. Rafe then turns to leave. Sami stops him and adds that she's really glad he's okay. Rafe thanks her and exits the Pub.

Abigail tells EJ that she knows he's been honest about one thing and blames herself for not wanting to believe that he loved Sami. Abigail knows they were having problems but says she wasn't being honest. Abigail says their time together was so special that she didn't want it to be about anyone else. Abigail adds that she knows it wasn't special to him. Abigail says she's ashamed as she thought it had to lead somewhere but knows now that it won't. Abigail adds that it's hard for her to accept it but she knows it's over because it has to be.

JJ goes outside the Pub for community service. The guy in charge, Russ, complains about JJ being late and gives him another day. JJ apologizes and swears he's here to do this right. Russ gives JJ the assignment of erasing graffiti in the town square so he rushes off.

Nicole tells Jennifer that she and Daniel will have complete privacy tonight. Jennifer calls it sweet. Nicole calls Daniel the best friend she's ever had and she's grateful Jennifer finally understands. Jennifer thinks it's sweet that so many people are pulling for them. Jennifer hates to put Nicole out of her apartment. Nicole then tells Jennifer that she's not the only one with a date so Jennifer asks if she's going out with Eric.

Marlena continues telling Stefano that she just has questions. Marlena goes over how Chyka escaped on Nicole's watch so only he could answer what happened that night.

Abigail feels EJ is relieved and tells him that she's through torturing him. Abigail says they are going their separate ways. EJ assures her that she will be fine. She says eventually she will be and will find a way to start liking herself again. Abigail says she will move on and never be involved again with someone in EJ's situation. Abigail tells him that she gets it so he doesn't have to worry as she won't be causing a scene. EJ says he wasn't worried because he knows that's not who she is. Abigail says it's time for her to start figuring that out as she walks away.

Rory and Bev come through the town square as JJ is working community service. Rory jokes about JJ's boss as Russ then appears and interrupts him.

EJ joins Sami at the Pub. Sami tells him about Rafe not needing his cane anymore. EJ tells her not to expect him to like Rafe. Sami says he said the same thing. Sami tells EJ that Rafe made it clear that he will come after he and Stefano. Sami mentions that Rafe said he was sure that EJ will end up hurting her. EJ says Rafe has no right to say that when he's the one who screwed things up in the first place.

Jordan goes to the hospital where Rafe approaches her and she turns around upset.

Nicole tells Jennifer that she is going on a date with Eric. Jennifer says she's not shocked or disapproving. Jennifer mentions seeing Eric and he was happier than he's been in months. Jennifer is happy for them. They thank each other for the support. Nicole jokes about how they would never have been friends a year ago. They agree that life is strange in a good way. They tell each other to have fun tonight as Nicole exits. Nicole thanks God as she walks away.

Marlena tells Stefano that she's only asking him to arrange a conversation. Stefano asks what she would ask. Marlena says Nicole says Chyka escaped with all the evidence but she only has her word. Marlena wonders if Nicole let Chyka escape. Marlena adds that Stefano can be there the whole time. Marlena asks Stefano if he will help her.

Rory and Bev rush off as JJ tries to explain to Russ. Russ says JJ is there to work and not hang out. Russ warns him not to be late tomorrow as JJ goes back to work. Bev comes back and asks if he's done yet. JJ says he guesses. Bev says Rory is sorry if he got him in trouble. JJ says it's just one of those days. Bev suggests they can do something about that.

Stefano appreciates Marlena asking. Marlena asks if he will help. Stefano says he may but will have to think about it. Stefano tells Marlena that he will be in touch. Marlena thanks him and exits.

Nicole sits at the club with her phone. It rings so she worries that Eric is canceling but it's a text from Eric telling her to turn around as he arrives with a rose.

Daniel prepares candles at his apartment as Jennifer arrives.

Rafe apologizes for startling Jordan. Jordan says she didn't know it was him and was just thinking about a case. Jordan asks what Rafe is doing there. Rafe says he came to fill out his insurance paperwork and was also hoping to charm her into going out to dinner tonight. Jordan says she would love to but she's not sure when she'll get off. Rafe tells her to call when she can. Jordan doesn't want to leave him hanging so she tells him to have a good night and goes back to work.

Sami tells EJ that she shouldn't have said anything but doesn't feel it's all Rafe' fault. EJ argues that she got into that mess saving Rafe's life. EJ adds that they would be married by now if not for that. Sami says they will be married so they can't blame Rafe for not being happy with his family. Sami adds that EJ is not Kristen or Stefano and she trusts him. Sami knows EJ loves her and is committed. Sami says she doesn't have one single doubt as she kisses EJ and they hug.

Abigail walks out of the town square, telling herself that it's going to be okay as she thinks back to being with EJ. She tells herself to forget it because it has to be over.

The person who filmed Abigail and EJ at the cabin reveals having photos of them together.

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