Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/27/14

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/27/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Ciara argues with Hope about the earrings. Hope says she can't let her keep them. Ciara asks her to please let her keep them. Aiden then appears and sees them. Abe walks back in and shows Hope evidence that Rafe found on a case.

Rafe and Jordan eat at the Pub. Jordan tells him that she's the happiest she's ever been and nothing's going to change that. Ben from the club is revealed to be the one watching them through the window. Rafe says he will make sure nothing will as they hold hands.

Marlena confronts Kate in the town square about hiring Nick and asks how she could be so crazy.

Nick pretends to be talking to Gabi on the phone where he says he knows she's going out with T because she feels sorry for him so T overhears. Nick continues playing it up and belittling T then notices T listening .

Sonny informs Gabi that they wanted to tell her that they are getting married. Gabi is shocked and asks if they are kidding then says it's so awesome and excitedly hugs them. Gabi apologizes for going off on them about Nick. They understand she's under pressure. Gabi is excited for them and then asks when they want her to start looking for a place for her and Arianna which confuses them.

Ben gets closer and watches through the door window. Rafe and Jordan talk about what they mean to each other. Rafe says she makes him feel alive and jokes with her. Ben starts to enter the Pub but looks at his watch and walks away.

Marlena reminds Kate about what Nick has done and questions why she would hire him.

Nick pretends to apologize to T. T questions Gabi talking to Nick about him. Nick says they are getting close again. T is upset thinking Gabi just feels sorry for him and walks away.

Will tells Gabi to slow down and they tell her that they don't want her to move out. Gabi thinks they will want their privacy so there is no way she and Arianna are staying.

Abe tells Ciara that he has to make a call and then they will pick up Theo. Hope tells Ciara that she has to talk to Aiden so she sends her to get a drink. Aiden approaches and says he tried to e-mail Hope about the bake sale but it bounced back. Aiden then gives Hope his information. Hope says she'll get back to him as soon as she can. Aiden goes to exit but stops. Aiden says it's not his business but questions Ciara's earrings and says they must have different values. Hope says he's misunderstood. Aiden questions how Hope is raising Ciara.

Rafe gets a text about the case he was working on that they won't need him at the station. Rafe wonders what to do with all his free time. Rafe then suggests she could call in sick. Jordan says she would love to but she has to put work before pleasure today.

Kate tells Marlena that she never fired Nick as he quit so she hired him back. Kate says she can't stand Nick but doesn't let personal feelings get in the way of business. Kate adds that Sami and EJ would've hired him if she didn't. Marlena disagrees but Kate insists it's business. Kate tells Marlena that even Sami would agree that hiring Nick was a good move.

Nick tells T that he has every right to be pissed off and he wants to explain. Nick says he and Gabi were love and married until he screwed up but now he thinks he has another chance with her. T tells Nick that he's dreaming but Nick says he's dead serious. Nick says he and Gabi will talk about everything. T states that it's Gabi's loss if she goes back with Nick.

Sonny tells Gabi that there's no reason she can't still live with them. Will gets a text from Marlena about meeting her. Gabi tells him to go ahead. Will questions her moving out. Gabi says she just misunderstood. Sonny is glad she heard it from them and Gabi says she's really happy for them. Sonny says he has to get to work. Gabi tells them to go ahead. Will adds that they will keep talking about this. Will and Sonny then exit.

Nick texts Gabi about leaving her notebook and asks if it's okay if he drops it off. Nick then smiles.

Gabi gets the text as she holds Arianna. She puts her down and texts Nick back. Gabi tells Arianna that Nick is coming over and it's no big deal. Gabi mentions that Will won't like it but she doesn't like that he's changing his life without her permission. Gabi then adds that what they don't know won't hurt them.

Hope tells Aiden that she will just get back to him about the bake sale. Aiden then exits. Ciara returns and tells Hope that the earrings are hers but Hope says they are not.

Rafe asks Jordan what's so important about work today. Jordan says she's buried in forms and has to catch up today. Rafe decides he will just go see Gabi and Arianna. Jordan likes the idea and suggests he takes pictures. Rafe can't believe Arianna is almost a year old and hasn't met Rafe's mom. Jordan suggests Rafe and Gabi take Arianna to her. Rafe suggests Jordan go too so his mom can meet her. Jordan smiles while Kate arrives outside the Pub and sees them through the window.

Sonny goes to the club and tells T about the engagement. T says it's great. Sonny notes that he doesn't seem too excited and asks if something's wrong. T says everything is great and his two best friends are engaged. T hugs Sonny and congratulates him. Ben arrives and T introduces him to Sonny. Ben asks about overhearing the engagement. Sonny then informs Ben that he's marrying a guy.

Will meets with Marlena at her office and informs her that he said yes to Sonny's proposal. Marlena notes that he doesn't seem as happy as he sounded on the phone.

Nick goes and brings Gabi her notebook. Nick suggests he go but Gabi invites him in.

Hope tells Ciara that she does deserve a reward for returning Sami's earring but these earrings don't fit her age. Hope says it's not up for negotiation. Ciara comments that she sounds just like her dad. Hope makes her take off the earrings. Ciara calls it dumb and doesn't want to take them off. Hope doesn't understand why she's acting like this. Ciara complains that she doesn't get to keep anything and she doesn't even have a dad anymore. Hope tells her that's not true and that he still loves her just like she does. Hope knows it hurts that Bo isn't around and says it hurts her too. Hope tells her that keeping the earrings isn't right but donating them will make her feel good inside. Hope hugs her. Abe returns and takes Ciara to pick up Theo. Hope says to herself that she has a few words for Sami.

Nick offers to help Gabi with her homework but she doesn't want to work on it. Gabi holds Arianna. Nick asks if something is wrong. Gabi says it's nothing but Nick wants to know what's going on. Gabi says he'll find out sooner or later so she tells him that Will and Sonny are getting married. Nick says it's great and he's really happy for them.

Will tells Marlena about Gabi's reaction and thinking she had to move out with Arianna. Will says they don't want things to change. Marlena knows it's really important to him. Will says he wants to live under the same roof as his daughter and worries about it changing. Marlena assures him that he will always have his daughter. Will talks about growing up without his parents living with him, and he doesn't want that for Arianna. Marlena says they will always be parents but won't always live together.

Ben tells Sonny that it's cool and mentions just coming to Salem for a couple reasons.

Rafe tells Jordan that he will see her later. Kate enters the Pub and greets Rafe. Kate notices Rafe walking without his cane. Jordan says they were just celebrating. Rafe heads to the back to greet Caroline. Kate notes that Jordan looks happy. Jordan says she's feeling happy. Kate says Jordan likes Salem and Kate says she owes Jordan for Rafe being his old self. Kate adds that she always pays her debts.

Abe walks Ciara to where Theo is in the town square. Ciara tells Abe he can go ahead and she'll stay back. Abe hopes ice cream will cheer her up as he walks on. Aiden walks by finishing a phone call and comes across Ciara. Aiden greets her. Ciara asks if he said something to Hope about the earrings because she's making her give them away.

Will tells Marlena that he knows they can't all live together forever but now is an important time. Marlena tells him that there is no unimportant time as a parent. Will recalls always knowing how much his parents cared about him and he wants Arianna to feel that way. Will declares that he will never let anything come between them.

Gabi questions Nick being happy for Will and Sonny since he didn't used to feel that way. Nick says he was messed up because of prison but he's past that now. Nick says he's glad they can get married. Gabi says she is too. Nick notes that she doesn't look very happy. Gabi says they seemed to think that everything would stay the same. Nick asks about them thinking this all through.

Kate sits with Jordan and talks about feeling responsible and guilty for what happened to Rafe. Kate talks about Rafe and Stefano. Kate adds that she still feels protective of Rafe. Jordan understands. Kate says she has one more thing to ask of her. Kate wants Jordan to promise to never ever hurt Rafe. Jordan says that's not a problem as all she wants to do now is make Rafe happy. Kate warns her about if she doesn't as Rafe returns and interrupts before she can finish.

Sonny finishes meeting Ben and tells him to finish his application and he will call him. Ben congratulates him on his engagement. Sonny thanks him and walks away. Ben begins filling out his application.

Kate tells Rafe that she was just going to say that she would be disappointed if he wasn't happy because he deserves the best. Rafe thanks her and says she does too. Jordan asks about Caroline. Rafe says she's great. Jordan says she has to get going. Jordan exits the Pub. Rafe sits with Kate and says they seemed to be having a rather serious conversation. Kate says she was doing all the talking and just saying she hopes Jordan makes Rafe happy. Rafe thinks it was a warning and Kate agrees that is what it was.

Aiden returns to the station to see Hope. Aiden says he owes an apology for his rant about the earrings when it was none of his business. Hope agrees. Aiden mentions running into Ciara in the town square. Aiden apologizes for jumping to conclusions. Hope says he rushed to judgment before letting her explain. Aiden admits he was a jackass and says he understands how hard it is to raise a child.

Will talks to Marlena about Arianna. Marlena encourages him to be a perfect example for Arianna. Marlena feels Will and Gabi will work this out. Will thanks her and says he should get going. They hug. Will says he knows he has to live his own life but he still wants to do everything for Arianna. Marlena tells him it's perfectly fine. Will then exits.

Nick holds Arianna and says he thinks she likes him. Gabi agrees as she gets a call from T. T tells her that he won't be able to take her to the concert and claims the tickets fell through. Gabi suggests maybe another time as T hangs up. Nick asks if everything is okay. Gabi says it's no big deal and T just couldn't get tickets. Nick talks about how much Gabi loves Florence Welch. Nick says now that he's working for Kate, he thinks he could get them some tickets.

Hope and Aiden are glad they talked. Aiden says maybe it was a good thing since it made her rethink letting Ciara keep the earrings. Hope assures him that he had nothing to do with her decision. Aiden disagrees. Hope tells him how sick she is of her smug judgments. Hope says she resents it and storms off.

Will goes to the club and surprises Sonny. Sonny asks how Marlena took the news. Will says she's very happy for them. They joke around with each other. Will says Marlena is the one who convinced him he wanted to get married. Will wishes Adrienne was as enthusiastic. Sonny talks about her own opinion. Sonny feels like the luckiest man in the world as they hug. Will says he should get going as he promised Caroline he would take her to quilting. T congratulates Will on his way out. Will exits. T then tells Sonny not to let Nick screw everything up for him.

Nick asks Gabi if they are on for the concert if he can get tickets. Gabi suggests it might not be a good idea for them to go out. Nick asks if it's because of Will and Sonny. Gabi wants them to be understanding and forgiving. Nick says he needs to be forgiving for what he did to her so he understands. Nick mentions Sonny being Arianna's stepfather so she's probably just feeling protective. Nick gives Arianna back to Gabi and says he will let her finish her homework. Nick says he'll talk to her soon and says goodbye as he exits. Gabi states that she doesn't care what Will and Sonny want, she's not going to lose Arianna no matter what.

Rafe tells Kate that she doesn't need to look after him as he's a good judge of character and knows Jordan won't hurt him. Kate says she was just concerned because Jordan seemed so secretive. Kate says she needs to get going. Rafe tells her to take care. Kate says the same as she exits. Kate looks back through the window at Rafe and says that Jordan hasn't told him anything.

Jordan walks out of the town square with her phone where she is stopped by Ben which shocks her.

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