Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/26/14

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/26/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Hope meets with Helen from the school board at the Pub. She tells Hope that she has to go out of town but has found someone to help her with the bake sale. Aiden arrives and Hope says no.

Sami walks Ciara through the town square, apologizing for taking so long for them to get together. Sami says she was busy but they have a lot of earrings to buy. Ciara wants nice earrings instead of cheap ones. Nick approaches and asks what's going on. Ciara tells him that Sami is trying to back out of their deal.

Gabi works on her homework at the club. T approaches and comments that she doesn't seem like she's having a good time. T encourages her on her homework. Gabi says she had help before so T tells her to get help again.

Adrienne goes to see Sonny asking why he needed to see her. Will and Sonny inform Adrienne that they are getting married.

Jordan joins Rafe outside the town square and asks what was so important. Rafe stands up without his cane and Jordan is excited for him as they kiss.

Nicole comes back to Eric, who asks her about the shredded paper. Nicole says it's something she destroyed that she shouldn't have. Eric asks what it was.

Nick tells Ciara that Sami would never back out of a deal and asks about why she's getting her earrings. Sami tells Nick it's none of his business. Ciara explains to Nick about Sami losing her earring by the river.

Hope and Aiden find out that they are going to be working together and both say that it's not going to work.

Nicole tells Eric that it was just a special assignment she was working on and got frustrated. Eric asks if she thinks she can put it back together like a puzzle. Nicole hopes so. Eric says he's pretty good at puzzles so will give it a try. Nicole then tells him no and pulls the bag away from him.

Rafe and Jordan continue kissing while being watched from the bushes. Jordan tells him how proud she is of him. Rafe says he can go back to work. Rafe talks about not thinking this was going to happen but it did because of her. Jordan says it's because of his determination. They then walk off together.

Adrienne thinks Will and Sonny's announcement is sudden. Sonny wants her to be happy for them. Will decides to go check on Arianna. Sonny asks if Adrienne even thinks of Will's feelings. She apologizes and says it's not that she's not happy. Sonny says they love each other and have been together for almost a year. Adrienne asks what the rush is when they are so young. Sonny doesn't see a reason to wait. Adrienne says she's concerned. Sonny thinks she doesn't approve. Adrienne says they are a great couple. Sonny says they already live together and are best friends. Adrienne says marriage means they will be together forever and brings big decisions like where they are going to live. Sonny says they will live here. Adrienne asks about Gabi and realizes they haven't told her yet.

Gabi sits at the club and thinks back to Nick saying he's there to help any time. Gabi decides to text Nick, asking for help on her homework. T joins her and encourages her. Gabi asks how his job is. T says he likes it but they could use more help. T reveals that he bought Calvin Harris concert tickets for them and Gabi tells him that she would love to go. T is happy and says it's a date as he goes back to the bar where a guy asks about a job.

Sami tries to get Ciara going away from Nick. Nick talks about the earring Sami had lost. Nick hugs Ciara goodbye as Sami then rushes off with her.

Hope thanks Aiden for offering to help but says she can find someone else. Aiden says he won't back out because he told Father Louis that he would make an effort. Aiden says if Hope wants to back out, he can handle it himself. Hope says he couldn't be more wrong. Aiden questions if she's saying a man can't handle a bake sale. Hope says she was simply saying he has no experience. Hope talks about how big the bake sale is and how crazy last year's was. Aiden apologizes for thinking she meant a guy couldn't handle it. Hope doesn't think anyone could handle it alone and mentions her years on the SWAT team. Aiden suggests maybe they should try working together. Aiden says he has some work to do so he asks for her email address so they can find a time to get together. Hope agrees as she has to get to the station and they will work out a time later. Aiden thinks Father Louis will be surprised seeing them work together. Aiden calls it a sign that maybe miracles can happen as he exits the Pub.

Rafe and Jordan begin to make love in bed.

Adrienne talks with Sonny about how Gabi will feel. Will comes back in. Sonny insists that nothing is going to change. Adrienne questions why they haven't told Gabi yet then. Will says she could be right. Adrienne assures Will that she's so happy for them but marriage is a big step when they are both young. Adrienne talks about it not being easy for her and Justin. Will says they are not their parents. Adrienne sees they are both determined. Adrienne tells Sonny that she and Justin will support him no matter what he does but she wants him to really think about it and talk to Gabi. Sonny insists that getting married isn't going to change anything. Adrienne says if he really believed that, he wouldn't be so set on doing it. Adrienne says goodbye and exits.

T tells the guy about Sonny being the owner and how it's a great place to work. He tells him his name is Ben as he exits. Nick then arrives to help Gabi with her homework.

Ciara gets her ten pairs of earrings that Sami promised. Abe joins them to take Ciara to see Hope at the station. Abe invites Sami to join them for ice cream but she says she can't. Abe walks off with Ciara. Sami complains about her morning and wonders what next then says Nicole.

Nicole tells Eric that she appreciates him wanting to help but it's work related so she needs an expert. Nicole goes to put it away but Eric stops her and wants to talk about their date tonight. Eric suggests something casual for his first date in awhile. Nicole suggests Chicago or the lake. Eric asks if she's saying some place quiet and away so no one sees them together which Nicole agrees it is.

Rafe and Jordan lay in bed together. Rafe looks forward to getting back to his loft and thinks she will like it. Jordan says it shouldn't be long now. Rafe talks about how he never got attacked, he would have never met her and they wouldn't be here now. Jordan calls it a positive spin on something awful. Jordan says Rafe talks about how she helped him but he changed her life too. Jordan feels they are destiny and Rafe agrees as they kiss.

Will tells Sonny that their decision will affect Gabi more than anyone else. Sonny insists that nothing's going to change but Will is not so sure.

T watches as Nick helps Gabi with her homework. Gabi doesn't want to keep Nick from his job but Nick says it's fine. Gabi says it's weird to be here like nothing's happened. T interrupts with and tells Gabi that he got a text that Florence Welch will be performing with Calvin Harris. Gabi calls it awesome as T says it will be a great night and walks away. Nick questions if Gabi is going on a date with T.

Nicole tells Eric that they could just stay there but Jennifer is coming over to be alone with Daniel. Eric tells her that there is nothing wrong so they don't have to hide and people will have to get used to seeing them together. Sami then enters and says she knew it was true that Eric was dipping in to the old well again.

Rafe tells Jordan that maybe everything happened was to bring them together. Rafe says it was all worth it. Jordan says she's the lucky one. Rafe says now he's hungry and Jordan is too. They kiss again before getting out of bed.

Will tells Sonny that they are fine and don't want things to change but Gabi might not feel the same way. Will worries about the idea of not living with Arianna. Sonny says first they have to see if it will work and Will decides to text Gabi.

Gabi tells Nick that she and T are going to the Calvin Harris concert. Nick talks about knowing Gabi loves Calvin Harris. T continues watching them together. Gabi gets Will's text and says she needs to get back home. Gabi thanks Nick for helping and gathers her things. Nick hides her notebook as she exits.

Sami questions Eric being ready for Nicole to break his heart again. Eric tells her to calm down. Eric gets a call and steps out to take it. Sami accuses Nicole of being a vulture preying on Eric while he's vulnerable. Eric comes back and tells her to stop it because she doesn't know what she's talking about. Eric tells Sami that Nicole saved his life and has been working to clear his name. Eric doesn't want to hear any more judgment. Sami insists that Nicole is not a good person. Eric tells her to go. Sami says she just loves him and cares about him and is worried. Eric says goodbye and Sami exits. Eric asks Nicole not to listen to what Sami says because it's not true. Nicole says actually it is as she looks over at the bag of shredded paper.

Gabi goes home, asking if everything is okay. Will says they wanted to talk to her about something first. Gabi asks if T told them that she was with Nick. Will can't believe it and questions it. Gabi says Nick is back in their lives so they have to deal with it. Will says no.

Nick pretends to call Gabi about leaving her notebook and says he will hang on to it for her. Nick says they should hang out more like before as T listens in.

Abe brings Ciara to Hope at the station. Ciara shows off her earrings. Hope says they look awfully expensive as Ciara shows them all. Hope looks at the receipt and sees Sami spent almost $4000. Hope asks for a moment alone with Ciara so Abe heads into his office. Hope tells Ciara that Sami made a huge mistake and should've known better. Hope says the earrings are completely inappropriate for her. Hope says they will save the ones Ciara has until she's 16 while donating the others to charity. Ciara argues that she won't do it.

Adrienne and Sami meet in the town square and talk about Will and Sonny's marriage. Adrienne isn't sure it's good news. Adrienne thinks it's a mistake and guesses Sami does too.

Eric and Nicole hug. Eric assures Nicole that what Sami's saying is not true. Eric says things are different now and that everything is happening because it's supposed to and meant to be.

Rafe and Jordan eat at the Pub. Jordan tells him that she's the happiest she's ever been and nothing's going to change that. Ben from the club is revealed to be the one watching them through the window.

Adrienne tells Sami that she loves that Will and Sonny are together but marriage is a huge commitment. Adrienne brings up how Gabi is going to feel. Adrienne thinks they will be unpleasantly surprised by her reaction.

Will shouts about Nick blackmailing Kate for her job and he doesn't want Nick in their lives. Gabi doesn't want to hear it. Sonny then stops her to tell the good news. Sonny informs Gabi that they wanted to tell her that they are getting married.

Nick pretends to be talking to Gabi on the phone where he says he knows she's going out with T because she feels sorry for him so T overhears.

Ciara argues with Hope about the earrings. Hope says she can't let her keep them. Ciara asks her to please let her keep them. Aiden then appears and sees them.

Eric and Nicole get close and almost kiss but there's a knock at the door. Lou from the apartments arrives to check the water pressure. Eric tells Nicole that he will text her about tonight as he exits. Lou tells Nicole that everything is okay and offers to take out the trash but Nicole tells him it's not trash as she takes back the bag of shredded paper. He exits and Nicole says it's not trash but she's not sure what she's going to do with it.

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