Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/25/14

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/25/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita


At the Kiriakis Mansion, Maggie tells Victor that it feels like years since they've been alone and asks if he has to work. Victor asks what she has in mind. Brady then storms in and questions if they are having him followed.

JJ says this has nothing to do with work as he knows all about the older man Abigail had been seeing. Abigail says she hates talking about it and tells him to leave it alone. JJ asks who he is.

EJ tells Sami to calm down. Sami complains that EJ's family destroyed all of Eric's life.

Eric tells Theresa not to listen to gossip because Nicole is a wonderful woman and she could learn a lot from her if given the chance. Eric says she would be lucky to get to know her. Theresa questions why Eric cares about her and says she's no saint.

Nicole goes to her office and worries to herself about what's worse, Marlena looking at her like she knows or Eric looking at her like she's a hero. Nicole states that she has to make this right and maybe there is some way that she can fix this. She thinks back to shredding the evidence. Nicole says Eric's the best guy in the world and it's too late to undo what she did. Nicole then takes the remains out of the paper shredder and suggests maybe it's not too late.

Daniel kisses Jennifer and tells her she has no idea how much he's missed this. Jennifer suggests they need to make up for lost time now and they continue kissing. They say they never thought this could happen again as they end up kissing on to the couch.

JJ says Abigail looked relieved that he didn't know who it was. Abigail argues that it doesn't matter and questions him. JJ points out how worked up she's getting so he thinks it's not over. Abigail insists that it is. JJ doesn't buy it but she tells him it's none of his business. JJ still doesn't believe her that it's over.

Sami complains about Kristen and Nicole. Sami rants about not being warned about what was going on. EJ says he doesn't have time for this and goes to leave but Sami tells him to wait.

Eric tells Theresa that she can't tell him what Nicole is like as she was his first love. Eric calls Nicole brave. Theresa tells Eric that people don't change.

Nicole wonders if she could piece the shredded paper back together then she wonders how she would explain it to Eric. Nicole thinks about coming up with a story that it was anonymously mailed to her. Nicole says it could work but isn't sure she could even piece it back together. Nicole tells herself to focus and take it one step at a time. Nicole says the first step is to get the shredded paper out so she stuffs it in a bag.

Victor tells Brady that he's had enough of him and he's acting like a horse's ass. Brady questions Victor treating him like a child. Victor can't believe he'd accuse them of having him followed. Brady says he overheard him talking about keeping tabs on him so he wouldn't put anything past him. Victor says Brady is having a tantrum. Brady gets a work call and steps out to take it. Maggie tells Victor that she's not having him followed and asks if he is.

Sami questions where EJ is going. EJ says he's going away since their reconciliation is clearly short lived. Sami asks what he's talking about.

Eric questions Theresa being an expert on trust. Theresa says she can be a bitch but can also recognize another. Theresa says Nicole has ruined Daniel's life and complains about Jennifer and JJ. Eric says she's family so he will be there for her but he doesn't ever want to hear a bad thing said about Nicole because he loves her.

Nicole goes to Daniel's with the bag of shredded paper.

Abigail swears to JJ that it's over and she realized it today. JJ tells her he's there if she needs to talk. Abigail thinks it's best if they don't so JJ accepts. Abigail asks what JJ wanted to tell her when he came in. JJ thinks it will make her happy.

Daniel and Jennifer continue kissing on the couch until Nicole walks in and is shocked, questioning what they are doing.

EJ tells Sami that he can say it because he's been through this where she starts going after Kristen and then him. EJ says he won't be blamed. Sami stops him from going and says she's mad at the DiMeras but not EJ. Sami says EJ is not Stefano or Kristen. Sami sits him down and apologizes. EJ jokes with her. Sami adds that she doesn't want anyone to come between them. Sami sits with him and tells him that she loves him. Sami says she was really angry but is sorry.

JJ sits with Abigail and tells her about telling Jennifer everything. Abigail promises to keep it between them. JJ feels like he can finally breathe after Theresa was blackmailing him for months. Abigail is sorry he had to go through it alone. JJ says he didn't since Daniel was great all along. Abigail asks how Jennifer reacted. JJ thinks for once he did the right thing and things will work out great for them.

Nicole apologizes and says she knows what they were doing but didn't think they would be doing it here. Nicole is surprised to see them back together. Nicole says she'll go but Daniel stops her and asks her to stay. Nicole calls it crazy. Daniel says he will walk Jennifer out. Nicole argues against it but Jennifer insists it's okay. Daniel walks Jennifer out and apologizes. Jennifer understands Nicole is in trouble and needs Daniel's help just like JJ. They agree that Nicole seemed upset. Daniel says her and Eric have been through a lot. Daniel wants their first time back together to be special so he's deciding to talk to Nicole for them. Daniel mentions that Parker won't be home until tomorrow so their first night can be just them. Daniel adds that nothing could ever change how he feels about her as they then kiss goodbye. Jennifer exits and Daniel heads back inside. Nicole hugs him and says she's so happy for him that things worked out.

Theresa tells Eric that she understands Nicole is off limits but jokes with him about hooking up with Nicole. Theresa states that she knows people always let you down in the end.

Daniel says it looks like things are going to work out with he and Jennifer. Daniel asks about her and Eric since she seemed upset when she came in. Nicole admits that she's upset and confused. Daniel asks if she wants to talk about it. Nicole asks if she can tell him anything. Daniel assures her. Nicole says he knows all about her. Daniel asks what's going on. Nicole says she's just not sure she's doing the right thing and really needs his help. Nicole sits with Daniel and says she's confused because everything happened so quickly. Daniel understands after she fought so hard for Eric to be a priest again. Daniel asks about them moving ahead. Daniel encourages that she did everything she could and put it all on the line for Eric more than once. Nicole brings up Chyka getting away. Daniel suggests maybe it's meant to be and she should accept being happy. They are interrupted by a knock at the door and it's Eric.

EJ and Sami joke together and end up kissing.

Victor tells Maggie that he would tell her if he was having Brady followed. Maggie brings up him not telling when he gave Marlena the video. Brady returns and says work is fine. Victor thanks him for doing his job and remarks about it not cutting into his drinking as he exits. Brady asks Maggie to tell him the truth about having him followed. Maggie says they don't have to have him followed to know he's drinking. Brady insists he just had a couple drinks and it's not a big deal. Maggie comments that it's not even lunch time. Brady tells her to go to Hell and storms out.

Daniel decides to let Eric and Nicole talk so he exits. Eric asks Nicole about looking upset while Daniel thinks they need to talk. Eric asks if something happened and then asks her if she's having second thoughts about them. Nicole admits that she is.

EJ and Sami kiss in bed and begin to undress.

Jennifer goes home and tells Abigail and JJ that she and Daniel are working things out and are going to spend some time together later tonight. Jennifer says JJ is the one who made it all happen. JJ says he filled Abigail in on everything. Jennifer mentions Daniel still being worried that Theresa could do something. Jennifer then says she's happy that JJ handled things and brought the family back together. Jennifer declares that they have no secrets or lies ever as JJ looks to Abigail.

Daniel goes to Theresa's. She tries to shut the door and say they have nothing to say to each other but Daniel walks in.

Nicole tells Eric that she's afraid she's not good enough for him. Eric says anyone that makes her think that is a fool. Eric says he just got done telling people to never say a bad word about her. They hug. Nicole recalls Eric always seeing the good in her when they were younger. Eric calls her beautiful inside and out. Eric adds that he could never repay what she's done for him. Eric says everything feels so right and he doesn't want her to feel rushed or worried. Nicole worries that it wasn't a real choice and asks if he would choose her if he still had a chance to be a priest.

Daniel tells Theresa that he and Jennifer are getting back together and she will do nothing. Daniel threatens to destroy her if she messes with Jennifer, Abigail, or JJ. Daniel tells her not to make him regret saving her life as he then exits.

JJ hugs Jennifer and says he will do his best. Jennifer thinks they have all proven they can trust each other. Abigail says she has to go make a call and steps out. JJ thinks Jennifer needs to talk to Abigail. JJ says Abigail won't talk to him about her personal stuff. Jennifer is glad he's thinking of his sister. JJ likes being the one not worried about. JJ says he's going to run errands and exits. Jennifer sits down feeling happy.

Sami and EJ continue kissing in bed. EJ tells her that he is very sorry about what happened to Eric because he didn't deserve that. Sami thanks him for saying that and for waiting for her as she kisses him. One of their phones rings and Sami wonders if they should answer.

Brady goes back to the club but stops outside. Brady tells himself that drinking is not what he needs as he has better things to do but then wonders what.

Eric asks when Nicole started asking hypothetical questions. Eric tells her that how he feels about her now is so real and he has no doubts at all. Eric brings up a date. Nicole suggests tonight since Daniel and Jennifer won't want company. Eric jokes with her as they agree. Eric says he's really happy. Nicole promises to help him stay that way. Nicole goes to get ready. Eric moves the chair nearby, knocking over Nicole's bag of shredded paper. Eric picks it up and looks inside.

Sami gets her phone and it's a message from Ciara wanting to go shopping for earrings. Sami invites EJ to join them but he declines. Sami kisses him and then suggests a May wedding. EJ comments that came out of nowhere but if it makes her happy, they are getting married in May. They then continue kissing.

Abigail goes back into the living room and asks Jennifer about getting ready for her date. Jennifer wanted to make sure she's okay. Abigail insists that she has nothing to worry about. Abigail assures her that she and JJ are both happy and want her to be too. She tells Jennifer to just focus on Daniel as they hug.

JJ runs into Daniel in the town square as Daniel has flowers for Jennifer. JJ tells him that Jennifer told them and he thinks it's great. Daniel thanks him and they shake hands.

Victor looks at a photo of Brady on the mantle. Victor's phone rings and he answers. Victor says that yes he was there.

Brady calls Theresa from outside the club and asks if she wants to hang out later. Theresa says it sounds good. Brady says they can go wherever she wants but he doesn't want to go to the club. Theresa invites him over to her place. Brady agrees and says he will see her later.

Nicole comes back to Eric, who asks her about the shredded paper.

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