Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/24/14

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/24/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Caroline meets with Eric at the Pub. She mentions his call and assumes it's important. Eric informs Caroline that he's leaving the priesthood.

Marlena tells Nicole that she has more questions to her story. Nicole thinks she's just looking for someone to blame. Sami interrupts, overhearing that Eric is leaving the priesthood which she can't believe as she looks at Nicole.

Abigail gets close to EJ and says they can be careful as they then begin kissing. EJ kisses her onto his desk.

Theresa says she likes Brady a lot when he drinks. Brady responds that he does too. JJ enters the club finishing a phone call which unsettles Theresa.

Jennifer arrives at Daniel's and tells him that she had to see him as she couldn't stay away.

Eric tells Caroline that he knows it came out of the blue but it's his choice. Eric says he's thought and prayed about it and knows it's right so he hopes she can be happy for him.

Marlena tells Sami that Eric wanted to tell her himself. Sami questions if Eric was asked to resign. Marlena says he came to the decision all himself but Sami believes it was all Nicole's doing.

EJ and Abigail continue kissing. Abigail says it's what she wants as she begins taking his clothes off. EJ tells her that this is how it's going to have to be.

Theresa tries to leave the club but Brady convinces her to stay and says he won't let anyone spoil her day as she is unnerved by JJ sitting at the counter.

Daniel doesn't know why Jennifer is there and thinks there's no reason. Jennifer tells him that she understands now for the first time in months what he was trying to say and do. Jennifer says she should've known before and it should've been so obvious to her. Jennifer asks Daniel to let her in so she can tell him. Daniel brings her in and shuts the door. Jennifer then informs Daniel that she knows everything.

EJ continues kissing Abigail while talking about different places they could do it in which freaks her out and she stops him by shoving him off.

Sami questions what Nicole did to Eric. Nicole wishes someone could believe Eric could make a decision himself. Sami asks what changed. Nicole says Eric changed his mind. Marlena says she doesn't know. Sami continues accusing Nicole. Marlena tries to say Nicole did what she could. Sami calls Nicole a nightmare for Eric since they were teenagers. Sami accuses her of being all over Eric since he came back to town. Eric comes out of the Pub and tells Sami to leave Nicole alone. Eric tells Sami that he will explain it all as they walk away together. Nicole mocks Marlena not standing up for her.

Brady asks Theresa about JJ but she doesn't want to talk about it. Brady asks why she doesn't like JJ and if he's one of her enemies. Theresa says he's not worth it. Brady asks if it's someone connected to JJ as he has to find out. Theresa claims there's nothing to tell. Brady threatens to ask JJ himself as JJ then approaches.

Jennifer tells Daniel that JJ told her everything about the night Theresa overdosed. Jennifer says she's not surprised Daniel did it even after how JJ treated him in the past. Jennifer tells him that he doesn't have to lie anymore. Daniel brings up that JJ promised not to tell her. Jennifer says JJ got tired of lying and they need to talk about why he insisted on doing this on his own. Jennifer understands Daniel's heart was with her and he did this for her. Jennifer adds that there's no greater love he could show her. Daniel responds that JJ doesn't belong in prison so he couldn't do that to him or her. Daniel says he knew she couldn't have gone on without her son and he wouldn't have been able to live with himself. Daniel says he's done everything he could to protect JJ because Jennifer being okay means more than anything to him.

EJ tells Abigail he thought she wanted this. Abigail says not like this or on the table. EJ talks about having a meeting soon and thinking about her. EJ asks how she expected this to happen. Abigail says she doesn't know. Abigail insists that she wants to be with him. EJ asks what she thinks an affair is like.

Sami and Eric walk out of the town square where she continues to complain about Nicole. Eric warns her that he will leave if she says another word about Nicole. Eric tells Sami that he will explain how he made his decision. Eric asks her to be quiet and listen. Sami reluctantly sits down.

Marlena admits to Nicole that she owes her an apology. Marlena says Sami should've never gone after her like that as she didn't deserve it. Marlena says Eric will explain things to Sami and she will apologize. Marlena says they were all just taken by surprise. Marlena says they were all focused on Eric being cleared and now it's irrelevant. Nicole talks about her and Daniel hearing Chyka confess. Marlena wishes there was real evidence. Nicole suggests maybe the police will find something. Marlena wants them to have more help. Marlena brings up Nicole saying not to ask about the confession. Nicole didn't think it would help. Marlena talks about Nicole seeming uncomfortable talking about it making her seem guilty. Nicole tells her not to try and shrink her.

JJ asks for a minute alone with Theresa but Brady doesn't think so. Theresa tells him it's okay so Brady goes to get more drinks. JJ sits with Theresa and says they both need to dial it back a bit instead of burning each other. JJ asks if she's down with that. Theresa asks what if she's not. JJ says she can be afraid every time she sees him because he's done being scared of her.

Jennifer doesn't want Daniel to be upset with JJ for telling her. Daniel assures her that he won't and mentions that this is still a big mess. Jennifer insists that she won't make it worse. Jennifer is glad JJ has Daniel in his corner. Daniel calls him a good kid and they talk about how he didn't make it easy at first. Daniel says he's seen what JJ is made of the last few months and he's proved himself. Daniel says JJ wants to be the son that Jennifer deserves. Jennifer says he will always be that. Jennifer notes that Daniel cares about JJ and he has no idea how much that means to her. Daniel says he knows since he feels the same about Parker and he wants them all to be safe and happy. Jennifer says she's lucky to know him as they get close but Daniel tells her that she needs to go now. Jennifer questions him wanting her to leave. Daniel says they need to keep JJ safe. Jennifer says she knows about Theresa's blackmail. Daniel isn't sure that she'll back off. Daniel tells Jennifer that Theresa is obsessed with her. Jennifer asks if she'll risk her freedom. Daniel says Theresa could wreck his career and put JJ in prison which he would never let happen.

Theresa questions JJ being snarky. Brady returns with their drinks. Brady asks JJ how the park is these days. JJ says he wouldn't know. Brady says that's a good answer for the judge and talks about JJ being in that side of the park. JJ tells Brady that he would know about it. Brady mocks JJ's attitude and says Jennifer deserves better. JJ tells them to enjoy as he exits. Brady sits back with Theresa as she tells him that she likes the way he handled JJ.

Marlena questions Nicole getting upset and what she's afraid of. Nicole thinks back to finding the evidence and then tells Marlena that she's not afraid of anyone especially her. Marlena says she was fine talking to Roman but not her. Marlena says they care about Eric. Nicole questions why it's so hard to believe that all she wants is for Eric to be happy.

Eric tells Sami about his time with Brother Timothy. Sami questions the rush. Eric says he prayed a lot and knows it's God's will for him. Sami brings up Nicole. Eric talks about all Nicole did for him. Eric informs her that Nicole and Daniel tracked down Chyka and got his confession but he got away. Eric mentions that Chyka admitted to being on the DiMera payroll which Sami continues to question. Eric says Daniel and Nicole risked their lives to help him.

Abigail says EJ is talking just about the sex to make it sound cheap and degrading when it was never just about the sex for them. EJ says he was a selfish idiot when Sami had good reason to be upset with him but she stayed. EJ talks about he and Sami together. Abigail doesn't want to hear it. Abigail questions if he's trying to hurt her. EJ says he's trying to explain. Abigail gets that no one makes love like he and Sami and he wants to pretend she doesn't exist. EJ admits what happened between them was a lot more than sex. EJ says he was lost when Sami walked away. EJ says he was grateful for Abigail. Abigail shouts that it wasn't a service. She says sex got him through a rough spot with Sami and now he just wants her to disappear. EJ shouts that he's the one who cheated on a woman he loves more than life. EJ then declares that this doesn't happen again ever.

Theresa offers to pay for the drinks but Brady reminds her that he's rich. Theresa says she'll get the first round next time. Theresa then exits. Sonny comes out from behind the bar and Brady orders another drink. Sonny questions if Brady is driving.

Jennifer tells Daniel that she can handle herself and won't let Theresa run her life. Jennifer says she can keep a secret and he can trust her. Jennifer insists she won't do anything to hurt his career. She asks if this is a protective reflex. Daniel doesn't know. Jennifer declares that she won't live in fear anymore.

EJ apologizes to Abigail for how she must be feeling. EJ tries to compliment her but she stops him and says he's in no position to say anything to her. Abigail brings up if she told Sami. EJ says it would ruin their lives along with their children and herself too. EJ says Abigail would be miserable and no one would be happy. EJ says it's her choice but either way he's not doing this anymore. EJ wishes her the best and then exits leaving Abigail crying.

Marlena asks Nicole if it's true that she has no investment in how Eric lives his life. Nicole says she fought for Eric to be a priest. Marlena hopes that's true. Marlena warns Nicole that if it's not true then she and Sami will both be coming after her. Eric returns and asks what's going on. Marlena claims nothing and walks away. Eric asks Nicole if she's okay and apologizes. Eric says he doesn't think there's anyone else that will come accusing her. Nicole then tells Eric that she did something terrible. Eric asks what she's talking about and encourages her not to let others get to her. Eric apologizes for Marlena. Nicole says she doesn't deserve to be defended. Theresa walks up so Nicole quickly exits. Theresa asks what that was all about. Eric says the Bradys are just giving Nicole a hard time for no reason. Eric then informs Theresa that he's decided to leave the priesthood. Theresa says ok and tells him to do whatever he wants. Theresa then calls Nicole a bitch but Eric cuts her off.

Brady tells Sonny that he's done. Sonny offers to call a cab but Brady decides he will walk as he exits the club.

JJ goes home looking for Jennifer but finds Abigail searching the living room. Abigail says she can't find her credit card. JJ asks when she's going to finally tell him what's going on with her.

EJ goes home and looks at a family photo on his phone. Sami comes in behind him and tells EJ about Eric no longer being a priest. EJ asks if the church kicked him out. Sami says no, it's about the people in this house as the DiMeras strike again.

Jennifer tells Daniel how she's felt about not helping JJ enough and the worst thing she did was give up Daniel. Jennifer says she caused him so much stress and worry. Daniel blames himself. Jennifer is amazed by how much he sacrificed by letting the hospital think the worst of him and her feelings for him. Daniel says it was the only way it would work. Jennifer thought he hated her. Daniel calls that the worst part for him. Jennifer says it's over and now she feels like they can go back. Jennifer says she knows how far apart they have been and the awful things she's said to him. Jennifer wouldn't blame him if his feelings for her have changed.

Abigail tells JJ that she's just stressed from work but he doesn't believe her. JJ says this has nothing to do with work as he knows all about the older man she had been seeing.

Sami complains to EJ about Chyka being a DiMera doctor for hire. EJ says he's sorry. Sami talks about how Eric doesn't blame her despite her involvement with the DiMeras. Sami talks about living in the same house as people that destroyed Eric's life. Sami declares it's time that the DiMeras pay and she's going to see to it.

Brady returns to the club looking for his gloves. Sonny gives them to him. Brady asks Sonny if he called Maggie or Victor about him. Sonny says he didn't. Brady says when he left, someone was following him. Sonny tells him that he didn't call anyone.

Eric tells Theresa not to listen to gossip because Nicole is a wonderful woman and she could learn a lot from her if given the chance. Eric says she would be lucky to get to know her.

Nicole goes to her office and worries to herself about what's worse, Marlena looking at her like she knows or Eric looking at her like she's a hero. Nicole states that she has to make this right and maybe there is some way that she can fix this.

Jennifer tells Daniel that she understands if she's pushed him away. Jennifer says she made it worse by thinking the worst of him when he's really the best. Jennifer apologizes for killing what they had. Daniel then kisses Jennifer.

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