Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/21/14

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/21/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Abigail tells EJ that Sami's not there and has a meeting later so it's just them. EJ questions what Abigail wants. Abigail responds that she wants him and she's not going to just walk away and she doesn't think he wants him too either.

Eric says it's what God wants. Brady responds that it's sure as hell what Nicole wants. Eric asks what that's supposed to mean. Brady wonders if Eric ever really was a priest. Eric asks what he's saying. Brady tells him that Nicole has wanted him since he came back to town and now she can have him.

Marlena questions Chyka bolting on Nicole's watch. Nicole explains that Daniel was with her most of the time and she already gave a statement to Hope. Roman thinks any detail can help. Roman wants to know everything if she really cares about Eric.

Maggie goes to the hospital and talks to Daniel. Daniel mentions Parker coming home today. Theresa approaches and says she and Daniel need to talk. Daniel says he doesn't have time but she tells him to make time.

Jennifer prepares to leave home but JJ says she can't go yet because this can't wait. Jennifer asks what's going on. JJ tells Jennifer that he can't let her go another day without hearing the truth. Jennifer says it sounds bad and asks if she should call a lawyer. JJ says no but understands why she would think that. Jennifer tells him to just talk to her. JJ says he will but it's harder than he thought. JJ tells Jennifer that he lied and he needs her to promise to keep this between them. Jennifer says he's scaring her. JJ says this is pretty intense because he's putting his future in her hands.

Maggie questions Theresa's manners. Theresa apologizes for being rude and says she's trying to be direct. Theresa tells Maggie that she's leaving AA because it isn't working for her. Theresa says going to meetings would just be lying to herself. Theresa questions them being all about being honest.

Nicole tells Marlena and Roman that she cares about Eric. Roman gets called to the station and exits. Nicole starts to leave but Marlena tells her that they are not done. Marlena questions if Nicole is hiding something. Nicole says no. Marlena wants her to sit back down and tell her the whole story about what happened.

Eric tells Brady how much Nicole has done for him and helped him. Brady laughs and reminds him that he knows Nicole and she's not the same girl that he left town over. Brady tells Eric that there are parts of Nicole that Eric will never see. Eric cuts him off and says he doesn't need him telling him about Nicole. Brady compares it to he and Kristen. Eric argues that it's not the same but Brady tells Eric that he will still end up with his heart broken and his life shredded.

EJ tells Abigail that it would be a big mistake for her to assume. Abigail thinks EJ is trying to convince himself but she doesn't believe it was a mistake. Abigail knows he's engaged to Sami but he still was when they were together. EJ insists that he loves Sami. Abigail realizes they are back sleeping together and EJ admits it.

Eric questions Brady's concern. Brady tells Eric that he doesn't give a damn what happens to him as all is working out for him fine. Eric disagrees since he lost his vocation. They argue about Nicole. Eric questions if he's using again since he's not making sense. Brady tells Eric that Nicole will rip his soul out. Eric doesn't want to hear it. Eric calls Brady angry and bitter. Brady encourages Eric to talk to him. Eric declares that he's done with him and trying to make peace. Eric decides he's had enough.

Nicole tells Marlena the full story about finding Dr. Chyka and making him confess. They go over Chyka getting away. Marlena questions there being no evidence. Nicole claims that Chyka got away first. Nicole says she can't believe he got past her and she feels awful. Marlena agrees that it seems unbelievable.

Maggie leaves the hospital as Theresa and Daniel resume arguing. Daniel says he won't feel sorry for her after how she plays people. Daniel says he was delighted to help JJ get back at her and then walks away.

JJ tells Jennifer that he hasn't done anything since the hearing to break her trust. Jennifer asks what this is about. JJ talks about thinking he could handle the situation before but he was an idiot. JJ wishes he didn't have to tell her this but it's messing up peoples' lives by keeping quiet, especially hers.

Abigail tells EJ that she's not going to run out screaming. EJ says he's trying to be honest. Abigail wants to be honest and questions why he had sex with her. Abigail tells him to be honest. EJ says he's trying to explain. She tells him to be honest with himself that the only reason he slept with her is because he was getting any from Sami. EJ disagrees but can't find the reason.

Eric tells Brady that he's sorry about bad choices and he's sad for him but tells Brady to accept responsibility for what he did and stop lashing out at others. Brady questions him. Brady says Eric will never own up to what he actually did. Brady doesn't care about his excuses and accuses Eric of taking his fiancée to bed and loving it. Brady accusing him of loving it. Eric mocks the idea of doing it because he hates Brady and blowing up his own life. Brady points out that he's free now and calls it his excuse to leave the priesthood. Brady says Eric slept with his fiancée and now he's going to sleep with his ex. They argue over Nicole as Brady gives them six months tops. Brady says Eric will lose Nicole as he walks away.

Theresa questions how everyone thinks Daniel is a good guy compared to how she sees him. She calls him a player and she used to think it was hot but he just thinks he's perfect. Daniel says he doesn't have time for it. Theresa brings up Jennifer. Daniel warns her not to talk about Jennifer. Theresa questions him always defending Jennifer no matter what. She says Jennifer will always hate him. Daniel brings up telling Jennifer the truth. Daniel warns her to stay away from the people he cares about.

Abigail again asks EJ why he slept with her. EJ says there isn't a simple answer. Abigail thinks she can follow along and wants him to just say it. Abigail asks if he even knows or if he just doesn't want to admit it. Abigail goes over the times they were together and she knows it wasn't just sex. Abigail tells EJ that he wanted her every bit as much as she wanted him.

Brady goes to the club and orders a scotch. Maggie approaches and asks how it's going. Brady says it's great and fantastic as he orders a double. Maggie questions him switching to scotch. Brady tells her that he's not hiding.

Nicole questions why Marlena is being like this to her. Marlena complains about not getting the proof. Nicole says she got the proof just not the evidence. Marlena questions there being nothing else and she can't believe she let Chyka slip away. Daniel arrives and interrupts, saying Marlena wasn't there so she doesn't know. Daniel tells Marlena that she shouldn't be attacking Nicole but thanking her.

Jennifer questions if JJ got in trouble because of Rory and Bev. JJ says it has nothing to do with them as he's talking about Theresa. Jennifer brings up him staying away from her but JJ reveals that he didn't. JJ informs Jennifer that he was the one that was with her when she overdosed.

EJ tells Abigail to just let it go. Abigail asks why when she thinks it's worth it. Abigail says they can't just walk away from this. Abigail knows there are problems like EJ being engaged but she doesn't think it matters. Abigail says he loved Sami but still came to her and wanted her. Abigail says what he has with Sami isn't working or isn't enough since he wanted something more or different because he still came to her. Abigail says she knows EJ and that he wants to make love to her right now.

Maggie knows that Brady will one day want out from the bottle no matter how far he's fallen and she'll be there for him. She tells him to never forget she loves him as she then exits. Brady gets his scotch but decides against it until Theresa arrives and asks if he wants some company.

Daniel tells Marlena that Nicole did everything she could to help Eric. Marlena questions Nicole's definition of helping. Marlena believes Nicole has her own agenda and plan. Daniel says it's wrong since everything Nicole did was to get Eric reinstated. Daniel talks about Nicole being willing to face Chyka on her own but he wouldn't let her. Daniel explains Chyka getting away. Daniel says Nicole could've been killed when all she worried about was clearing Eric's name. Daniel thinks Marlena owes Nicole an apology. Marlena apologizes and thanks Nicole for trying to help Eric then she quickly exits. Nicole thanks Daniel.

JJ tells Jennifer that he's being completely honest for the first time as he made a stupid choice in going over to Theresa's with weed. Jennifer questions this being after his arrest when he could've gone to prison. Jennifer tells him to just tell her the rest. JJ says he did it because he was in to her and knows it was dumb and pathetic but she kept giving him signals that she would get with him if he brought her stuff. JJ explains that he showed up and she had something else and ended up overdosing. JJ says he couldn't wake her up so he freaked out and couldn't just let her die so he called Daniel.

EJ and Abigail get close. He suggests she leave but she says she's not going to walk away from him when she knows he still wants her.

Nicole tells Daniel about feeling like Marlena was interrogating her. Daniel talks about Nicole risking her life to help Eric. Eric enters and joins them. Eric tells them that telling everyone the news is getting kind of weird. Eric then informs Daniel that he's leaving the priesthood.

JJ tells Jennifer that he's telling her this because she needs to know what Daniel did. JJ explains how Daniel saved Theresa's life and kept JJ out of prison by covering for him. Jennifer says her mind is all over the place but it explains why she kept seeing JJ with Daniel all the time suddenly. JJ then informs Jennifer that Daniel wasn't there and never slept with Theresa.

Daniel tells Eric that it's big news. Eric says he just felt he needed to tell his family first. Daniel guesses Eric and Nicole need to be alone and he needs to get ready for Parker coming home. Nicole thanks Daniel. Eric asks Daniel to keep things quiet until he tells more of his family. Daniel agrees and hugs Nicole then exits the Pub. Nicole asks Eric who he's told. Eric says he told Roman and Marlena, who did not take it so well. Eric says Caroline will be tougher but he's sure Sami can handle it. Nicole encourages that they will come around. Eric says he knows they won't be happy but he is and didn't think he would be without Nicole. Eric insists it was the right choice and is looking forward to seeing where they go from here. Eric doesn't want to look back and says all that matters is now and the future. Nicole holds his hand and agrees.

Brady and Theresa sit together with drinks. Theresa informs him that she quit the program today. She asks what's up with him. Brady talks about the ugly, public fight with Eric. Brady thinks they are done for good now. Brady laughs about Maggie showing up earlier and they joke together. Theresa feels only they are fun while everyone else tries to make them miserable. They toast their drinks to good things coming.

Eric tells Nicole that they might have to have dinner somewhere else. Nicole is fine with wherever. Roman returns and asks for a word with Eric. Nicole suggests he just read her statement to Hope. Roman says it sounds good but he needs a word with Eric alone. Nicole says it's fine and she will see Eric later. Nicole exits the Pub. Nicole runs into Marlena. Nicole says she was just leaving but Marlena says not yet.

Jennifer questions why Daniel wouldn't have just told her the truth. JJ explains that Daniel had to come up with an excuse at the hospital for why he was at Theresa's. JJ says people assumed so he had to go with it. JJ adds that Jennifer had to be mad at him or no one would have believed it. JJ says Jennifer would've had to lie in court and he didn't want her in that position. Jennifer says it's so much. Jennifer questions Theresa just going along with all of this. JJ informs her that she was faking not remembering to stick it to Jennifer. Jennifer wants to know what is going on. JJ reveals that Theresa blackmailed him and threatened to show the video to the judge if he didn't do whatever she wanted. JJ says that's why he was so freaked out about his sentencing. JJ adds that Theresa could've blown him up at any moment but he stopped her. JJ says he caught her trying to steal money so she couldn't use what she had. Jennifer calls it unbelievable and brings up JJ always saying he was fine. JJ didn't want it to be this way and didn't want people to know. JJ wants Jennifer to promise not to go after Theresa. Jennifer promises not to do anything to hurt JJ. Jennifer adds that she appreciates him telling her this but wonders why now. JJ says he just hates how things are with her and Daniel. JJ says seeing her with Liam made him realize that she needed to know that Daniel did this because he knew it would kill her to see JJ go to prison. JJ tells her that he did it for her because he loved her and he knows he still does.

EJ and Abigail almost kiss but he stops and steps away. EJ says he can't hurt Sami anymore. Abigail argues that Sami doesn't have to find out and she doesn't want her to. Abigail gets close and says they can be careful as they then begin kissing.

Roman asks Eric again if he's sure about this. Eric says if he was supposed to be a priest then they would've found the evidence to make it happen.

Marlena asks Nicole to clear things up for her. Nicole feels Marlena doesn't believe her. Marlena admits maybe she doesn't.

Brady and Theresa finish their drinks and order another round. Theresa says she likes him a lot when he drinks.

JJ walks through the town square and runs into Maggie. She asks what he's doing out of school. JJ says he's on his free period and he's on his way there now. Maggie questions him telling the truth. JJ swears that he is and feels he just did something right.

Daniel finishes a call with Chloe about Parker being sick. They agree to leave Parker with Chloe until he's feeling better. Jennifer then arrives at Daniel's.

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