Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/19/14

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/19/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

EJ wakes up from a dream about kissing Abigail in bed.

Abigail sits alone in the town square thinking about being with EJ. Abigail says it can't be like that because it didn't mean nothing. Abigail gets up to leave but runs into Nick, who jokes that they have to stop meeting like this.

Sonnny thanks Gabi for giving he and Will privacy. Sonny asks how things went with Nick. Gabi talks about Sonny telling Sami about her and Nick. Gabi tells Sonny that things with Nick are different and she believes Nick has changed.

Roman and Marlena go to the Pub, having gotten a message from Eric to meet him. They talk about what it could be. They head inside and spot Brady. They approach, startling him and Marlena asks what's going on with Eric.

Eric goes to Daniel's looking for him but only Nicole is home. Nicole tells Eric that Daniel had to stay at the hospital. Nicole mentions expecting to hear from Eric by now. Eric says he was up most of the night explaining things to Father Matt and the bishop and then told them that he's decided to resign. Nicole asks how that went. Eric reveals that they asked him to wait.

Sami brings EJ breakfast in bed. Sami mentions the kids are off to school so they can stay in bed a little longer.

Stefano sits in the living room of the DiMera Mansion as Abe arrives. Stefano calls it a surprise. Stefano asks what he owes the honor to. Abe says he was on his way to the station. Abe then reveals that he's there to thank Stefano.

EJ and Sami kiss in bed. EJ thinks they are stronger after the struggle as they continue kissing.

Nick offers to get Abigail a coffee so she agrees. Nick asks if something was bothering her since it looked like it.

Brady tells Marlena and Roman that he hasn't seen Eric. Marlena assumed maybe he got the same text that they got. Brady says he has no clue. Brady goes to leave but Marlena asks if he's not curious what his brother has to say. Brady says no.

Nicole tells Eric that he should probably wait if he was asked to. Eric notes that it was not an order. Eric talks about asking for a sign from God that being a priest was his will but that sign never came. Eric tells her that he's decided to resign from the church effective immediately. Nicole holds back tears as they hug.

EJ and Sami continue kissing. Sami asks if he wants to know what changed. EJ jokes with her. Sami tells him that it was Will. Sami then reveals to EJ that Will is getting married. EJ is thrilled and says he's so happy. Sami talks about Will talking about not taking love for granted and it got to her. Sami realized they had wasted too much time. Sami kisses EJ. EJ promises to get the most extravagant wedding gift possible. Sami calls it amazing how things change and they can be this happy. They continue kissing. Sami then realizes she has to go and starts to get up but EJ pulls her back for more. Sami tells him good things come to those who wait as she gets out of bed.

Abigail tells Nick that she was just thinking about work. Nick mentions it being his first day back at Mad World. Nick talks about wanting something bad enough. Abigail says she's in a mood today. Nick asks if she wants to talk about it but she says no. Nick says they used to be able to talk about anything and he misses that. Nick talks about opening up to his family but there's certain things that he can't talk about like Gabi.

Gabi talks to Sonny about Nick. Sonny stops her and reminds her that they have no idea what he's up to or what he remembers. Gabi informs Sonny that they know now that Nick knew the truth the whole time. Sonny thinks he's been playing her then since he came back. Gabi explains why Nick kept the secret. Sonny doesn't think Nick cares. Gabi shouts that Nick thinks she's innocent.

Marlena tells Brady that she thought he forgave Eric. Brady doesn't want to hear how he's supposed to feel about Eric. Brady says he doesn't want to hear Eric's news from anyone and storms out of the Pub.

Nicole tells Eric that he seems really sure. Eric states that he's at peace with his decision. Eric says he's sorry as he's running late and has to be somewhere. Nicole is glad he came by. Eric asks to see her tonight since they have so much more to talk about. Nicole agrees. Eric tells her that he's meant everything he's ever said to her about his feelings for her. Eric understands if she's unsure. Nicole tells him not to worry. Nicole asks if they can be seen together. Eric says they were when he was a priest. Eric says there are still some formalities that will take some time. Eric mentions having to go see his parents so he will call her. Eric hugs her and then exits. Nicole says to herself that she needs to be sure as he is and she needs to love him without complications. She decides she needs to ditch the evidence today.

Sami and EJ go into the living room where Abe tells them that he just thanked Stefano for his contributions to Lexie's wing. Sami praises Lexie and says she has to get going. Abe mentions heading to the station and walks out. Sami kisses EJ goodbye and walks out with Abe. EJ sits with Stefano and asks about the new wing. Outside the mansion, Abe comments on Sami's good mood. Abe warns Sami to be careful with EJ. They talk about Lexie. Sami compares EJ changing. Sami mentions their upcoming wedding as she walks away.

Nick sits with Abigail and asks her about really connecting with someone entirely. Abigail says she thinks she has. Nick feels that's what he had with Gabi and he thinks they still have this connection. Abigail calls it a romantic notion but doesn't think it's possible. Nick asks her not to say anything to Gabi because he doesn't want to scare her off. Nick wonders why someone would live their life regretting what they didn't try. Nick thanks Abigail for listening and then walks away. Nick stops and looks back at Abigail before leaving.

Sonny questions Gabi believing Nick. Gabi feels she is innocent since hitting him was self defense. Gabi says Kate and Sami were the ones that dumped him into the river. Sonny says they risked everything to protect her. Sonny accuses Gabi of making it all about her and throwing them under the bus. Gabi declares that she couldn't set Nick straight because he was right. Gabi talks about Nick trying to be open minded. Gabi points out that Nick didn't go to the police when he could've. Gabi believes that Nick just wants his job back. Sonny says Nick has proven over and over that he cannot be trusted but Gabi continues to let him back in her life. Sonny calls Gabi weak. Sonny says Nick is bad news for everyone but Gabi can't figure that out. Gabi says she can't believe this. Sonny reminds Gabi how Will could've died because of Nick. Gabi yells at him to stop. Sonny talks about Gabi hitting Nick with a rock and then defending him. Sonny questions Gabi wanting to sleep with Nick again. Gabi slaps Sonny. Gabi says she thought they figured out a way to be friends but they haven't because he never respected her. Gabi storms out as Sonny calls out to her that it's her turn to watch Arianna.

Eric meets with Marlena and Roman and informs them that he has asked the church to relieve him of his vows. Marlena asks if he's sure that's what he wants. Eric insists it's his choice and the best thing for him as well as the church.

Nicole takes the evidence to clear Eric's name to her office and prepares to use the paper shredder.

Roman tells Eric that he thought the church was his life. Eric says he'll still be on God's path. Marlena comments on how strong he's being but talks about his passion for the church. Eric says he fought hard to hang on but it's become clear to him that he has to stop fighting.

Nicole begins shredding the documents of evidence. Brady then arrives and puts his hand on her shoulder, scaring her.

EJ tells Stefano that he will be at the office. Stefano stops him and congratulates him. EJ realizes he knows about he and Sami. Stefano reminds EJ that he knows everything that happens under their roof. Stefano asks if the wedding is on. EJ responds that he can't think of anything that could stop it. EJ exits.

Abigail remains in the town square, thinking back to what Nick said about regretting what you never try. Abigail declares that for once Nick is right as she gets up and walks away.

Sami goes to see Arianna and Sonny. Sonny tells her that Will is in class. Sami asks if everything is okay. Sonny claims it's all good but Sami doesn't believe him. Sonny admits he and Gabi just had a huge fight. Sonny tells Sami that he doesn't get Gabi believing Nick's changed. Sami wonders what's wrong with Gabi.

Nick meets Gabi outside the town square. She apologizes and says she shouldn't have texted him but she feels she's the only one who gets that he really wants to change.

Eric talks to Roman and Marlena about not being able to prove anything. Marlena wants to find Chyka but Eric says he's gone and not coming back which he's made peace with. Marlena thinks there has to be a way but Eric insists there's not. Eric apologizes and says he can't stay as he wants to tell people himself. Eric assures them that he's look forward to the next phase of his life. Eric says he loves them as he exits the Pub.

Brady questions if Nicole is destroying evidence but she says it's nothing. Brady brings up the last time he saw her when she said there was something he needed to know about Eric. Nicole suggests he talk to Eric about it now. Brady questions what's going on. Nicole decides it's not her place. Brady gets upset and says he shouldn't have bothered with it as he quickly exits. Nicole then goes back to shredding the evidence.

Gabi tells Nick that she shouldn't have asked him to meet. Nick says it's gratifying to hear that she believes him. Gabi tells Nick about fighting with Sonny about it. Nick sits with her as she explains what happened. Nick apologizes for her being caught in the middle. Gabi compares them to Sami and EJ again. Nick tells her that everyone is justified in how they feel so they should be angry at him instead of her. Nick tells Gabi that they will take their anger out on her if she defends him. Nick tells her not to risk her relationships for him. Nick tells her that there is one thing she can do for him.

Sonny continues complaining to Sami about Gabi defending Nick. Sami tells Sonny about Gabi comparing it to her and EJ. Sonny asks about her and EJ. Sami says the tension is over and it's all good now. Sami tells Sonny that she wants to coordinate their wedding dates. Sonny says Sami and EJ were engaged first so can choose first. They joke around and Sonny then gets a call from Gabi. Gabi says she's calling to say she's sorry.

Brady runs into Eric in the town square. Brady tries to walk on but Eric stops him. Brady says he can't avoid it and asks what it is.

Nicole goes to the Pub and sees Roman and Marlena. She asks if Eric is there. Marlena tells her that he just left after informing them of their decision. Nicole knows it was hard to hear. Roman wonders if Eric would've made that decision if Chyka hadn't gotten away. Nicole apologizes for Chyka getting away from her. Marlena questions what she's talking about.

Sonny questions Gabi being sorry. Gabi says she overreacted and needs to respect how he feels. Sonny agrees that they both said things they shouldn't have. Gabi says she'll never forget that Sonny delivered Arianna. Gabi adds that she always wants to stay friends. Sonny feels the same. Gabi says she's glad they talked and hangs up. Sonny comments that he didn't see that coming as Gabi was so nice to him. Sami suggests maybe he got through to her. Sonny says it will be interesting when Gabi finds out about the wedding. Nick tells Gabi that she handled it just right. Gabi admits it feels good and thanks Nick. She says he was absolutely right to suggest that. Nick says he's always there to help. Nick decides he should go and will talk to her soon. Nick then walks away.

Eric sits with Brady and tells him that he's not bound by his vows anymore. Brady questions him being out just like that. Eric says he just told his parents and they were surprised which he's sure everyone will be. Brady tells him to do what he wants. Eric says it's what God wants. Brady responds that it's sure as hell what Nicole wants.

Nicole doesn't think she has any more to add but Roman and Marlena disagree. Roman says he hadn't talked to Hope yet so he wants Nicole to fill in the blanks on what happened. Nicole sits with them and explains that she and Daniel tracked down Chyka to get what they could but they came up short so now it's a dead end and that's the whole story. Marlena questions Chyka bolting on Nicole's watch.

EJ goes to his office for what he thinks is a meeting but finds Abigail instead. Abigail reveals that she lied and used the name from his meeting to get in. EJ doesn't understand. Abigail tells him that Sami's not there and has a meeting later so it's just them. EJ questions what Abigail wants. Abigail responds that she wants him and she's not going to just walk away.

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