Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/18/14

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/18/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kate sits at the club on the phone complaining about work. Lucas enters and asks what's going on. Kate asks if he wants the good news or the bad news. Kate tells Lucas that Nick comes back to work at Mad World tomorrow and complains about getting her investigator coming up with nothing on Jordan.

Rafe wakes up in bed as Jordan lays back down with him and they kiss.

Will goes home where Sonny asks where he went. Will says it didn't seem right that only he had an engagement ring. Will then puts a ring on Sonny's finger. Sonny pulls out his and puts it on Will. They call it perfect and then kiss.

Liam goes to Jennifer's with flowers. She thanks him and invites him in. Liam talks about hearing the good news of JJ's hearing and calls it a relief to have it behind her.

Theresa says Daniel and JJ will be free and clear as soon as he finishes the check. She gets impatient as there's a knock at the door and JJ arrives. Theresa says his timing is terrible as usual. JJ thinks it was pretty terrific and informs Theresa that he texted Daniel so he knows and she's never going to get what she wants.

Abigail talks about Sami always forgiving EJ but wonders if she'd forgive him this time if she knew about them as Sami then appears in the gateway. Sami asks if she's interrupting something and notes that she heard her name so she asks what the big secret is. EJ tells Sami that he was about to tell Abigail that Sami knows the truth and understands completely.

Theresa tells JJ not to screw with her. Daniel tells JJ to watch himself. JJ says they have nothing to worry about. Theresa tells him to go to Hell. JJ reveals to Daniel that he knew Theresa was trying to get money. JJ tells Theresa to go ahead and tell Daniel why this is her last shot and why it's all over.

Will talks about when he met Sonny and how he taught him what it meant to love somebody. They kiss onto the couch. Will tells Sonny that they've survived a baby, blackmail, and bullets but nothing can compare him to Sami's wedding planning. Sonny jokes about Adrienne being the same. They agree that they should tell them. Sonny wishes Justin wasn't away but doesn't want to wait. They kiss again.

Lucas questions Kate hiring Nick. Kate says it's already done. Lucas calls her insane. Lucas brings up how Sami will react. Kate says she's under control. Lucas realizes then that Sami already knew before he did. Kate wants to discuss Jordan. Kate talks about Jordan having fake IDs but no records. Lucas suggests maybe she hasn't used them yet. Kate then declares they are IDs that she will use in the future when she decides not to be Jordan Ridgeway anymore.

Rafe and Jordan continue kissing in bed. Jordan says she's starving and suggests going out to eat. They joke with each other and kiss again.

Jennifer asks Liam how he knew about JJ. Liam says Maxine was spreading the news at the hospital. He notes she doesn't seem as happy as he expected. Jennifer says she's relieved and mentions how they celebrated earlier. Liam notes that it's now just the two of them.

JJ argues with Theresa about what she did. JJ tells Daniel that she doesn't have anything on him anymore because he can go after her now. Theresa calls JJ a son of a bitch and attacks him.

Sami thanks Abigail for what she did. Abigail says she didn't do much and hurries off. Sami comments that Abigail couldn't get away from her fast enough so EJ must have done a real number on her.

Rafe and Jordan go to the Pub. They talk about Rafe being about ready to ditch his cane. They get close as they are watched through the window.

Kate tells Lucas that Jordan won't want to be Jordan when she gets through with her. Lucas gets a text and says he has to go. Lucas tells Kate to let Rafe be happy as he exits.

Daniel pulls Theresa away from JJ. Theresa warns that he will wish he was in prison. Daniel says Theresa's problem is with Jennifer not JJ. Theresa says it didn't have to be like this with JJ as they used to have fun together. Daniel tells her to go. JJ tells Theresa to think about what Daniel did for them both since he kept him out of prison and saved her life. JJ tells Theresa to run with her chance like he did. JJ says life is what you make it. Theresa warns JJ about his life when she gets done with them. Theresa then exits.

EJ tells Sami that Nick has got Abigail running because of his comments. They talk others not knowing what Nick knows. Sami mentions that Will and Sonny don't know about Nick and Percy having photos to blackmail them. Sami gets a text from Will wanting to see her. EJ tells her that he will be in his room if she feels like saying goodnight. Sami kisses him on the cheek and exits.

Abigail walks through the town square and stops.

Daniel asks JJ how he knew Theresa was there. JJ says she saw him before his hearing and it took him awhile to figure it out. Daniel asks why he didn't say anything. JJ says he tried a few times but couldn't because of what she had over him then came up with his own plan. Daniel appreciates him coming. JJ figures he owed him that much. Daniel suggests they are even now but JJ says not even close. JJ then adds that they are both done with Theresa.

Theresa paces outside of the courtroom and asks to see the judge. She says she has something very important information about a case from earlier today.

Lucas goes to see Will and Sonny. Will thanks him for coming. Lucas asks if everything is okay. Will says it's more than okay but wants to wait for Sami. Sami then arrives and asks the same. Sonny says they have an announcement to make. Lucas guesses they are buying a house or adding to the club. Will says maybe one day after they get married and reveal the rings. Lucas calls it amazing and congratulates them with a hug while Sami seems stunned. Sami then asks if they are crazy.

EJ goes through the town square and runs into Abigail. Abigail calls it unbelievable. EJ says not to do this here. Abigail brings up the cabin or his gym shower. Abigail asks about his lies and manipulations. Abigail asks if he even knows who the real EJ is because she doesn't.

Lucas questions why Sami would say that when this is great news. Sami says she's talking from experience. Sami talks about how young they are and not being ready to face the world. Sami thinks they have enough going on without the complications. Will tells her to take a deep breath. Will says they know life is complicated. Will says the only thing worse than life's challenges is dealing with them alone. Will talks about the gift they have. Will says what they have comes around once in a lifetime. Lucas wishes he was as smart as him. Sami agrees and apologizes. Sami admits she's happy and hugs them.

EJ tells Abigail to be honest with herself and asks what good it would have done to have been truthful with Sami. EJ says it just would've hurt people including her family. She tells him not to pretend to care about her family. Abigail says she is only worried about his family. EJ says he loves Sami. Abigail tells him to tell himself whatever he needs to. Abigail asks if he can say that when he's alone with Sami and asks if that's the real EJ. Abigail says she just wants to understand and know. Abigail asks who the EJ is that she was with and what he's really feeling. Abigail says she would love to know when he figures it out then walks away.

Theresa paces as she's called in to see the judge. She instead hides around the corner regretting her decision and walks off.

JJ explains to Daniel how he and his friends busted Theresa. JJ wants to go home and tell Theresa everything. Daniel asks what he means. JJ says Jennifer deserves to know what happened between Daniel and Theresa. Daniel wants her to keep thinking that since Jennifer would tell everybody else and worries about what Theresa would try if she goes back to California. JJ says it's not right that Jennifer broke up with him when all Daniel did was save his ass. Daniel talks about what could happen if Theresa goes to the judge with a video. JJ hates this. Daniel gets paged to the hospital and makes JJ promise not to say anything. Daniel and JJ then exit.

Liam asks Jennifer if she wants to go out and celebrate. Jennifer is not sure she'd be the best company right now. Liam feels they have a good time together. Jennifer agrees and calls him wonderful. Jennifer says she's grateful for things working out for JJ but she has other things going on. Liam asks if it has to do with Daniel. Jennifer says there's nothing between them anymore but sometimes it's hard to move on. Liam talks about knowing the feeling from his divorce. Jennifer doesn't want to be unfair to him. Liam suggests they just keep moving forward. Liam invites her to dinner and Jennifer accepts.

Rafe and Jordan joke around as they eat together. Rafe says he has to go home and prepare his testimony for court tomorrow. Rafe adds that Jordan will have to go see her cat Arthur. Rafe suggests bringing him a treat. They joke about the cat and then kiss as Kate walks in on the phone and sees them together. Rafe spots Kate and greets her. Rafe says he's glad she's there and shows her how he can walk without his cane. Kate calls it fantastic. Jordan gets a call and steps away. Rafe invites Kate to join them but she declines and says she's happy for him. Rafe says he owes a lot of it to her for not giving up on him while he was in the hospital. Rafe says she kept him going at least until Jordan came around.

Sonny invites Sami to join them for a toast. Sami says she'd love to but has something to take care of. Sami tells Will that she's happy for him and loves him as they hug. Will thanks her. Sami hopes he's learned from her mistakes and says she loves them both. Sami hopes everybody can be as happy as them. Sami then exits.

Theresa goes to the hospital and drops her papers. Daniel appears and helps pick them up. Theresa says she didn't ask for his help. Daniel warns her that she will need it if she wants to stay out of jail.

Liam asks Jennifer where she wants to go. Jennifer is not sure what she's in the mood for. They get close and end up kissing as JJ walks in. Jennifer asks if he had fun tonight. JJ says that he did.

EJ sits alone at home until Sami walks in. EJ asks how Will was. Sami says he's great. EJ says that's good. Sami pours a drink and offers it to EJ. EJ takes it and Sami begins rubbing his shoulders. EJ holds her hand. Sami sits in front of him and takes his work away. Sami then takes EJ by the hands and they head upstairs.

Will thanks Lucas for being happy with them. Lucas says he's not happy but thrilled for them and thinks it's fantastic. Lucas wants to know when they let Sonny's parents know so he doesn't blow it. Lucas hugs them again before leaving. Sonny states that went better than expected. Will calls it something else to celebrate as they kiss.

Jordan returns to Rafe as Kate says she needs to get going. Rafe asks how it's going with Sheryl. Kate says she reports to Lucas but is doing fine. Jordan mentions Sheryl loving working there. Kate then exits the Pub. Kate gets a call from her investigator Ortiz who still has no information on Jordan. Kate says she's not surprised but has some new ideas. Kate walks away while someone again looks through the window on Rafe and Jordan. Rafe comments that Jordan and Kate seem to be getting along better. Jordan agrees while they are still being watched.

Theresa asks Daniel what he wants. Daniel says all he wants is for her to leave JJ and Jennifer alone. Daniel threatens that she will experience trouble like never before if she hurts them. Theresa says he wouldn't dare. Daniel warns her to try him.

Liam congratulates JJ on his good news. Jennifer says they were just about to go for dinner and invites JJ to join them. JJ says he's not hungry so he's just going to watch TV. JJ tells them to have fun. Jennifer and Liam exit. JJ declares to himself that he's sorry Daniel but Jennifer has to know the truth because it's the right thing to do.

Abigail sits at the club and thinks back to sex with EJ.

Sami and EJ go to the bedroom where she begins removing his shirt and they kiss as they begin to have sex.

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