Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/17/14

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/17/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami joins Gabi and Arianna in the town square. Gabi compliments Sami's necklace. Gabi talks about romance. Sami encourages her not to be thinking about Nick. Gabi wants her to give up. Gabi compares Nick to EJ which surprises Sami.

EJ walks past the Brady Pub where Nick approaches and says he'd love to talk to him. EJ can't imagine he wants to hear from him. Nick then says attempted murder.

Hope tells Aiden that she didn't know he was a lawyer or that Justin had him step in. Aiden didn't know Hope was related to JJ. Aiden calls her family nice. Hope asks if he was going to say she's the exception.

Jennifer hugs JJ in excitement of the hearing being over. Abigail encourages him. Jennifer gets a call from Hope and steps out to tell her the news. Abigail asks JJ what's wrong since he looks like he lost when he won. Abigail asks JJ who he's calling since he pulled out his phone. JJ says he thought he would text Daniel. Abigail asks him why.

Daniel asks Theresa what they need to clear up. She tells him that she's starting to remember the night she overdosed. Theresa tells Daniel that she figured out that Daniel has been lying to everyone and that has to stop now.

Jennifer joins Hope and Aiden outside the court room. Jennifer praises Aiden. Hope informs Jennifer about knowing Aiden. Jennifer tells Hope about having a celebration at the house for JJ and invites Aiden and his son Chase. Aiden says Chase has basketball practice so Jennifer suggests Aiden can still come. Hope reluctantly agrees that it would be nice. Aiden then accepts the invitation.

JJ talks to Abigail about Daniel wanting to know. Abigail decides she should text him since he should know.

Daniel asks Theresa what exactly she remembers. Theresa says she knows JJ was there and they were getting high together. Theresa adds that she knows JJ called Daniel to take her to the hospital but what she doesn't understand is Daniel not telling her or anyone about that. Theresa questions why Daniel let everyone believe they were hooking up.

Jennifer returns to JJ and hugs him again. Jennifer calls it a special day for her and praises his speech to the judge. Jennifer tells him that it's finally over.

Sami questions Gabi comparing her situation with Nick to Sami's relationship with EJ. Gabi asks why not. Sami explains that she and EJ are engaged and have children. Gabi points out the things they've done to each other and how they hated each other. Sami points out that Gabi is being bitchy and it's making her mad. Gabi feels what Nick did to her doesn't compare to what Sami and EJ have done to each other.

EJ asks Nick about his scar and warns him that he's not thinking clearly. Nick tells EJ that he knows and brings up EJ looking like he saw a ghost when he came back to town. EJ claims he saw right through his theatrical entrance. Nick insists on being sincere that he moved on and has changed. EJ asks Nick what exactly he wants. Nick calls it truth time. Nick tells EJ that he's not wearing a wire but adds that EJ can just listen to him. Nick explains to EJ that he admitted he knew what happened that night because Sami and Kate wouldn't let it go. Nick thought the best way to deal with it was to go talk to the accomplices that knew what they attempted to do to him. EJ doesn't care and just wants Nick out of his sight. Nick thinks he cares plenty since what he knows counts. Nick brings up EJ sending his men to clean the river area.

Sami admits she and EJ have a long complicated history but calls it different from Gabi's situation with Nick. Sami can't believe Gabi is going after them in favor of Nick. Gabi asks if Sami's never been terrified of EJ.

Theresa asks Daniel if he's not going to say anything. Daniel realizes that she knew all along and remembered from the minute she woke up. Theresa admits it and says she likes to play games. Daniel doesn't like being played. Theresa says he's been lying to people for months just like her. Daniel says the secret's out so they are finished. Theresa suggests he sit down because they are just getting started.

Jennifer brings JJ home where Hope, Kayla, and Abe are waiting to congratulate him. Abigail comes in with cake.

Daniel gets the text from Abigail about JJ getting probation. Theresa says that's great and mentions wishing him luck. Theresa claims she likes when good things happen to people and she doesn't want to punish JJ or Daniel but Daniel doesn't believe her. Theresa says she likes Daniel and that he likes her too. Daniel thinks she's misreading the situation. Theresa says he is so her type and they are going to have some fun. Theresa tells Daniel that they can start over and forget about each other's lies. Theresa says they can just be happy together. Daniel questions what exactly she's proposing. Theresa suggests taking their relationship to the next level.

Sami questions where Gabi is coming from and says she's not terrified of anyone. Gabi says she likes EJ and points out that he's changed because Sami gave him another chance. Sami questions if Gabi is giving Nick another chance. Gabi believes that he's trying. Gabi continues comparing it to Sami and EJ. Sami gets a call and says she will be there in a second for work. Sami turns back around and Gabi is gone.

Nick tells EJ that he understands he was trying to protect the woman he loves which he respects. Nick asks to be left alone to rebuild his life. EJ is glad Nick understands that he will do whatever it takes to protect Sami. EJ adds that he will end any threat. Nick says as long as he gets to live his life. EJ tells him that he doesn't care about his life as long as Nick stays out of his family's lives. EJ doesn't see a reason for them to cross paths again. EJ then walks away.

Kayla tells JJ about telling him that everything would work out. Jennifer encourages JJ as Bev and Rory then arrive at the door.

Daniel tells Theresa that they don't have a relationship and he's not attracted to her so she's deluding herself. She tells him to drop the attitude because this is going to happen. Theresa suggests he think about it a little more. Theresa calls today his D-Day and threatens that the wrong decision could cost Daniel his license. Theresa points out that their lies could also revoke JJ's probation, sending him to prison which would give Jennifer another thing to blame Daniel for. Theresa asks if that's what he wants. Daniel questions her plan being to hookup for sex. Theresa calls him hot but doesn't want a one night thing. Theresa says they are going to date a lot and calls it a nice long affair. Daniel calls her insane. Theresa says first Daniel has to kick Nicole out and then they will get started. Daniel questions Theresa thinking she knows him. She calls him an easy read. Daniel says he wouldn't do it because it would hurt Jennifer too much. Theresa can't believe he's still in love with Jennifer. Daniel realizes this isn't about him but about hurting and punishing Jennifer. Daniel asks if it's because Jennifer fired her or saved her from going to prison. Daniel tells her to think about that and get out. Theresa questions Daniel thinking he's in control. Theresa says she has evidence and Daniel's career along with JJ's freedom are on the line. Daniel questions her evidence so she reveals her video of her and JJ getting high.

Jennifer tells JJ that they need to talk about his friends. Hope approaches Aiden and offers cake and coffee. Ciara comes up to Hope but stops when she sees Aiden. Aiden steps away. Ciara questions what he's doing there. JJ reminds Jennifer that she said it was okay for Rory and Bev to come by. JJ says they are his friends that stuck by him. Jennifer apologizes. JJ asks if it's still okay to hang out with them later. She tells him not to be out too long. JJ tells Jennifer that he loves her and would've never made it through without her. She tells him to thank everyone before he leaves. JJ gets everyone's attention and thanks them for doing this and sticking by him. JJ says he's going to hang out at the town square but calls everyone great and thanks them. Aiden, Abe, and Kayla wish him the best and congratulate him as he exits.

EJ joins Sami in the town square. Sami tells him that Gabi is losing her mind. EJ says he just left Nick and calls him certifiable. Sami informs EJ that Gabi is thinking about giving Nick another chance like she did with him.

Gabi brings Arianna to the Pub where Nick is seated. Nick tells Gabi that she just missed Caroline. Nick says it's good to see her. Gabi decides to join Nick at his table. The waitress comes by and says it's good to see them together again. Gabi admits it's weird to be sitting together like nothing happened. Nick feels nothing did happen other than him being a jerk. Nick says those days are over since he's changed. Gabi brings up Nick blackmailing Kate into giving he and Percy a job. Nick talks about feeling he owed Percy and insists that he will make Kate millions. Gabi questions him wanting to do that for Kate after everything that happened. Nick says what they did was wrong but he doesn't blame them for it. Nick actually understands exactly how they feel.

EJ questions Sami about Gabi comparing him to Nick. Sami calls her crazy and talks about Gabi's comparisons. EJ says they can't be compared and calls Nick a deranged psychopath. EJ says he and Sami survived because of their love. EJ adds that he would never do anything to hurt Sami and holds her hand as Abigail walks by and sees them.

Ciara tells Hope that she wants to go home. Hope explains to Ciara that Aiden was helping JJ but she doesn't care and calls him mean. Ciara brings up that last night Hope said Aiden was just sad as Aiden walks back over to them.

Theresa tells Daniel that she has lots of copies of the video. She tells Daniel that they will have lots of sex, dates, and making sure Jennifer sees them together at the hospital or he can kiss his career goodbye and see JJ off to prison. Daniel questions her thinking she has it all figured out. Theresa says she knows she does. Theresa says there's no way Daniel would risk sending JJ to prison. Theresa doesn't know why he'd protect JJ and calls him the biggest jerk. Theresa brings up JJ trashing Daniel before but notes that Daniel would do anything to protect him.

At the club, JJ thanks Rory and Bev for helping him take down Theresa and they toast. Bev asks him what's wrong.

Theresa tells Daniel they can forget the threats and the anger and just let it happen. Theresa flirts with Daniel and says they can have so much fun keeping JJ's secrets. Daniel grabs her shaking then lets her go. Daniel turns and screams as he throws a glass across the room.

Nick tells Gabi that what he did to Will was terrible and disgusting. Nick says he doesn't blame Kate and Sami for hating him and he takes responsibility for everything. Nick adds that they need to take responsibility too. Nick says being terrible to Will doesn't give them the right to kill him. Nick talks about Sami and Kate making Gabi go along with it and says it was very wrong.

Abigail turns away from Sami and EJ. EJ asks Sami not to let Gabi make her doubt them again. Sami knows he loves her and wouldn't hurt her again but calls it a lot to think about. EJ says the past is the past. EJ insists they will get through it together. EJ suggests going back to the house but Sami mentions having work to do so she will see him later. Sami then walks away. Abigail comes around the corner and approaches EJ.

Hope stops Aiden as he's leaving to explain what Ciara said. Aiden doesn't want to hear it and suggests they keep their distance as he exits. Kayla asks Jennifer about Liam but she hasn't seen him lately. Kayla talks about Jennifer forgiving JJ and how it could apply to others. Jennifer says she and Daniel are finished and points out that he never tried explaining his night with Theresa because he has no excuse. Jennifer declares there is no future there.

Theresa tells Daniel that maybe it's too much to handle for him and suggests this can go another way. Theresa says she needs money. Daniel questions her. Daniel reminds her that he saved her life. Theresa thanks him and says now they are deciding how much he will pay her. Daniel tells her he won't do it. Theresa tells him to visualize Jennifer's eyes when Daniel can't bail JJ out. Theresa wants a check in the high five figures and asks if Jennifer is worth that much to him.

JJ tells Bev about Theresa coming to the courthouse and how she acted cool. Rory and Bev encourage that she can't hurt him anymore. JJ talks about how Theresa wanted to know how long he would be tied up for and then comes to a realization.

Theresa asks Daniel if he's going to write her a check or if she should send the video to the judge. Daniel mentions the text from Abigail with the good news. Theresa says it could turn into horrible news. Theresa tells Daniel that JJ's future is in his hands and asks what it's going to be. Daniel decides he has no choice.

Ciara and Hope sit at the club. Ciara talks about Aiden being mean. Hope says sometimes grown ups can't get along so it's best they stay away from each other.

Kayla tells Jennifer to never say never. Jennifer says this is the new her not the one that forgave Jack over and over. Jennifer declares that she will not forgive Daniel for knowing how much sleeping with Theresa would hurt her and doing it anyway.

Daniel writes the check for Theresa and asks if they are cool. Theresa says it's good enough. Daniel wants to know that it's over. Theresa agrees. Theresa says he and JJ will be free and clear as soon as he finishes the check. She gets impatient as there's a knock at the door and JJ arrives.

Nick tells Gabi that he has to go meet Percy about work. Nick tells her that he will see her soon. Nick says bye to Gabi and Arianna. Nick comments on Gabi being beautiful as he exits.

Abigail asks EJ if he has some time. EJ walks away so Abigail follows him out of the town square. EJ asks her what's wrong. She says it's one of those days. She says it started out great with JJ getting probation but then she saw EJ holding Sami's hand and that made her crash. EJ thinks she understood from the beginning how he feels about Sami.

Sami walks back though the town square and wonders where EJ went.

Abigail says she knows how EJ feels about Sami now but asks if he felt that way when they were together. Abigail talks about Sami always forgiving EJ but wonders if she'd forgive him this time if she knew about them as Sami then appears in the gateway.

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