Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/14/14

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/14/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Hope finishes a call. Eric asks if there is a lead on Chyka. Hope reveals that she does have some news. Daniel asks if they found Chyka and if he's talking. Hope informs them that Homeland security has tracked Chyka and they think they know where he is.

Will finishes a call to Gabi, telling her that he will text her when she can come back home.

Sonny is at the club where he gets a Valentine's present delivered to him. He opens it and it's a picture book from Will with pictures of them together. Sonny says he's got to be somewhere and leaves the club.

JJ gets dressed up for his hearing as Abigail walks in and asks how he is. JJ admits that he's nervous. Abigail encourages that he will be fine and get probation so he has nothing to worry about.

Theresa looks through a window at the town square at a purse she says that she could've had until JJ screwed her over. She runs into Brady. Brady tells her that he knows what she's doing and she needs to let it go.

Daniel wants Chyka found. Hope worries about Chyka leaving the country. Eric feels he will never be able to clear his name but Daniel still feels there is a way.

Aiden turns out to be the lawyer that Justin recommended. He meets JJ, Abigail, and Jennifer. Aiden informs JJ that there has been one small hiccup as a negative letter came to the judge last night. Jennifer wonders who would do that.

Brady questions Theresa about wanting that purse. Theresa talks about her dreams of owning it. Theresa suggests coming to see him at Daniel's later but Brady informs her that Daniel is back now.

Daniel tells Eric about how he and Nicole got Chyka's confession on video and he was telling more until Ricardo came in. Daniel asks Nicole if Chyka gave anything they could use after he left. Nicole thinks back to finding the evidence in the safe but claims that she got nothing. Daniel decides they are going to search Chyka's hide out but Hope says the police are there now and someone beat them to it as the place is wiped out so there will be nothing to clear Eric there.

Sonny goes home to Will and they kiss.

JJ asks Aiden if he knows who sent the letter. Aiden informs him that it was the owner of the store where he broke the window. Aiden says she just suggested community service which is what the judge is thinking anyways. Abigail encourages JJ. Jennifer asks for a moment alone with Aiden. JJ agrees to head on to the courthouse. Abigail decides to go with him. Jennifer says they will be there in a few minutes. Jennifer asks Aiden if there is a chance that JJ could go to prison because she doesn't know what she will do if so.

Maggie and Victor return home from visiting the museum. Maggie tells Victor that she has to join Jennifer at the hearing. They talk about the judge and Victor wishes her luck. Victor mentions dealing with Brady on business. Maggie asks Victor to talk to Brady about rehab.

Theresa tells Brady that she has to go. Brady says he will see her around. Theresa jokes that he will have to find a new place to drink in secret with Daniel back. Brady says he just likes his privacy. Theresa says she can keep a secret as she walks away.

Eric steps out. Hope talks about not having any evidence and wants to talk to Nicole. Nicole says she needs to take a shower and get to work so maybe later. Daniel tells Hope that if any charges are filed, everything was his idea since Nicole has a record. Daniel insists that Nicole's heart was in the right place.

Nicole heads towards the shower with the evidence files with her. She looks through the files and thinks back to Eric telling her that he asked to be released from his vows to be with her. Nicole states that showing them this would change everything but wonders if that's what she should do.

Sonny praises Will for his gift and feels his won't be as good now. Sonny gives Will his gift. Will opens it and it's a book by his favorite author. Sonny explains that it's a gay love story. Sonny says they are lucky that people are more accepting these days. Will tells Sonny that he loves it and will start reading it right away. They kiss and Will tells Sonny there's another page for the photo album. Will gives him the page that reads today as the day Will finally wised up and said yes to Sonny.

Hope reminds Daniel that what they did was illegal. Hope gets a call from Brady and steps out as Eric comes back in. Daniel tells Eric about how he thought they had everything. Eric says he will always be grateful for him being on his side. Daniel feels he accomplished nothing. Daniel wonders if they should've just brought the police in. Eric tells him not to blame himself as sometimes they just have to accept God's plan. Eric says he's had a lot of time to reflect and just had a major realization. Nicole comes back in and tells Eric that she needs to talk to him about something important.

Aiden tells Jennifer that he truly doubts there is anything to worry about. Jennifer thanks him and says she feels better now. Aiden suggests they go get it over with so they exit.

JJ and Abigail go to the courthouse and greet Abe. Abe asks how JJ is. JJ says he's okay but a little nervous. Abe says he will stick around for the hearing to be in his corner. Abe tells JJ that Jack would be proud of how he's turned his life around. Abe guesses that everything will be fine. Abe gets a call and steps out. Abigail asks if she can get JJ anything. JJ sends her to get a bottle of water. Theresa then enters the courthouse.

Will tells Sonny that he is saying yes to him and them. Sonny gets excited and talks about Will wanting to wait until everything was right. Will talks about Nick, Sami, and Stefano and all the baggage he has but he realized that if they keep waiting then it might never happen while they try to fix things that weren't fixable. Will tells Sonny that he would love to marry him and they kiss.

Victor tells Maggie that he thinks throwing rehab in Brady's face may be a mistake. Victor reminds Maggie that there are cameras on Brady at the Titan suites. Maggie worries that there's only one way this will end if Brady doesn't go to rehab. Victor agrees to keep an eye on him but thinks he's handling it okay. Maggie worries about Brady being an addict. Victor says he knows what he's doing. Maggie tells him that Brady's life depends on it as she exits.

Brady stands in the town square, looking at Eric's number in his phone. Brady thinks back to Nicole trying to tell him about the evidence but Brady blowing her off. Brady then walks on.

Eric tells Nicole that he will walk out with her and they can talk on the way as he goes to see Father Matt. Eric thanks Daniel for everything. Daniel says he's not giving up as the evidence is out there and they're going to find it. Hope mentions needing a statement from Nicole. Eric and Nicole exit. Daniel reminds Hope that if anyone gets charged for what they did, it will be him. Hope tells him to relax as no one can press charges with Chyka gone. Hope tells Daniel to call him next time he gets a lead. Daniel agrees and then asks Hope for a favor.

JJ questions what Theresa is doing there. Theresa says she had to come pay a parking ticket and decided to wish him luck. JJ hopes she's not there to cause trouble and warns her about going to prison. She tells him to relax as she lost and he won. Abigail comes back in and questions what Theresa is doing there. Theresa says she was wishing JJ luck and comments that maybe they will both get what they want today as she walks out.

Brady goes to see Victor. They finish their work and Brady suggests celebrating with a drink. Victor thinks it's a bit early. Brady pours a martini and asks Victor if there is a problem.

Eric and Nicole walk through the town square. Nicole points out that he almost told Daniel about leaving the priesthood. Nicole doesn't want him to jump the gun if the police find anything on Chyka. Eric doesn't think that will happen and has already spoken to Father Matt and the Bishop. Nicole wants him to back off a bit and suggests they take a little time to re-evaluate.

Daniel mentions JJ's hearing today. Hope says she needs to get there. Daniel says he would appreciate an update on how it goes. Hope understands that he doesn't want to ask Jennifer. Hope understands Daniel still loves Jennifer. Daniel says he just wants what's best for Jennifer and JJ. Hope comments that Daniel is always trying to make everyone else happy. She tells him that he deserves his own happiness. Hope agrees to text him with what happens as she exits.

JJ's hearing begins. The judge talks about shoplifting and how he feels a message needs to be sent here. Aiden brings up the previous deal that was approved and how he shouldn't break his word. The judge admits that he seems to have abided by the terms but it's only been a couple of months. The judge has JJ stand up and asks what he has to say for himself.

Will and Sonny lay in bed. Sonny calls it the best day of his life. Sonny then calls it second best next to when Arianna was born. Sonny says there will never be anything like that. Will tells Sonny that he will be her stepdad after marriage. Sonny says they will officially be a family. They talk about telling Gabi about this. Sonny asks Will if he's sure he wasn't just getting carried away on Valentine's Day. Will laughs and assures him that he's been thinking about this since the day he proposed. Will declares that marrying him is just right. Will then suggests they get married today.

Victor tells Brady that there's no problem and he can have what he likes. Brady thanks him and takes his drink. Victor then tells him that it is his one drink for the day and that's it if there's no problem. Brady laughs and says he doesn't believe it. Brady questions Victor not trusting him. Brady says he doesn't need this, grabs his things and storms out. Victor calls out that they still had work to do.

Eric asks Nicole about re-evaluating. Nicole assures Eric that she loves him but she doesn't want him to rush things if the evidence appears. Eric says there's no rush as he made his decision. Eric tells her that this is real and what he feels. Nicole says he knows Chyka's name now. Eric feels it means nothing without the evidence and it's likely they will never see Chyka again. Eric says unless something can change that, he needs to start moving on with his life. Nicole suggests waiting a little and things could get better. Eric feels he's caused enough pain for her and the church. Eric says Nicole gave up and sacrificed so much without ever being selfish and only thinking of him.

JJ admits that he had made a lot of mistakes and understands the judge thinking he's getting off easy. JJ insists that he has learned his lesson and his life has taken a complete 180. JJ says he made it because of Jennifer, Abigail, and his family never giving up on him. JJ says if he gets the chance, he will try to pay them back by not screwing up and making sure that something like this never happens again. JJ says he loves his family. The judge declares that he's ready to pass the sentence.

Sonny slows Will down and says they have to do it right with family, friends, and a fantastic ceremony. Will agrees and says he was mostly joking. Will doesn't want a long engagement and not half as long as Sami and EJ. Sonny asks if he thinks his family will be supportive. Will says that he does and asks about Sonny's. Sonny says his dad and brothers will be but not sure about his mom. Sonny talks about making the guest list and they joke about Nick. Will says there's a lot they need to start doing. Sonny agrees but says for now it can wait as they kiss.

Brady sits at the club with a drink. He finishes his drink and the bartender asks if he wants more but Brady says he's good and then exits.

Eric tells Nicole that he's going to see Father Matt now and he will call her. Nicole stops him and asks if he's not going to change his mind. Nicole asks Eric if deep in his heart, he doesn't want to be a priest ever. Eric says Nicole is again only caring about him and his life. Nicole says she's his friend. Eric hopes she can be much more than that soon. Eric says he will call her as he walks away. Nicole worries and sits down on the bench with the evidence in her purse. Nicole pulls it out and says she definitely needs a sign. She asks if what she is doing wrong or right.

The judge tells JJ that he's wary about giving him a second chance since he's blown it before but he's obviously tried to change and seems sincere. The judge declares that JJ is sentenced to one year probation and 100 hours of community service. Jennifer, Maggie, and Abigail jump up excited. They thank Aiden as he exits. Jennifer hugs JJ and tells him how happy she is for him. JJ says he meant every word. Aiden calls Justin and tells him that JJ got the deal and all is well. Aiden then runs into Hope. Maggie comes out and tells Hope that JJ's deal went through. Maggie informs Hope that Aiden was JJ's lawyer. Maggie adds that things were looking rough but Aiden saved the day. Jennifer thanks Abe for everything. Abe tells JJ that Jack is smiling and then exits. Abigail and Jennifer tell JJ it's over and he can smile now. JJ thinks back to Theresa's last words to him. Abigail wonders what's wrong.

Daniel goes to leave his apartment but Theresa appears at his door. Daniel tells her it's not a good time. Theresa says she needs to talk and declares that they are going to do this now.

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