Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/13/14

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/13/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Hope runs into Aiden in the town square and spills her coffee on him.

Rafe and Jordan kiss and then they joke about Arthur. Rafe then surprises Jordan with a present.

Will goes to see EJ. EJ tells him that Sami is not there if he came to see her. Will instead brings up Abigail being there earlier and asks if she seemed okay to him.

Sami and Kate continue trying to convince Gabi against Nick and they tell Nick to go. Nick stops and says there is one more thing they might want to know.

Eric asks Nicole if they found anything to prove his innocence because this could change everything. Nicole says she knows then gets a call from Daniel, who is at his office. Daniel asks if she's okay. Nicole tells him that Chyka got away. Daniel asks if she found anything to clear Eric.

Hope apologizes to Aiden and tries to help wipe off his jacket. Hope then laughs about it.

Kate and Sami are not interested in what Nick has to say. They tell Nick to get out. Nick says he came back to Salem with the best of intentions. Percy talks up Nick being kind and honest. Sami says they have seen his act but believe that Nick is who is he has always been. Nick tells Percy to show them whta he's got. Percy pulls out an envelope and hands it to Sami. Sami opens it revealing pictures of the night at the river including when they shoved Nick into the water.

Daniel asks Nicole if she got anything on Chyka to prove what he did to Eric. Nicole then tells Daniel that Eric is right there. Daniel assumes she didn't. Nicole says she will tell Daniel more when he gets there. Daniel hangs up and worries about Chyka still being out there. Daniel hopes it's not too late. Eric asks Nicole about Chyka getting away. Nicole tells Eric about Ricardo interrupting things and how they had to get rid of him. Eric assumes it's over and the world will just think he's a hypocrite priest who had an affair with his brother's fiancee and he won't be able to clear his name. Nicole points out that she didn't say that.

Rafe encourages Jordan to open the present and not to make a big deal of it. Rafe wishes her a Happy Valentine's Day. Jordan opens it and it's a pen. Jordan says she loves it and kisses Rafe.

EJ tells Will that he doesn't know Abigail so he can't assess her mood. Will notes that when he saw her, she seemed upset. EJ assumes it's a family thing but Will says that she told him it's a guy but won't tell her who it is. Will doesn't think the guy is treating her right and she doesn't seem very happy. Will talks about Abigail picking the wrong guys. EJ asks if he came to talk about Abigail's love life. Will says he came to talk about EJ's.

Kate and Sami accuse Nick of blackmail. Percy talks about wanting to call the police but Nick worried about what would happen to them. Percy talks about Nick having to take time to heal. Kate questions why Percy took pictures. Percy says he saw them dragging Nick's body and took them to show the police. Percy says he always has a camera with him while bird watching. Sami asks Nick what he plans to do with the pictures.

Hope brings napkins for Aiden. Hope offers to buy him a new coat. Aiden tells her to forget it because he doesn't want anything from her other than their kids to get along. Aiden suggests they forget they ever met and walks away. Hope then gets a call from Daniel. Daniel tells her that he has a wild story that he cannot wait to tell her.

Eric tells Nicole that it's dangerous with Chyka on the loose. Eric suggests she go to the police with everything they have on him. Eric asks if she's sure she's telling him everything.

Rafe and Jordan joke about people staring at them during their PDA. They talk about both being off work now. Rafe suggests they leave so they exit together.

Nick says he needed to save the pictures to keep them honest. Nick mentions also saving the texts that Kate sent from Nick's phone. Kate tries to deny it but Nick reveals she texted with him at one point. Nick says all he wants is to start over and if he gets that chance then no one will know about that night. Kate agrees to let Nick and Percy start work on Monday. Nick tells Gabi that he's sorry that she got caught up in this. Nick adds that the scar he has is a reminder not of what Gabi did but what he did to deserve it. Nick and Percy then exit. Gabi wonders if Nick has really changed. Sami tells Gabi to grow up.

EJ asks Will what he wants to know about his love life. Will asks if they have set a date yet. EJ says they haven't. Will blames Nick coming back. EJ says things between he and Sami are complicated. Will says that it makes sense after what happened with Kristen and Eric.

Daniel tells Hope everything about Dr. Chyka. Hope wishes he came to her before going after him. Hope points out that anything he found without a police officer wouldn't be admissible in court. She asks Daniel why he did it this way. Daniel tells her that he can lead her to one of Stefano's goons who could lead them to Chyka.

Nicole apologizes to Eric. Eric tells her that she didn't let him down. Nicole feels that she is. Eric asks how and why. Nicole thinks back to having the evidence then Eric telling her about resigning from his vows. Eric tells Nicole that he wants to spend his life with her and promises that she could never let him down as they hug.

Rafe and Jordan go to the town square. Jordan laughs about Rafe thinking Arthur was a guy. Rafe doesn't find it funny. Jordan kisses him. They talk about making it back to Rafe's place as they walk off together.

Will tells EJ that everybody knows what happened with Kristen and Eric and what it did to Eric and how it upset Sami. Will says things have been changing since then. EJ assures him that they are working through it. Will says he hopes so and wants to see that people in his family can make marriage work. Arianna starts crying so Will decides he should go. EJ tells Will not to wait for he and Sami to set a date when it comes to his plans. Will hopes they work things out and feels Sami and EJ need each other. Will then exits.

Sami tells Gabi that she can't possibly believe that Nick has changed. Gabi points out that Nick knows what they did and isn't going to the police. Kate points out the blackmail. Gabi says he just wants a chance. Sami tells her that Nick just wants to get whatever he wants. They encourage Gabi not to let Nick back into her life. Gabi questions just doing what they say and she feels Nick sounded like he meant things. Sami and Kate give up. Sami tells Gabi to use her head and not buy in to Nick. Sami and Kate then exit.

Hope finishes a call and tells Daniel that there is an APB out on Dr. Chyka and to find Ricardo. Hope hopes that he has something else if they aren't found. Daniel suggests talking to Nicole so they exit.

Nicole talks about wanting Eric to hug her like this for so long. Eric notes that she is scared. Nicole worries about what happens to Eric if the DiMeras find Chyka instead of the police. Eric wants Nicole to tell him what it is. Nicole hopes this is the happy ending that he was talking about before. Eric assures her that it is so Nicole says there's nothing left for her to say.

Will goes home and Gabi wants to talk to him. Will asks if it can wait until tomorrow since he has something planned with Sonny and hopes they could have the place for themselves. Will asks Gabi to take Arianna out if she doesn't mind. Gabi agrees and tells Will to just text her when she can come back. Gabi exits with Arianna. Will says he can do this.

Kate talks on the phone to Ortiz about the fake IDs of Jordan's. She wants him to find out something about her fast before it's too late for Rafe.

Rafe and Jordan kiss at Rafe's place. Jordan stops so Rafe asks if they are going too fast. Jordan then removes her glasses and they continue kissing. Jordan begins undressing as they kiss. Rafe removes his shirt and they kiss onto the bed.

Sami goes home complaining to EJ about Nick. EJ asks what he did now. Sami tells EJ that Percy took pictures of them dragging Nick's body through the woods and dumping him into the river. EJ realizes they are being blackmailed. Sami says Kate had to give Nick a job. Sami complains about Nick saying he wants a chance to change. EJ asks Sami to do nothing. EJ says Nick has the cards so they have to let him make his move. Sami says that's easier said than done. Sami starts to head to the kitchen but EJ stops her and brings up that it's been a year since he proposed. EJ points out that they were so happy then. EJ approaches Sami with another gift box and wishes her a happy Valentine's Day.

Eric tells Nicole that he thinks Dr. Chyka knows he has become a liability to the DiMeras. Nicole adds that there's something she hasn't told him. Nicole says they weren't exactly law abiding by trapping Chyka. Daniel then arrives with Hope. Nicole runs over and hugs Daniel. Daniel says he decided it was time to go to the police. Hope tells them that the department has officially taken over the investigation. Nicole says they were just trying to help Eric. Hope tells them that she gets it but what they did was not okay.

Rafe and Jordan continue kissing in bed.

Sami opens EJ's gift and it's a necklace. Sami calls it beautiful. EJ says it matches her earrings. Sami thanks him. EJ encourages her to try it on. EJ then puts it on her. They get close and EJ kisses her on the cheek then Sami kisses him back.

Nick approaches Gabi in the town square. Nick says he won't bother her but wanted to make sure she was okay. Nick hopes things didn't upset her. Gabi doesn't know what to say.

Daniel says he knows Hope doesn't approve of what they did but blames himself for it since it was his idea. Eric points out that they were protecting him. Nicole then claims it didn't work. Hope asks if they didn't find anything incriminating at Chyka's place. Nicole says no. Hope says maybe that's a good thing since they know where to look and can get a warrant to search the place. Eric says maybe it will all work out. Nicole looks over at the evidence files while Hope gets a call hoping for good news.

Will lights candles at home and prepares for Sonny getting there. Will looks at Sonny's picture and says it will be a Valentine's Day that they will never forget.

Nick tells Gabi that she doesn't have to say anything but he wants her to know that he doesn't blame her for anything that happened. Nick laughs thinking of last year's Valentine's Day. Gabi recalls Nick surprising her in bed. Nick calls it a night he will never forget as Gabi says a lot has happened since then. Nick says bye and walks away.

Rafe and Jordan lay in bed after having sex. They joke about Rafe's progress. Rafe thinks about the first time ever seeing Jordan. Jordan jokes about trying to be all business. Rafe says he could always tell she cared and wanted to see him walk again. Rafe praises her taking her job seriously. Jordan says Rafe never felt like a stranger. Rafe tells her that she doesn't have to be scared as they kiss.

Sami thanks EJ for the necklace. EJ tells her that they are going to get through this. Sami's phone rings and she remembers a conference call. She apologizes to EJ. EJ tells her that he loves her. Sami smiles and hurries out on the phone.

Hope finishes a call. Eric asks if there is a lead on Chyka. Hope reveals that she does have some news. Daniel asks if they found Chyka and if he's talking.

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