Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/12/14

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/12/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe returns to the police station to applause from his fellow officers. Roman approaches and asks what he's doing there. Rafe tells him he came to deliver case files for Hope. Roman asks when he's going to be back. Rafe hopes it won't be long and adds that he's glad to continue working from home for now if there are more cases.

Abigail tells EJ that she gets it and it's fine. Abigail says she knows she's nothing but a problem for him and he wants Sami. Abigail adds that it hurts like hell. EJ thinks she shouldn't let this define who she is. Abigail argues that he doesn't understand. She talks about her family being so hard on JJ which is why he's going in front of a judge today. EJ tells her that it's going to be okay. Abigail talks about JJ turning his life around while her family holds her up as what a Horton should be when it's a lie. Abigail says if they really knew the messed up person she really is, they would be horrified.

Lucas stands at the counter at the club. He turns around and sees Jordan and Sheryl laughing together and thinks back to what Kate told him about Jordan's fake IDs. Lucas worries aloud that Kate will ruin this for him too. Lucas walks by and Sheryl asks if he's going to say hello.

Nick tells Sami that he's not sure what game she is talking about. Kate tells Sami about Percy being Nick's assistant. Sami questions Nick being hired. Nick says Kate knows what an asset he can be and that he's trying to be better. Nick points out that Sami and Kate have made mistakes too. Nick then says despite the fact that they tried to murder him as he continues talking. Sami stops him and questions what he just said.

Eric reveals to Nicole that he has asked to be released from his vows because he's in love with her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Eric tells her that nothing has changed. Nicole tells him that he can't leave the church and his vocation on today of all days. Nicole declares that she can't let him do it because it's all so wrong.

Roman talks to Rafe about Stefano. Rafe wants to work on a case to bring down Stefano and says it's personal after he sent Bernardi after him. Roman brings up Sami marrying EJ. Roman hopes EJ screws up enough that Sami will see what kind of man he is.

EJ tells Abigail that she made a mistake and blames himself for it. EJ tells her that she's human and still a good person. Abigail argues that her family doesn't know what she's really like. EJ thinks she's being hard on herself. Abigail says JJ would be so disappointed in her if he ever found out what she did. Abigail asks about EJ's family. She asks how Chad would feel if he knew they slept together.

Nick tries to continue talking. Kate cuts him off and asks what he said before that. Nick then points out the part about Sami and Kate trying to murder him which surprises them.

Eric tells Nicole that it's a lot to take in but he knows she wants the best for him. Nicole says she will always love him. Eric says he's thought about it and prayed about it so he has to tell her what happened while he was gone. Nicole says she has to tell him what happened too because there's something he doesn't know.

Rafe tells Roman that they will have to accept that Sami will never change her opinion on EJ. Rafe adds that he's just glad Kate got out of the DiMera Mansion. Rafe adds that Stefano knows what he would do if he messed with him or Kate. Roman then asks if Rafe and Kate are back together.

Lucas joins Sheryl and Jordan. Jordan talks about her patient that she worked with earlier may never walk again. Sheryl praises Jordan's healing abilities.

Nick questions if they want to have this conversation in the Pub or if they want to speak in private. Sami says Will and Sonny took Arianna out so they can go to the apartment. Nick asks if it's okay with Gabi. Nick points out how they make decisions for Gabi and suggests she speak for herself. Sami, Kate, and Gabi exit as Nick calls out that he will be right there.

Eric tells Nicole that he realized he doesn't think God wants him to serve the church as a priest. Eric talks about his scandal doing nothing but damage to the church. Eric says he will take the bishop up on his offer to officially resign at the end of the day but Nicole argues that he can't.

Rafe tells Roman that he and Kate are just friends and broke up before he was even attacked. Rafe talks about how Kate felt guilty about Stefano sending Bernardi after him. Roman asks why they don't go back to how they were. Rafe says they are just friends while he has started dating someone else who may be the real deal.

Lucas decides he should get going and go over work. Lucas exits. Sheryl talks to Jordan about her first work presentation. Jordan encourages her.

Outside the club, Lucas texts Kate that he wants her to back off Jordan because she's a good person and her past doesn't change that as she deserves to be happy.

EJ tells Abigail that he does not want Chad to find out because it would hurt him and calls it a mistake. Abigail questions it just being a mistake and says she wished it hadn't happened. EJ says he didn't mean it like that. EJ tells her to stop torturing herself as they acted without thinking. EJ says they know people would be hurt if they knew. Abigail asks if it was a mistake because of Sami or could they be together if he wasn't with Sami.

Nick goes to the apartment. Sami tells him to be honest with them. Kate questions him bringing up the murder now. Nick didn't think they were anxious to talk about it. Nick asks if they thought it slipped his mind. Nick says Kate wouldn't have rehired him but she knew he knew. Sami calls it blackmail. Kate asks if he thinks he will get away with all of this. Nick says they thought they would get away from murder. Sami points out that it was all to protect Gabi but Nick accuses them of having their own agendas.

Nicole questions Eric resigning today as she keeps looking back at the files of evidence. She thinks back to getting them from the safe. Eric says he knows it's sudden and a lot to take in. Nicole calls the timing stunning. Nicole tells Eric that something big happened that he needs to know about before he decides his vocation and his life.

Rafe goes to the club and sees Jordan and Sheryl. Rafe overhears as Sheryl asks Jordan about her cat Arthur and how he likes Rafe. Jordan then spots Rafe and he joins them. They wish Sheryl luck as she exits. Jordan asks Rafe how it went at the station. Rafe says it went great. She asks him what's wrong. Rafe talks about getting stronger every day. Jordan comments that he looks mad. Rafe responds that he feels they are not being honest with each other.

Kate points out that they aren't the ones who hit Nick with a rock and left a scar on his head. Nick says they are throwing Gabi under the bus. Gabi tells Nick that they are right since she did hit him. Nick says Gabi had every right to since he lost control and hopes she can forgive him one day. Sami argues that she will never forgive him. Nick accuses Sami and Kate of manipulating Gabi. Nick tells Gabi to think about what really happened that night. Nick feels after everything he did, she still wanted to save him. Gabi admits that she did which upsets Sami and Kate.

Eric says maybe he should have let Nicole talk first as he assumes she doesn't feel the same. Nicole assures him that she loves him more than ever. Eric asks what the problem is then. Eric says he resigned because he can't serve the church with the cloud over his head. Nicole argues he did nothing wrong. Eric points out that they can't prove it and he doesn't think there is anything else they can do. Eric says he loves her and knows she loves him. Eric asks if this is her happy ending since they can be together in every way. Eric asks Nicole what she says as they get close.

Jordan asks Rafe what he means. Rafe says she knows a lot about him while he knows nothing about her and her past. Rafe talks about being more than friends and always thinking of her. Rafe says he was fine taking things slow but thinks she's jerking him around. Rafe declares that he has the right to know if she's seeing another guy.

EJ tells Abigail that it's best to just deal with reality which is that he is engaged to Sami. Rafe encourages Abigail having her whole life ahead of her and not wanting this mistake to ruin that. Abigail asks if he wouldn't want to be with someone like her no matter what. Johnny returns and tells EJ that Sydney liked the cupcake. Abigail decides she should get going. EJ tells her that he will be thinking about JJ as she exits.

Kate questions what Gabi is saying. Nick tells her not to talk to her like that. Sami tells Gabi they need to stick together. Nick argues that they only look out for themselves. Gabi stands by Kate and Sami. Nick talks about Sami only doing things for herself. Nick accuses Sami of still wanting him dead. Sami talks about wanting to call the police but not doing it for Arianna. Kate regrets being involved. Sami tells Gabi not to forget why she had to hit Nick with the rock. Nick says he just wants them all to live happy and productive lives. Percy then arrives and greets them.

Nicole tells Eric about the times she thought about them having a happy ending. She recalls how in love with him she was after they first met. Nicole calls him perfect for her. Nicole talks about all of her feelings coming back when Eric came back to town. Eric states that their happily ever after starts now. Nicole says they were just dreams. Eric tells her that they start tomorrow when they can be free and clear but Nicole disagrees. Nicole argues that Eric can't leave the church. Eric says he's had the option to walk away for months. Nicole says she listened to him so now it's time for him to listen to her.

Lucas and Sheryl finish their meeting with a new client in the town square. He praises Sheryl on the way out. Lucas tells Sheryl that they make a great team together. Lucas says Sheryl coming to Salem is working out a lot better than Kate ever could've imagined. Sheryl asks what he means by that.

Jordan realizes that Rafe overheard them talking about Arthur. Jordan pretends to go along with it as she tells Rafe that she lives with Arthur. Rafe believes it's another man. Rafe questions her about it. Jordan continues talking about Arthur as if it was a relationship then remarks that everything changed when she had him neutered.

Nick warns them about talking to Percy as he saved his life. Nick talks about thinking he was dead in the river and recalls how Percy saved him. Sami calls the story a complete lie and accuses Nick of making up the story. Nick laughs and says he expected better from her. Sami says the fact is that they were nowhere near the river that night.

Eric tells Nicole that it sounds serious. Nicole calls it a miracle and begins explaining how they found Dr. Chyka.

Nick says they all know that's not true. Sami calls him crazy and says no one would believe him and Percy over them. Nick asks Gabi if she's going to keep lying for them.

Lucas talks to Sheryl about Kate's recruiting and how he called off the search after seeing her. Sheryl kisses him on the cheek and thanks him for everything. Sheryl says she will see him back at the office and walks off.

Rafe realizes that Arthur is Jordan's cat and laughs. Jordan jokes with him. Rafe admits how he felt when he first heard her talking about Arthur. Rafe wonders if he's in too deep. Jordan holds his hand and says she's right there with him.

Abigail sits down outside the Brady Pub and looks at her phone at a photo of Jennifer and JJ. She says if they only knew what she had done as she thinks back to being with EJ in the shower. Abigail states that she knows that it's wrong and wonders why she still wants him.

Johnny asks EJ where Sami is. EJ tells him that she had something to take care of. Johnny wants to show her the cupcakes. EJ assures him that she will be back soon. EJ says to himself that whatever Sami is doing better be important.

Sami and Kate tell Percy about all the bad things Nick has done. Nick says he's being judged by two women who tried to kill him. Sami says it's still his word against theirs. Sami and Kate tell Nick to take his story elsewhere. Nick points out that Gabi hasn't said anything and he thinks she knows it's wrong.

Nicole tells Eric that they found Dr. Chyka and demanded he tell what he did. Eric asks if he's in jail and then asks Nicole if they found anything to prove his innocence.

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