Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/11/14

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/11/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Will and Marlena sit together at the club. Will is glad to have time to spend with her and mentions there's something he wanted to talk to her about. Will adds that she's the only person he can talk to about it. Marlena asks it's about Nick. Will says no, it's actually something really good. Will then informs Marlena that Sonny asked him to marry him.

Kate talks on the phone with Ortiz at the Pub about the fake IDs she found of Jordan's. Kate wants each one investigated. Kate hangs up and Julie arrives, telling Kate that she owes her an apology about Nick.

Gabi sits at home and thinks back to letting Nick hold Arianna. Sonny comes in and brings up Arianna's doctor's appointment. Sonny notices Gabi's distracted and asks what's wrong. Sonny tells her that she can talk to him. Gabi admits she can't talk to Will, Sami, or Rafe about it. Gabi says she knows it sounds crazy but asks Sonny if he thinks it's possible that Nick has become a good guy.

Nick sits alone in the town square. Abigail walks through and stops to think back to being with EJ in the shower. Nick approaches Abigail and greets her then asks if she's okay.

EJ sits at home with his computer. Sami calls out to Johnny that Abigail will be there soon. Sami goes into the living room and starts gathering her things. EJ mentions Abigail. Sami says he can take care of her. Sami apologizes for not finishing their conversation last night. EJ knows she and her family are still upset about Eric but he's in a safe place now. Sami says that she's going to speak to Eric when he gets back. EJ asks if it will be about them.

Nicole returns home to Daniel's apartment and talks about making it all the way with the evidence. She calls out to Daniel asking if he's home but instead, Brady comes out to the living room.

Eric returns to the rectory and meets with Father Louis. Louis asks Eric about returning from his retreat early. Eric states that there was no longer a reason to stay.

Kate asks Julie why she owes an apology about Nick. Julie says Kate is being so generous by offering Nick a job. Julie says she hasn't mentioned it to anyone else but she wanted to apologize to Kate after hearing the good news. Julie brings up how she initially blamed Kate for Nick leaving town. Kate thinks back to the river. Julie says she realizes now that there must have been other reasons for his disappearance. Kate asks Julie if Nick mentioned why she was hiring him.

Nick tells Abigail that he didn't mean to startle her. Abigail says she's fine and compliments his suit. Nick says he's about to go see Kate about working at Mad World. Abigail asks about Kate firing him. Nick says they are going to patch things up and bury the hatchet. Abigail says that's great and Nick tells her to take care as he then walks away.

EJ asks Sami if she has to get Eric's opinion on their relationship. Sami says it's not about that but she wants to tell Eric that she loves EJ. Sami adds that she will tell Eric that EJ would've done anything to stop Kristen if he knew. EJ doubts Eric will believe it or want to hear it. Sami tells EJ that Eric can be pretty forgiving. EJ asks if she's trying to convince Eric or herself to move on. Sami says she has to figure it out.

Nicole questions what Brady is doing there. Brady says he's getting away from Victor and Maggie. Nicole asks to use his phone so he lets her. Nicole texts Daniel that she made it back and asks where he is. Daniel texts back that he's on his way and will be back soon. Nicole gives Brady his phone back. Brady asks what they are up to this time. Nicole says it's amazing and about Eric.

Eric tells Father Louis about everything being clear for the first time. Eric is thankful to Father Matt and the bishop for sending him on this retreat. Eric says he finally senses peace. Father Louis asks if this means Eric understands God's plan for him. Eric declares that he knows what he has to do.

Marlena hugs Will and tells him how happy she is for him. Will then tells Marlena that he hasn't said yes yet. Marlena apologizes for presuming. Will understands. Marlena asks if he's not sure. Will says it's not that but things have been complicated in his life and he didn't want to put Sonny through that. Marlena asks about the complication and points out that Sonny still proposed. Marlena says they know how much Sonny loves him. Will says he loves Sonny. Marlena asks what the matter is.

Sonny tells Gabi that Nick hasn't changed and isn't turning into a good guy. Gabi tells Sonny that Nick was nice at the Pub last night. Sonny questions her giving him a chance instead of running the other way. Gabi talks about what they did to Nick and how he could cause them a lot of trouble. Sonny says Nick would have to tell everyone that he was going to rape her. Gabi thinks that Nick remembers. Sonny believes Nick is lying. Gabi suggests it's a good thing if Nick has decided to let it go and forgive them.

Kate and Julie talk about Nick being hired. Julie says she'll keep an eye on Nick this time. Julie thanks Kate and then exits the Pub. Kate calls Nick a miserable son of a bitch.

Nicole starts to tell Brady about the evidence but Brady says he doesn't have time and doesn't want to hear about it. Brady tells Nicole that he's happy they made it out alive but when he hears Eric, he hears Kristen and that makes him sick. Brady then exits. Nicole talks about needing to make sure they have all the evidence to clear Eric.

Father Louis asks Eric if he has anything else to share. Eric thinks he's said it all and he's at peace.

Sami understands this has been going on for months and has to stop. EJ thanks her and says he knows how much she loves Eric. Sami says she will talk to Eric and make him see. EJ asks if that means she believes. Sami believes this is it and it's them forever. Sami says they'll never be like anyone else but they will find a way because they have to. The doorbell rings so Sami goes to answer the door as Abigail arrives. Sami calls for Johnny and thanks Abigail for doing this. Sami tells Abigail that she has to rush out but EJ is there. Sami thanks her again and exits. Abigail heads into the living room where EJ is seated.

Marlena reminds Will of when he thought it was too much to ask Sonny to accept Arianna. Will remembers Marlena telling him that Sonny would make his own decisions. Marlena points out that Sonny is still with him. Marlena understands things can go wrong but they can also go very right. Marlena encourages Will to go for it.

Sonny questions Gabi thinking Nick is ready to forgive everyone. Sonny calls Nick a creep. Sonny thinks Nick has deluded Gabi. Sonny assures her that he's not a wonderful man and she can't let him back in her life. Gabi tells Sonny that Nick is already in her life. Gabi thinks it would be better if Nick really had changed.

Nick goes to the Pub and meets Kate. Nick declares it's time to settle things between them.

Johnny runs into the living room and greets Abigail. EJ welcomes her. EJ says he will go to his study to do some work but Johnny wants EJ in the kitchen with them. EJ feels he would just get in the way but Johnny says that his teacher said his parent has to help him. EJ points out that he has Abigail but Johnny insists on EJ so he agrees to help. Johnny then takes EJ and Abigail into the kitchen.

Nicole talks about waiting for Daniel as she goes through the files. Nicole goes through Dr. Chyka's journal and comments on how he kept records of everything. Nicole talks about needing to show things to Daniel. Nicole reads an email to Chyka from Kristen about her plan to seduce Eric. Nicole then comes across a photo of Chyka and Kristen. Nicole reads Chyka's notes on the back of the photo about Kristen wanting to drop the plan. Nicole declares that she and Daniel are going to bury Kristen and exonerate Eric.

Will promises Marlena that she will be the first to know when he says yes. Will thanks her for listening and says he doesn't know what he'd do if he couldn't open up to her. Marlena insists he call her anytime. Julie arrives and greets them. Julie thanks Will for the photos of Arianna's christening. Marlena praises the ceremony. Julie brings up Nick's return and admits it was tense at first but says everything worked out. Julie talks about being glad that Nick is back and how he's so improved. Julie mentions Nick meeting with Kate to get his old job back.

Nick tells Kate that hiring him is the smartest thing she could do. Kate asks about Percy. Nick assures her that he will be a tremendous asset. Nick feels everything is going his way. Kate does not like the salary he wants but Nick tells her things won't be like she wants. Nick calls it an investment of her and her company's future.

Sonny tells Gabi to accept the truth about Nick. Gabi thinks it would be good for all of them if Nick changed. Gabi mentions letting Nick hold Arianna. Sonny questions what's wrong with her and says if Will walked in, he would've murdered Nick. Gabi talks about how nice Nick was being. Sonny starts to tell Gabi what's going to happen but Arianna starts to cry so Gabi goes to check on her. Sonny then goes to his phone and texts Sami that there's an emergency at the apartment now.

Sami rushes through the town square but gets Sonny's text so she makes a call that she will be in to work as soon as she can.

Johnny, Abigail, and EJ finish baking cupcakes. Johnny praises Abigail and asks EJ if he knew how awesome she was. EJ says he did.

Father Louis approaches Brady in the town square and hopes he's feeling better after missing Arianna's christening. Brady says he is better and starts to walk away quickly but Father Louis stops him and brings up Eric.

Nicole goes over everything she read as she gathers the files. Nicole says there is so much there to clear Eric's name and wonders where Daniel is. There's a knock at the door. Nicole opens it expecting Daniel but it's Eric, who tells her that he just got home.

Johnny wants to go show Sydney the cupcakes. EJ suggests they can share one. Johnny hugs Abigail and thanks her. Johnny rushes off to Sydney with a cupcake. Abigail tells EJ that she should get going but EJ asks her to stay awhile.

Marlena asks Julie about Kate rehiring Nick. Julie calls it terrific and then exits. Marlena wonders why Kate would ever rehire Nick.

Nick tells Kate that she will get along with Percy and jokes about how he says greetings. Nick comments that he heard they already get along swimmingly.

Gabi comes back from the bedroom as Sami arrives. Sonny tells her that Arianna is sleeping but Gabi is there. Sami asks about the emergency. Gabi can't believe Sonny texted Sami. Sonny says Gabi won't listen when it comes to Nick. Sonny informs Sami that Gabi let Nick hold Arianna. Gabi says she didn't know what to do and worried about Nick retaliating. Sonny gets a call from Will, asking if he's bringing Arianna by soon. Will asks what's going on over there. Sonny says Sami and Gabi are just arguing about makeup but he'll be there soon. Will then informs Sonny that Kate is giving Nick his old job back which Sonny can't believe.

Eric and Nicole hug. She tells him she's glad to see him and invites him in. Eric is glad she feels that way and mentions trying to call her so he just assumed she was there. Nicole says she has so much to tell Eric. Eric says he has so many important things to tell her too.

EJ wants to talk to Abigail about something important before she goes. Abigail agrees to stay so EJ shuts the doors. EJ tells Abigail that he and Sami have been working hard to bridge the differences between them. Abigail assumes they are going to make it work and says she gets it. Abigail asks where that leaves her and if she's just a complication or distraction. Abigail goes to leave but EJ again asks her to wait.

Gabi feels Kate didn't have a choice. Sami argues that Kate did not have to cave in to Nick. Sami says she has to stop this from getting out of control. Sami tells Sonny to take Arianna to go see Will while she and Gabi go find out about Nick.

Nick talks to Kate about Percy meeting Kate while bird watching at the river. Nick asks if they are okay with him back at Mad World with Percy as his assistant. Nick states that she either wants him on her side or not. Kate says she can have papers drawn up but Nick suggests just shaking hands on it.

Father Louis brings up Brady's problems with Eric. Brady talks about the sex tape being more than just problems.

Eric tells Nicole that he will go first. She asks about the church's decision but he says they haven't decided anything yet. Eric says his retreat helped him realize the truly important things in his life. Nicole thinks he needs to hear what she has to say if the church hasn't decided yet but Eric vowed to say this before any decisions so he asks her to hear him out.

EJ tells Abigail that he doesn't think of her as a complication, distraction, or anything negative. Abigail thinks she knows exactly what he's going to say about how she's kind. Abigail tells EJ that she gets it and it's fine. Abigail says she knows she's nothing but a problem for him and he wants Sami. Abigail adds that it hurts like hell.

Nick offers his hand to Kate and asks who needs lawyers. Sami and Gabi arrive interrupting them. Sami calls it interesting that the four of them are together again. Nick questions what she means. Sami tells him they've played this game long enough.

Father Louis understands Brady's feelings but tells him to remember that Eric is his brother and going through a hard time. Brady responds that he doesn't give a damn about reaching out to Eric and walks away.

Eric reveals to Nicole that he has asked to be released from his vows because he's in love with her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

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