Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/10/14

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/10/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Abigail sits in the Pub where Adrienne approaches and suggests they have unfinished business but Abigail disagrees, especially if it's about EJ.

Lucas returns to Sheryl and Rafe. Rafe tells Lucas that Jordan is gone for the night because of work.

EJ walks through the town square where Johnny runs into his arms. Sami joins them as Johnny excitedly tells EJ about winning his game. EJ is proud of him but sorry he missed it. Sami encourages that EJ only missed it because of work. EJ thinks back to Abigail. EJ suggests they go celebrate.

Lucas steps away on another phone call. Rafe jokes with Sheryl. Rafe tells her that he will head out to give them some time. Sheryl insists that Rafe stay even though Jordan left.

Lucas calls Kate and she tells him he won't believe it. Lucas asks where she is. Kate asks about Jordan. Lucas informs her that Jordan left already. Kate wonders how long ago as Jordan returns home and Kate prepares to hide.

Eric prays with the rosary.

Daniel and Ricardo struggle over the gun. Nicole stands back and the gun goes off.

Eric looks concerned from the chapel.

Nicole worries as she watches Daniel and Ricardo continue to fight.

Eric stands and looks in the mirror.

Daniel fights Ricardo off with punches as Nicole picks up the gun.

Brother Timothy returns to Eric and asks about his time to reflect. Eric tells him that he just realized something important.

Daniel knocks out Ricardo. Nicole checks on Daniel and he assures her that he's fine. Nicole says the bullet missed her by a hair and hands Daniel the gun. Nicole points out that Ricardo came at the worst time. They discuss whether or not he was alone or hadb ackup.

Jordan goes to her bedroom with her mail as Kate hides under the bed.

Lucas returns to Rafe and Sheryl. Lucas tells them that everything is fine and asks about Jordan having to leave. Sheryl fills him and then she gets a call from her mom and steps away. Rafe says he's glad Jordan suggested they get together because he wanted to talk to Lucas about Kate.

Jordan calls out to her cat Arthur, wondering where he is. She wonders if he's hiding under the bed and reaches underneath.

Adrienne tells Abigail it won't take long but Abigail doesn't want to have the conversation. Adrienne admits that she was wrong to tell Jennifer about seeing Abigail with EJ. Abigail thanks her. Adrienne talks about almost getting Sami convicted last year and how EJ threatened her which made her fear for her life.

EJ suggests going home to hear about Johnny's game. Sami says she promised Johnny some ice cream at the Pub. EJ joins them and runs off to the Pub.

Eric talks to Brother Timothy about reflecting on his choices. Eric calls himself selfish for dwelling on how he's been affected by everything and not taking into account how the church has suffered.

Daniel tells Nicole that he's going to look around and make sure that Ricardo came alone. Daniel checks Ricardo's pockets and finds car keys so he wants to make sure he was alone. Nicole is skeptical. Daniel reassures her. Daniel gives Dr. Chyka's gun to Nicole to keep while he takes Ricardo's in case he wakes up. Daniel then exits the cabin.

Rafe tells Lucas how Kate has been a really good friend to him so he's wondering how she really feels about he and Jordan. Lucas insists she's okay with it. Rafe says he just really cares about her and calls her one of a kind.

Jordan goes to look under the bed but her cat comes out, stopping her from finding Kate.

Adrienne talks to Abigail about being alarmed seeing her with EJ. Adrienne talks about EJ's love for Sami. Abigail apologizes and invites Adrienne to stay so she does. Adrienne talks about Justin not being able to make it to JJ's hearing but she thinks everything will be okay. Johnny runs in and excitedly tells Abigail about winning his game. EJ and Sami then enter the Pub.

Nicole paces in the cabin. Daniel returns and tells her that Ricardo came alone. Nicole wants to get back to Chyka's confession. Daniel wonders about Ricardo. Nicole mentions hearing a cell phone. Daniel takes Ricardo's phone and sees messages from Bruno, wondering where he is.

Eric talks to Brother Timothy about his embarrassment over the video with Kristen. Timothy understands he was traumatized by a situation. Eric says it wasn't just about him but the people in the church. Eric says he's ashamed.

Nicole suggests Daniel text back from Ricardo's phone that everything is okay. Daniel does so and says it should buy them some time. The phone then rings. They let it go and Bruno sends another message that he's coming. Daniel decides they need to get out now but Nicole reminds him that they've come so close to proving Eric's innocence so she's not leaving without it.

Johnny sits with Abigail and asks her where she's been as Adrienne and Sami look over pictures of Arianna. EJ tells Johnny that Abigail has been working now and Sami talks about how Abigail and Chad used to take Johnny around. Johnny mentions having to make cupcakes for school. Sami says she has a meeting and EJ jokes that he can't bake so they suggest Abigail help but she says she can't.

Sheryl returns to Lucas and Rafe. Sheryl mentions her mom always liking Jordan. Sheryl suggests Rafe call Jordan to say goodnight. Rafe goes to the counter and calls Jordan. Jordan is glad he called and says she felt bad about leaving early. Jordan talks about enjoying spending time with Rafe as Kate hides under the bed and texts Lucas to get Jordan to come back. Jordan tells Rafe he can call every night if he wants. She says goodnight and hangs up. Lucas texts Kate back asking what's happening. Kate responds that she can't explain and needs Lucas to get Jordan to the club now. Lucas tells Kate that he can't and has no idea how. Kate texts Lucas to do it or he can forget any chance he has with Sheryl ever.

Daniel tells Nicole that she's right about getting more out of Chyka so they have to get rid of Ricardo. Daniel suggests dragging him to the car and driving him to the train station back to Salem so Bruno will track him there. Daniel tells Nicole that she will stay alone with Chyka to record him. Daniel warns her to be careful and not stay long. Nicole worries about not getting the proof but Daniel assures her that she will get it. Daniel tells her that she will have to leave quickly as the clock is ticking. Daniel and Nicole take Ricardo out of the cabin. Nicole returns to the cabin and begins recording Chyka. She tells him to focus on answering her questions. Nicole asks him for the proof on drugging Eric and where it is. Chyka responds that it's on the boat.

Lucas and Rafe rejoin Sheryl. Rafe decides he's done for the night. Sheryl tells him that he doesn't have to go. Lucas comments that it's early and asks if he's sure. Rafe puts his jacket on and Lucas trips him then plays it off as an accident. Lucas quickly suggests getting Jordan back there immediately. Rafe argues against it but Lucas insists.

Jordan gets a text to come back since Rafe fell so she hurries out. Kate lets out a sneeze she had been holding in as she's allergic to the cat.

Sami explains to Johnny that Abigail can't help because of her job. Adrienne points out that Abigail mentioned having the day off. Abigail claims to have forgot. Adrienne says Abigail can help then and encourages Johnny. Sami tells Abigail that she'll be doing a huge favor. EJ suggests it being just father-son time but Sami insists on Abigail helping with the baking. Abigail agrees to come which excites Johnny and he hugs her.

Lucas apologizes to Rafe. Rafe insists that he's fine. Jordan returns asking what happened. Lucas tells him it's his mistake. Rafe assures there's no harm done but Jordan checks on him anyways. Sheryl brings some ice. Jordan jokes with them about arranging it to get her back there.

Nicole asks Chyka what boat he means and where the proof is. Nicole gets frustrated with him and decides he needs another shot. She looks through the bag as Chyka begins to regain his composure. Nicole can't remember which drug Daniel used.

Rafe decides he will walk Jordan home now and they exit the club. Sheryl comments to Lucas that Rafe and Jordan are so good together. Lucas agrees. Sheryl comments that it's early and asks what to do now. Lucas says he has to go check in with the office so he has to go. He tells Sheryl to take care and hurries out.

Adrienne tells EJ that she and Abigail were just talking about him and the things he said about Jack's book. Adrienne says she knows they've had differences but thanks him for what he said about Jack. Adrienne tells Johnny to have fun making cupcakes as she exits. Johnny calls EJ over. EJ says he'll be a moment and asks Abigail what that was about. Abigail tells EJ to just forget it as Adrienne was just approving their friendship. Abigail tells EJ that she will find a way to get out of coming over but EJ tells her not to so that nothing looks suspicious. EJ then joins Johnny and Sami at the counter.

Lucas meets with Kate outside of the town square. Lucas asks what happened. Lucas questions Kate getting into Jordan's apartment. Lucas tells her about tripping Rafe which Kate questions him for doing. Kate says it was all worth it and wants to show Lucas what she found but Lucas doesn't want to see it.

Eric tells Brother Timothy that with his help and guidance, he now knows where he's going.

Nicole prepares an injection and says it's time for Chyka to give her what she came to get. Dr. Chyka then breaks out of being tied up and struggles with Nicole over the needle. Nicole shoves him but he hits her in the back of the head, takes his gun and the keys then escapes to the car.

Sami apologizes to Abigail for Adrienne but thanks her for helping Johnny. Sami says she gets if Abigail is uncomfortable being at the house around EJ because it will remind her of Chad. Sami then encourages Abigail to spend time with EJ to see that not all the DiMeras are the same. Sami adds that she's glad Johnny will get to spend time with Abigail and hugs her. Abigail thanks her and says it's sweet of her to say. Abigail then exits.

Kate tells Lucas that Jordan had a locked box that she opened and inside were a collection of fake IDs with all different names. Lucas questions how that helps her since she would have to admit to breaking in. Lucas thinks it doesn't matter since many people change their names. Kate says she only has to show her private investigator who will find stuff out on her names. Lucas tells her to stop obsessing and get a grip over Rafe moving on. Lucas talks about Rafe trusting Kate. Lucas wants to hear that Kate is happy for Rafe. Kate says she would be happy for him if it was with anyone other than Jordan. Lucas warns Kate that this is going to bite her in the ass and he won't get dragged down with it. Lucas declares it's enough as he storms off. Kate calls her investigator Ortiz and says she has a job for him.

Rafe and Jordan walk through the town square. Rafe comments on being impressed with how fast she got back to the club. Jordan talks about how concerned Lucas and Sheryl were for him. They talk about Lucas and Sheryl getting along great. Rafe calls Lucas a nice guy that deserves a nice woman in his life. Rafe and Jordan then kiss.

Eric finishes a prayer and tells Brother Timothy that he is heading back to Salem. Eric tells him that he knows now what he needs to do.

Nicole can't believe she let Chyka get away and wonders how she could've been so careless. She checks the bag and realizes she doesn't even have her phone to call Daniel. She cries that they were so close. Nicole looks at the painting of a boat on the wall and remembers Chyka mentioning a boat. Nicole then removes the painting to find the safe behind it. Nicole wonders the combination and then thinks back to Chyka muttering numbers while drugged. Nicole tries the numbers and unlocks the safe, finding all of the files on Eric and the drugs. Nicole exclaims that there is a God.

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