Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/7/14

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/7/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Jordan walks out of the town square with her phone as Rafe arrives and they kiss.

Kate sits in the town square on the phone, saying it's exactly the development they have been waiting for. Kate hangs up as Lucas approaches. Lucas guesses the call had something to do with Jordan again. Kate informs him that all of their work about Jordan's background is about to come to an end.Gabi can't find Arianna's scarf. Will plans to go see Sonny but Gabi refuses to take Arianna out without the scarf. Will says she doesn't have to go but Gabi insists on getting out to get her mind off Nick.

Nick goes to the club and orders a beer from Sonny.

Brother Timothy questions Eric and says a miracle could happen that changes his life and could be happening as they speak. Eric believes in miracles but feels this is different and might not be possible. Timothy declares they are talking about faith.

Stefano's guard Ricardo calls in from outside of Chyka's hideout and says it looks like there are others with him. He asks if he should eliminate them too. Stefano tells him not so fast and asks who is with Chyka.

Nicole begins to record Chyka's confession. Daniel asks Chyka if he knows Kristen DiMera. Chyka says oh yes which pleases Daniel and Nicole. Daniel asks how he met her. Chyka says it was from his benefactor, Stefano DiMera.

Stefano demands to know who is with Dr. Chyka

Gabi tells Will that she's trying so hard not to let Nick get to her. Gabi worries about Nick remembering the night at the river. Gabi says she can't figure out what he knows. Will says it's totally possible that Nick doesn't remember anything. They talk about Percy possibly knowing. Will says they don't know who knows what. Gabi declares this a nightmare and says Nick has to know so she's waiting for him to do whatever he's planning. Will tries to calm her down but she continues freaking out. Gabi wishes Nick never came back.

Sonny pours Nick's beer as Nick comments that business looks good and asks about it but Sonny just turns away.

Rafe tells Jordan how excited he is for their date tonight. Jordan informs Rafe that they might not be alone as she invited Sheryl to come. Rafe says that's cool and it's great that she's mending fences. Rafe asks if this means she's dropped the idea of Kate's conspiracy. Rafe mentions that Kate has been totally supportive lately.

Lucas asks what Kate is putting into play then decides he doesn't want to know. Kate asks about his plans for the evening. Lucas says no though he was invited by Sheryl to join them but he said no. Kate thinks he should go. Lucas brings up her working for him. Kate says if they like each other, that's all that really matters. Lucas asks what she wants. Kate calls him cynical then says she needs a really little favor.

Daniel questions Chyka about Stefano hiring him to work for Kristen at his request which Chyka admits to and says that Kristen was working on a project.

Ricardo tells Stefano that whoever is in there has Chyka tied up and being questioned. Stefano declares that none of the answers to those questions are to leave the cabin.

Will suggests Gabi that they take Arianna to Caroline's together. Gabi says it's okay if he had plans with Sonny. Gabi thanks Will for being so great through all of this. Will then exits.

Nick asks Sonny if him being there bothers him. Sonny calls it a free country. Nick says they are bound to run into each other in a small town. Sonny continues ignoring him. Nick asks if it's about him showing up at the christening. Sonny says that's already been explained. Nick tells Sonny that he meant it when he said he wanted to try and change things. Sonny suggests he stop telling people what he wants to do and to just do it then see if anyone notices or cares. Sonny tells Nick to enjoy his beer and walks away.

Kate thinks Lucas should go out with Sheryl and then call her when Rafe and Jordan decide to call it a night. Lucas asks why then remembers he didn't want to know. Sheryl arrives and asks Lucas again if he wants to come. Kate informs her that Lucas was just about to call that he changed his mind. Lucas exits with Sheryl. Kate makes a phone call and arranges a meeting with her contact, saying she will have to handle this personally.

Jordan tells Rafe that she will never be sure about Kate but doesn't want to dwell on it and then they kiss. Rafe asks what that was for. Jordan says it was for being so cool about Sheryl coming along and they joke around as they walk off together.

Eric and Brother Timothy continue talking about faith. Timothy encourages his faith in God and what he wants.

Daniel and Nicole ask Dr. Chyka about Kristen's project. Daniel reminds Nicole to let him do it his way. Chyka then starts saying he can't or he will kill him.

Stefano orders Ricardo to do what he has to do and call him when it's done. He then loads his gun and moves forward.

Nicole suggests Daniel give Chyka another injection. Daniel tells Chyka to answer his questions and focus on what he says. Daniel asks Chyka what exactly Kristen paid him to do. Chyka says he was tasked with creating a very specific drug cocktail for a very specific purpose. Daniel asks what that was. Chyka says part one was a sedative to ensure compliance and part two was a memory suppressor and the third part was for powerful sexual desire and it was for Father Eric Brady.

Brother Timothy praises Eric and thinks he's looking at the situation with only his own perspective. Timothy says the situation is about God. He encourages Eric to examine each choice and to allow God to reveal the path he will take.

Will goes to the club and greets Sonny with a kiss. Sonny tells Will that Nick was just there. They talk about Nick not giving any sense that he remembered anything. Sonny comments that the trusts Nick even less than before. Rafe and Jordan arrive and greet them. They look around for Sheryl and mention that Lucas might be joining them. Will asks if Lucas is seeing Sheryl. Jordan says it's not like that but Rafe says he would like to be since he knows the signs.

Lucas and Sheryl walk past the Pub. Lucas stops to talk. Sheryl asks if she put him in an awkward position by asking him out. Lucas says no as everything is good just a little bit different. Sheryl agrees to keep personal and business separate. They head off to meet Jordan and Rafe at the club.

Rafe surprises Jordan with opening day tickets to Wrigley Field. They joke with each other and then kiss. Lucas and Sheryl arrive at the club. Lucas introduces Sheryl to Will and Sonny. Sheryl brings up hearing about Arianna so Will shows her pictures. Rafe looks over and gives the thumbs up to Lucas.

Kate goes to Jordan's apartment and looks around as she pulls out a key. Kate unlocks the door and breaks into Jordan's apartment. Kate questions the lights being left on and declares game on.

Lucas and Sheryl join Rafe and Jordan as they talk about the game at Wrigley Field. Jordan praises Rafe's progress and they kiss.

Kate searches through Jordan's room and her drawers.

Daniel questions Chyka about Eric being his target. Chyka confirms it and that the drug cocktail was very effective. Daniel asks if he has proof of what he did. Chyka says of course he does. Daniel asks where his records are. Ricardo then breaks in with his gun aimed and declares nobody moves.

Kate finds Jordan's lockbox in her drawer. She tries getting the box open.

Rafe and Lucas joke around. Sonny lets them know that he and Will are heading out. Lucas goes to talk to Will before he leaves. Jordan gets a text that her patient is early so she has to go. Sheryl comments that Jordan has always had work come first. Rafe talks to Jordan about coming back with him. Lucas approaches Will and asks him about Nick.

Gabi goes to the Pub with Arianna where she runs into Nick. Gabi tells him that she's there to see Caroline. Nick says he came for the same reason but she went to bed early. Nick asks if he can hold Arianna.

Eric prays and thinks back to times as a priest.

Daniel holds Nicole back as Ricardo holds a gun on them. Daniel attacks him and they struggle. He knocks Daniel into the wall, knocking him out. Nicole checks on Daniel.

Nick tells Gabi that he was completely out of line to ask and apologizes. Nick talks about the last time he held her. Gabi thinks back to that night when they had sex. Gabi tells Nick that he just caught her off guard. Nick says it won't happen again and goes to leave but Gabi stops him and allows him to hold Arianna.

Lucas talks to Will about the stunt Nick tried to pull with Gabi in New York. Lucas calls him unbelievable. Lucas tells Will to let him know if Nick tries to pull anything. Will agrees and thanks him.

Rafe offers to walk Jordan home but she tells him to stay and have fun. Sheryl goes to the restroom to let them say goodbye. Rafe and Jordan talk about the Cubs game and then kiss. Jordan then exits.

Kate continues trying to open Jordan's box and then gets it open, finding her collection of fake IDs. Kate declares that she knew it and saw it coming. Kate takes a picture of Jordan's fake ID.

Eric walks around the church and thinks back to times with Nicole.

Ricardo orders Nicole to back against the wall. Nicole begs him to let them go. He says he's here to shut this down. Nicole tries to convince him to be on their side. He laughs at her as Daniel regains consciousness and fights him again.

Will and Sonny walk out of the town square. Will tells Sonny about talking to Lucas and says he can't know about what happened to Nick. Sonny suggests they don't talk about Nick tonight. Will wonders what they'll talk about. Sonny says they don't need to talk at all as they kiss.

Nick tells Gabi that he's had time to process things by himself and with Percy. Nick thinks he and Gabi are a lot alike. Nick says they both have strong feelings and sometimes get passionate about those feelings which make them lose control and make mistakes. Nick says they've both made mistakes but he thinks there's always a way to start over. Nick says the trick is wanting it and putting everything into getting it to make it possible. Nick says all mistakes are in the past and all that matters for Gabi is to make Arianna's life as perfect as possible. Nick says he wants that too. Nick gives Arianna back to Gabi and thanks her for letting him hold her. Nick feels it's a good first step. Nick says bye and exits the Pub.

Kate calls Lucas and tells him he won't believe it. Lucas asks where she is. Kate asks about Jordan. Lucas informs her that Jordan left already. Kate wonders how long ago as Jordan returns home and Kate prepares to hide.

Eric prays with the rosary.

Daniel and Ricardo struggle over the gun. Nicole stands back and the gun goes off.

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