Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/6/14

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/6/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Hope goes to Jennifer's. Jennifer worries about not knowing where JJ is and mentions Justin not being able to make it to the hearing. Hope suggests a continuance. Jennifer worries about something going wrong and JJ ending up in prison.

JJ questions Theresa wanting to take him down when he could take her down the same way. JJ calls her an evil bitch as Abe appears and asks if everything's okay. JJ says it is but Theresa stops Abe and brings up his connection to the police. Theresa suggests Abe should stick around.

Abigail goes to the club and sits at the counter where she thinks back to being in the shower with EJ. Maggie approaches and startles her. Abigail tells her they missed her at the christening. Abigail brings up Nick. Maggie tells her that she and Nick had a little talk but lately her priority has been Brady. Maggie says Brady is having a tough time.

Brady sits at Daniel's apartment finishing a drink. He has a dream about passing out and Daniel finding him. Brady wakes up and says it's not going to happen because he has it under control.

Eric tells Brother Timothy that he hasn't dealt with Nicole as he came to settle his feelings. Eric admits he loves her but even if he can go back to being a priest, he knows his feelings for Nicole won't change.

Dr. Chyka demands to know what Daniel and Nicole are giving him. Nicole suggests it's a drug he used on Eric or something worse. Nicole tells him they will just have to wait and see.

Theresa brings up JJ's sentencing and asks Abe if the judge will give him special treatment. Abe knows the judge will be fair. Theresa remarks that JJ's not perfect. Abe says that no one is. Abe comments that Theresa's gotten many chances because she's a Brady. Abe tells them to take care and walks away. JJ asks Theresa if they have a deal or not and says if she takes him down then she will go with him.

Brady says he has control and pours out a drink. Brady then exits Daniel's apartment.

Dr. Chyka doesn't believe they would deliberately murder him. Chyka calls an injection breaking the law. Daniel demands he tell them what he did to Eric as it's his last chance.

Hope sits with Jennifer and talk about getting a continuance. Jennifer continues to worry. Hope asks about how JJ has been doing. Jennifer feels both of her children are walking on edge. Hope feels the same about Ciara.

Maggie sits with Abigail and talks about needing to meet with Nick. Maggie feels something is wrong and asks if Abigail knows anything about what happened. Abigail says it's a total mystery. Maggie thinks Abigail seems off lately and asks if something has happened. Abigail says she's just worried about JJ's sentencing. Abigail invites Maggie to come home with her so they leave together.

JJ and Theresa go back to the supply store where Rory's brother Kurt works. JJ talks to Kurt about Theresa making her decision on her last chance. They discuss what they have on her. Theresa wants the check back. JJ says he's going to take it home to Abigail but Theresa doesn't trust him. JJ says he'll keep his side of the bargain if she keeps hers. JJ asks Theresa why she wants everyone to hate her.

Brady walks through the town square and runs into Abe. Abe says he was just coming to see him. Abe informs Brady that John sent something for him. Abe hands Brady an envelope from John and asks him to open it.

Brother Timothy asks Eric about his love for Nicole not changing but still loving the church. Eric says this trip made him realize he loves both. Timothy suggests talking about Nicole's feelings for Eric.

Daniel tells Dr. Chyka that all they care about is clearing Eric. Daniel tells Chyka to do the right thing. Nicole begins recording him on her phone for a confession.

Hope tells Jennifer about Ciara being a bully, keeping secrets, and lying. Jennifer says that doesn't sound like Ciara. They agree that she's acting out because Bo isn't around. Hope says Ciara feels abandoned by Bo and they don't understand why it's happening. Jennifer asks what's next. Hope says she has to meet with Father Louis and Aiden soon. Jennifer encourages her that Father Louis will figure things out. They say they will stick together as they hug. Hope wishes her luck with the continuance and exits. Jennifer wonders where JJ is.

Theresa tells JJ that she doesn't want everyone to hate her and knows JJ hates her. JJ talks about being nothing but nice when he met her. JJ tells her that she would be in prison right now if it wasn't for Jennifer. Theresa suggests not mentioning Jennifer. JJ points out that she'd be dead if he didn't call Daniel when she overdosed but she still wasn't grateful. JJ tells Theresa that she can guess why people hate her. JJ says he changed after Theresa's overdose while she got crazier. JJ tells her to keep away from him and is glad they are done here. Theresa responds that he shouldn't be too sure about that.

Brady tells Abe that he knows what he thinks of John. Abe insists he open it so he does. Brady reads a letter from John about Brady always being a part of the Brady family and their relationship. Brady then rips the letter up and hands it back to Abe as his response.

Aiden and his son Chase prepare for their meeting. Aiden insists he did nothing wrong. Hope arrives with Ciara and greets them. Hope gets a text that Father Louis has been delayed for twenty minutes. Aiden decides they will wait outside then as to not spend time with them. Ciara remarks that's why she hates him.

Brother Timothy asks Eric about how he and Nicole met. Eric recalls it as a long time ago and how they were their first loves. Eric talks about Nicole helping him when he first came back as a priest and how they feel about one another now. Timothy brings up things he's read about Nicole being self-serving and untrustworthy.

Dr. Chyka doesn't believe they will kill him and thinks they are just trying to frighten him so he wants to take his chances. Daniel tells Chyka that he just took his last chance. Daniel takes the needle and prepares to inject him.

JJ tells Theresa to forget any threats. Theresa talks about what she thought of him when she first met him and now sees him as a total jerk and smarter than she thought. Theresa says she won't make that mistake again and exits. JJ declares "finally".

Abigail and Maggie go home. Abigail steps out. Jennifer worries to Maggie about JJ. Maggie comments that Abigail is worried herself about more than JJ. Jennifer asks about Brady. Maggie says he's not doing good and sliding down where she's afraid no one can help him.

Brady goes back to Daniel's apartment and continues drinking. Theresa arrives knocking on the door. She tells Brady that he ruined everything. She blames him for her taking the check. Theresa says now she has to figure out a way to make them pay.

JJ goes home. Jennifer questions where he was and why he turned his phone off. JJ tells her not to worry and says she won't have to worry about him from now on as they hug.

Eric tells Timothy that the description of Nicole is not accurate and that she's repented. Timothy talks about Nicole lying about her love for Eric. Eric says she was afraid of her feelings. Timothy thinks Nicole is a woman who will do anything to get what she wants and asks if that's the type of woman Eric wants to be with for the rest of his life and giving up being a priest for.

Nicole stops Daniel and suggests she do the injection so Daniel can't lose his license if they get caught. Daniel argues that he's all in and this is their only chance so he wants to do it right. They call each other stubborn. Nicole says she'll never forget him for this. Dr. Chyka asks what he's being injected with as Daniel then injects him with the needle.

Father Louis meets with Hope, Ciara, Aiden, and Chase. He explains that after meeting with nuns, Ciara and her friends have been teasing Chase, but Chase is not entirely blameless. Father Louis reveals that Chase ripped Ciara's uniform and has been striking out against the girls. Aiden asks Chase if that's true. Ciara says they didn't tell on him, but now everybody knows. Chase admits he did it because they were laughing at him. Father Louis suggests a sincere apology from both kids. Ciara apologizes for teasing him, and Chase apologizes for ripping her uniform. Father Louis takes the kids on a walk, leaving Aiden and Hope.

JJ tells Jennifer that he just needed time to think about Justin not making it to the hearing and he decided he doesn't want to wait. Abigail and Maggie join them. JJ tells them that he's feeling great and thinks tomorrow things will go really well.

Brady asks Theresa who screwed her over. Theresa says all that matters is that she got played. Brady talks about being screwed over by so many people and calls a drink his solution. They joke over exchanging mottos.

JJ slips Abigail's check into the drawer. Abigail comes in and asks what he was looking for. JJ claims he was looking for a pen and gives her the check, asking if it's hers. Abigail is relieved to see it as JJ jokes with her about losing it. JJ tells her not to worry about a mistake as things can always be fixed. Abigail comments not everything. JJ says usually. Abigail asks if there's something he's not telling her. JJ says there is but it's a good thing and finally things are looking up.

Eric says he sees what Brother Timothy is trying to do. Eric talks about finding out that Nicole was in love with him and accusing her of doing what Kristen did to him. Eric says he loves his friends and family and Nicole above anyone except God.

Daniel and Nicole wonder if the injection is working yet. Nicole says Chyka should be telling the truth right about now. Daniel asks Chyka's name and address. Chyka says he already knows both. Nicole asks what he did to Eric.

Abigail explains to Jennifer about JJ finding the check she lost. Abigail compares herself to Theresa because of it. Jennifer says it's not the same and JJ tells her to go easy on herself. Abigail worries about if she really lost it or if someone else found it. Jennifer tells her that everyone makes mistakes. Jennifer feels something is really bothering her and adds that she's there if she wants to talk. Jennifer and Abigail head to the kitchen to help Maggie bake.

Hope tells Aiden that she understands what he's going through. He responds that she has no idea how he feels.

Theresa tells Brady that she has to go. She tells him he's forgiven for what she blamed him for but someone else won't be so lucky as she exits.

Dr. Chyka refuses to tell anything. Daniel comments that he's resisting so he injects a little bit more. Nicole quickly asks what he helped Kristen with. Daniel tells her to hang on. Chyka passes out so Nicole calls him useless and wants to just shoot him.

Brother Timothy tells Eric that trusting Nicole and her love may be the right thing to do. Eric feels he's still in the same place he was when he came. Timothy says only because he's convinced he won't be a priest again and that he'll think of Nicole as a second choice. Timothy encourages him to pray, meditate, and decide which life he wants before the church decides for him. Timothy tells Eric that the decision of what he does for the rest of his life is in his hands.

Hope tells Aiden that she does have an idea because they are both parents with children having a problem. Aiden suggests Hope just keep Ciara away from Chase. Father Louis comes back so Aiden exits. Louis asks Hope if something happened. Hope tells him that she just found out Aiden is a bigger jerk than she thought.

Brady sits alone and continues his drink.

Jennifer, Abigail, and Maggie encourage JJ about his hearing and being free. JJ says he knows he screwed up a lot and made them miserable but he's so grateful they stuck by him. JJ then heads upstairs.

Theresa says if JJ thinks he can just stick it to her and walk away, he better think again. Theresa says JJ and Jennifer better watch their backs because she's coming.

Eric tells Brother Timothy that he will be defrocked without a way to prove his innocence. Timothy questions him and says a miracle could happen that changes his life and could be happening as they speak.

Nicole wonders if Dr. Chyka is awake now. Daniel asks him to state his name and he now goes along with it. Daniel has him say where and when he was born. Daniel pulls Nicole aside and points out that it's working.

Stefano's guard calls in from outside of Chyka's hideout and says it looks like there are others with him. He asks if he should eliminate them too.

Nicole begins to record Chyka's confession. Daniel asks Chyka if he knows Kristen DiMera. Chyka says oh yes, which pleases Daniel and Nicole.

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