Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/5/14

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/5/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Abigail and EJ continue kissing. She kisses him into the shower and pulls the curtain shut. Sami approaches the gym, asking if they are sure EJ is inside. Sami comments that EJ is going to be so surprised. Abigail undresses completely and joins EJ in the shower where they continue kissing. Sami then begins to open the door but it's locked and she wonders why.

Theresa gets her order as JJ arrives at the store when she turns around. Theresa asks what JJ is doing there. JJ says he's just getting some school supplies and asks her the same.

Eric tells Brother Timothy that he thought about what he said, that his life could be without the church and Nicole. Eric says he hasn't decided yet. Timothy suggests taking it one step at a time and asks Eric if the church is where he truly belongs.

Stefano sits at home with his guard and complains about being unable to get a hold of Dr. Chyka. Stefano wonders why Chyka does not want to be found and says it makes him anxious and nervous.

Dr. Chyka sits in his hideout. Daniel approaches. Chyka hears a sound and questions who's there then grabs his gun. Chyka steps outside as Nicole watches through the binoculars and worries when she sees that Chyka has a gun.

Theresa tells JJ that she just came to get some pens and tries to rush out but JJ stops her and wants to see the pens. Theresa tells him to pick his own. JJ asks why she's being so weird. Theresa says they aren't supposed to be seen together and tries to leave. The cashier calls out to her, calling her Abigail. Theresa freaks out. JJ then laughs and tells Theresa that she just got played as he reveals that he is friends with the cashier.

Sami tries calling out to EJ and hears the shower running. Sami goes and gets a worker to unlock the door for her. EJ and Abigail continue kissing in the shower inside.

Nicole hopes that whatever Daniel is doing works. Nicole worries about being seen. Dr. Chyka holds his gun as Daniel attacks him from behind and tries to get him to drop the gun.

Theresa questions what's going on. Rory joins them, revealing the cashier is Rory's brother. Theresa calls it weird. JJ reveals that he set her up and says she's so busted. They call it embezzlement. Theresa calls JJ an idiot and says this means nothing because it's their word against hers. Rory's brother Kurt, reveals that he has video of Theresa impersonating Abigail.

Eric tells Timothy that he wants to prove his innocence but feels any chance of that happening now is lost.

Daniel and Dr. Chyka fight. Daniel gets the upper hand as Nicole appears and grabs the gun. Nicole asks if she can shoot him now. Daniel takes him inside to talk first.

Sami waits for the security guy to unlock the door as he tries to find the right key. Sami talks about the business deal she made and how some people don't like dealing with women. Sami says EJ will be so surprised and the guard gets the door open. Sami heads inside and calls out to EJ, startling he and Abigail in the shower.

Kurt sends the video of Theresa to JJ's phone as backup. JJ warns her that it can go viral any time like the video she has of him. JJ threatens that she would go to prison. Theresa argues that she wouldn't. JJ brings up that Jennifer already fired her once for embezzlement so no one will listen to her. JJ declares that he's finally got her. Theresa storms out and JJ follows.

Stefano talks about Dr. Chyka disappearing and not coming back but he won't be able to sleep until he knows he's no longer a liability.

Brother Timothy tells Eric that the church will have to decide based on the evidence. Eric says he was drugged and Daniel proved that he was poisoned but the tests were destroyed and can't be duplicated. Timothy says his word can't prove what happened that night. Eric says that no matter what then, he will be forced to leave the church. Timothy suggests there could be another way.

Daniel ties Dr. Chyka up as Nicole holds him at gunpoint. Daniel begins talking about Chyka's history and being the one to supply Kristen with the drugs she used on Eric. Nicole wants to just shoot him but Daniel doesn't want to rush. Daniel has her put the gun down so they don't make any mistakes. Daniel tells Chyka that they have time. Nicole adds that they won't wait all day. Nicole brings up Eric and how Chyka tried to kill them. Nicole slaps Chyka and says she will make him pay for what he did. Nicole hits him again until Daniel pulls her back and tells her to stop.

Sami asks if EJ can hear her. EJ says he will be right out. Sami jokes how long EJ is taking in the shower as she waits. EJ turns off the water and comes out of the shower while Abigail remains hiding inside. Sami figures he's surprised to see her. EJ thought she was coming back tomorrow. Sami tells EJ about getting the deal made. EJ says he'll get some clothes on. Sami mentions just needing his signature and says she gets what she wants. EJ notices Abigail's bra nearby.

JJ follows Theresa out of the town square and tells her that she can't run away from her problems. Theresa tells him to go to Hell. JJ says he's been there ever since she blackmailed him and questions her about how it feels. JJ tells her that he could promise nobody sees the video of her if she can make the same promise about his video.

Sami insists on getting EJ's signature now and looks through her bag to find a pen. Abigail sneaks her bra back into the shower with her. Sami asks if EJ is going to read the terms but EJ goes ahead and signs. Sami realizes he is still mad at her. EJ tells her that it's not the time or place for this conversation and suggests somewhere else. Sami apologizes for hanging up on him and hurting his feelings. Sami says she just didn't want to have one more fight on the phone where he gave her another ultimatum.

Brother Timothy tells Eric that he will be disciplined because of what happened. They talk about Kristen fleeing the scene. Timothy tells Eric that he sinned but sins can be forgiven. Eric asks if he's saying that he can still be a priest even if he's not proven innocent.

Daniel tells Nicole that they will do this the right way. Daniel says they need to get information. Dr. Chyka begins talking about seeing Nicole when she got out of the shower. Daniel warns Chyka. Daniel tells Chyka that they know what he did. They tell Chyka that they need him to confess and then they won't care what he does or where he goes. Chyka laughs at the thought of confessing to them.

JJ tells Theresa that no one is deleting anything as they each have their videos. JJ knows she won't wreck his life, knowing he can wreck hers. JJ tells Theresa that it will be like none of this ever happened unless she stabs him in the back. JJ says he should get probation at his hearing but if she tries to screw him then he will send the video to Hope, the police, and her parents. JJ asks how that sounds.

Sami tells EJ that it feels like they can't talk anymore with their issues. EJ apologizes and says he's had a really difficult day. EJ wants to go home and have a glass of wine then they can talk about anything. Sami talks about needing to file some work and brings up Johnny's basketball game which EJ forgot about. EJ asks Sami to tell Johnny that he has a lot to get done. Sami suggests trying to make the end. EJ says he will be there if he can and if not then he will see her at home. Sami then tells EJ about running into Nick. EJ tells her they will talk at home. Sami apologizes again and adds that she doesn't like things the way they are between them anymore than he does. Sami gathers her things and exits. EJ brings a towel to Abigail. Abigail tells EJ that he doesn't have to explain as she understands everything now.

Abe and Theo visit Stefano. They ask if he's heard from Kristen. Stefano says he has not but assures Theo that she misses him. Theo brings up kids at school saying Kristen was bad and asks if it's true. Stefano says she is part of their family and family always help and love each other. Stefano asks Abe if that's right.

Brother Timothy tells Eric that the church could never allow him to return to his work if he can't prove his innocence but that doesn't mean he can't remain in the church's religious community. He suggests the bishop might feel Eric can continue to serve God from a retreat. Eric asks if he thinks he should become a monk.

Dr. Chyka tells Daniel and Nicole that he isn't going to confess so they can go ahead and call the police. Nicole grabs the gun and says they have no reason to call the police. Dr. Chyka argues that she's not going to hurt him. Chyka talks about Daniel taking the doctor's oath to never do harm. Nicole says Daniel won't but she will and raises the gun at Chyka. Chyka says he also did his research about Nicole and knows she would do anything including kill for Eric. Chyka brings up the video of Eric and Kristen. He tells Nicole to go ahead and pull the trigger because he no longer cares. Daniel reminds Nicole that it's their game and their rules so they are going to do what they have to do. Daniel then tells Chyka that he's absolutely right and exits. Chyka questions why he's leaving him alone with Nicole.

Brother Timothy tells Eric that becoming a monk is just a possibility. Eric says he would never repent something he did not do. Eric adds that his conscience is clear. Timothy asks if he would consider it. Eric says he respects what Timothy does but he's a man of the world and he could not live his life without his family.

JJ tells Theresa that it is a good deal as she could find someone else to run errands for her. JJ questions Theresa if it's worth throwing her life away. Theresa suggests maybe it is. She talks about how much she hates Jennifer. JJ says he's trying to give her a chance. They threaten each other with their videos. Theresa says she doesn't care because if she ends up in prison then she will still know that she wrecked his life and ruined Jennifer's.

Abigail questions EJ about not sleeping in the same bed with Sami. EJ doesn't want to have this conversation and suggests Abigail leaves. Abigail worries about what clothes to wear. EJ says he will get something and leaves.

Nicole tells Dr. Chyka how good Eric is and how Chyka ruined his life. Nicole says one way or another, they will find a way to make him confess. Chyka realizes Nicole is completely in love with Eric yet determined to clear his name. Chyka tells her that if she succeeds then Eric will be back in the church and she will be alone. Chyka recalls Eric being protective of Nicole and that he loves her. Chyka argues that if Nicole lets him go then Eric will be hers.

EJ returns with clothes for Abigail and tells her to hurry. EJ helps her put her coat on. Abigail goes to leave but EJ stops her. EJ tells her that he's sorry. Abigail says she should be too but she's not. Abigail then exits.

JJ calls Theresa sick for wrecking her life just to get at he and Jennifer. JJ calls her an evil bitch as Abe appears and asks if everything's okay.

Eric hopes he's not offending Brother Timothy. Timothy understands that this life requires a very personal decision. Eric talks about wanting to help people as a priest. Timothy brings up Eric's other choice, Nicole.

Chyka tells Nicole that she and Eric can be together happily ever after if she lets him go. Nicole says clearing Eric's name is the most important thing to her so Chyka calls her stupid.

Stefano wants the loose end of Dr. Chyka tied up and sends his guard to find him and end this once and for all.

Nicole continues holding the gun on Chyka as Daniel returns with a backpack. Chyka questions what's in it. Daniel opens it, revealing a needle and a bottle. Nicole tells Chyka that he's about to get a taste of his own medicine.

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