Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/4/14

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/4/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

EJ goes to the club and T jokes about wanting EJ to work since customers have requested him after he worked New Year's. EJ gets a call from Sami. He asks if she's home. She says there's been a major problem with the distributor in Chicago so she will have to spend the night.

Nick runs into Abigail in the town square and asks if she has a minute for coffee and catch up. Abigail hesitates so Nick comments that it seems like she can't wait to get away from him but she says it's not that.

Rory suggests JJ take just one hit to help him relax.

Brady encourages Theresa to drink but she says she has to be in the program. Brady says he won't tell.

JJ tells Rory that he doesn't need to smoke as it's not his thing anymore.

Theresa puts the drink down. Brady asks if she doesn't trust him.

Jennifer walks by at the hospital as Maxine is on the phone, talking about Daniel not being on the schedule and canceling his surgeries. Jennifer asks Maxine if Daniel is okay. Maxine says as far as she knows. Jennifer asks where he is.

Nicole spots what she says must be Dr. Chyka's hideout and then she is grabbed by Daniel to keep her quiet. Nicole says she's just excited. Daniel warns her about not screwing this up. Nicole declares that Chyka is going down.

Dr. Chyka makes a call about a flight.

Maxine tells Jennifer that she got the impression that Daniel was leaving town. Maxine suggests Jennifer call him and find out. Jennifer reveals that she deleted Daniel's information from his phone. Maxine points out that she has his number but Jennifer says Daniel's personal life is not her business anymore. Maxine tells her that she can't have it both ways.

EJ wants Sami to come home but Sami says she has to do her job. Sami blames Kristen but EJ doesn't want to discuss Kristen with her. EJ brings up Sami not responding to Gabi's text messages. Sami says she heard about Percy. EJ tells her that Nick holds all the cards so they have to wait for his next move.

Nick sits with Abigail in the town square. Nick comments that Abigail and others looked like they had seen a ghost when he first came back. Abigail says everyone was just surprised. Nick wants to make sure nothing has changed between them after everything with Gabi. Abigail asks what happened with Gabi. Nick tells Abigail that she knows what happened and tells the story he told at the church about the modeling gig he set up. Abigail admits it freaked her out. Nick tells her that he is now aware it was a huge mistake and he's getting help. Nick says he keeps thinking about how different things would be for everyone if he was just straightforward with Gabi. Nick says he will tell it like it is from now on like Abigail always does. Nick says Abigail is all about honesty and integrity. Nick calls Abigail a role model.

Sami tells EJ that it's not a game but her life and she's not good at waiting around for others to make things happen. Sami complains about the distributor. EJ wants her home. Sami says she has to work. EJ tells Sami to do whatever she feels she has to do. Sami responds that she doesn't need EJ dictating her life to her. EJ thought it was their life. Sami questions him throwing an ultimatum. Sami reminds EJ that he said things have to change. EJ does not want to continue the conversation over the phone. Sami says goodbye and hangs up.

Rory prepares to light his joint but JJ stops him. Rory says he was just trying to help. JJ says the only thing that will help is Theresa doing what they need. Kayla pulls up so Rory and Bev leave the room to hide. JJ answers the door and tells Kayla that Jennifer is at work but Kayla says she came to talk to him about what he's doing with Theresa.

Brady finishes another drink and asks Theresa if she's sure. Theresa says she is. Brady asks if she's afraid that he will blow her cover. Theresa says everyone knows he's a train wreck. Brady continues drinking. Theresa wipes her glass off because she doesn't want to take any chances. Theresa tells Brady to talk about Daniel like he said he wanted to.

Nicole tells Daniel that they are going to find out the truth as they wait outside the hideout.

Abigail asks Nick what's going on with him. Nick tells her that he got a lead on a job so he's staying in Salem and hopes that means they can spend a lot more time with each other.

EJ makes a call to cancel his lunch plans. EJ tells T that he lost his appetite and exits the club.

Sami gets a work call and is surprised to hear they took the deal as she thought they'd be there all night. Sami adds that she will want to tell EJ herself by surprising him in person.

JJ asks Kayla what she's talking about. Kayla mentions Roman seeing Theresa with him. JJ tries to explain. Kayla says she won't tell Jennifer. JJ says Theresa just came to deliver a letter for work. Kayla thinks she must have wanted something. JJ says he wants nothing to do with Theresa. Kayla believes him but feels there's something he's not telling her. JJ admits there is something going on and she might be the only one who could help him.

Brady tells Theresa that she's wasting her time. Theresa insists that Daniel is attracted to her. Brady asks about them sleeping together the night that she overdosed. Brady tells Theresa that Daniel still has it bad for Jennifer and doesn't want anyone. Theresa argues that she knows how men think. Brady says she doesn't know Daniel like he does. Brady says Theresa sleeping with Daniel broke Jennifer's heart and there's no way he would do that to her again.

Jennifer gets a message on her phone that concerns her.

Daniel uses binoculars to try and look but can't tell if Chyka is inside. Nicole wants to get closer but Daniel says there has to be a better way.

Dr. Chyka packs a bag. He answers a call and is told that his flight has been delayed. He goes back to his safe.

Daniel tells Nicole that they need to think this through as they could be killed since no one knows where they are. Daniel wonders if it's too late to call the police. Nicole accuses Daniel of giving up. Daniel assures her that he's not. Nicole worries going to the police could tip off Stefano. Daniel says they are at the point of no return. Daniel points out that what they are doing is risky and illegal. Daniel reminds Nicole of her criminal record. Daniel tells Nicole that he won't let her risk her future.

Dr. Chyka takes money out of the safe and puts it in his bag.

Abigail goes to the club and orders a coffee from T. Abigail calls EJ and leaves a message saying they need to talk. She realizes T is near and says they need to talk about hospital board meetings and hangs up. T then informs her that EJ was just there. Abigail asks where he went. T tells her that he went to his corporate gym to work out.

EJ prepares to workout and thinks back to arguing with Sami on the phone.

Kayla sits with JJ and tells him that he can always talk to her as she wants to help him. JJ brings up what Jack did to her and how she eventually forgave him. JJ asks how she did it. Kayla asks why he's asking now. JJ says he's not so good at forgiving people. Kayla asks what's going on with him. JJ asks if she thinks Jennifer could ever forgive him if he screwed up again.

Theresa argues that Daniel won't pine over Jennifer for the rest of his life. Brady tells her not to live in denial. They argue and Theresa accidentally spills his drink on his watch. Brady blows it off. She tells Brady how lucky he is. Theresa tells him to go to Hell and storms out as Brady continues drinking. Theresa pulls the check out of her purse then walks off.

Kayla asks JJ why he's worried about this now and asks if something else happened. JJ tells her that Justin can't be at his hearing and he just wants it over with so he's going ahead with another lawyer. JJ hopes it won't be a mistake. Kayla says he's been doing great. JJ worries that the judge could change his mind. Kayla asks why he thinks Jennifer would be mad at him since she knows how hard he has been trying. Kayla tells JJ how much Jennifer loves him as she hugs him. She assures him it will be over soon.

Theresa goes to the store and says she's there to pick up hospital supplies. The cashier says he needs two forms of ID for that kind of check.

Jennifer goes to the club, finishing a phone call with Adrienne. She spots Brady and sits with him. Jennifer tells him about Justin not being at JJ's hearing. Brady tells her that it will work out. Brady tells Jennifer that he left the program. He talks about missing Arianna's christening and Maggie being upset with him. Brady insists that he's fine. Brady says it was good to see her as he then exits.

Nicole tells Daniel that his life is at risk too since she dragged him into this. Nicole asks why he's only worried about her. Nicole jokes with him. Daniel tells her that he cares about her. Nicole admits it's sometimes hard to believe. Daniel talks about all they have been through and says he will always care about her. Daniel spots Dr. Chyka inside.

Nick exits the Pub and runs into Sami. Nick asks if she has a minute. Sami tells him to save it as she already heard what he told Gabi and Kate and she won't buy a word of it.

EJ finishes his workout and heads towards the shower. Abigail arrives and enters the room. He instructs her to shut the door.

Theresa pretends to have forgotten her drivers license. The cashier steps away. Theresa asks another worker nearby for help. He agrees to go get her order. Theresa says she will just need 20 $100 gift cards.

Daniel tells Nicole that he's not sure but it looks like Dr. Chyka. They hide in the bushes. Daniel instructs Nicole to stay there and be his lookout and not leave that spot. Nicole argues against it but Daniel insists then heads off.

Nick questions Sami about Kate and Gabi both talking about him. Sami mocks him changing. Nick understands it's hard to believe that he's changed and it will take time for him to prove himself. Sami suggests they put their cards on the table. Sami says two can play at this game and he's not going to win.

Abigail tells EJ that she tried to call him after running into Nick. EJ asks what Nick said. Abigail talks about Nick praising her for being honest and good. She felt like he could see right through her since she just thought about them. EJ says Abigail is a good person. Abigail wonders if Sami would say that if she knew or his kids or Jennifer. Abigail hates lying to her family but she feels like she's lying to herself when she says this is over. EJ tells Abigail that she shouldn't be there. Abigail tells EJ that no one saw her and then they kiss.

Brady returns to Daniel's and continues drinking. He says to himself that Maggie will eventually have to accept that he doesn't have a problem. Brady then pours another drink.

Jennifer goes home and calls out for JJ asking where he is.

Theresa gets her order as JJ arrives at the store when she turns around.

Dr. Chyka sits in his hideout. Daniel approaches. Chyka hears a sound and questions who's there then grabs his gun. Nicole watches through the binoculars. Chyka checks out the window as Daniel hides outside.

Abigail and EJ continue kissing. She kisses him into the shower and pulls the curtain shut. Sami approaches the gym, asking if they are sure EJ is inside. Sami comments that EJ is going to be so surprised. Abigail undresses completely and joins EJ in the shower where they continue kissing. Sami then begins to open the door.

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