Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/3/14

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/3/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Abigail approaches Adrienne at the hospital and asks what she's doing there. Adrienne says she came to see Jennifer but left a note since she's in a meeting. Adrienne starts to leave, but Abigail questions her spying on her and EJ as EJ arrives at the hospital and sees them.

Maggie questions what Brady is doing. Brady asks if he has to explain every move he makes. Brady accuses them of watching him and says he can't live there anymore.

Kate tells Nick that Mad World is not dealing with him. Nick talks about working hard on his million dollar ideas. Kate offers him freelance work but Nick says he already has someone else in mind. Kate tells Nick about hiring an assistant. The old man from the river then arrives next to Nick and greets them. Nick introduces Kate to his new friend Percy. Percy responds that they meet again as Nick questions them knowing each other.

Maggie tells Brady that no one is waiting for him to slip. Brady says he's not going to rehab and adds that he will prove that drinking is not one of his problems.

Theresa sits in Anne's office, talking on the phone about gift cards. She hangs up and says they are too cheap to get security cameras. She looks at the check for Abigail that she kept and puts it in her purse as she exits.

Rory and Bev go to see JJ. They tell JJ that Theresa just called the store and is on her way.

Theresa runs into Anne on her way out. Anne questions where she's going.

Adrienne tells Abigail that she wasn't spying but just happened to run into them. Abigail questions why she didn't come say hi. Adrienne says she didn't want to interrupt. Adrienne brings up Jennifer's concern of her involvement with the DiMeras. Adrienne talks about seeing Abigail with EJ two different times. Abigail tells Adrienne that they were talking about Jack and his book. They argue about EJ. Abigail tells Adrienne that she doesn't know anything about EJ. Abigail suggests coming to her if she has a problem instead of going to Jennifer behind her back. Abigail then walks away. Adrienne exits the hospital. EJ comes out from behind the corner, having listened in on their argument and heads in the direction that Abigail went.

Nick reintroduces Percy and Kate then asks how they met. Kate says they've seen each other several times. Percy recalls dressing as Santa. Kate asks for a moment alone with Nick. Kate then questions what game he's playing.

Victor tells Brady that he's doing the right thing but doesn't want him to feel watched. Victor suggests Brady move into the corporate suites so he can still have work access. Brady thanks him for his faith in him and promises not to let him down. Brady goes to pack his bags. Victor tells Maggie that this will work out perfect since he will be the first to know if Brady drinks. Victor points out that Brady won't get help if he doesn't want it so they need to give him space.

Theresa tells Anne that she was just going out for some fresh air. Anne questions her not working. Theresa wants a break. Anne reminds her that her job is to make Jennifer's life a living hell. Theresa suggests she try and follow up with Daniel but Anne informs her that Daniel is not there.

Rory and Bev note that JJ does not seem too thrilled. JJ says there's no turning back now so if this doesn't go as planned then he's going to prison. Rory suggests they should've thought this through better. There's a knock at the door and they worry that it could be Theresa. JJ answers the door and it's Adrienne. JJ introduces Adrienne into Rory and Bev. Bev decides they will let them catch up and exit. JJ apologizes to Adrienne and says it won't happen again. Adrienne asks how Jennifer would feel. JJ says she was cool with it earlier. Adrienne tells JJ that she came with a message for him about his sentencing hearing.

EJ joins Abigail in her office. She asks what he's doing there. EJ reveals that he heard what she said to Adrienne.

Sonny tries to keep Gabi calm at home but Gabi is freaked out about Nick. Gabi worries about Rafe and Will. Sonny says Will won't wait around for Nick to make the next move so he went to set Nick straight.

Nick claims not to know what Kate means and talks about starting over in Salem. Kate questions who Percy is. Nick talks up all Percy has done for him. Kate asks about it. Nick says Percy helped him understand what he wants to do next in life. Nick adds that she'd be surprised by what Percy knows. Kate thinks back to the night at the river.

Brady comes downstairs with his bag packed and says he'll have the rest of his stuff sent over since he wants to get out. Maggie hugs him and tells him that she loves him as she cries. Brady assures her that he will be fine and tells her not to worry. Brady then exits. Victor hugs Maggie as she cries. Brady says a couple days of peace is all he needs as he walks away with Maggie's key to Daniel's that he stole.

Kate tells Nick that she noticed Percy's great knowledge of birds. Nick comments that Percy is full of surprises. Kate doesn't understand how Percy can help Nick. Nick talks about chemistry and how people are volatile. Nick says he handpicked Percy to be his assistant and guarantees that Kate will feel more secure if she hires him. Kate says she will need some time to think about it and will let him know by tomorrow. Nick trusts she will make the right decision. Kate then exits the Pub. She looks back at Nick with Percy inside.

Sonny tries to assure Gabi that things will be okay. Gabi worries about Rafe and Will getting in Nick's face. Gabi worries about Nick remembering that they tried to kill him. Gabi calls it a nightmare and says she needs some air so she exits.

Theresa notes that Daniel was on the schedule but Anne informs her that he already left. They make sure that Daniel is not with Jennifer since Jennifer is at work. Anne's phone rings and she says she'll be right there. Anne heads out to a meeting so Theresa hurries out.

JJ worries that Adrienne has bad news. Adrienne says she has no idea what the judge will do. JJ says tomorrow is either the first day of the rest of his life or the day it's all over. Adrienne says it actually might be neither.

Abigail questions EJ spying on them. EJ says he was just passing through after the board meeting. EJ thanks her for defending him. Abigail says she was defending herself. They talk about how Adrienne can be. EJ hopes Adrienne doesn't latch onto the idea that Abigail cares about him.

Brady goes to Daniel's apartment. He pulls a bottle out from his bag and pours a drink then there's a knock at the door. Brady figures Victor had him followed but he opens the door to see Theresa.

Adrienne informs JJ that Justin was called out of town on business so he won't be back in time for his hearing. JJ worries about now having a lawyer. Adrienne tells JJ that Justin can request a continuance to have the hearing postponed or he can have another lawyer that Justin recommends. JJ wants this over but doesn't want anyone else taking his case. Adrienne encourages him. JJ says he's trying to do the right thing but he can't control everything and everyone.

Gabi goes to the town square and sees Nick walking away. She quickly pulls out her phone and calls EJ.

Abigail asks EJ if he's going to answer his phone but EJ says they are in the middle of something. Abigail mocks EJ's ego. EJ thanks her for her defense but tells her not to feel the need to talk about him to Adrienne. EJ says she doesn't need to hang around his colossal ego if she doesn't want. Abigail asks what EJ wants. EJ doesn't want Adrienne running to Jennifer or else she will start questioning her. EJ calls Abigail vulnerable. Abigail responds that she's not nearly as vulnerable as he might think. Abigail says if things are over between them then she can handle it. Abigail goes to leave but EJ stops her and questions her saying if things are over. Abigail then exits.

Adrienne tells JJ that the only thing he can control is himself. JJ worries that something will screw it up for him. JJ says he just wants it to be done. Adrienne thinks everything will be okay as long as he doesn't do anything crazy. Adrienne then exits. Bev and Rory come back in to the room and ask what happened. JJ informs them that Justin can't be at his hearing tomorrow. JJ says he would be fine if he didn't do anything crazy but they've already set up Theresa so this better work.

Theresa asks where Daniel is. Brady tells her that he went out of town and jokes that it was to get away from her. Brady tells her that there is something he has to say to her.

Abigail goes to see Sonny. She asks how Gabi is doing with Nick back. Sonny says she's not doing very well. Sonny asks about Nick. Abigail comments that he's acting kind of strange and she feels like there's something he's not saying. Abigail asks Sonny if he knows what happened with Nick and Gabi before he left.

Nick goes to the Kiriakis Mansion. Victor asks what he wants. Nick says he came to see Maggie but Victor says she's not there. Victor asks when he's leaving. Nick informs him that he's decided to stay in Salem as he's determined to start his life over again. Maggie comes in and hugs Nick.

Gabi goes to the DiMera Mansion to see EJ. EJ asks what is so urgent and what the problem is. Kate enters and declares that Nick knows everything.

Rory and Bev tell JJ that Theresa hasn't shown up at the store yet. JJ worries that their plan won't work.

Brady invites Theresa in. She says she has stuff to do. Brady thanks her for getting him back from the meeting. Brady adds that Maggie is no longer his sponsor and he left the program with no regrets. Brady tells her that Daniel doesn't know. Theresa asks why he's there. Brady says he's escaping judgment from people who think they know better. Theresa understands.

Nick tells Maggie that he plans to stay in Salem to prove himself and not running away. Maggie encourages him to keep getting the help he needs. Nick thanks Maggie for all of her support. Maggie says everyone deserves a second chance. Maggie asks Nick what he's going to be doing now that he's back.

Sonny tells Abigail that he's not sure what happened between Gabi and Nick. Abigail responds that she just had a feeling. Abigail says what Gabi said didn't make sense. Abigail asks Sonny about he and Will not knowing. Sonny then asks Abigail what the deal is with her and this guy.

Gabi asks Kate about Nick knowing. EJ asks what exactly Nick said. Kate tells Gabi and EJ about Percy being Nick's assistant. Gabi says she knew Percy knew. EJ questions Nick threatening her and if he said that he knew they tried to murder him.

Nick tells Maggie that he's put some feelers out and presented a proposal to Kate which he feels good about. Maggie hopes it works out. She asks where he will be staying. Nick says his old apartment was open. Maggie has to get to an appointment. Nick says he'll be in touch as Maggie exits. Victor comments that Nick only seems to be bad luck. Nick says they will find out if that's true.

Brady invites Theresa to stay awhile. Theresa points out that they hate each other. He suggests she take a break from the hospital and adds that he knows things about Daniel that she might be interested to hear so she decides to stay.

JJ, Rory, and Bev want to find Theresa and what she's up to. Bev says all they can do is wait.

Brady tells Theresa not to let him drink alone and pours her a drink.

Rory suggests smoking to JJ.

Brady offers Theresa a drink and tells her that he won't tell anyone because it's nobody's business but hers.

JJ tells Rory that he can't. Rory insists that no one will know but JJ says he'd go to prison if he got drug tested. Rory thinks JJ will lose it if he doesn't take the edge off.

Theresa takes the drink from Brady as he encourages her to live a little.

Rory suggests JJ take just one hit.

Brady pours a drink himself and drinks it as Theresa continues to hesitate.

Abigail tells Sonny that her guy situation is no big thing and suggests changing the subject. Sonny asks for a name but Abigail says there's no one and claims she already forgot about it.

Kate admits that Nick didn't say he remembers everything. Gabi asks about Percy. Kate states that he didn't say anything about that night either. EJ says they should've listened to him.

Nick joins Percy outside the town square where Percy is looking at birds. Nick thinks Percy will have a lot less time for bird watching. Percy says he's looking forward to working together.

Kate suggests Nick doesn't know what happened but Percy does and Percy joined forces with Nick to blackmail her. EJ says Nick knows exactly what he's doing and is playing a dangerous game. EJ tells Kate that they will play along until Nick shows his hand or they get tired of playing and then they decide how exactly to end the game.

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