Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/31/14

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/31/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady and Victor discuss work when Maggie comes in and greets Victor. Victor asks if there's a problem. Brady says Maggie is upset with him for not going to the meeting. Brady says he didn't need to go and needs work. Maggie threatens Brady to tell Victor the truth or she will.

Eric talks to Brother Timothy about Kristen violating him and sending a man to take he and Nicole's life.

Nicole and Daniel find Dr. Chyka's picture on the computer. Nicole says now they have to find him and make him pay.

Dr. Chyka is upset to find out that Eric and Nicole survived. He declares he will be on the road again and nobody will know where he goes.

Kate meets EJ at the club. EJ says their problem is Nick.

Nick asks Rafe what he wants from him. Rafe tells him no contact with Gabi or Arianna and asks if he's clear. Nick says that's up to Gabi and not Rafe. Rafe tries to stop him from leaving but ends up falling down without his cane. Jordan arrives and questions what's going on. Jordan helps Rafe onto the bench. She questions why Nick didn't help him up. Nick says Rafe wouldn't have taken his help. Nick tells Rafe to be more careful and not risk his health.

Kate tells EJ that they didn't kill Nick so the problem is solved. EJ says Sami thinks the same and went off to Chicago. Kate tells EJ to calm down because there's no reason for anyone to ever find out about it unless EJ doesn't keep Abigail quiet.

Abigail goes back to the hospital storage room and thinks back to being there with EJ.

Daniel tells Nicole that they have to be incredibly careful to not let the DiMeras know. Nicole suggests hacking into records on the computer but Daniel stops her and says they can't do this.

Brady tells Victor that he got drunk and missed Arianna's christening. Brady assures him that he's fine now but Maggie argues that he's not. Brady says he just had a few drinks. Brady adds that he's already apologized to Sami and Will. Brady then states that his drinking is nobody's business.

Abigail continues thinking about being with EJ and then exits the storage room.

EJ tells Kate not to worry about Abigail. Kate says he has nothing to worry about then. EJ wonders if Nick suddenly remembers. Kate says it'd be their word against an ex-con. EJ wants to stay one step ahead of Nick. EJ brings up Nick asking Kate for a job and he wants to hear all about that.

Jordan suggests Nick just go. Nick says he was trying to when Rafe stopped him. Nick tells Rafe that Gabi is a big girl who makes her own decisions. Nick says he's accepted that and suggests Rafe should too. Nick walks away as Rafe calls him a punk. Jordan guesses that was Nick Fallon.

Daniel tells Nicole that they have to let the police handle this. Nicole reminds him that they can't go to the police because it would tip off the DiMeras. Daniel says doing it this way would lead to a judge throwing out any evidence. Nicole wants Kristen to go down. Daniel reminds her about Dr. Chyka trying to kill her. Nicole is determined to do this and give Eric the chance to prove his innocence.

Jordan asks Rafe about Nick moving to New York. Rafe says he did but Gabi refused to go with him so he's back. Rafe talks about Nick getting in people's heads and under their skin. Jordan checks on Rafe and then they walk out together.

Abigail exits the Pub and runs into Nick. Nick apologizes for not getting a chance to talk at the church since things were uncomfortable. Nick congratulates her on being Arianna's godmother. Nick calls Abigail his favorite cousin and asks how she's been. Abigail says she's good. Nick brings up Chad staying in Boston. Nick says he's sure she's sick of hearing the DiMeras are bad news. Abigail says she has to get back to the hospital for work. Nick questions if she's avoiding him. Abigail says no and asks why he would ask that. Nick says he knows Gabi, Will, and Sonny were unpleasantly surprised to see him while Abigail seemed just as shocked.

EJ questions Kate. Kate talks about things Nick said. EJ asks if he threatened her. Kate says he did not overtly. Rafe and Jordan arrive. EJ greets Rafe. Rafe asks what this is. Kate comments that it's good to see him. Rafe says he's not feeling well and remarks that Nick should've stayed out of Salem. EJ says that's something they can actually agree on.

Victor tells Brady that Maggie is concerned about his behavior. They inform Victor that Maggie is no longer Brady's sponsor. Victor questions Brady. Brady says he knows what he needs to do and wants to get back to work. Brady hopes this doesn't affect him coming back to work.

Eric finishes praying and thanks Brother Timothy for giving him time to reflect. Eric says he knows he has to find a way in his heart to forgive Kristen. Eric mentions Brady blaming him for what happened. Eric talks about how Brady was warned about Kristen but wouldn't listen. Eric says Kristen came to destroy his family and he's helping by harboring hatred in his heart but he doesn't know if he can forgive her for what she's done. Eric says maybe that means he's not worthy of being God's servant.

Nicole tells Daniel that she just wants to help Eric as it should be his choice on whether or not he wants to be a priest again. Daniel questions her making it sound like Eric might make a different choice. Daniel doesn't get what Eric's other option is. Daniel says something happened in the basement when they almost died. Nicole admits to Daniel that Eric told her that he loved her and she said she still loved him too.

Victor asks Brady to let him speak to Maggie. Brady tells him to let him know when he wants to get to work. Brady exits. Victor asks Maggie exactly what happened. Maggie explains that Brady showed up at an AA meeting drunk then Theresa called Daniel, who called her and Daniel said Brady was lucky he didn't have alcohol poisoning. Maggie tells Victor that Brady is in trouble. Victor comments that it's not quite so black and white. Maggie questions if Victor is agreeing that Brady doesn't have a problem.

Brady heads up to his room and lays on the bed. He gets up in frustration and pulls out a bottle.

Brother Timothy asks Eric if he's looking to be relieved of his vows. Eric says he's just looking for some clarity. Timothy tells Eric that he can't separate his anger at Kristen from his attraction to Nicole.

Daniel asks Nicole if she wants to be with Eric. Nicole admits she does desperately. Daniel points out that she's working against herself since if they can prove Eric was drugged then he will go back to the priesthood. Nicole admits it's unlike her. Nicole says she's doing the right thing for the most selfish reason.

Abigail admits to Nick that she was shocked to see him as everyone was since they thought he was in New York. Nick thinks she looked so freaked out and asks if it was because of the scar. Abigail asks if he really doesn't know what happened. Nick supposes it might come to him someday. Abigail is glad he's okay. Abigail says she has to get back to work. Nick congratulates her on her job and hopes he is as lucky soon. They say goodbye and Abigail walks off while Nick heads into the Pub.

EJ says he has to get to the hospital board meeting and exits the club. Jordan tells Rafe that he should get seated after his fall. Kate questions his fall. Rafe tells her that he had an encounter with Nick that led to an accident and he's fine. Kate decides to get back to work and exits. Jordan comments on Rafe having lots of help keeping Nick in line.

Outside the club, Kate gets a text from Nick asking when they can get together about the terms of his employment. Kate says to herself that Jordan should enjoy it while she can because soon Sheryl will give her something on her past. Kate says first she must deal with Nick and walks off.

EJ goes to the hospital and approaches Abigail. They exchange looks before Abigail walks away and EJ follows.

Jordan and Rafe talk about super bowl parties. Rafe thanks her for taking his mind off Nick and they kiss.

Kate goes to the Pub to meet Nick. Kate tells him to save the sales pitch as there is not going to be a third time. Nick suggests she hear him out. Nick thinks she will be blown away by his ideas.

Brady sits with the bottle and tosses it aside, saying he doesn't need it and will show them they are wrong.

Victor tells Maggie that he would have packed Brady off to rehab if he was doing drugs. Maggie argues that alcohol is a drug. Victor knows it's dangerous and addictive but suggests it could've been a one time slip and they should give him one more chance.

Eric talks about not knowing what to do. Timothy asks for his opinion. Eric thinks there's more than one way to serve God and maybe he's showing him a different path. Timothy asks if he means one where he's with Nicole.

Nicole tells Daniel that she can't be another man's second best like it was with him and EJ. She doesn't want to be in that position again. Nicole says if Eric chooses her then he needs to be able to make that choice freely so she will know it's right. Their computer program then tracks Dr. Chyka to his hideout.

Dr. Chyka destroys his cell phone and gathers his things.

Nicole tells Daniel that she can get to Dr. Chyka's hideout. Daniel argues against it. Nicole says she can handle him and didn't ask Daniel to go with her. Daniel says he's going with her as there's no way she's going alone. Nicole accepts and they exit.

Rafe tells Jordan that he's feeling better. Jordan massages him. Rafe suggests they go back to his place but Jordan has to get back to work. Jordan asks about a super bowl party at his place. Rafe says that could be arranged and they kiss. Jordan then exits.

Brady listens in on Victor and Maggie from behind the door. Victor says it will be a waste of time if Brady doesn't want help. Maggie thinks they can't ignore it. Victor says he'll make his concern clear and that Brady will have to prove himself. Maggie worries about Brady feeling cornered. Victor says if Brady drinks, he will know about it and Brady won't know. Victor goes to make some calls. Maggie gets a call from Daniel. Daniel informs her that he will be leaving town for a few days. Daniel mentions ordering Parker a bike that is scheduled to be delivered so he needs her to sign for it. Maggie asks about Nicole. Daniel says she's going out of town too. Maggie checks her keys and says she will be happy to keep an eye on his place while he's gone. Brady exits. Daniel thanks Maggie and hangs up. Daniel then calls Chloe to talk to Parker. Daniel tells Parker that he loves and misses him and that he'll see him soon.

Nicole packs her bag and thinks back to Eric saying he loves her.

Eric tells Brother Timothy that he has to accept the church's decision but he wouldn't throw everything away to be with Nicole. Timothy asks if he's saying he doesn't want to be with Nicole. Eric says if he decides to be with Nicole, it won't be because plan A didn't work out as she deserves better. Timothy says he's honorable but what he wants is not always what God wants but what he needs. He tells Eric to understand that before he leaves.

Nick tells Kate that they both have hard feelings but he wants it to be water under the bridge. Nick then says speaking of water, he shows an idea of 100% waterproof makeup. Kate asks if he's confident in developing the product. Kate says she might be open to paying him a consulting fee but Nick wants a job with a regular salary and benefits. Kate tells him that's not possible. Nick responds that lately, impossible has been his middle name.

EJ follows Abigail into her office at the hospital. Abigail says she didn't expect to see him there. EJ says he had a board meeting. Abigail tries to leave but EJ stops her.

Brady walks into the living room and steals Maggie's key to Daniel's. Maggie and Victor then return to the room.

Brother Timothy tells Eric that there's another option that he's not sure he's considered. Eric says he knows he might not be reinstated and asks if he might be called upon to let go of the church and Nicole.

Daniel goes home and Nicole tells him of the travel plans. She tells him he doesn't have to do this but Daniel says they are doing this right now and they exit together.

Dr. Chyka opens the safe at his hideout and removes a gun.

EJ tells Abigail that he just wanted to say it's inevitable for them to run into each other from time to time. Abigail agrees and exits.

Kate tells Nick that Mad World is not dealing with him. Nick talks about working hard on his million dollar ideas. Kate offers him freelance work but Nick says he already has someone else in mind. Kate tells Nick about hiring an assistant. The old man from the river then arrives next to Nick and greets them.

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