Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/30/14

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/30/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Jennifer finishes jogging in the town square. She looks and sees a couple that she at first imagines as Daniel and Theresa.

Daniel goes home and tells Nicole that he thinks there might be something they can do to help Eric after all.

Eric prays in church on his retreat as someone enters behind him.

Rory joins JJ and Bev at the Horton house. Rory asks about their plan. JJ says they are waiting to make sure Theresa takes the bait.

Theresa tells a hospital worker about getting the wrong mail. She mentions that she already re-routed it and asks about how it could happen. The woman tells Theresa that it was random. Theresa goes back to her desk and reveals she kept the check for Abigail with her.

Rafe talks to T at the club about his improvement. T asks about Gabi. Rafe says she's great and the christening was beautiful. T comments that Nick showing up probably flipped her out which shocks Rafe as he didn't know.

Gabi has a nightmare about Nick taking her to the river and then shoving her in.

Nick goes to the Pub with Julie. Julie asks if Gabi is receptive about being friends again. Nick says if Gabi gives him another chance, she will be surprised with how much he has changed.

Eric turns around to see Brother Timothy. Eric meets him and mentions him being on the retreat with him. Timothy says they have a lot to talk about.

Daniel tells Nicole about still having the list of doctor names. Nicole asks about giving it to the police. Daniel doesn't want to tip anyone off that they are back on the hunt. Daniel says it will be risky and asks Nicole if she wants to be involved. Nicole says of course. Nicole says she can use her work computer so no one can trace them. Nicole adds that the one problem is she's not sure she still works at Titan TV.

Rory asks what if Theresa doesn't take the bait. JJ says she will make sure he goes to jail. Bev points out that she threatens that every day anyway. Rory asks JJ if he's sure that it's worth it. JJ says if they get Theresa out of the way then everybody wins.

Theresa finishes a work call and continues looking over the check. She puts it back in her drawer and hurries out, remembering her date.

Julie mentions Nick not pushing Gabi too hard. Nick says Gabi will be the one who decides what kind of relationship they are going to have this time around.

Gabi gets up and finds a note from Will that he and Sonny took Arianna out for breakfast. She thinks back to her nightmare and then Rafe arrives. Gabi opens the door and hugs him. Gabi figures he's heard. Rafe thought he was gone for good. Gabi says he just showed up at the church. Rafe wishes he stayed. Gabi assures him that he's okay. Rafe asks if Nick is sticking around or if it depends on them being friends again.

Dr. Chyka enters his hideout and sits down, saying finally a little rest for the wicked.

Daniel asks Nicole about her job. She mentions her disagreement with Miles but says she will take care of it. Daniel says that's when he worries. Nicole didn't think she would go back but will do it for Eric. Daniel jokes with her. Daniel goes to change clothes and says he'll see her at the station. Nicole goes to exit as Theresa arrives.

JJ decides they should get going. Rory asks JJ about ditching school. Jennifer enters. JJ thought she went to work and says they were just going to school. Jennifer asks him to stay for a minute. JJ says they have to get to class. Jennifer tells JJ that he is staying for a minute and she tells Rory and Bev to go. They exit. Jennifer questions how she could let herself believe that anything had changed.

Nicole asks Theresa if she can help her. Theresa says she's seen Nicole on the news and comments that she looks better in person. Theresa asks if Daniel didn't tell her she was coming. Daniel joins them. Theresa asks if Daniel forgot about their breakfast meeting. Daniel has Nicole exit while Nicole says it was good to meet her. Nicole leaves. Daniel tells Theresa that he does have some time and suggests going to the Pub. Theresa says she doesn't want to have the conversation with Caroline around so she was hoping they could just stay here.

Brother Timothy talks to Eric about reading his file and asks why he has come to question his vows.

Nicole goes to the club and meets with Miles. Miles orders drinks from T and jokes about keeping his distance from Nicole. Nicole asks if he wants an apology. She says he needs her more than she needs him. Nicole asks if he's going to hear her out or if she should go straight to the competition.

Daniel agrees with Theresa that they shouldn't go out since he only has a few minutes. Daniel apologizes and mentions there being something that he and Nicole have something to take care of together. Theresa says she hopes she didn't upset Nicole. Theresa asks Daniel if he is with Nicole.

Jennifer questions JJ calling Rory and Bev a bad influence and hanging out with them. Jennifer reminds him about his hearing being tomorrow and how he could go to jail. JJ tells her that it's all he can think about.

Julie talks to Nick about fighting so hard to get him out of prison. Nick mentions being raped in prison and how he was too ashamed to tell anyone. Nick says now he knows that it wasn't his fault. Nick calls it brutal and totally unprovoked.

Gabi asks Rafe who told her about Nick. Rafe says he had to pry it out of T. Gabi wonders how he knew. Rafe tells Gabi that a lot of people in town care about her and don't want to see her hurt. Rafe questions Nick showing up at the christening. Gabi mentions seeing him afterwards. Rafe asks if he was following her. Gabi tells him about Nick wanting to put everything behind them but Rafe doesn't believe him. Gabi promises not to get involved with him. Rafe asks what if he doesn't let her make that choice. Rafe talks about Nick setting up the whole New York thing. Rafe refuses to wait for Nick to change and says he's going to make sure that Nick stays out of her life for good.

Daniel is sure Theresa is eager to talk about why she's there. Theresa says she just didn't want to cause problems for Daniel and Nicole. Daniel says they are just friends and doesn't have time for a relationship. Theresa says she feels the same even though she doesn't have friends. Theresa talks about getting to know someone and feeling a connection before getting close. Theresa says she wouldn't be on the road to recovery if not for Daniel. Daniel says the hard part is on her. Theresa talks about wanting to thank him. Daniel says she doesn't need to. Theresa talks about seeing Brady making her realize that she needs to pay it forward. Daniel is glad she called for help on Brady. Theresa says it felt good to give back and they make a good team. Daniel tells her that they need to get something straight between them.

JJ assures Jennifer that he doesn't want to go to jail and doesn't want them to worry. Jennifer questions why he would jeopardize it by hanging out with them. JJ points out that he doesn't have any other friends. JJ says Bev and Rory stuck by him. JJ says they don't do drugs in front of him as they understand. JJ decides he'll never get Jennifer to trust him again and understands how she feels. JJ assures her that this is not a lie and he knows it's his last chance. JJ adds that he knows what will happen if he screws up.

Julie apologizes for bringing up the worst memories of Nick's life. Nick says he thinks about it every day and knows not to try and bury it or forget it. Julie tells him that she's so proud of him.

Gabi wants Rafe to promise not to go after Nick. Rafe thinks it would be good. Gabi insists that Nick just wants to be friends. Rafe question what reason Nick has to be anywhere near him. Gabi asks Rafe not to because she doesn't want another scene. Rafe thinks Nick will just keep harassing her. Rafe asks if there's something she's not telling him. Gabi thinks back to the night at the river. Gabi tells Rafe that they don't want Nick angry and now he's okay with what she did to him. Rafe questions that. Gabi says she should've just ignored him when they ended things the first time or else none of this would've happened. Rafe tells her not to blame herself. Gabi says she just wants to do that this time and then he will get the message. Gabi states that Nick is just someone that she wants to forget about and move on with her life. Gabi asks Rafe to promise to leave Nick alone. Rafe promises to protect her and Arianna and to make sure that she never has to worry about Nick again as he hugs her.

Daniel tells Theresa it's great they were able to help Brady and that she's taking charge of her life but one thing they have in common is not being ready for a relationship. Daniel tells her that there are a lot of reasons why it's not a good idea. Theresa says she just feels unclear about the night she overdosed. She adds that she understands if he's uncomfortable talking about but hopes eventually he can give her what she needs. Theresa's phone rings with a message from Anne. They talk about Theresa needing to get back to the office. Theresa hopes they can talk again since she's so unclear. Theresa then exits. She says to herself slow and steady as she walks away.

Jennifer tells JJ that it's all going to be okay. JJ says he just has to get through one more day. Jennifer tells him to get to school. JJ wishes he could take back everything he did to her and Daniel so they didn't have to be this way. Jennifer says he can't change what he's done and can only change what he does. Jennifer heads upstairs as JJ says exactly.

Eric tells Brother Timothy that everything has made him doubt his vocation. Timothy asks Eric about his feelings for a woman. Eric says he hasn't acted on those feelings but can't deny them either. He questions forsaking his vows. Timothy then brings up Kristen and asks Eric about what he claims happened.

Daniel joins Nicole in her office at Titan TV. Nicole talks about Miles knowing she is the best at her job. Daniel sits with her as Nicole looks up names on the list of doctors. Daniel doesn't want to get Eric's hopes up. Nicole then informs Daniel that Eric is unreachable as he's away on a spiritual retreat.

Brother Timothy says he knows it's difficult and he isn't making accusations but points out that Eric hasn't produced any hard evidence. Eric questions if he knows Kristen and what she's done. Timothy asks about the video and how willing Eric seemed. Eric questions how he could say that and yells at him to stop it.

Daniel tells Nicole that he hopes Eric hasn't given up on proving his innocence. Daniel asks Nicole what's going on and if Eric is okay. Nicole then finds something on the computer.

Jennifer goes to the hospital and bumps into Theresa. Theresa mentions a flyer for Valentine's Day and tells her to think about who her date's going to be like she is. Theresa then walks away. Jennifer gets a call from Liam and says she was just thinking about him too.

Gabi goes to the club. T asks if she talked to Rafe. Gabi says she did. T apologizes for not knowing that Rafe didn't know Nick was back. Gabi understands he cares. T asks about Nick's scar and why he's back in town. Gabi says she doesn't know. Gabi mentions knowing they were going to get together but suggests they wait. T asks if she's getting back with Nick. Gabi says she's not but needs time as things are complicated. T understands and walks away.

Nick sits in the town square then walks ahead. Rafe follows after him, calling his name. Rafe catches up to Nick outside of the town square. Nick says it's good to see him up and around. Rafe responds that Nick might not think so when he's through with him.

Brother Timothy tells Eric that he's not there to judge but to help him with his conscience. He asks Eric about what's in his heart and if his devotion is absolute since it sounds like that's no longer the case.

Daniel and Nicole find a picture of Dr. Chyka and she recognizes him as the guy that tried to kill her and Eric.

Dr. Chyka sits with his computer and is shocked when he comes across a news article that Eric and Nicole survived.

JJ meets with Rory and Bev outside the Pub. Bev informs JJ that the judge just gave Cole the maximum sentence to make an example out of him. JJ worries that if his plan blows up then Theresa will blow his second chance to hell.

Theresa meets with a guy in her office at the hospital. She has him assure her that she won't get caught. He makes her a fake hospital ID of her picture with Abigail's name. She says she'll have to find a way to thank him.

Nick is sure Rafe is wondering why he's back in Salem. Rafe knows he's going to say he's changed but he's heard it all before. Rafe says he doesn't believe it. Nick asks what he wants from him. Rafe tells him no contact with Gabi or Arianna and asks if he's clear. Nick says that's up to Gabi and not Rafe. Rafe tries to stop him from leaving but ends up falling down without his cane.

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