Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/29/14

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/29/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Gabi talks to Will at home about Nick wanting to be friends. Will says only Nick knows what he means.

Kate doesn't know what they have to talk about but Nick thinks she has a pretty good idea. Nick asks Kate if the last time they were together rings a bell. Kate thinks back to the river.

Brady approaches the drinks at home. Maggie enters and questions his idea of a hangover cure.

Hope meets with Father Louis, who is taking over for Father Matt. They talk about Ciara's situation. Hope mentions trying to talk to Aiden. Aiden enters and says he won't apologize for standing up for his son. Louis assures they can work this out. Hope asks Aiden what he thinks the answer is. Aiden suggests Hope pull Ciara out of St. Luke's and put her in public school.

JJ goes to the hospital and runs into Theresa. She questions if he is following her. JJ sees Bev coming out with Anne. They go their separate ways while JJ tells Theresa that he's meeting Abigail which distracts her from seeing Bev. JJ tells Theresa to get over herself while Abigail arrives at the hospital. Theresa suggests asking her what she thinks JJ is doing there.

Sami enters the living room and asks EJ if he found a way to keep Abigail's mouth shut. EJ thinks back to being with her and takes a drink.

Abigail approaches and Theresa comments on JJ being late. Abigail asks late for what.

EJ tells Sami that Abigail is the least of her problems and she's not going to say anything to Hope. EJ says her problem is Nick. Sami says maybe or maybe not. EJ questions Sami believing that Nick doesn't remember what happened.

Kate tells Nick that she remembers the flash drive that Nick gave her which wiped out her computer. Nick says he feels awful about it and wants to make it up to her with ideas that could pay off for Mad World. Kate suggests they not have much to do with each other but Nick warns her about turning him down.

Bev walks out of the town square and calls JJ, leaving a message hoping Theresa didn't see her and she says she got the envelope in Theresa's folder so she hopes it gets Theresa off his back.

Theresa questions Abigail not knowing about meeting JJ. Abigail says she does, he just wasn't late. Theresa continues questioning them. Abigail wonders why she cares. Anne approaches and asks if there's a problem. Theresa says everything is fine and goes back to work. Abigail asks JJ what is going on. JJ takes her aside to talk.

Aiden and Hope continue to argue. Aiden brings up Eric's sex tape to mock Hope's family. Father Louis interrupts and warns Aiden about solving things.

Maggie tells Brady that she talked to people at the AA meeting about Brady showing up drunk. Maggie says she's worried about him and thought he would realize that he needs to be in rehab. Brady says he's thought about it but decided that rehab is still just a stupid idea.

Will tells Gabi that Nick was acting the same way when he was trying to keep him from Arianna. Arianna cries so Gabi goes to hold her. Will says to himself that he doesn't care if Nick is for real or not, he won't let him back in their lives.

Kate questions Nick threatening her. Kate tells him that she could never justify rehiring him after the virus. Nick suggests she try because she knows what he's capable of. Nick says he's capable of making her life a living hell. Kate asks if he's threatening her. Nick says he made Mad World a lot of money so if he went to a rival company, she would lose profits. Nick claims he's trying to be fair after everything she did for him. Nick asks if she doesn't want him to hurt her.

Maggie questions Brady and hoped he would reconsider rehab. Maggie suggests he go to meetings and work on his steps. Maggie suggests they read together. Brady pours a drink and drinks it in front of Maggie.

Abigail and JJ go home. She asks what is going on with him and Theresa. JJ asks Abigail what has her so wired. Abigail claims she's not wired. JJ asks if it's a guy making her miserable but she wants to drop it. Abigail admits it's a guy. JJ wants his name but Abigail says no.

EJ questions Sami buying Nick's story. Sami talks about how hard Gabi hit Nick with the rock. EJ says it was self defense and asks why Sami is so worried. Sami thinks it would be best if Abigail didn't say anything. EJ thinks Sami just doesn't want Nick to remember. Sami asks if he's trying to scare her into coming to him for help. EJ warns her not to underestimate Nick.

Kate tells Nick that she didn't expect him to be asking for a job. Nick says it's what he wants and asks her to think it over because he's not going anywhere. Nick then walks away. Kate calls him a son of a bitch and wonders what he's up to. Kate's phone then rings.

Abigail tells JJ that the guy doesn't matter because it's over. JJ asks if she's so upset because he dumped her. Abigail thinks back to being in the storage room with EJ. She tells him to stop making it about her and asks about Theresa. JJ talks about his hearing and trying to make sure Theresa doesn't mess him up.

Theresa meets with Anne. Anne jokes with Theresa about a sensitivity seminar as the mail folder lies in Theresa's box where Bev put it.

JJ tells Abigail that Theresa knows some stuff that the judge doesn't know. Abigail asks why Theresa has it in for him. JJ says it's because she hates Jennifer and lives to make trouble. JJ says he's going to try and get something on her to make the threat go away. JJ mentions how Theresa's probation would get revoked if she lost her job at the hospital. Abigail asks if he's trying to get her fired. Abigail warns JJ that he'd be the one losing if Theresa is on to him.

Anne instructs Theresa to post on the bulletin board and pass out flyers. Anne notes Theresa is distracted. She asks why Daniel came to her rescue and who he's protecting. Theresa thinks Daniel is starting to see her as a kind and thoughtful person. Theresa thinks she stands to win since Jennifer is being a bitch to Daniel. They hope to destroy Jennifer. Anne says her work will do wonders for image. Theresa exits while Anne finds the mail envelope in Theresa's box then puts it back when he sees she's already gone.

Aiden apologizes for coming on strong and talks about Chase's mom dying, making him overprotective of his son. Aiden asks where they go from here. Father Louis suggests they meet with the children to talk it out. Aiden agrees while Father Louis tells them to figure out a good time for the meeting as he then exits. Hope says she knows how stressful it can be to raise a child on your own.

Brady complains to Maggie about his day and thinking that a drink is okay. Brady says he loves her but will not put up with the pressure she's putting on him. Maggie says she doesn't know how she can continue to be his sponsor then. Brady says fine because he doesn't need a sponsor or a program. Brady tells Maggie that she can tell the meetings that he's done. Brady says goodbye and walks out, leaving Maggie crying.

Abigail tells JJ that the best way to deal with Theresa is to do nothing since he only has one more day until the hearing. JJ agrees and says the pressure was getting to him. Abigail encourages him that he will be fine. Abigail mentions having to get back to work. She asks JJ if he's going to leave Theresa alone. He says yes and they hug.

Nick goes to the club where T recognizes him. T introduces himself as a friend of Gabi. T thought he moved to New York. Nick says he did but he's back. T heads to the counter and texts Will about Nick being there.

EJ tells Sami that they know how Nick operates. Sami talks about the night at the river. Sami thinks he would've gone to the hospital or the police if he remembered. EJ talks about putting this standoff behind them. Sami brings up finding out that Kristen hired someone to kill Eric. Sami wants EJ to find the man. EJ says he would if he could. Sami gets a text from Will that he needs to see her. EJ tells Sami that they cannot go on like this and it has to change.

Bev joins JJ at home and go over their plan. JJ mentions that Abigail knows some stuff since she walked in on he and Theresa. JJ assures Bev that he left her out of it and he's glad Theresa didn't see Bev with Anne. Bev asks what happens if this blows up. JJ says Theresa will make sure he goes to jail.

Theresa confronts Abigail at the hospital about seeming like a mess earlier. Abigail says she's fine. Theresa comments on Jennifer being demanding. Abigail calls Theresa a slacker and mocks her. Theresa jokes that Abigail needs to get laid and walks away.

Sami and Kate go to see Will. Kate asks if something happened. Will says Gabi can fill them in because he has to go take care of something. Will hurries out. Sami asks Gabi what happened. Gabi says she ran into Nick alone and he said he wants to be friends. Sami asks Kate if she believes it. Kate says she does since he asked her for a job. Sami suggests that might be a good idea and remarks about giving Nick an office at the top of her building with a view of the river.

Brady goes to the club and meets T at the counter. Brady orders a scotch.

Hope and Aiden check their calendars. Hope suggests meeting after school tomorrow and Aiden says that's fine. Hope thinks maybe it could all get easier from here. Hope asks Aiden about being new in town. Aiden decides they are done and exits. Hope remarks that he's unbelievable and says they are done as she calls him a creep.

Will goes to the club and runs into Brady outside. Brady says he's in a hurry and rushes off. Will heads inside and approaches Nick. Nick says it's good to see him. Will brings up Gabi saying he wanted to be friends. Nick knows he has a lot to make up for with certain people especially Will and Gabi. Nick wants to atone for mistakes and keep moving forward. Nick swears he's been trying since prison and that Will knows what that experience did to him. Will questions him being different and better now. Nick says he's working on being better but knows people will be skeptical. Nick reminds Will that they are family and he hopes that counts for something. Will warns Nick not to push the family thing too hard. Nick states that he will prove himself to Will and everyone. Nick adds that Will has no idea how motivated he is.

Hope sits with Ciara at the Pub and asks about her day at school. Ciara says it was okay, like it always is. Hope mentions going to see Father Louis. Ciara asks if she's in trouble. Hope mentions hearing of her problems with Chase. Ciara says Chase is so mean. Hope asks what he does. Ciara says he says things that make her mad and then they get in a fight. Hope reminds her that she asked if she was having problems and said no. Ciara doesn't like to think about it. Hope asks about Chase. Ciara says Chase is always talking about how great his dad is and how he's going to be like him. Hope says she's starting to get the picture.

Brady returns home and finds Maggie still sitting in the living room. Maggie didn't expect him back so soon. Brady says what he had to do didn't take long. Brady tells Maggie that he went to the club, ordered a drink, but left it on the bar and didn't drink it. Brady says Maggie didn't think he could walk away from a drink. She questions him doing this to show her. Brady then walks out.

Bev worries about things backfiring on them. JJ knows it's a long shot since Theresa has to find the envelope and then open it. JJ figures Theresa might even toss it without even looking at it.

Theresa goes back to Anne's office to tell her that she hung up flyers but Anne is gone. Theresa finds the envelope in her mail. She opens it and finds the check to Abigail. Theresa says they must still think she's Jennifer's assistant. She then stops and looks it over.

EJ sits at home and gets a call from Abigail, who asks if he can talk. EJ says he can and asks if she's alright. Abigail says she just wanted to call him to apologize for threatening him earlier. EJ tells her not to worry about it. Abigail says she doesn't know what she was thinking. EJ calls it a complicated situation for both of them. Abigail tells EJ that she's not going to say anything to Hope. EJ thanks her. Abigail says that's all she had to say and she knows he doesn't want her calling. EJ states that he's glad she called and tells her to have a good night as they hang-up. Abigail wonders out loud why he's glad she called and what just happened.

Sami says Nick still creeps them out but might not remember anything. Sami says Nick survived but they can't give him the power to make them miserable. Sami talks about how it would be their word against his if he remembered. Sami says they can't give in to Nick on anything. Kate and Gabi agree that they are in.

Nick says seeing the christening hit him on how much he messed up. Nick says he had it all and now he's on the outside looking in when it didn't have to be that way. Nick tells Will that he's a lucky man and then exits the club. T asks Will how it went. Will says he doesn't know. T comments that it's hard to tell what Nick is really thinking but he gets the vibe that he's a piece of work. Will states that's what he's afraid of.

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