Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/28/14

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/28/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

EJ follows Abigail into the storage room at the hospital.

At home, JJ has Abigail's mail that he kept including a hospital memo and a check. Bev asks JJ if he's sure this is going to work. JJ admits it could blow up in their faces but he has to try or he'll never get free from Theresa. JJ puts the papers in an envelope and hands it to Bev.

Theresa calls Daniel and asks if they can have the dinner they postponed but Daniel says he has to get his computer back up and running. Theresa tells him there's a reason it can't wait but Daniel has someone at the door and hangs up. Daniel answers the door to see Eric. Eric apologizes for just showing up. Daniel says it's not a great time. Eric asks if there's any hope Daniel can recover the work he did on his case. Daniel asks if he hasn't talked to Nicole.

Nicole sits at the Pub watching the interview she did with Eric on her computer where he talks about regretting hurting her.

Kate goes to the DiMera Mansion and finds Stefano inside. Stefano remarks that seeing her brings back all kinds of memories.

Gabi walks out of the town square where Nick approaches her. Nick says after everything that's happened between them, he's glad he finally got her alone. Nick understands if she's nervous because of the last time that they were alone together. Gabi thinks back to hitting him with the rock. Nick asks Gabi if she remembers it.

Eric asks why Daniel asked if he talked to Nicole. Daniel thought she would've told him but informs Eric that the files on his case are all gone. Eric asks if there's any chance to redo the test. Daniel apologizes but says it's too late. Eric says it's like everything is going Kristen's way. Daniel feels awful about everything that happened but insists it's not over. Daniel brings up Nicole's interview possibly helping his case.

Miles joins Nicole at the Pub and comments on her looking unhappy. Nicole says she was editing her interview with Eric to prove how sincere he is. They argue about the interview. Miles thinks there's a lot she's not telling him. She questions what he's implying. Miles asks Nicole what's the deal with her and Eric.

Theresa says to herself that she's not waiting for Daniel to call back and goes to leave but gets a call from JJ. JJ says he got what she needs so he needs to see her now.

Nick reminds Gabi of the last time they saw each other being their argument in the town square. Nick comments on how beautiful Arianna looked at the christening. Nick says he couldn't help but think about how a year ago, they were supposed to be married at the church. Nick comments that so much has changed.

EJ tells Abigail that he's tried to be nice and explain how things stand and why certain things have to happen. He thought they had a good relationship even before they had sex. EJ says that Abigail seems to think she can hold something over his head. Abigail says she does have something and it's about what he did to Nick. EJ tells her he didn't do anything to Nick. EJ warns Abigail that she's playing a dangerous game and picked the wrong man to play.

Kate says it brings back memories of a nightmare. Stefano talks about Kate living with him as his wife for so many years. Kate tells Stefano that he's never known how she's truly felt about anything ever.

Gabi tells Nick that she has to go see Rafe. Nick stops her and says it won't take long.

JJ tells Theresa that he has more information on Nicole. Theresa says it will have to wait. JJ says he only has one free period so it has to be now and asks if he wants the information or not. Theresa asks what it is. JJ says he can't say over the phone as it's something he has to show her and she will want to see it. Bev arrives at the hospital and hides when she sees Theresa coming. Theresa then exits in the elevator.

Nicole tells Miles that she and Eric are friends. Miles brings up Kristen and compares their friendship. Miles says Eric could get close to Nicole like he did Kristen. Nicole slaps him.

Daniel apologizes to Eric for being unable to help him but suggests the Bishop seeing Nicole's interview. Eric feels like he's lost his last chance. Eric declares that this is God's will. Daniel asks how he can say that. Eric thinks back to telling Nicole he loves her. Eric tells Daniel that he has to go and hurries out.

Abigail says EJ is the bad man that he's so proud to be. EJ says he was always that man and he always gets what he wants. Abigail says EJ wants her to not say anything about what she knows. EJ says she doesn't know anything. Abigail says she knows what happened that night with he, Gabi, and Nick unless that was a lie. EJ says it doesn't matter since Nick is back and fine so they should just move on. Abigail argues that there has to be a reason that he was so desperate to keep her from saying anything. EJ says he's not desperate but determined. Abigail asks if he came to threaten her. EJ tells her that he came to ask what it's going to take to convince her to see things his way as he touches her face. Abigail responds that he knows exactly what it would take and then they kiss.

Miles storms out of the Pub as Daniel arrives and asks Nicole what that was about. Nicole says they were a little volatile and don't see eye to eye about Eric. Nicole tells Daniel not to worry as she can handle Miles. Daniel sits with Nicole and asks her why she didn't tell Eric that his medical records were gone. Nicole says it was complicated and she didn't want to have to tell him there's no hope. Nicole asks how Eric took the news. Daniel says he's a little shaken but notes that Nicole seems even more agitated than at the hospital. Nicole tells Daniel that something happened in the basement that she should've told him about right away.

Eric goes to the church and prays. Another priest, Father Louis enters and says he spoke to Father Matt. He asks Eric if he wants to talk about it. Eric sits with him and tells him about the medical results being gone. Eric talks about feeling alone. Eric says he knows God is watching and listening. Louis tells Eric that his faith is being tested hard and encourages him to hang in there. Louis says that all hope is never lost.

Theresa goes to see JJ and says if they get caught, she's delivering something for Jennifer. JJ tells Theresa that he found some interesting stuff about Nicole online. Theresa complains. JJ then tries to show her but has nothing. Theresa mocks JJ's friends.

Stefano tells Kate that she underestimates him because he knows her very well. Kate asks about Cecily. Stefano says she's on business. Stefano asks Kate how Rafe is. Kate says she has no clue. Stefano still wants to have dinner but Kate says it's never going to happen.

Nick tells Gabi that he meant every word that he said at the church. Nick adds that Gabi has every right to be angry and never want to see him again. Gabi says she's late to see Rafe. Nick asks if Gabi wants him gone forever. Gabi thinks back to the river. Gabi tells Nick that she never wanted that to happen which pleases Nick.

EJ and Abigail continue kissing as someone prepares to enter the storage room with a key.

Eric talks about being grateful that he and Nicole made it out alive. Eric informs Father Louis that he and Nicole admitted they love each other. He asks Eric if that means he's decided to walk away from the priesthood. Eric says it's not that simple and wouldn't be fair.

Nicole tells Daniel that she told Eric about her and Daniel not really being a couple since she didn't want to lie as they thought they were dying. Daniel decides it doesn't make a difference since he went along with it to help but now has no help to offer. Nicole says he's done everything he could. Daniel gets paged back to the hospital and asks Nicole if there's anything else.

Theresa asks JJ if Daniel and Nicole are sleeping together or not. She says JJ doesn't know anything at all and asks why she's there.

Bev meets with Anne for her job interview. Bev asks for some water to try and get Anne out of the room but she had a bottle nearby to give her.

Nick tells Gabi that he knows what she meant and what it's like to say things out of anger. Nick laughs about how surprised Will and Sonny were when he walked in. Nick tells Gabi that he knows she wants to get to Rafe but there's one more thing he wants to ask her. Nick asks Gabi if she will give him one more chance.

Stefano tells Kate that Chad feels that they should talk. Stefano asks Kate about disappointing Chad. Kate doesn't believe him. Stefano tells Kate to drop by anytime. Kate pulls away and storms out.

EJ and Abigail are interrupted by a knock on the door when the hospital worker can't get the right key. They scramble to fix their clothes as Abigail answers the door to take an order from the storage room while EJ hides. EJ tells Abigail that there's nothing to worry about. Abigail worries that she's losing her mind and then rushes out of the room.

Gabi tells Nick that she's just not sure. Nick asks her for a chance to be a friend and that's it so she can see that he's changed. Nick thinks they owe that to each other after all they have been through. Nick knows how hard the year has been for her and him too but he doesn't want to dwell on the past especially what happened right before he left. Nick adds that he doesn't think Gabi wants that either.

Father Louis explains to Eric that they had a meeting earlier and the Bishop wanted to deliver a message that he has a direct order about what Eric must do if he still wants to be a priest.

JJ tells Theresa that he asked Jennifer about Daniel and Nicole but she didn't know anything. Theresa gets upset and goes to leave but JJ says he has another idea. JJ suggests asking Nicole and asks Theresa for an idea of what to say. Theresa thinks he's up to something and says something about this doesn't smell right.

Anne tells Bev that she's not cut out for working at the hospital. Bev brings up her father so Anne gives her the job. Bev says she will text her dad right now about how great Anne is. Anne thanks her. Bev actually texts JJ to get Rory to show up and do something to get Anne out of there.

JJ tells Theresa that he's trying to help her and get her off his back. She insists that he's up to something and goes to walk out but when she opens the door, Roman is in the doorway. Roman questions what Theresa is doing there.

Nicole tells Daniel that there's nothing more. Daniel jokes that there's always more with her. Eric arrives and Daniel says he was just leaving. Daniel mentions to Eric that Nicole told him that she told Eric about her and Daniel not really being together. Daniel exits the Pub. Eric sits with Nicole. He notes that she is staring at him. She points out that he is wearing his collar and thought he wasn't supposed to while he was suspended. Nicole asks if something happened and Eric says that it has.

Theresa tries to explain to Roman. Roman tells Theresa that he saw her car outside while she and JJ have strict orders to stay away from each other. Theresa claims she was just delivering work things for Jennifer and it won't happen again. Roman tells her to make sure it doesn't as she exits. JJ tries to leave but Roman asks if he wants to talk to him or Jennifer about this. Roman warns JJ that this can't happen again as they are toxic together and he can't handle her. JJ agrees and asks Roman not to tell Jennifer. Roman agrees for Jennifer's sake. Roman then exits. JJ remarks about that being just what he needed. JJ texts Bev to get out now.

Bev drops her purse and tells Anne that she can go ahead while she picks up her things. Anne agrees and exits while Bev sticks the envelope in Theresa's folder to set her up. Anne comes back and asks if she's still there. Bev says she just finished up.

Nick tells Gabi that they both need a fresh start and asks her if that's what they both need. Nick then walks away.

EJ sits at home where Stefano asks about the christening and Nick showing up. EJ tells him that he's not talking to him. Stefano tells EJ that they do have something to talk about regarding the work he's been doing. EJ assures Stefano that he has everything completely under control.

Eric informs Nicole that he is going on a retreat and leaving right away. Nicole questions it. Eric says he needs this time to figure out where he stands. Nicole asks if this means he's a priest again. Eric says it's a process but there's no guarantee that he will be reinstated. She asks if he wants to be a priest again. Eric says he's trying to make the right decision. Eric tells Nicole that how he feels about her hasn't changed and he wouldn't want her to think he's turning to her just because he can't be a priest. Nicole cries that it doesn't bother her but Eric feels he needs to be fair to her. Eric tells Nicole that she deserves a full and rich life with a man who can truly love her. Eric says she belongs with someone she can share everything with and build a life with whether he can do that or not. Eric thinks they both need time to figure it out.

JJ goes to the hospital and runs into Theresa. She questions if he is following her.

Nicole tells Eric that there's nothing left to say except goodbye. Eric thinks they both need to figure these things out.

Roman calls Daniel about the search for the doctor. Roman asks if Daniel thought he was a real doctor or an impostor. Daniel says he's really not sure. Roman thanks him and hangs up. Daniel wonders out loud if he was a real doctor and thinks back to the list of names he had. Daniel says maybe he didn't take everything when he wiped his computer. Daniel gets up and checks his bag and finds the list of doctor names that he had. Daniel declares maybe it's not over after all.

Nick catches up to Kate in the town square and says he's glad he ran in to her so they can talk. Kate doesn't know what they have to talk about but Nick thinks she has a pretty good idea.

Abigail goes to the Pub and thinks back to being with EJ then worries about what she is doing.

Stefano hears the door and assumes it's Sami. Stefano tells EJ that he will leave him alone and he hopes everything can be worked out. Stefano then exits and the doors open.

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